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let's tell him that we love him & that we are here to spread his message of love & peace & i think that this song said it all!
Download ‘WE’VE HAD ENOUGH’ by Michael Jackson week commencing 14th June 2010
Download a maximum of 3 x a day per download site. Anymore and your downloads will not count, so don’t waste your money.
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Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select ‘We’ve Had Enough’ as a SINGLE track. DO NOT download the whole album.
Or follow the links below
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Let's bring him back to number one!

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& this video too is very important :
Mahmoud AHMADINEJAD, of IRAN speaks truth... American Culture does encourage lewd conduct by
women, destroy family values, and BUSH and New World ORDER want to silence Truth... Why did this speech get so little coverage, that only C-SPAN and a few NYC independant stations carry
this broadcast speech from the United Nations? Is our Media, just a Nazi style propaganda loudSpeaker
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Beware the month of June. It’s going to be a time of tributes, of reflections on the tragic loss of Michael and celebrations of his legacy, but also, it’s going to be the month when a lot of bottom feeders are going to crawl out of the trough looking to make a buck off that interest as well. Two in particular that bear close inspection are Ian Halperin’s “Gone Too Soon” documentary, and a controversial book entitled “Dangerous Liasons” by a writer under the assumed name of Carl Toms, which will be published in June by Troubador Press. A lot of people were already wary about the Carl Tom book months ago. I was a little cautious and remained on the fence at the time because I believe firmly in giving books and authors the benefit of the doubt before totally trashing them. From the excerpts I had seen, I wasn’t completely convinced one way or the other about the author’s motives-was he out to argue that Michael was a pedophile and guilty of the allegations, or rather, was his argument that Michael was simply railroaded and unfairly crucified by society and the media, and was simply using sensationalistic tactics-as writers and publishers will sometimes do- to bait readers into buying the book?

What I was totally not  prepared for is the actual truth that has come to light regarding both this author’s identity and his actual agenda.

Here is some information from that I’m passing on here and urge you all to do the same. This is very important, as we need to get this information out there and as widely circulated as possible. The author of this book is not actually Carl Toms, who doesn’t exist, but rather the pseudonym of a man named Tom O’Carroll (not to be confused with the Irish folk singer of the same name). O’Carroll  is writing this book under a pseudonym for a good reason: He doesn’t want his readers to know he is a convicted pedophile who has been arrested for the distribution of child pornography. However, throughout the book (I spent a good part of the morning reading the version that is available online) he’s obviously making a case for the acceptablilty of adult/child relations. That in itself is damning enough, regardless of how well or poorly researched the book.

Anyway here’s the message that was posted, and the advice given here by CatherineC is very good advice on how to best handle this situation:

A book by “Carl Toms”–pseudonym for a convicted pedophile named Thomas
O’Carroll–will be published in June by Troubador Publishing and is already on
the internet in practically its full 600+ pages. Here’s a link to this poorly
written, poorly cited and just plain trashy book.
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Here’s what I think needs to be done.
Provide everyone with a link (above) to the book online. No one will feel
compelled to buy it to see how trashy it is. However!–and this is key–ALSO
include this link (below) to an article about how pedophiles are trying to make
pedophilia as acceptable in society as homosexuality. To the pedos, it’s only a
matter of time.

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Actually, the pedos already crawled out from under their collective rock and
tried to get connected to the gay and lesbian community. The gay and lesbian
community won’t have anything to do with pedos. The article cited above,
“Endorsement of Adult-Child Sex on Rise,” needs wide distribution as well.

The pedos are trying to conscript Michael Jackson to be their posthumous poster
boy. We cannot let them do this! But don’t try–unless you have a really
strong stomach–to rebut the pedos yourself. Simply post the link to the book
that’s available online, thereby keeping money out of the pedo’s pocket, and
include the article from The Washington Times that does all the rebutting for

This also goes back to the issue of NAMBLA, an organization mentioned by  in my previous blog on Christian hate groups targeting Michael. NAMBLA has been trying for some time to unofficially recruit Michael as their “poster boy” for pedophile rights, without taking into consideration if any of the allegations made against Michael were true or not, and without taking into account the possibility that  his relationships with children were, in fact, innocent. And more importantly, without taking into consideration what Michael would have wanted, or how such actions will affect his family and most importantly, the lives of his children. It’s a problem that I fear won’t go away quietly as long as this movement continues to gather steam. After all, the pedos “need” a poster person, and who better than a beloved icon? Especially a deceased one who can’t rebutt whatever is said about him and for whom there is no redress since current laws do not protect the dead from defamation?

I know that Michael, who dedicated a huge part of his life to the protection and well-being of children, would be horrified and angered beyong all reasoning to know his name is being used to advocate the “rights” of those who harm and exploit children.

As for Carl Tom (aka Tom O’Carroll) you might be interested to know this:

Thomas Victor O’Carroll (born 1945) is a dual nationality Irish/British writer,[1] activist for pedophilia and pedophilia advocacy, and a convicted distributor of child pornography.[2 ][3] O ‘Carroll is a former chairperson of the now defunct Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) and was at one time a prominent member of IPCE, formerly known as International Paedophile and Child Emancipation.

There’s more (a LOT more) where that came from:

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And this is from a British newspaper, the Northern Echo, from 2006:

A NORTH-EAST man who was arrested in connection with a police investigation into a suspected paedophile ring has been charged by police.

Thomas O’Carroll, 60, formerly of Shildon, County Durham, will appear before magistrates today charged with offences relating to the possession, making and distribution of indecent images of children.

Mr O’Carroll, a writer, was arrested at his Shildon home on January 24, after a three-year nationwide investigation. He no longer lives at that address…

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Getting back to “Dangerous Liasons,” I will give O’Carroll only this much credit, having read what I did of the book this morning: It is not totally imbalanced, and he does a pretty god job of showing how the Arvizo case failed to stack up, as well as how Evan Chandler took advantage of his opportunity to extort Michael, rather than going to the police. And I agree with some of what he says about the boys who accused Michael-for instance, that Jordan and Gavin were NOT “little boys” (as the media loved to portray them and to remind us constantly) but rather, teenagers fully capable of knowing right from wrong. That much I do agree with. In one section, he speaks of people who invent stories of abuses that never happened, citing as an example a woman who made up a claim of abuse simply to join an incest survivor group. Apparently such people need the “validation” that comes from being a victim and having their stories believed, while caring not in the least how such false accusations can ruin lives or the potential harmful effects their lies can have on the accused. It’s an ugly reality, but a reality nonetheless.

However, he then uses the very same tactics of Ian Halperin, whose methods of research he himself calls into serious questioning, to likewise “card stack” a case for Michael as a man who engaged in relationships with boys that were not “abuse” but rather, cases of consensual love. In several cases, he uses information from sources that appear to validate his claims, while ignoring all information from the same source that clearly debunks his theories. A case in point is J Randy Taraborelli, from whose books he often cites and quotes quite liberally. For starters, one could make an entire case about someone simply riding on the back of someone else’s hard-earned research to build a case. There’s nothing wrong, of course, with using sources as long as credit is given-I do it here, all the time, and so do all writers. But I think where we have to exercise caution is being too quick to swallow the theories of someone who has simply pasted together several sources, culling from each what he finds useful (and discarding the rest) while making no effort on his own part to go “into the field” to conduct orginal research of his own. Say what you will about Taraborelli, but he at least actually knew Michael somewhat and has spent years-not months, but years-gathering, researching, interviewing people, evaluating and analyzing his information. But O’Carroll only quotes from Taraborelli when it’s convenient for his case, while ignoring other information stated by Taraborelli such as the fact that Michael and Lisa Marie did have a consummated marriage-in fact, any and all evidence of Michael’s many heterosexual relationships is conveniently ignored, or scoffed at. For one simple reason: It doesn’t suit his agenda.

It’s ironic that while mocking Halperin’s own shoddy research and reliance on tabloid sources, he then does pretty much the same thing himself (although I have to confess, I did crack up reading the part about Halperin’s “fan-boy” fantasy).

But you know, even offering up any kind of review of this trash book is really a moot point because no matter its contents and no matter how you slice it, the bottom line is that Tom O’Carroll is a convicted pedophile with an agenda, and his agenda is to further the cause for pedophile rights, to make pedophilia as acceptable as gays and lesbians. and to use Michael Jackson’s name as his platform to do it.

This is just dangerous and wrong on so many levels that I can’t even get my hands around it right now.
I also keep thinking back to what Charles Thomson said in his KPFA radio interview, and which has been corroborated by many eyewitnesses who were there: That Michael had just as many female children at Neverland and in and out of his life as male children. Michael said himself in the 1995 Prime Time Live interview that it wasn”t “just all boys” but for some reason, that is what the media chose to fixate on. I suppose at some point that will have to be a subject for another blog, but I think it’s worth noting. I do sincerely believe that Michael’s relationships with children were 100%innocent; however, if one were to say he had an agenda by inviting all those boys over to Neverland, I’d have to concede, yeah, you may be right-because in a lot of cases, those boys either had good-looking older sisters, or hot mamas, or both. So yeah, it may not have always been as “innocent” as some think, but that didn’t mean it was criminal, either. It’s like the teenager who is too shy to talk to that hot girl he really likes, so he becomes best buds with her brother in order to have an excuse to hang around. Now that, knowing what I know of Michael, I could buy in a heartbeat.

But for too many years, we’ve only been getting one side of a very warped view of Michael’s relationships with children. This latest book takes that whole, warped view to another far more serious and dangerous level. It is a dangerous book on two accounts-one, as a serious slander against Michael Jackson, who was never proven guilty of any of these accusations, but far more than that, it’s a dangerous advocacy tool to endorse pedophilia as something that should be okay and acceptable.

I know the fans will never support this book. However, to the “just curious” and those on the fence who may be inclined to check it out, I will urge you as this reviewer said, to “proceed with caution.”  Do you really want to accept the views of a convicted pedophile as an authority on Michael Jackson? A man who, by right, ought to be in prison instead of writing books? A convicted pedophile himself who has used shoddy research and tabloid sources to stack his argument? And regardless of how you might feel about Michael, would you want to help a convicted pedophile profit?

Be your own judge.

UPDATE: Seven at MJ-777 Has Generously Provided Several Contact Addresses Where You Can Write To Protest The Publication and Selling Of This Book! There’s also a sample letter you can copy or use as a model (comes in handy if you’re pressed for time or not very good with words!). Thanks Seven!

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i came across this video on youtube & i remembered Jason made up story about how they met & talked about their childhood & began crying & then embraced i think there where he got his story from...tell me what you think about it.
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Hoax Videos / have you seen this video before...
« on: May 07, 2010, 06:50:01 PM »
i just found it very interesting...You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Michael Jackson News / King of Pop - will come under attack today!
« on: April 29, 2010, 12:11:44 PM »
Extra TV is promoting a segment for today- alleging that MJ was involved in a "gay affair" whatever that means???It is time for all members to Stand up to Extra TV and speak out - how they can be NOT allowed to Disrespect Michael Jackson. MJ is not here to defend himself! We have to be his VOICE NOW! Write to Extra and Let then know, what you think about this slander!they have facebook & twitter so let them know what you think about it

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Michael Jackson News / what do you think about this twitter account!!!
« on: April 25, 2010, 10:34:18 AM »
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this his last tweet : Hmmm.. Might he be alive in heaven or alive on earth.. u decide.. whats in your heart?? we shall see in time shall we?? - L.O.V.E

Michael Jackson News / We have to unite to make it happen!!!
« on: April 24, 2010, 07:18:33 AM »
Michael used to call us his Army of Love. I hope we feel it, we assume that responsibility and that we won’t remain silent about this matter whatever our feelings may be.
This is a Facebook-wide uncover Michael Jackson's name on the sign of the Gardner Street School Auditorium in Los Angeles, California.they need all MJ fans to show there support & act by sending letters available in the discussion board of the group a lot of people join the group but don't act so what's the use of joining if they will not send at least one letter they have over 6000 members & only 1100 letters sent..Michael Jackson paid the music teacher's salary at Gardner St. School, but they covered up his name on the school auditorium which they originally dedicated to him. He got acquitted, yet his name remains covered. "He passed away", it's still covered. It's time to change that.
& the second one is a facebook comaign to Get "WE'VE HAD ENOUGH" by Michael Jackson to number 1 on 25th June 2010
Download 'We've Had Enough' by Michael Jackson week commencing 14th June 2010 to get him to #1 chart position on June 25th 2010
it's a great idea & i think that all MJ fans should unite to make it happen...
Michael has been there for me as a faithful companion throughout my life and I was there for him, maybe not always as much as I could, but yes, I was there and I will continue to be there. For me, this is the true meaning of L.O.V.E
thank you
it's all for LOVE

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