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sheesh...he looks darker in the 2009 ambulance photo than in 1985! soooo....that brings to mind the following:

Assuming it's a fake, and since we have all known mj to be paler than white for almost 20 years why would Ben have used a black photo as the last photo ever to be seen when we all knew mj to be white. If it's a fake then wouldn't he have used a more recent photo?? So what would prompt Ben to use a photo of a black mj....he would have to know that the majority of us fans or not would immediately alert to it as potentially fake. Do you think that MJ put Ben up to using that photo right away so we'd all start thinking. Or do you think that mj was really still that black under all that white pancake.  

If it's a fake then I would have to say it's was a huge hoax clue. And not because it was fake but about the photo that was chosen.


If it's not fake then MJ is still black.

So where does that leave us?? HELP :shock:

Reading all of the prelim hearing trancripts I could get my hands on, I have been looking for answers for the following. Please fill in the blanks if you know the answers:

1) I have always thought it was unprofessional that UCLA allowed a doctor to confirm a death to someone other than a next of kin especially when unsuspecting little children were in the next room. UCLA should be sued if a UCLA doctor called it and then told Frank Dileo who then blurted out to the kids. Having said that Randy Phillips said he was there too and none of the body guards mentioned his presence even though they listed off who was in and outside of the room where the children were. It`s convenient for AEG that the question wasn`t asked and it`s suspicious that he was left off the the list of those present at the time the death was called. Also I thought they held the `call` until the family got there and then Dileo is allowed in the room with the kids to blurt it out. Disgusting behaviour from Frank but why did the body guards let him in the room with the children when they all new Kathereine was on her way.

2) Not too many people (even on this site) have wanted to talk about this next point. I`ve posted it a few times to no avail. Arnold Klein said on his TMZ interview with Harvey, that his office got a phone call in the morning on June 25th and while he wasn`t there to answer it, Jason was. Jason told Klein about it and Klein told Harvey. As soon as Harvey mentioned it, Arnold decided he had better not tell what was said. Harvey said that the events that led to the propofol being used that day were discussed on that call. Why the freak is this call not being discussed. There is way more that went on that morning than is being discussed at this hearing. Yes we all know that the prosecutor is picking and choosing but highly suspicious that Klein and Phillips are left out of it. SPEAK UP HARVEY

3) Not sure I believe the followers but they said there was increased body guard activity at mj`s on the evening of the 24th. The body guards certainly didn`t paint that picture. Also, shouldn`t there have been other people in the house that haven`t been mentioned. Did mj put his own garbage out, who was the housekeeper, the nanny, etc. if there is a dead body and an unidentified fingerprint then wouldn`t Murray want to make sure that it was clear that he wasn`t the only one in the house....Security and body guards clearly were not inside the house so if there is a homocide then everyone in that house is a suspect if Conrad says he didn`t `give him anything that would`ve killed him` so all of them should be giving much more testimony than they did  (Kai) and the Nanny and the housekeeper were right there too.

Messages to Michael / A prayer for Michael...
« on: January 02, 2011, 03:15:37 PM »
I just want to say (as the trial begins and all hec might break loose) a prayer for Michael...

I so hope that you managed to escape what ever in the world it was that happened to you on June 25th 2009. I hop you know how much we all care and wish that we could have saved you. Even if you are alive and all of us pray every day that you are, I am so saddened that we live in a world that could do this to you. While most people enter the Hollywood scene as an adult or close to that, they can enter with some knowing and understanding and some caution. A child star is sent into it naive and trusting. Like a sweet little innocent puppy who needs protection.If anything bad happened to you I will be the saddest I have ever been about the state of affairs in this world we all live in and I will say a prayer every night that we can continue to spread your messages make the world a better place. And even if you escaped I am so sorry you had to endure the things you did. You never complained, you kept on trying and giving, you even selflessly came back to give us one last message knowing that you were in danger. You gave and gave and you were kind and gentle and sweet and when you smiled the whole world could feel your love.

To all of you on this site - thank you for all of your insights into this amazing man. I feel blessed to have found you because without you I would never have made all of the discoveries I have made and would not have ever known that the world was given the special gift that was Michael Jackson. I was not a fan, I didn`t own Thriller and didn`t know even a small number of the songs he sang. Through this site and all of your contributions, I have learned a lot about humankind both good and bad and learned that with Michael as an example, if we unite we should be able to make changes in the world that will make it a better place. It has been an amazing journey for me, with highs and lows, and tears and cheers and I pray that Micahel will still be able to make future contributions to this world and to be able to continue to be a father to his wonderful children.

I feel that we are about to uncover a lot more about what happened over the next few weeks and I am scared and excited at the same time. Scared because I can`t bear to find out that our fears have been realized and he is gone. And excited because I also sense some hope that he is still with us.

Stay strong everyone...we will be able to face the outcome whatever that may be and we can cheer together or we can fight for justice together. All of us will be able to make better contributions to the world because of this emotional and powerful journey we have been on together for the past 18 months.

love, kate xoxo

Live Performances / American Bandstand 2002 performance
« on: December 28, 2010, 01:07:20 PM »
I know that this has likely been discussed before. I just watched it again last night. I was shocked at how much MJ looked like the MJ in TII. I expected that he would have the straight hair as in 2002 he mostly did but no he had the curls. He looked slightly younger and slightly heavier but I was really going wow...that is so close to him in TII. I wasn`t expecting that in 2002. In late 2001 he had the short hair and looked heavier and then after that he had the straight hair and looked thinner. Anyway I would like your opinion. It changed how I feel about whether or not he looked sick or frail or thin in TII. He looked so much the same to 2002 imo and that was 7 years earlier that now I am thinking no he didn`t look that bad. I have tried but can`t seem to post the amercian bandstand performance so if anyone can please help!

Coherent Theories ~ Connect the dots / Simple as Possible Theory
« on: December 26, 2010, 10:29:11 PM »
I know that many/most of you believe that the hoax has been planned for a long time - and I am not ruling that out - however I wanted to post a theory that was as simple and believable as possible for now just to get it all out on "paper".

Here goes: MJ did want to do a few shows and wanted to work on film as he mentioned so many times. After spending time raising his kids and travelling he wanted to share his talents with them...helping Prince learn how to direct and Paris to be an actress. He decided to move back to Las Vegas and get back to work at some projects. We all know that Tom Mesereax warned Michael to leave th US as he felt he wasn't safe there and that "they" were gunnng for him. I think that was good advice and I wish that Michael had stayed away in Ireland or somewhere...but he was likely yearning for his life's passion and wanted to share it with his kids. So...he gets back to work and "they" put their plans in place to knock him down again. How horrifying and scary would that be for Michael. He would never know what was around each corner. So he is threatened (so many people have backed up his story that he was being threatened) but he kept up the work on the concerts and the Dome project and who knows what else. His shows sold out and there was so much demand that more were added. This proves to "they" that he is going to be back on top and making "huge" $ and he would not be able to be forced into a financial pickle so that "they" could grab the Music Catelogue. So as the days get closer to the beginning of the concerts, "they" know they need to act fast. Michael and those that he can trust who are around him start to sense the danger and they finally decide to go to the authorities with hard evidence that his life is in danger or he just gets to the "airport" and escapes into hiding with protection of the authorities. Either way he only has that choice as otherwise he fears "they" will get him once and for all. So far this isn't much different than some other theories but I am trying to keep things simple. Next, MJ's connections find him a dead body (heat turned up, dead for an hour and livor mortis all point to this being plausible - ie) he died, needed to be moved hence the rigor mortis, and then the heat was turned up to wait for the paramedics. From here, just one or two body guards need to be in on it and call 911. Paramedics would be told it was Soule Shawn (they sad it looked like an old man and did not recognize him as MJ) and they get the body to UCLA. Then because the body came from MJ's house and the ambulance is pictured backing out, and the news slowly leaks out to the media and the media runs with it and says MJ is dead. Conrad Murray tells Katharine at the hospital and Jermaine annouces it - so no one at the hospital needs to be involved...So far there are only a couple of body guards, Conrad and whoever helped to get the body, involved. Oh ya and the media who gobbled the story up and ran with it. The corner has a dead body and has no reason to think it isn't mj since he came from mj's house and Conrad was his personal doctor and says it's mj and there was some id with the body so that makes it all official. The family is called and Jermaine announces it and the coroner takes the body. All is good up to this point and in most ways if it had ended there the whole thing would be done and dusted. The problem now is the propofol and the homocide ruling and that is what could pave the way for MJ to return. The authorities need to prove that Conrad did something illegal and acted alone and in the course of the trial they will be able to prove there were other people involved and nab the true criminals and clear Conrad. The pictures at the hospital are all taken on the "other day" when something did happen to MJ which led the authorities to become involved. This all could have happened without a body too I suppose but let's say there was in case there are no authorities involved and then this theory s still coherant. It's possible certain members of the family were told as they needed to care for the children and it's possible he has not been able to have any contact with his family since this all started. To me this would explain why the children have been in public a little bit - so he can see them and hear them. Could it be this simple?

Other Odd Things / IMO Oprah Interview Proves Michael is Alive
« on: November 11, 2010, 10:01:46 AM »
I have thought long and hard about this post and have written it several times in the past when I have seen the children in public speaking or being photo graphed. I am the mother of 2 girls 11 and 13. We are a private family and my girls are sheltered and protected. They are a little naive and innocent because of that but we are around to protect them until we feel it's time and they are ready to be exposed to the "real" world where things aren't maybe as rosy. But we want to take our time before we gently ease them into some of the more harsher sides of life. When I see Michael's children in public situations (the funeral, the grammy awards, pictures at restaurants, and now Oprah) I think about the laws that would be in place to protect minor children. If MJ was not around, I don't believe social services or professional psychologists or his family would believe that these situations would be good for orphaned children who have been without the love and protection of their doting father for the last year. I don't care if it's Hollywood or scmollywood. Young children's emotions are not to be messed with whether the young children think they are ready for Oprah or not. Children's brains are not fully developed until they are in their early 20's and they are not capable of making sound decisions. A tramatic event like losing a cherished father at that young age is a child's nightmare and what they need is love, support, snuggling, protection and most of all shelter from prying eyes and the media. Little Blanket is 8 for goodness sake and clearly did not want to be on Oprah. Prince didn't look like he was comfortable either. While Paris looked and sounded mature, there was a nervousness to her and there have got to be laws that would protect these children from media circuses like this. I know that Michael has to be alive these children would not be seen out at all. He showed them to us in June of 09 and that must have been  his turning point in allowing them out with his blessing as long as he is with them (for the hoax or it was just time) Am I making sense? Basically a long story short. If Michael is not alive there is no way Debbie Rowe or Katherine would be able to condone letting the children awkwardly answer the questions of a stranger in a media circus. There was nothing said by any of the children that was all that necessary. We all saw them at the memorial and to me that was enough. Paris's testimonial said it all and they should have left it at that unless MJ thought more needed to be said.

Other Odd Things / LMP's message to Michael
« on: October 24, 2010, 03:14:25 PM »
I know this is farfetched and maybe mentioned already. I got the feeling that Lisa Marie was speaking to Michael as opposed to the audience. She was maybe in on the hoax but hasn't been able to spend any time with him. I thought this mainly because she was talking about her love for him and now understanding his for her. That sounds like something she wants him to know not an audience of strangers. Also, the sunflowers sitting there was a nice touch but who were they meant for. I felt like they were meant to be for MJ to see. The same same with the message about the fireplace in the library. Maybe that has even more meaning for the two of them - the engagement but who knows what else she could be referring to could have a hidden message to him. She was getting lots off her chest but it would only be helpful to her if he was listening or she hoped he would be. If I think of myself in her shoes, there would be no way I would find it helpful to sit in front of the world with Oprah and talk about those private things unless this was the only way I could get a message to the person I wanted to hear. Michael stayed so private about his life and he would not have thought it was cool that she would do an interview like that - discussion his drug use and addiction - unless she was asked to for the hoax - AND she would get to clear the air with him...the whole interview was either about his drug use or her intoxicated love for him. Too much info for me but a perfect amount of info for him. Just my opinion - thanks for listening

References & Similarities / Michael himself says he was 9 in 1969...
« on: October 13, 2010, 12:53:36 PM »

In you tube: 1975 Dinah Shore Show- J5 interview part2.

At the beginning of part 2 Dinah says the date Aug 23 1969, and then says that the J5 performed at the Miss America pagent. Then she asked Michael how old he was then and he said he was 9. I believe this interview was when he was 15 (if he is 9 in 1969) so he is perfectly capable of knowing how old he would be in 1969.

Please see the whole interview (it's in the video section) I cannot believe that he so talented with the artwork! and he can dance and he can sing! I know one part is posted but don't know about them all.

General Hoax Talk / Significance of Liberian girl pictures
« on: September 26, 2010, 03:32:17 PM »
I am so sorry to raise this but I need help. Is there is any clear indication of why the 2 pic were chosen at the memorial and the burial. I know it has been discussed many times but I must keep missing something. There is a reason those pics were used no doubt but I am not that reason seeing clearly and I desperately want to. Could someone direct me to where this is discussed at length or leave me a few of your thoughts on why? I have heard things like this was a turning point in his life after the pepsi burn but even so why these pictures for a memorial or burial. What reasons would the family have for using these (or whoever used them) Usually at a memorial and burial a fairly recent picture is used and that one just goes back a little too far unless that is what he still looked like in private under all the makeup. I can't imagine the children being comfortable with the pictures as a representation since he hadn't looked like that with them in recent years. What would be so wrong with showing just one private picture of their beloved son that was taking when he was just "mike the father, the brother, the son, the person," from a private photo collection. Why does he always have to be the "king of pop"? Because they used it at both, there is huge significance. What EXACTLY in your opinion are they telling us. Again it signals hoax to me because otherwise, there would have been a more recent picture that was not posed for a billion years ago in a king of pop type photo shoot. I feel so dumb for not connecting the dots and it's really bothering me because it's so significant. Thank you in advance!!!

Other Odd Things / Challenge to TMZ
« on: August 28, 2010, 04:35:52 PM »
Why does no one in the media ever say "How could MJ be a drug addict when the autopsy proved that he wasn't, Cherilyn Lee took blood and reported that there was no drug abuse AND he passed a physical a few months before he died that said he was healthly?" And then why don't they go on to say "An investigation needs to be launched because someone is lying - he CAN'T be a drug addict and not be a drug addict at the same time!!!!! Either the autopsy is a fake or MJ was not a drug addict." TMZ you keep mentioning the fact that he was a drug addict over and over yet you have never once said  -  "why doesn't the autopsy we posted for the world to see match, up to a drug addict.? or how did he pass that physical? or did Cherilyn Lee really take blood and say there was no drug abuse? or did Raymone Bain actually say she spent years very close to MJ and never notice any drug abuse? or did Tom Messereau state over and over in interview after interview that Michale was alert and focused and intelligent and definitely not abusing any drugs during the trial? You know it doesn't add know it!

You will have no credibility in my eyes until you just once put this in headline. "Jackson autopsy is a fake or he wasn't as addict as we first reported." Which is it because it can't be both.

Other Odd Things / Are these the "other people responsible"
« on: August 25, 2010, 04:53:27 PM »
This is from Karen Faye's blog...I just wonder if these are the other people that the family thinks are responsible too. Karen really doesn't seem to like Kenny much and also said that Michael was really upset that he had no creative control for TII which is contrary to what Kenny is trying to tell the world when he speaks of Michael.

"There were only 3 people who had the power to STOP the production of TII, until Michael could regain his health: Randy Phillips, Frank DiLeo, and Kenny Ortega. None of them did. They did everything they could to force Michael ahead. They knew, were warned and witnessed Michael’s condition. Even if they didn’t directly inject the propofol, they had the power to take the weapon away. The fact that they have no remorse, and continue to lie, parade down the red carpet and profit from Michael’s death is appalling to me. Hollywood is full of selfish corporate criminals who have no conscience."

Other Odd Things / A lot of odd things put together to form a theory
« on: August 12, 2010, 10:06:20 PM »
Just want to throw this out there...You know how Cherilyn Lee said that she told Mj to get to the hospital (I think on June 21st) She said that one side of his body was very hot and the other very cold - that sounds serious to me and Cherilyn thought it was something that was affecting his central nervous system. He would have been scared and called her because couldn't trust anyone else. We don't know what happened from this but perhaps this was the very serious incident that happened that set the whole attempted murder or negligent medical emergency thanks to Conrad Murray and the "others", into motion. And you know how Ben Evanstad said that day and the other d. Well what if MJ was taken to the hospital on the 21st by ambulance #71 (or any other day really) and that is why no one seemed all that panicked when the ambulance is driving out of the driveway and why the medics stayed so long and the LAFD said we stayed "until we stabilized him" etc. So what if all the footage of the ambulance and at UCLA was a complete other day like Ben said. Then, MJ would have been in no shape to make it back to rehearsals so AEG and the gang decided to pretend that he was still at rehearsals all that week knowing that they would have to capture some great footage for their movie. So that is when the double entered and finished up that last week. This would explain why there were added body guards and why the guards stopped letting the fans get too close and why witnesses said he seemed to be really in control those last couple of days of rehearsal blah blah blah. Then I think the confusion on the ambulance and the arrival and stay at UCLA and a host of other confusing events on the 25th  are because he did not die that day and/or nothing went down the way the various photos and videos and statements would have us believe. It would also explain some of the confusion around TII and the thoughts by many that there were doubles used. Also there was so much talk that he wasn't coming to rehearsals that often and then poof...after a bad weekend when Karen Faye said he was so bad she sent an email to AEG and Cherilyn Lee said he should go to the hospital...he miraculously has his best and most focused week of rehearsals ever...Just wondering if anyone thinks this could be plausible and if so please fill in all of the blanks I have left. ie) so what happened next with MJ on the weekend of the 21st (did he head to the airport/was it more serious and is he still recovering) and how was AEG able to finish the movie off - I think that would be relatively easy as they could just use footage filmed prior as well and some doubles and just fudge the dates.


It was nearly 1am on a cold November night and the runway at Luton airport was deserted. A private Jet just landed and taxied to a secluded spot near the perimeter fence. Two rented minibuses, their windows blocked out with white sheets, drove to the tail section where a narrow stairway was being lowered. Driving the first van was bodygaurd Steve Tarling with one thing on his mind- to get Michael Jackson off the jet as quickly and as secretly as possible. Custom and Immigration officers boared the plane to check documents and Steve moved in. Nothing could have prepared him for the shock of seeing Michael Jackson.

He says: He was sitting alone and appeared to be asleep, a red tartan blanket was wrapped over his legs and a Black Trilby was tilted over his eyes. He was wearing a Black shirt with a big Red collar and a big Black cardigan with a belt around the waist. He had on Black Loafers which were really scruffy.

Elizabeth Taylor, her husband Larry Fortensky and Jackson personal Doctor David forcast were trying to tell him to get up. Taylor shook him awake and said: “Michael, you have to get off now”. He was completely out of it, he was so drugged up he looked like a zombie. He just looked like a lost soul.

When his hat came off and I saw his face for the first time I was physically shocked. I had this image of Michael Jackson the performer in mind but the sight I saw was nothing like that, he looked terrible. He wore full make-up with smudged Red lipstick and eye-liner. He was covered in White paste like a clown. He looked like a Transvestite who had had some make-up on for a couple of weeks. What shocked me most was the tip of his nose, it was jet black. His whole face was white except for his nose which was black a looked like a painful scab.

I wanted to get him off immediately, because the longer we stayed the more vulnerable we were. It was pandemonium on the plane, security men and and airport ground staff were unloading baggage but Jackson was oblivious to it all.
Taylor had two dogs she wanted to take with her. It was impossible because of quarantine laws but she still asked me to smuggle them off. I said no way, so she told Larry to stay on the plane with them. He looked fed-up that he was being told what to do, while Jackson was getting all the attention.

The original plan was for Larry and Liz to stay on the plane and fly to Switzerland to throw the media off the scent. But Liz insisted on staying with Jackson until he got to the clinic. But when Jackson tried to get up his legs collapsed and I had to hold him up. It was like he had druck two bottles og scotch and was so paralytic he couldn’t co-ordinate. It was a sad sight. I held on to him and someone pulled the blanket up over his shoulders and covered his face with his hat.

I carried him like you would carry a tree-trunk. H is very tall so he was leaning over my shoulder. It was awkward going down the narrow stairway down to the tarmac, and I remember thinking: “My god, if I fall, he’ll end up in hospital for other reasons, not his drug problem!”

As Steve laid Jackson in the first bus, another security gaurd pulled off an amazing decoy stunt, hidden in the second bus was a look-a-like wearing exactly the same clothes.
As the singer was carried off, the lookalike was smuggled on to the plane and curled up on his seat pretending to be asleep. The decoy worked and as far as the passport control were concerned, Jackson had never left the plane.
The lookalike and Fortensky were to wait for Elizabeth to return then fly to switzeland as if the stop to Luton had only been to refuel.

Therapist Beauchamp Colcough, known as Beechy-was waiting in the first van. He began asking us if he understood why he was there and if he knew he had a problem. Beechy started explaining how the cure treatment would work.
Steve says: Beechy was laying down the rules of which Jackson would have to follow, he told him he would have to make his own bed, wash his clothes, and generally do everything for himself. Jackson was mumbling his answers and kept saying he wanted to use the phone, Beechy said this was not allowed. He told Jackson he would have to earn his phonecalls.

Suddenly Jackson said very calmly and coherently, “excuse me, can you turn this bus around and take me back? If I can’t use the phone, i’m calling the whole thing off”

It made everyone realize that he wasn’t such a spaced out idiot at all. Beechy had to comprimise and said he would allow him to make two calls. Taylor was in the bus and got angry when she realised Steve had changed the plan. Earlier in the day he had checked out the Charter Nightingale Clinic in Marylebone, Central London, only to find photogaraphers staking it out. He felt it was too risky to go there and had fixed up a stay at the 2million home of Joh Reid, Elton John’s manager in Hertfordshire. Steve says: Taylor wasn’t happy. She said, “This is bull**** and started asking about my credentials. As I drove around a round-about she screamed out hysterically, appaently the move had hurt her back.

As I pulled pulled up outside the house a guard slid open the door and Jackson fell out. He slumped out like a corpse. Thankfully we caught him before he hit the ground and carried him inside, he was all floppy and dead to the world.
We lay him lay him on a settee in the living room and surrounded him with cushions , then put his hat on him. I crossed his hands over his chest. If someone had come in they would have been convinced he dead. “His face was white, he was lying completely still and looked like he was hardly breathing, it was a bizarre sight. Before Jackson landed Beechy had been worried sick, he said he would be finished if he didn’t succedd but would be set up for life if he did. At one point waiting for the plane, he was shaking with fear. As Beechy came in the house, I shouted out “You can stop worrying now, he’s dead” It was a silly joke but the situation was so unreal.

Within an hour, Taylor insisted Jackson was taken to the clinic. She felt he would react better to treatment in a hospital environment and the Doctors agreed.Taylor returned to the plane which flew to Switzerland as other decoy stories to confuse the press were released in Europe and the U.S. Some papers reported Michael had been in a clinic in the French Alps.

Steve found it easy to smuggle Jackson into the clinic. He arrived at around 5am and the few photographers still there were asleep in their cars. He drive through the rear entrance and took Jackson to the top floor which was sealed off; But the singer locked himself in his room and refused to come out. Steve say: He turned up his radio, the whole building seemed bare and uncomfortable, I knew he wouldn’t put up with it for long and I was right. I left one of Elizabeth Taylor’s bodygaurds in charge while me and one of my ground men checked the ground floor. We went down stairs when the receptionist rang up saying “Quick, Michael Jackson’s trying to escape!”

The bodyguard had been lying on his bed while Jackson had left his room and jumped in the lift. He had presed number 1 thinking it was the ground floor, the numbers are different to American lifts. Jackson had been wandering around, politely asking patients ” How do you get out of here”? I felt really sorry for him, you can tell he was determined to get out and was ready to walk the streets of London in the freeezing cold. Half the worlds media were searching for this man and he nearly walked right out into the open on his own! Can you imagine if that had happened?

I told my man to guard the back while I rushed to the first floor. Jackson was getting more and more frustrated and was slapping his hand against the wall. He was saying in his high pitched voice “I wanna get out of here, I don’t like it here” The nurse and I got him into the lift, I held on him and he started to calm down.Later that first morning Jackson agreed to meet some ex addicts. Nurses were ordered to search the star for drugs. The first session of therapy lasted about three hours but mainly concentrated on laying down the rules. I felt really bad when they searched Jackson’s personal things. He had an old yellow bag with a tape machine and diaries inside. The nurses emptied it and found 13 bottles of pills which they confiscated…

…Beechy made everyone introduce themselves and say what their problems were, Jackson was very friendly towards me because he knew I didn’t have to be there. He smiled at me when I said my bit, which I thought was nice of him, he didn’t want to speak, but Beechy said he HAD to; eventually he said very quietly, “Hi, I’m Michael and I’m addicted to drugs.”

Meanwhile reports had surrounded the clinic and it was decided to smuggle Jackson out to be treated at John Reid’s house. The whole lot had to go with him. He disguised the staff as patients and throughout the day they left through the front door on foot or by Black cab, They were collect by cars waiting less than a mile away at Lords Cricket ground.
Jackson left around midnight. Steve dressed him up in a baggy tracksuit, a long coat, hat and scarf, Jackson went through an underground walkway to the building next door and waited in the basement until a message by walkie talkie told him to walk.

Jackson was as cool as you like, he waited for my signal, then walked to the car just outside and we drove off. He liked the disguise but refused to change his shoes. It was daft because they gave him away. He walked on his toes, just like Michael Jackson. If anyone had of looked they would have guessed, but no one did we were gone within seconds.

‘Minders’ agony as they weaned him off drugs onto Hobnobs’

MiCHAEL JACKSON’S desperate trip to Britain during 1993 to fight his addiction to painkillers was shrouded in secrecy. The world’s media were frantic to find out where he was being treated. Steve Tarling smuggled him into Britain and was his bodygaurd for ten days. He was never paid a penny but only now has Londoner Steve, 33, revealed the truth about being his minder.

Michael Jackson went crazy with sleepless nights as he was weaned off his addiction to pain-killers and sleeping pills.
Night after night he was unable to sleep without being drugged up, so he spent hours trying to amuse himself at Joh Reid’s mansion where he was secretly undergoing therapy under Beechy Colclough. Steve Tarling, who protected Michael during his stay in Britain was forced to listen to Jackson’s melancholy singing. Often Jackson would wander down stairs for a chat and a drink.

Steve says: He had a terrible time getting to sleep during the early days, he was so used to being drugged up…you could hear him singing at 4am, he had a portable tape machine which he sang into whenever he wanted to record a song. He seemed to be writing material all the time and the songs seemed sad and slow…maybe that was due to his state of mind.

He would spend hours on the telephone also, a luxury he insisted upon. He would be on the phone for up to two hours and called all around the world. He would also come down to speak with me and my colleague Andy he seemed concerned for our lack of sleep also. We also used to take him for walks also.
Once him came down for a cup of tea, we got the impression he wanted us to make it for him but we said “sorry Michael, you’ll have to do it yourself, it’s all part of the therapy” . It was true, Beechy instructed evryone to look after themselves, there was to be no star treatment. It was odd watching someone like Jackson make himself a cup of tea. It was like a major exerscise for him…you could tell he wasn’t used to it. “The tea he made looked disgusting, it was really weak, the colour of chicken soup and he piled in 5 or 6 sugars…He also had a hankering for Hobnob biscuits, he had six or 7 and dunked them all in the tea. He didn’t appear to mind making the tea himself, he seemed quite normal at times, and he has a great sense of humour, he used to call Beechy ‘The mad professor’.
Andy mentioned the famous moonwalk…we all tried to do it but made a hash of it and Jackson was really giggling and said we had done okay, then he said “okay guys, Im going to bed’. With that he spun around and glided out of the kitchen backwards in a perfect moonwalk. He was still giggling and had the drink in his hand while he did it….It looked brilliant, you could tell he got a kick out of doing it for us.
Jackson’s eating habits suprised Steve. The singer would eat in the large kitchen with beechy and all the other ex-addicts. Everyone believes Jackson is a strict vegan..but he likes Chicken,.. but not the dark meat. Generally though he eats very little and mainly picks at the food.
As part of Beechy’s therapy Jackson was told not to wear make-up. At first he refused to wipe it ff, telling everyone that it made him feel comfortable, but gradually he stopped tarting himself up. Steve says: Jackson actually looked alot better without make-up, more human and natural. He used to wear long false eyelashes as well as white face paint which made him look ridiculous. He used to wear a plaster over his nose, but as he became more comfortable he relaxed, I think he felt he didn’t have to hide behind the make-up with us. He also stopped wearing his hat all the time, at first he wouldn’t take it off apart from at bedtime. Then he’d leave it on the banisters and put it on when he came down, then it stayed there all the time.
Jackson gradually started to muck in with the others and began to vacuum his bedroom and make the bed. When he was not in therapy he enjoyed watching films in the small cinema in a barn at the side of the house which Reid had converted into a games room and gym. He liked to watch ‘Whatever happened to baby Jane?’, he watched that 3 times, and also Uncle Buck with John Candy.

Most of all he wanted everyone to watch his favourite film ‘Gone with the Wind’. I was sent out to get a video of it, I drove for miles but no-one had it, the closest I could get was ‘The makin of GWTW’. I thought he would get all uptight that I had failed, but instead he said “That’s fine, thanks for trying” He was very well mannered like that. He also watched TV but it was regulated so he didn’t have access to the news. Steve laughed when the news bulletins came in saying he was staying at the Charter Nightingale clinic in London.

Once he went on his knees and started playing piano in the barn. He played a few notes then began singing. It was a love song and sounded really good and he had actually written it right there in front of me. It was amazing to watch, it took him about 6 minutes. When he got up I said did you just write that? He said “yeah, but I have forgotten it already” Then he started looking for something else to do. “No matter what his problems are, the man is a complete genius”

‘Michael arrived an addicted Zombie and left us a real fun guy’

Minder Steve Tarling saw an astonishing change in troubled superstar Michael Jackson after he arrived in Britain to fight his addiction to pain killlers. Steve who gaurded Jackson throughout his secret stay last year says:
In just a few days he turned from a sad lost soul into a happy person who could communicate again.

“In the beginning he was withdrawn and nervous and hardly said a word. He was in his own world, but gradually, as he was weaned off the drugs he came out of himself; he started to relax and was more comfortable with everyone. He laughed alot more and chatted with everyone. Before his treatment he was too messed up to be bothered. But afterwards you could have conversations with him.”
Steve, 33, watched while the treatment went on in a mansion at Rickmansworth, Herts, owned by Elton John’s manager John Reid. He says: ” Jackson is actually a bright and intelligent person. He is very interested in our Royal family and he asked me lots of questions about them and said how much he likes Princess Diana. A lot has been said about him not being able to look people in the eye but that never happened as the treatment began to work.”
“He has incredibly striking eyes, I likened them to Bambi’s-wide and innocent- and he never avoided eye contact when he was chatting to me. The change in him was quite amazing- a really massive improvement. He started to sleep better and would often be the last one down to breakfast. Everyone had breakfast together between 8:30 and 9:00. Towards the end of his stay Jackson would come down at 9:45 after a good lie-in.
“He also started to eat more. He used to pick at his food but he he ate well and noticably put on weight. He looked much brighter and his confidence began to grow in every way.”
“Beechy Colclough and David Forecast did an amazing job and all credit must go to them. The circumstances could not have been more stressful for them. Jackson had serious problems which had to be dealt with, on top of that they had the whole world chasing him.
As Jackson’s condition improved, Steve was able to take Jackson out for the day to give him a change of scenery. They secretly went for a drive in the country to a friends house where Jackson played computer games with the young son of Steve’s friend.Steve says: It was an amazing house, very wealthy looking, but Jackson has all that and was more interested in playing racing-car games with the boy for hours.
“I was aware of the allegations against Jackson but the two behaved like two little kids having fun and it was all totally innocent. Jackson kept getting beaten…whenever he made a mistake he would shout ‘Jesus Christmas!’ Apart from that he never swore and was always well-mannered and polite….Near the end of Jackson’s first week his business advisors made a panic-riden call to the star. They were scared stiff that public opinion was turning against him and that everyone thought he was hiding out to avoid charges brought by Jordy Chandler. They insisted that Jackson should be filmed at the house undergoing therapy to prove that he was sick and need treatment.
“They were really uptight and paranoid. They called the house and started bullying everyone around….but the deal was for me and Elizabeth Taylor’s security man to to look after him, Liz wanted Jackson totally away from his people to give him a chance of recovering. Things started getting very confused when his people flew over on the tenth day and wanted to take him to another house. Liz’s bodyguard didn’t want them to take him and started talking about hiding Jackson in a cupboard when they arrived. It was farcical trying to hide him from his own people, in the end I was told they were taking over.

I was assured that I would be paid in full, they trusted me with the job and I dropped everything to do it. In turn, I trusted them to honour the financial side of things. I have tried many times to get paid but have either been fobbed off with excuses or ignored. I worked round the clock protecting Jackson, and paid people out of my own pocket, and what did I get?…nothing. Jackson has millions, yet this is how I get treated. I doubt this is down to him because I don’t think he has a clue about business. But the people around him should know better….

By Robert McGibbon


Here is a short interview of Michael's therapist Beechy Colclough, in which tells about himself and his clinic (courtesy of nlmda):
My Diary: Psychotherapist Beechy Colclough - I once took Michael Jackson to a Kentucky Fried Chicken. He just wanted to do something normal. - Free Online Library

His words about Michael:
"I once took Michael Jackson into the Kentucky Fried Chicken at Shepherd's Bush as he wanted to do something very normal. Amazingly, nobody noticed because nobody expects to see somebody like him in a place like that. He really enjoyed it.

When I first met Michael, I was very intimidated by the circle of people he had surrounding him. It was an entire organisation. But once I'd got past them and met Michael himself, it was fine. In the end, he was just a person to me. He responded to me wonderfully. We were together for about 31 days and we just went through a whole process together. It worked out all right. Just look at him. He looks good, he's married... he's lovely."

Other Odd Things / 1993 was analgesia abuse???
« on: August 05, 2010, 04:09:52 PM »
I read this in a book by Lisa Campbell - the king of pop's darkest hour.

Has anyone else read anything about this doctor that claimed to treat him for the "addiction" in 1993.  This is the first I have heard that it was a dependancy on analegesia but this is a direct quote and it states the only trouble in 1993 was analgesia abuse. This is an exerpt from the book......

As skepticism about Michael's painkiller dependency ran rampant for days on end, there was finally, on November 22, a statement released by the doctor who was treating Michael. Dr. Beauchamp Colclough sent a letter to the press to "refute any suggestion that Mr. Jackson is 'hiding out' or seeking any other care other than the program for analgesia abuse." Dr. Colclough addressed suggestions that Michael was undergoing cosmetic surgery, and that he was suicidal, saying that "no other medical, surgical or psychological condition exists":

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