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One of the biggest obstacles in most of the theories on this site is the comeback itself and its quite an obvious problem... the illegality of faking ones death.

Ignoring for a moment the lack of CREDIBLE hoax evidence and the other explanation of faking his death (to dissapear and not to come back). We now find ourselves in an obviously sticky situation... firstly, Michael has faked his death, which on its own is not REALLY illegal. Secondly, the state paid for his funeral, thirdly sales of his music spiked as a result and finally there is an innocent man who has been slandered, put in jail and humiliated for no other reason then to give Michael a scape goat.

Lets say June 25th 2013 is BAM! date (he said we have 4 years and imo this is the most likely date that a bam would occur) he somehow ends up performing live some place and shocking everyone... great show right?! Wrong... he'll be arrested straight away and his comeback will be for nothing. Firstly there's the faking of his death, which on its own would not really be cause for much legal trouble... except the fact that he used it to escape debt, get out of a contract early, put an innocent man behind bars and conspired with other people to keep the hoax hush hush.

Needless to say, there would be alot of unhappy people... particularly his family, who seem to not have a clue about this hoax, as they went to seriously disturbing lengths to challenge his will, which if they knew was redundent anyway, wouldnt have made such a mess of things over it.

No sane person would do this for the sake of entertainment, as the result would be a one way ticket to jail. The only reasonable explanations are he either A. Is not returing (and has harmed numerous people in the process) or is B. Dead (and is a victim of a stupid doctor).

First things first, according to Michael's kids' birth certificates, MJ's full name is Michael Joeseph Jackson, he says it in his deposition, it says it on the 2005 trial, the Murray trial and on his death certificate.
This said, until August 2009 it was perfectly acceptable for one to legally use their shortened name on things like Credit Cards and Drivers Licenses, in this case, Joe.

Introduce yourself / The Return
« on: January 30, 2013, 04:53:25 AM »
So after 3 years, im back... in those 3 years, nothing at the site has changed. Im bringing this up simply because there is a big issue with how these "investigations" are being carried out.

What the investigations consist of:

- Quote mining
- Missinterpreted "clues"
- Overreaction
- Confirmation bias
- Lack of sensible debate
And probably the most important part
- Rejection of facts and common sense

What the site NEEDS:

- Objectivness in everything
- Rational discussion of pictures/quotes/evidence
- A willingness to accept new knowledge

So what do i mean by all this? And why am i bothering in the first place? Well i like to think of myself as a Philosophical Scientist, in terms of the way a view the world and the things in it, for example you cannot obtain truth without looking at the evidence and you cannot look at the evidence without logically working through it. In other words, Science, Truth, Knowledge, History and Philosophy are what matter the most and with MJ being my favourite solo artist, i of course want the truth.

Now i will be honest, i am not a believer, however that does not mean MJ did not fake his death. It just means that i haven't had the time to look at what little evidence we have... and even THAT should not be a conclusive answer...
I think i speak for most people here when i say, the truth is the most important thing here and it is our duty as fans and (hopefully) rational human beings to pierce the veil and find the truth. Of course there are those who are 100% sure they know, which is all good and well, but anyone who is rational should know that in obtaining truth has a side of uncertainty and any curious mind shouldnt assume they know they answers, they should assume they dont.

So in that spirit, i am here, i assume i dont know everything and that we must look at the evidence and rationalise our beliefs according to what we know. At the present, i believe Michael Jackson is long dead, however, it is logical and completly reasonable to assume that i am wrong and so i wouldnt be honest with myself if i wasnt here debating the issue and helping discard what is slowing any sort of truth being discovered. Because it is a universal fact that if no new information is being brought in, over time things will become more random and unpredictable...

Other Odd Things / This Is It PROPER Dissection
« on: April 03, 2010, 05:29:41 AM »
Hey everyone, luv you mo.

The point of me being here is not to be a nuisance, but rather to help you guys in your grieving process.

Now time for a proper "This Is It" Dissection, Souza and Mo, no disrespect toward you two, but i do believe you made one or two mistakes in your review of Michael Jackson's last stand "This Is It".

For those who haven’t got it yet, you can watch it here:
your browser does not support frames
<<< Well thats a shame now isn't it? oh well, its ok i have my own High Quality version here on my computer.
First we have the dancers, what a drama and overacting. Particularly Shannon Holzapffel. We looked at eachother in the cinema and had to stop ourselves from laughing our asses off.
<<< Ok we know you think this film is ridiculous but there are two things here, firstly imagine how you would react if you got the chance to dance ON STAGE with MICHAEL JACKSON! it would make you jump up and down with excitement, i know i would, the other thing which you may or may not know is that Shannon has Bipolar, and was in fact wanting to commit suicide (just listen to his words), so we need to show a bit of compassion here, after all we want haters to show compassion to Mike don't we?

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

Red pants (they look orange to me)
Suit guy

S and M start by saying that the video and the sound is off... well it looks to me that Red pants is singing live, i mean how are they meant to let us hear the sound from BOTH videos hmm? Crossfade it? that would be confusing, no i am sure that they used the audio from one of them, and by the looks of things its Red pants that is singing.
S and M then go on by saying that Red pants IS NOT Michael Jackson, rather they give their first "Who the hell IS THAT" remark, and trust me, theres a lot of those, ok they say he looks flimsy... he isn't going full out you know? he's "marking" the dance, i dance so i should know, when you have another group you have no time to be perfect, so you sorta wobble the moves and get off the stage.
Still not convinced? PICTURES PICTURES, GLORIOUS PICTURES! lets have a little comparison of Suit Guy and Red Pants.

Suit guy (with added glasses)

Red pants

Now tell me they aren't the same person!

Now hold on a tic... S and M forgot to mention the Acapella of Speechless!
And it was sung LIVE by... RED PANTS

Now S and M shortly mention the auditions saying Michael had the wrong eyes, but i think if i remember the camera was only on him for a split second, so lets take a look at that.

Compare that to this one

Same person? im pretty sure

Jam ^^^ same shizz

The Drill:


Red pants/Orange pants
Suit guy
Gold Pants
Cool moof <<<?? lolwut
Chomp chomp, defa cool moof…. Oh my, here we almost pissed our pants and got banned from the cinema
<<< now i don't know about you but im sure that would be CHEWING gum right? maybe him and the kids got obsessed with it in those final years? i mean Prince WAS chewing gum at the memorial service wasn't he? No way thats a connection i'm sure.
And then there is yet another WHO THE HELL IS THAT? remark, can i offer a person? perhaps it's Michael Jackson maybe? there is no way THREE people could have the same nose, cheekbones and voice of Michael Jackson, Hey e cass was close, but EASILY recognizable from Michael Jackson.
AND THEN THE SHOCKER OF THE DAY (of course no where NEAR as shocking as the 'This is NOT It' ppl claiming Mike was 49kg at the time of death) They said that there was ONE CAMERA?! wait hangon... what? no there were 8, 3 up the front 1 on the immediate left, 2 hand helds on stage, one near the back and one diagonal to the right of the stage.

Human Nature:

Key players:

Red pants
Suit Guy
Gold pants
Penguin guy

S and M didn't give us a "WHO THE HELL IS THAT?!" on the penguin guy, but they did say his shoulders... (lolwut) were too small (despite the fact that it was the actual clothing and not his shoulders) and they said the movements were too FEMININE! Uhm... need i remind you that Michael is a feminine person, and i don't see feminine in that, i just see improvising to tell you the truth.
Now S and M don't think we should be fooled by MJ's beautiful voice... so we won't.
They came to the conclusion that Red pants and Penguin guy are NOT Michael jackson, i beg to differ, Gold pants looks identical to both Red Pants AND Penguin guy, Suit guy only looks identical if you put sunglasses on him.

Smooth Criminal:

Our keyplayers:
- Cool moof
- Red-pants
- Gold-pants
- Smooth Criminal

S and M both agree that the Culver Studio MJ is the REAL MJ <<< I agree there, but they have already screwed themselves by saying that, why? JUN-04 2009 was what the camera read the day of the Drill, same day as Cool moof, Now they were at Culver from 1st June through to 9th of June, Thriller was filmed on the last 3 days, They don't care about us was finished up on the 4th... the 4th was the day they filmed the shadow scene.
What does that mean? Cool moof= MJ

Look i have to have dinner now, i could go on all day, but basically i believe they are ALL Michael Jackson, you may believe different, but it's not rocket science

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