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on 22.21 local time in Switzerland I received the e-mail from :icon_eek: I know I've registered with them for a newsletter about 3 years ago and never received any newsletter. I'm not jumping all over the place but since they've been having my e-mail address for about three years why do I receive an invitation to subscribe to them?! I was kind of  :WTF: when I saw that? So they send me an e-mail to register with the already known e-mail address.? ok ...

Dr. Conrad Murray / Why different dialects?
« on: November 15, 2010, 09:43:23 AM »
Just now it hit me like comet  :lol:  There is ONE BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Conrad Murrays' strange video addressed to his 'supporters' and his alleged phone calls BEFORE MJ allegedly died:

OK, here we have this infamous thanx-video from CM to his supporters. We ALL noticed his foreign accent: [youtube:h6pvf5fj][/youtube:h6pvf5fj]

And here we have alleged CM talking on the phone - NO foreign accent what so ever. At least I hear nothing of the accent I heard when he did this strange video message. Listen for yourself:
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I wonder WHO that guy with the african accent really is ...  :?:

Honest Journalism ~ Vindicating Michael Jackson / Justice League MJ
« on: November 12, 2010, 02:40:36 AM »
WOW! Via the Swiss Michael Jackson Community I came across the Justice League MJ link. There are more people fighting for Michael. Wonderful!

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They are all about vindicating Michaels' name of all unjustice that has been done to Michael.

@Souza & Mo
Do you know this site? What are your thoughts on that? Do you see a perspective of MJDHI somehow collaborating with them?

Pls delete if already posted somewhere.

Michael Jackson News / Demi Lovato replaced by double for live show
« on: November 11, 2010, 12:31:06 PM »
Just read that on MTV news, although I don't know who Demi Lovato is, but then again, it's not about her but about using a double:

It's officially stated, that the band replaced Demi with a look-a-like in order to not disappoint the concert crowd.

... Now, haven't we already been talking about that for months, and obviously now it's all TRENDY - Yikes :lol:

I know this is somewhat old but still I have to bring it up as it still bugs me:

We all know, Kai Chase was the chef. Paris told us now, that he was the best cook, Mike did the best breakfast. Alright. MJ LOOOOVED having breakfast with his kids. There were quite some people (whose name I can't remember) that stated, he would have made room whenever possible to have the meals with his kids. That makes 3 meals a day when he was around.

OK. Let's assume now, they would have BF somewhere around 9 AM.

Even if Mike got home late, it still is a strange situation in my eyes that he begged Murray for help to sleep at exactly 10.30 AM, having his kids in the house who are used to having the meals with their father. Would he let that out? Even IF he doesn't eat a lot while preparing for a tour  :?: I am sure he would at least want to sit down with them and have his healthy juice with them. There is just something wrong with the picture of possible his children sitting at the bf table waiting for their father and not questioning anything.

To ask someone for help to get some sleep at 10.30 AM when the next rehearsal is set for around noon gives me the chills and has already shortly AFTER 6-25-09. This just doesn't add up. It is not logical.

What we have been told fits more likely a person living ALONE in that house with the luxury of being able to sleep in ... well, an anasthesia isn't really sleeping, is it  :?

But when Mike loved so much spending time with his kids and even cooking for them, then the time 10.30 AM for another nap REALLY is WAAAYYY off.

Michael / Breaking News Lyrics complete
« on: November 08, 2010, 06:21:55 AM »
Didn't find the lyrics here, so plz delete if already posted.


    Everybody wanting a piece of Michael Jackson.
    Reporters stalking the moves of Michael Jackson.
    Just when you thought he was done,
    he comes to give it again.”

    no matter what, you just wanna read it again
    no matter what, you just wanna feel it again

    now is that strange that i fall in love
    who is the boogie man you thinkin’ of
    all went crazy coz im just in love
    this is breaking news X2

    everybody watching the news of michael jackson
    They want to see that I fall,
    cause I’m Michael Jackson

    You write the words to destroy
    like it’s a weapon

    you turn your back on the love and you think you can get it again

    no matter what, you just wanna read it again
    no matter what, you just wanna feel it again

    now is that strange that i fall in love
    who is the boogie man you thinkin’ of
    all went crazy coz im just in love
    this is breaking news X2

    now is that strange that i fall inlove
    who is the boogie man you thinkin’ of
    all went crazy coz im just in love
    this is breaking news X2

    all the news today they say CRAZY time
    who is stranger today we want this day baby

    now is that strange that i fall in love
    who is the boogie man you thinkin’ of
    all went crazy coz im just in love
    this is breaking news X2

    now is that strange that i fall in love
    who is the boogie man you thinkin’ of
    all went crazy coz im just in love
    this is breaking news X2


Acturally, it reminds me more of MJ/LMP ... when all media was making fun of MJs love/marriage to LMP.

The Helicopter / Questions about heli filming the heli-scene
« on: September 24, 2010, 10:15:00 AM »
This is a detail taken for granted, as we all were too much involved in analizing the scene in itself: Please delete if double post:

My questions since 2009:
- What heli company flew the heli following the sheriff heli transporting MJs' alleged body?
- Who gave order for this flight?
- Who DID actually film this transportation flight?
- Have we ever heard of this person revealing himself (like Ben Evenstad had for the fake ambulance photo)? As far
  as I am concerned, no.

Does anyone have any comments or even knowledge? Thanks!  ;)

The Ambulance / DH Chronicles No.1 North Carolwood Drive/Monovale
« on: September 06, 2010, 08:01:13 AM »
Just an observation about MJs house. Please delete if posted - didn't find anything about DH chronicle No. 1  ;)  
From the topic Death Hoax Chronicles No. 34 in the Breaking News section I started watching the first one, where karenjoymc shows N. Carolwood Drive and its two entrances (Monovale Dr with the 2nd)  in regards to the ridiculously slow backing out of the ambulance. With google earth she shot a picture to prove correctly, that there was indeed WAAAYY enough room to turn an ambulance car in front of the house to then leave the property in a regular 'forward' mode. I couldn't agree more on that issue. Then she proceeded to show a second 'entrance' or for that matter exit leading from the round about in front of the house to Monovale Drive. This is where I have to disagree:
I went around MJs house last December and this area is quite 'hilly', meaning, from Sunset you go pretty uphill for a moment before it goes downhill, and going right into Monovale Drive then goes downhill again (and pretty steep for my taste  :D ) and this side entrance is right beneath the corner of the house. It is a garage-like entrance. There is no access from Monovale Drive to the roundabout and vice versa. Standing in front of the Monovale entrance you cannot look onto the round about and vice versa. Plus the streets in this area are also pretty narrow and - to me at least - were surpisingly a LOT shorter than they appear.
But due to how Monovale Dr. goes, the narrowness of this street, the trees, bushes, etc. I can imagine that MJ left through this side entrance while the main focus was on the main entrance with this ridiculously slow ambulance manouvre ... Just an observation from me. Thanx.

UCLA / Michael & UCLA Medical Center
« on: February 01, 2010, 09:48:34 AM »
Hello everybody

I am currently reading J. Randy Taraborrellis autobiography about Michael as I also have reread Michaels own biography due to research reasons. Anyhow. I find it MORE than interesting, that according to Taraborrellis research Michael was a frequent visitor at UCLA Medical Center by witnessing many operations. He had done so over a course of many years. He witness nose jobs, brain surgeries, tummy tuckings, etc. So he was known to hospital staff and more importantly - the hospital board. Since he obviously has had powerful connections to high profile people in just about ANY business area you can possibly think of (bankers, investors, doctors, sheiks, presidents, you name it), he must have had yet another high profile contact at UCLA in order for him to get permission to assist operations on a frequent basis. I mean, see if YOU can get to watch an operation ... must likely NOT.
With this in mind it is highly likely he established a connection which one day he could use for his own purposes - whatever they would be in the end. So when reading this part in this book, I was immediately reminded of what I thought back then on June 25, when Jermaine announced Michaels 'death' and you would not for one second hear from a doctor and nurse ever since up until today. I was like: ".. and he supposedly died at UCLA Medical Center ...???  and no nurse, no doctor has come forward until today?! What a ... coincidence?!

Let's just assume Michael followed PT Barnums principle, that he wants his whole career to be the biggest show on earth (his own words in Frank Dileos and John Brancas presence after handing them out a copy of PT Barnums book adding, this was his bible and he wanted both of them to view as their bible as well) with the kind of contacts Michael has it's no big deal for him to get access to just about any place he likes. Furthermore it's no big deal for him to get people to do what HE wants. Consequently, Michael arranged with his high profile contact at UCLA MC what finally could be witnessed on June 25, 09. That would explain, why no nurse and no doctor has lost one word about Michael Jackson what so eva - there simply was a plan to act that way.

Now of course this applies also to the theory of Michael having been murdered. The high profile person on top of the hospital board being instructed to instruct his staff to not lose one word about 'the patient' and what was going on at the hospital.

Hmm .. I actually like this book A LOT! ;)

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