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Random MJ Talk / This has taken a great toll on me.
« on: June 29, 2010, 12:50:42 AM »
I have wavered back and forth all year about this hoax. I totally agree that the circumstances surrounding Micheal's no longer being here/death is very strange. I have never seen anything like this. I had such a strange feeling this last week. I am really beginning to believe that he is gone and he was murdered. I think the family is split because some are getting $$ and some are not. I think Randy is telling the truth. Michael would have to have so many in on this it makes no sense. However I do think that AEG has the buck to make this all look like a hoax to keep us all going and hoping. Unless Michael knew he was going to be taken out and he got out before they could do anything to him. In that case I cannot see the family slipping up and giving out clues. I saw Katherine Jackson at the Beverly Hilton and she looked pained. As a mother I saw true sadness in her face. She may try and keep a strong demeanor but inside her heart is broken. My own mother was a strong lady much like Katherine and she hide her pain but in private she cried. She too lost a child/my brother. So I guess I have been seeing things the way I wanted to not deal with my own pain. I feel I have lost a year trying to prove he is alive. If he is, he may not want or need to be found. I love him and that will never change. I had hope at one time but now after seeing her up close I could feel it. So I guess I am throwing in the towel and will now work at finding justice for him.
God bless you all. I admit it has been interesting and I really appreciate you all and your opinions. I can't do this anymore. I know in my soul he is in heaven now.

Michael Jackson News / Geraldo last night.
« on: June 14, 2010, 10:49:39 PM »
Please forgive me in advance if there is already a posting on this. I did not see one. Geraldo Rivera broke his silence last night about his long time friend Michael Jackson. He has not said a word since last year about his death. He had Joe Jackson on via phone and it was hard to hear but I swear when Joe was asked, " Does it still pain you when you hear Michael was worth more dead than alive?" Joe sounded like he said, "He is worth more alive!. The phone call was not a good connection but he did say Michael was worth more alive than dead. That is money would not be controlled by anyone but him when he is alive. What really shocked me is that Joe did not appear on camera. Only a phone call. Just weird I thought. Then after Geraldo hung up he said that his sources tell him that the brothers are keeping quiet because they are getting $10,000.00 monthly and the children are as well. He said the are receiving this money to keep them quiet about what really happened. I think it was horrible to say that about the children they have absolutely no control over this at all! This has to be a hoax because I can't imagine that Geraldo would ever even consider saying this about the children I mean COME ON NOW! He smiled often during all of the interview. He asked Joe about the law suit that Brain Oxman is bringing against AEG and Joe said he agrees with it but the rest of the family does not. Please if you can see this on Youtube you have to watch it. Nothing about this made any sense. Geraldo said if you want to know why there has been a virtual media black out about the Jackson case I will tell you why after this break or something to that effect. He talked about Michael's trail and how he knew he was innocent and set up. He did a good piece on the fact that MJ was treated like a monster in the media. He knows something. He smiled almost the entire time. Yeah he knows something. I think it has to do with that interview Micheal did with him when he was asked whats next? Micheal said, "FILM."

Random MJ Talk / Five Years Ago Today...
« on: June 13, 2010, 10:11:59 PM »
 I woke up this morning thinking, "this is the 13th of June. Five years ago today Micheal was found NOT GUILTY on all TEN COUNTS in a Santa Barbara courtroom. I remember that day so clearly and just how over joyed we were. Our knees hit the ground and just keep saying, "Thank you Jesus!" we cried so much and then bam! We were celebrating! I want to be happy again. I want to know he is okay. I know I am not the only one. I sometimes feel, what if I am looking in the wrong direction? What if Michael was murdered and here I sit doing nothing to fight for him all the while the killers get away with it. I am confused and today, I am having a very bad day. I cry a lot lately. The closer June 25th comes the more my heart breaks. I am sad and not sure of anything anymore. Everything in my life since that day has changed. Some of it not for the good. I want my smile back. I hope that Michael has his. He deserves it so very much. Either in Heaven or here on earth. I love you Michael and I will never stop.

Katherine Jackson / Katherine Jackson hospitalized after fall
« on: May 31, 2010, 06:02:08 PM »
I never ever buy the rag mags but I saw something in, "The Globe" about Micheal's mother. It states she fell down the stairs at home and was hospitalized for a brief period. She is doing alright now no broken bones thank God, but the headlines read, "Micheal Jackson's mother dying!" Now she did have polio as a child and she is after all 80 years young. So maybe her gait is off a bit and she took a tumble. They are saying that Joe may fight her for custody because she can't cannot care properly for MJs children. Yeah right! Anyway, it was in the June 7th, addition and they have Anna Nicole Smith's picture along with Katherine and Micheal's pics. Also a shot of MJ's body being taken out of the helicopter. Hummm, this is the first time I have seen anything Michael related in the rag mags here in CA. since last summer. Anyway, I thought it was worth mentioning.

Michael Jackson News / The Oscars 03/07/2010
« on: March 07, 2010, 12:40:37 AM »
I live in Southern California and there has been as usual buzz about the Oscars this Sunday. They aren't making such a fuss about who will win or lose, instead they keep showing clips of past Oscars with Elizabeth Taylor and some of the older actors. They said tonight this will be the most incredible Oscar event in history. That we will see Oscar as we never have before. I just find it odd is all. It may not have a thing to do with Micheal but all this strange advertising makes me wonder. It is on the seventh. March 7th, just a year and two days after Michael announced his concert in London. This is it has not been nominated for anything that I know of. It is very strange is all. There is a very weird feeling out here in the Los Angeles area. Can't put my finger on it but something is about to happen. I feel it and most everyone I talk to says the same thing. It's just a gut instinct is all.

Michael Jackson News / Michaels fans gathering at courthouse
« on: February 06, 2010, 05:45:22 PM »
I just received word that fans from everywhere are going to descend on the courthouse in Los Angeles where Murray will surrender on Monday. I was told Latoya will be there and so will Karen Faye. I am not sure why because if he does surrender there will not be any proceedings right away. I do have confirmation though that many fans are arriving tomorrow to be there in support of Michael. I am not certain what they expect to see or do but I believe many of them think this is it the real deal. I'm still not convinced. This thing is getting warmer now we are no longer at a simmer or sizzle.

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