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Michael Jackson News / French TV program about the Fans and the Hoax
« on: February 02, 2010, 06:57:21 PM »
Sorry if someone french already posted it.I'll delete it if it's the case
Everyone I don't know if it's amazing for you,but for me it was !
At least our voices are heard : Direct8 launched a one-week "special" about the fans and the Hoax in they daily "24h People"
For the one living in France it's like 50mn inside,it's a television programm about "People" and show-bizz lastest news.
Nothing big and news : they covered today about the ambulance picture,the 911 call,the film theory,Ben Evanstead and his relationship with Michael.
Tomorrow they're gonna talk about the Hatman everyone !
The content isn't really important,because we already know about it,the message and the gesture is !
Of course it's still done in a cautious way : it's how journalism work,if they're being too biased they're gonna be bashed by others journalist or their mouth could be shut.If they were too biased they could be taken for nuts and could lose audience too.
But the fact that they followed us that much and that producers allowed this to go on TV
That's definitely good for us !
Media are beginning to notice as we already think.
I tired to search for "rediffusion" because I wanted so bad to show it to you all,because that's sorta a victory for us,even tough it's in French but I didn't find it

TMZ Articles / TMZ on Jan 11th 2010 about xtrajet leaking videotapes
« on: January 14, 2010, 09:02:55 PM »
I was going trough TMZ so see if these dumbies were leaving some clues
And if saw this
In a stunning reversal of fortune, a California appeals court has overturned a massive judgment against the jet company that secretly videotaped Michael Jackson and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, as they were flying to Santa Barbara in 2003 when Jackson turned himself in to cops

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Have you already heard about it prior Michael's death ?
Because it's not hot news ! I searched on youtube and some freaks made a spoof of this "leaked video" in the video you can see some dumbies imitating Michael and saying some nasty stupid things.And the video is dated from 1 year too
So if someone has done a spoof it means that they knew about it since some time obviously !
Why report the news about it just now ? And why Geragos has waited so much time to sue XtraJet !

Here is dumb video, I wanna kill thoses f****** b******  :evil:  but I had to watch it anyways.
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Obviously it's a spoof , but why a spoof ? I mean we had the 911 calls and other many things that are hard to access like death certificate on the net.
Why spoof this video ? Why not the real one ?
My theory is that
If TMZ is involved in the hoax(directly or used as a pawn to feed us clues)
They want to bring attention to this !
Maybe it show some relations between LAPD and Michael (it could help if he has some connections with LAPD)
Or maybe it tell us that some thing happened around 2003
I don't know but what do you think about this TMZ's BS ?

Dr. Conrad Murray / The "Biggie"Topic about Conrad Robert Murray
« on: January 14, 2010, 01:20:04 PM »
I told some of you that it could be nice to do a big topic on certains kind of subject because often we have multiple topics talking about the same things
Conrad Murray and the news of his other names : Robert Earl Carter/Conrad Bonnick Murray, generated at least 5 differents topics.It's too confusing
So I've written everything I could on him.
So that people won't be lost.
Of course it's not complete yet.Let me know what you want to be added and I'll edit it from time to time when we find something news.

"Cardiologist, personal physician. Born Conrad Robert Murray on February 19, 1953, in St. Andrews, Grenada. "
Happy Feet found by checking his record that he had 3 differents birthday (is it even possible)  :Feb 19,1953(age 56),Feb 15,1972(age 37)
and  Aug 15,1939(Age 70)edit : Feb,19 1959, ??,1958
edit DOB 1958 :Happy Feet shown to us a screenshot of his registration on Txas Medical Board,remember ? I forgot to add here that his DOB on this registration is 1958
His alliases : Robert Earl Carter and Conrad Bonnick Murray
Screenshots :

He has a wife named  Blanche Y Bonnick Murray,who is also a doctor.
Here is a picture from her taken on

And here is a screenshot with : her doctor's profile on,her profile on and her relatives in her background check(by Happy Feet)

See this topic for background check for Conrad Bonnick Murray,Conrad Robert Murray and Yvonne Blanche Bonnick Muray(his wife)
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Some speculate that Conrad Murray wasn't Michael's doctor to begin with,it was his wife.
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Something that could be proven wrong , as his registration in the texas board shows:
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Scroll down to Happy Feet's post,you'll see a report proving that he indeed did exist prior to 2009

His criminal past : Domestic Violence
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I told that I wouldn't talk about thing like his child support case or anything that has nothing to do with Michael and the hoax.
But I found about this month ago and I found it again while looking around for informations about Conrad Murray.This isn't something new and I bet you knew about this,I'm putting it here because it show us that he has another birthday :
Feb,19 1959

Why Dr.Conrad Murray ? There is two version of the story for this :
One : Michael insisted to hire Conrad Murray
"The two men had first met in 2006 when the singer, a frequent Vegas visitor, had contacted Dr. Murray about treating one of his children for an unknown medical situation.
Reports indicate that the two men soon became friends and, as Jackson began making plans for his upcoming 2009 concert tour,
 he hired Dr. Murray to be his personal physician for an astounding $150,000 a month. "
Two : AEG was the one that hired Conrad Murray
"Conrad Murray had been Michael’s doctor for 11 days, and was hired by AEG the promoter for the London O2 Concerts"
But look here :You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
 In this article, he accuse someone of adminstering propofol, and he say" Dr. Murray told LAPD detectives he was present when Dr. Adams administered the drug "sometime between March and April of this year.""
What the hell ? April and Mars is way more far than 11 days !
What is the truth here ?
"Murray was to earn a monthly salary of $150,000; but according to AEG Live, the concert promoter, Jackson had not signed the contract at the time of his death = not hired yet + not allowed to practice in the UK and California apparently = why was he with Michael Jackson then??"
Well that seems bad for you  :evil:  , why should you be paid for killing someone by negligence ? Oh tat's right you didn't kill him because Michael is still alive  :D

"The Day"
What really happened the 25th of June ?I'll only tell on the Conrad Side's of the story,not about the "whole day" that is too long to explain
and there are too many versions of it.
"On June 25, 2009, Jackson collapsed at his rented mansion at 100 North Carolwood Drive in the Holmby Hills district of Los Angeles.
 Attempts at resuscitating him by his personal physician were unsuccessful.
Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics received a 911 call at 12:22 p.m.
 (PDT), arriving three minutes later at Jackson's location. He was reportedly not breathing and CPR was performed.
Resuscitation efforts continued en route to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, and for an hour after arriving there at 1:13 p.m. (20:13 UTC).[167] He was pronounced dead at 2:26 p.m. local time (21:26 UTC).["
Ok,here is what Wikipedia has to say about Mike's last day.
What they don't say is that dumb Conrad Murray took more than 45 minutes to call 911 !

Here is what is said about the numerous versions of "the last day" go here and scroll down to 911 Call
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"Joe Jackson said something about him going to bed night of the 24th and not waking up.
Other reports state that he got up on the 25th June, walked across to Dr Murrays room from his room saying he wasn’t feeling well, and collapsed,
and somewhere else states that he was already in the Doctors room.
Latoya later says that Michael was found in Murray’s room, not in his own room"

Some says that after injecting propofol to Michael he went to make calls, some other says that he went to the bathroom...and then discovered Michael who collapsed but still had a weak pulse

Here is Mo and Souza have to say about it,that I found quite complete as it states all the inconstitancies (there is at leas 4 differents version of the situation on how he found Michael)
"Around midday Dr. Murray finds Michael Jackson in bed/ sees Michael Jackson collapse in bedroom/ in living room with/without his son Prince.
However, he tries to resuscitate him ON THE BED. Every doctor (and almost everyone else on this planet) knows you have to perform CPR on a flat and hard surface.
Also his lawyer states Murray found Michael Jackson with a weak pulse, so WTF with the CPR?
You don’t perform CPR on a person with a weak pulse!!
Finally he waits 45 minutes before calling 911, because he didn't know the address???
 He came there by car, driving himself, multiple times a week for a while,
and he didn’t know the address?
 Total time for Michael Jackson without a heartbeat: 30 minutes in the house, 5 minutes before the ambulance arrived,
 30 minutes in the house with the paramedics, 5 minutes on the way to the hospital and 1 hour in the hospital.
 A total of about 2 to 2.5 hours. Then they finally pronounced him dead...
When having a cardiac arrest the chances of the patient will reduce by 10% every minute...
What were they trying to bring back to life? A vegetable?
Then there is that story of Michael Jackson being dead for hours and was already showing rigor mortis.
Sure, that is why we can see a healthy color on the face in the ambulance and a popping vain on his forehead."

When did he find Michael ?Again it's too hard to determine what is the truth, here is a report about Dr Conrad Murray's testimony he gave to LAPD(take what come from TMZ or other news with a grain of salt of course)
"Dr. Conrad Murray's statement to LAPD detectives lays out a timeline in which Dr. Murray administered Propofol at 10:40 AM and then ten minutes later (10:50) he walked out of the room,
went to the bathroom and returned two minutes later (10:52) to find Jackson was not breathing.
 He did not have anyone call 911 until 12:21 PM ... approximately an hour-and-a-half "
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"The phone theory"
It has been said that prior/after discovering Michael has collapsed, Our dear doctor was on the phone !
Some say it was his girlfriend
"Dr. Conrad Murray was on the phone with his girlfriend as Michael Jackson was dying ... sources connected to the case tell TMZ.

We've learned Dr. Murray was on a cell phone with his girlfriend from Houston between 12:03 and 12:13 PM on June 25, 2009 -- the day Jackson died.
Read more :You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

While others said he made a call to doctor Arnold Klein, Mike's dermatologist :
"Dr. Conrad Murray is said to have called fellow medic Arnold Klein for advice as Jackson lay dying, then phoned a lawyer and made one other mystery call before finally telling a security guard to dial 911"
"Dr. Steven Hoefflin - who treated the 'Thriller' singer for 25 years and is carrying out his own probe into his death - is quoted by Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "Murray definitely called Klein because Klein taught him how to administer Propofol."
Read this article below as it quite interesting ! It say he called Arnold Klein and a lawyer too.
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Again we have disperancies , some say that he was on the phone with his girlfriend and dropped the one when he discovered poor Michael was in cardiac arrest
While others say that he discovered Michael then went to make call , then told Michael's bodyguard Alberto Alvarez to call 911

And here we have a third explanation that denies completely that Dr Conrad Murray left the room to make phone call !
"Much of what was in the search warrant affidavit is factual.
However, unfortunately, much is police theory.
Most egregiously, the timeline reported by law enforcement was not obtained through interviews with Dr. Murray,
as was implied by the affidavit. Dr. Murray simply never told investigators that he found Michael Jackson at 11:00 am not breathing.

He also never said that he waited a mere ten minutes before leaving to make several phone calls. In fact, Dr. Murray never said that he left Michael Jackson's room to make phone calls at all"
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WTF ? When are they going to be clear in what they say ! We have third versions completely differents of what he was doing when Michael collapsed !
And even if he didn't leave to make calls , that mean he was with him in the room right ? Then why the hell wait for than 1 hour to make the 911 call !

When did he discover Michael ?
Here wa have a headache figuring out when did he discovered Michael collapsed...
It says that it could be at 9am
"Law enforcement believes Dr. Murray could have discovered Jackson sometime around 9 AM the day of his death.
One theory cops are working under ...
after discovering Jackson either in distress or dead,
 Dr. Murray called two employees at his medical office in Houston and told them to go to his storage unit and remove certain boxes."
"An uncle of the two sisters who worked at Dr. Conrad Murray's medical practice in Houston says the day Michael Jackson died, one of the women got a call from either Dr. Murray or someone who worked for him to go and pick up boxes at Dr. Murray's storage facility ...
and she got the call more than 5 hours before Dr. Murray called 911"
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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Or around 11am.
"Dr. Murray administered Propofol at 10:40 AM and then ten minutes later (10:50) he walked out of the room,
went to the bathroom and returned two minutes later (10:52)"
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Or even around 12am
"We've learned Dr. Murray was on a cell phone with his girlfriend from Houston between 12:03 and 12:13 PM on June 25, 2009 -- the day Jackson died.

Sources say the girlfriend told LAPD detectives about 5 minutes into the call, she heard Dr. Murray abruptly drop the phone and then heard him administer CPR.
 The girlfriend said there was no indication Dr. Murray knew anything was amiss before dropping the telephone."

Read more:You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

3 differents times ! And who know if maybe I missed one version or two of the stories with also 2 differents time again !

Following of the topic

Sleep Theory
It also has been said that Dr Conrad Murray could have fallen asleep after inject the lethal dose of Propofol to Michael
"Authorities believe Dr. Murray may have actually fallen asleep during the time the drug was administered and may have awakened to find Jackson already dead from heart failure."
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The 911 Call
Well this one is a mess !But that's not the 911's call thread here so please search it yourself.
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here is the video with the audio in it.
I found something weird in it, it seems the video(just some pictures with audio)come from tmz
At a moment in the video,this picture pop out

I find it really suspicious this letter but the video came from youtube so of course I couldn't click on "read this letter"
Could be something interesting if someone could find the "video" and click to see the letter !

The explanation of Dr Conrad Murray as to why he didn't perform CPR on a flat surface(on the floor)
On one hand he say that it was a "firm bed"
"Now we know why Dr. Conrad Murray administered CPR on Michael Jackson's bed, even though it's routinely performed on a hard surface -- it was a "firm bed.""
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Take us for stupid ? He estimed it wasn't of use to perform CPR on the floor because the bed was already enough firm ?  :evil:
And on another version of the story he doesn't mention the quality of the bed or whatever but he said that Michael was too frail(he was afraid to move him ? was he afraid that he would break him something ?)
Mr Dirty-Ties take us again for stupid ! There are multiple reports saying that Mike was in good shape ! and he is certainly is (if we watch TII) :evil:

There is  report that says that the paramedics wanted to pronounce Michael dead when they arrived at his house but that Conrad Murray
insisted that they bring him to hospital(?)
"We're told paramedics who arrived on scene say Dr. Murray's conduct was "strange" -- he was "hard to deal with" and was "getting in the way" of emergency responders.
As we already reported, paramedics wanted to pronounce Jackson dead at the house but Dr. Murray insisted they transport the singer to the hospital."
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"Our sources say when paramedics got to Jackson's home he was flatlined.
 There was no electrical activity in his heart and Jackson showed no sign of life.
Multiple sources say paramedics wanted to pronounce Jackson dead at the scene but Dr. Conrad Murray insisted that the singer be transported to the hospital. "
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Edit : Are the paramedics really telling the truth ?
DancingTheDream pointed me to Frank Dileo's and Randy's Phyllips statement :
The emergency team was still working on him waiting for Katherine to come
Dont forget that Randy Phillips and Frank Dileo both stated that Michael was put on a life support machine at the hospital and the nurses asked for his mother to arrive before they could switch it off.. you cant be put on life support if you are flatlined....
Here is the part that's interesting for us
DILEO: The children were in another room down the hall. They brought
Randy and I back. We were the first two people there. And they were
working on him in the room.
KING: They were still working on him?
KING: He was alive at that point?
DILEO: I don't know. I said to Randy, geez, I think he's alive. We have
a shot here he'll be OK. When the nurse came out and I looked at her
and she looked at me, I almost fainted
And you can find here is a thread with transcripts of an interview of Frank Dileo on Larry King Live. Look what Frank Dileo has to say about Michael's state when he arrived at the hospital.But again take everything with a grain of salt,don't take it for the "gospel"
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After Michael was taken by the paramedics , Murray ran away !
"Minutes after Michael Jackson is taken away by ambulance, Dr. Murray disappears, and his car is impounded by police and searched for evidence."

Murray was interviewed by the cops some day after Mike's death.His lawyer and spokeperson said that it wasn't Conrad Murray's fault that Michael
died as he didn't give him something that could have killed him
Read here :
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What a bunch of liars

On the 22nd of July,2009 Dr Conrad Murray's office is raided by federals autorities,LAPD officers and others charming people
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UPDATE : someone here,JennyRuby,found something quite interestin recently.
She discovered that the place the search warrant was issued for wasn't Dr Conrad Murray's office,but his wife's
What could that mean ?
"by jennyruby » Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:37 pm

You need to respect others and trust in them. You shouldnt be giving maura a hard time.
How about you help us explain this instead???

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login ... urray.html
Notice its her address on the search warrant Not Murrays Global cardiovascular associates

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login ... arrant.pdf

That means that search warrant is "fake"

I've also found this on the net,I wonder about the "middle august part" tough,wasn't it July that the raid took place ?
"In mid August more than two dozen DEA agents, LA police detectives, and Houston officers raided the doctor's Houston medical office to take a forensic image of Murray's computer and collect a myriad of medical documents. "
"Around that same time, news reports indicated that Dr. Murray was soon going to be charged with manslaughter, something that was heightened on August 24, 2009, when preliminary findings by the chief coroner for Los Angeles county revealed that Jackson had died as the result of lethal levels of propofol. "
Well,doctor Feel Good still isn't charged ! What is taking so long to dumb LAPD ?

Conrad Murray has also trouble with a child support case with one of his former girlfriends , but I'm sorry I don"'t think it can help us to understand
something about Michael so I won't write about it much.

Conrad Murray has supporters ! Many people still support him
Please go on this page to read all the touching messages he has received since Michael's"death"
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Conrad Murray Release a video on youtube to thank his "fans"
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and I don't know if it could help but some rascals analyzed his video
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Many of you have speculated that it could be either Michael in disguise or a animation
I don't know, but I think that what he says doesn't really suit the situation...
And why youtube ? why not say it on television ?

Part 3 of the topic

Conrad Murray return to work on 23 Nov,2009
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WTF I was so mad when I learned about this,but well it could be also a proof that Michael is alive,that's tru after all
Why risk something like getting out in daylight after killing : The Man most known on Earth,the Babe of all the Babes,,Michael freakin Jackson !Either he didn't do it or that man is a major nut who have sucidical toughts !He'll be killed,some fanatic is gonna make justice in this World...That's what I tought when I saw the video the first time.But apparently still to this day that man is still alive...and one piece too
Could this be that his tie scare fans away ? Loool that wasn't a funny one I know but I don't like his ties he never change it !

Conrad Murray has hired a new lawyer !Recently he hired Michael Flanagan, a skilled lawyer who once defended a nurse who administered Propofol to a patient wich later died.She was charged with involontary manslaughter(same charge as Conrad Murray) and was acquitted thank to Michael Flanagan's skills.
He also served as Spears' legal adviser throughout 2007,when she was going trough charges for an hit-and-run in Los Angeles.
He managed to get the charges dismissed.

Also recently two contraticting reports surfaces : One telling that the case was complete
"The LAPD investigation into Michael Jackson's death has been completed and the case will go the D.A.
within weeks, law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... and, we're told, it's all but certain Dr. Conrad Murray will be criminally charged in MJ's death."

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And some time after that news was denied ,calling the precedent news bogus !
"She confirmed the LAPD has yet to hand the case over."
Read the article below from Access Hollywood
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ABC give the same version :posted by Chance
"ABC news is reporting the following:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The Los Angeles prosecutor's office on Friday said it has not yet decided whether to charge Michael Jackson's doctor with a crime in the pop singer's sudden death by cardiac arrest last June."
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But more recently here is from the Daily Mail, Ladylee1979's post
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Last found by Butterfly :Big thumb up for Butterfly :she posted in another topic a link wich redirect us to a website where a profile with pictures of Conrad Murray is posted..and here surprise the man is white ! I don't know if it's true or we're being leaded too,but if that picture is real's a big finding and could prove big time that either it's really an hoax(we're being here to prove that partially so...)or that our dear Conrad Murray with his nice nectie is being framed !It could explain the differents birthday..

The link where the post of Butterly is located
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Link to the website where the pictures are located
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

What do you think of this ?We have to be careful with that new information because it could be bogus...I guess we have to search further in this...

Update : You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

As many have found out,Neither a case under the name of Conrad Murray(I also tried his alliases on the link a member gave us)or Michael Jackson is on the Official Website of the LA County District Attorney Office ever come ? because when we see the news on TMZ(see below),he is going to be charged soon....
Please feel free to check the link yourself and try researching.

TMZ about Conrad Murray upcoming chargement for unvoluntary manslaughter
29th Jan,2010
According to TMZ the D.A is ready to charge Conrad Murray,altough LAPD hasn't officially presented the case the the D.A office. :roll:
"The D.A. is ready to charge Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson, multiple law enforcement sources tell TMZ."
Members of the LAPD still have not met with the D.A. to present the case, however, our sources say the deputy D.A. assigned to the case -- David Walgren -- has worked closely with LAPD detectives on the case, is intimately familiar with the investigation, has all the LAPD investigative notes and has already briefed Cooley and others in the office.

Apparently they do not need to have the case presented by the LAPD do go on procedures against Conrad Murray.
The deputy D.A. assigned to the case -- David Walgren -- has all the LAPD's investigative notes, and the D.A. could charge Murray even without having the case formally presented by detectives.
How come ? Hasn't there procedures to block the prosecutors from obtaining the informations from the Police Investigations directly ? Maybe I'm wrong,I don't know.

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Our Conrad Murray give-up and surrender ?  :(
Feb,2nd 2010
....As TMZ says,Conrad Murray, seems to want to surrender soon to the come after so many month of enduring ran-away,insulting and hatings comments from MJ fans,harassment from Media and DA,LAPD(irony playing here for the last 3,because there weren't that pushy,given the circumstances)He give-up like that,he leave us like this  ? Or TMZ...with their unnamed sources,play with our nerves and patience again ?

TMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray is in L.A. and plans to surrender tomorrow morning in an L.A. courtroom in connection with Michael Jackson's death ... sources tell TMZ.
Be the judges yourselves...
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Below a video where Conrad Murray meets with his legal team before surrender...

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Feb 3th,2010
According to idiot TMZ(again) the case is complete...

Sources tell TMZ the L.A. County District Attorney's Office has a criminal complaint drafted and ready to file against Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson.
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All I did is to repost here the News of TMZ,that's all, so don't be discouraged or angry or anything...TMZ don't name their sources,isn't that fishy ? And it's also interesting to note that there isn't anything mentionning Conrad Murray's surrendering or upcoming chargement on the official website of criminal houston pressroom.No any updates since January 8th,2010 ! So maybe that's a bluff of TMZ again ! as always.
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Everyone, my post is not yet complete.I have trouble finding about the LAPD's relation with Murray(about the testimonies and the searches they've done on him)
I must have missed some facts , but it's hard to collect everything , even more because there are many contradicting stories
If you find that I miss something could you post here
-details of the finding
-quote from one source
-pictures or videos if you have one
I know I must have missed a lot of facts,so I ask of you to help me out and to post here only if you have found something that I didn't write about
and that you estimate is useful for this "Biggie Thread about Conrad Murray"
Thank you.

Edit : Thank you for pointing me out about Frank Dileo and Randy Phillips !
Edit : It seems hard for us...with all their rumours of Conrad Murray getting arrested soon..but let's remember that the press function like this,they probably did avance forward on Michael's indictement too,when he was accused,and look he was acquitted and all ! So let's be positive,positive,it's an hoax,have to look real.

Hoax Videos / Maura's video about Moonwalker theories
« on: January 11, 2010, 06:26:47 PM »
In Maura's channel video, in part 26(1 and 2) she talk about the parallel between
Moonwalker and the actual situation
Watch the videos if you haven't seen it

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login and
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

My point here isn't to bring up Maura's theory again but to add up something she hasn't said and could support her theory
At the end of part 2 she talk about Michael's outfit and his performance of Come Together,cover Beatles
What she didn't say is that apart from Liberian Girl shots at the funeral,there is
one of Michael in Come Together outfit as well
Cannot find the picture anymore (there are too many topic on here that I cannot found it anymore)
Anyways it's not big thing but it's good to consider her Moonwalker's theory
My personal theory is that Liberian Girl serves to show us we've been tricked and he is behind it all,while Moonwalker show how he'll come back
Crazy but well...
What do you think ?

The Helicopter / Helicopter disperancies
« on: January 09, 2010, 02:22:52 AM »
Hello everyone !

I was watching some Maura's vids and I come across the 10th
I have already seen the helicopter scene a thousand times and it used to make me really sick but I paid close attention and I noticed something
In the video she show us we see a flat "surfing board"shape on a stretcher go out of the helico and is brought to the coroner van , apart from the strange shape of the body wich has really flatened in the span of some minutes there is something else.
At the end she show us a photo and say that this was probably not taken at the same time , because the shape seem human like on the strether.
I agree because the persons in the video and the picture don't match
We have an "extra" in the picture
Don't get what I tell ?Let me show you with pictures.

This is a screenshot from the helico to coroner's van video
Look at everyone wich I have pointed with dots. We have
2 cops in yellow
Two I-don't-who-they-are-in-green , one seems bald , other one is seen on the helico and seems masked.
and two guys in black,pointed with white dots

Now is the leaked picture of Helico to Coroner's van

We still have our two cops pointed with yellow dots(one wich we only see the head because he is in the van)
We also have our two black men,pointed in white again
For our green,well one is surely behind the encircled yellow's cop
The other one seem to be the baldie on the side with the green "?" mark
But there is extra one wich I pointed with a white "?"mark
, where does he come from that one ? don't see it in the video

Feel free to watch Maura's video for yourself and check for yourself and tell me what you think about it
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Of course I have my idea,myself as I can be sceptikal at hell sometimes
That guy with the two "?"marks could come from the van of from behind , but it's worth checking out , how this man can appear in light second.

Hello everyone , did you have a good day ?

That's just a suggestion/proposition
Someone could make a big topic for every big subject like :( Dr Conrad Murray, The ambulance photo , The Memorial )and edit it everytime we learn something worthy ,
We would post the big facts ,the photos,videos, and our theories concerning the subject at this point.
 this way news members wouldn't lose themselves in reading every topic (there are at least 3 differents topics just only for the ambulance photo and not located in the same category , it's really hard to keep up sometimes)
There would be little topics where we post what we found and the big topic with everything is resumed , what do you think ?

Dave Dave / Audio Forensic Expert
« on: January 03, 2010, 09:33:46 PM »
I've send several emails to audio forensics expert ,asking if for reference purposes only we could possibly be able to compare 2 voices from a recording
And one has asked me to send samples of the voices
Has one of you got a good quality version of the LKL show ?
Of course it's not because I send him two samples (One of DD on LKL and MJ) that he'll analyze it (he'll surely think : why would I lose my time for a band of crazied  and desulisional fans  :D )
But we should take the chance as we have nothing but nothing to lose
Even if the two voices don't match it doesn't mean that MJ isn't alive !

Michael Jackson News / Ian Halperin ?
« on: December 30, 2009, 08:01:08 AM »
Sorry if it's in the wrong section but as he is a part of the media
I don't know if that guy is a part of the hoax , what do you think ?

He is the one wich issued the rumour that Michael would die in 6 month from Christmas
He said that he was at the funeral in an interview and that he saw Mike (have you seen it ? I've seen an article in a french tabloid)
In is books he talk about Mike's drugs problems
But he is always quoting "reliable sources"
But before Mike's death he was bashing him on his blog .
I don't know if it makes senses but do you think he is part of it ?
I don't think that he know about it tough, must be a pawn,right ?
And why would he tell that he saw him in his coffin ?

Sorry if my explanation is bad but I'm not native english speaker ^^ :D

Introduce yourself / Hi ! From France
« on: December 29, 2009, 06:29:54 AM »
Hello everyone !
I came across Souza and Mo's blog some time ago and they totally convinced me..or rather they confirmed right my suspicions.

Let's begin with a little introduction.
I'm from France,PACA.
Michael is one of the fews americans artist that I admire(no offense intented but I'm a Japanese fanatic usually)

In June when I saw the report of his death at first I just stayed shocked and I felt empty and something didn't ring right...I saw the photo "in the ambulance"
and I said to myself "wow he look so young and fine,he just look like he is sleeping,that's strange, later he didn't look like that !"
I just tought it was my imagination and that I just couldn't accept it but
Seeing the memorial(7/7)I felt bizarre.Because I didn't cry,it just didn't convinced me.
At that point I believed I was going crazy and that no one could believe me anyway.
Your website/blog/forum just gave me hope !
I think that your work is convincing because I told about several things you mentionned to my 2 best friend(wich by the way aren't particulary interested in Michael,they just like his music)and are sceptical people.And they changed their usual " no way , impossible ! he is dead you just don't want to believe it" to --->
"that's weird,maybe you're right."
I showed to one of them Dave Dave's video and he said that he tought it could be Michael's voice but that he heard weird mechanical sounds to it

Sorry for the long Post ! Anyway I hope I'm welcome and I can be any help
Thank you for your hard work so far ! It really gave me hope

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