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This link goes to the page regarding the memorial tablets (grave markers) at Forest Lawn Glendale.  On questions 13 you will notice that it says that permanent markers take 6 to 10 weeks for completion but that a temporary marker will be placed for up to 90 days by FL until the permanent one arrives. Now unless I am reading this incorrectly, I understand that to say that the cemetary requires permanent marker within 90 days time. Am I reading wrong or do you take it the same way?  Also, does anyone recall if there was ever a temporary marker placed on the supposed crypt?

13. Question: How long before the memorial tablet is placed?

Answer: It takes approximately 6-10 weeks after the final approval has been received, the placement fee paid, and manufacturing is completed before a Memorial Tablet is placed. Special emblems, designs, and sketches may take longer. A temporary tablet may be placed for up to 90 days and then replaced once your permanent Memorial Tablet is ready.

General Hoax Talk / Eminem takes Facebook crown from King of Pop
« on: March 15, 2011, 06:23:39 AM »
Found this article listed on MSN's homepage this morning. The way they listed it on the homepage to get you to read the article was "What title has Eminem taken from the King of Pop."  He may have more friends on facebook but MJ will always have more FANS.

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Eminem takes Facebook crown from King of Pop
March 14, 2011, 6:25 PM EST
Rap superstar Eminem is officially the most popular person on Facebook after stealing the crown from the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Last month, Eminem overtook Lady Gaga as the top living person on the social networking website when his profile garnered almost 29 million "likes" from fans. According to, only Jackson had more Facebook followers -- until now.

Eminem had surpassed the 30 million mark by Monday, leaving Jackson in second place with 29.8 million "likes."

But his power on Facebook doesn't come close to Gaga's on Twitter: With 8.7 million followers, she leads all musicians, while Eminem is just inside the top 20 artists on the micro-blogging site.

Other Odd Things / Atlantis Bahamas "Michael Jackson Suite"
« on: March 08, 2011, 04:08:57 PM »
I just returned from vacation in the Bahamas where I toured the Atlantis Resort. During our tour they were telling us about the "Michael Jackson Suite". This suite rents for $25,000 per night with a 4 night minimum and they said that it is completely booked solid for the next 5 years with not even one available night.

All in all this is no big deal but when I returned home and started doing some research on this I learned that this particular suite is actually called the "Bridge Suite" and has accommodated such guests as MJ, Oprah, Bill Gates, Celine Dion, etc.

So, what I am wondering is why were the Atlantis staff themselves referring to this suite as the "Michael Jackson Suite" and if it is booked solid for the next 5 years is there a remote possibility that he could be there?

Speculation I know but it was one those things that made me go...hmmmmmm????

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Michael Jackson News / Lisa Marie Presley on Oprah
« on: October 21, 2010, 05:38:42 PM »
Did anyone watch the Oprah show today? I watched and recorded and there were a few things which really stood out to me. I'm sure there will be more after I go back and rewatch but these few things caught my attention the first time viewed...

LMP comments on how the universe must be trying to teach her something because her father and MJ died the "exact same way". She mentions the circumstances surrounding the deaths and how MJ and she had a conversation in which he was asking about the details of her father's death and then stated that he was afraid that was the way he was going to die.

She also mentions how both her father and MJ were surrounded by a lot of people that were "disposable" and if you didn't agree with them then you were out of the circle.

This is the first time I have ever heard her talk favorably of MJ since their divorce. She stated that they were in contact until 2005 when the allegations were being made and how she told him to keep his head in case it went to trial. She also went into his drug use and stated that she believed he was intoxicated during the Bashir interview. She also claims to have still been following him around the world during these years after their divorce and that they were trying to reconcile.  Oprah made a comment that Lisa and MJ had not spoken in nearly a decade. 2005 was only 5 years ago so I am struggling with these statements by LMP.

I can't decide how sincere I believe she was but I do find it disconcerting that she could not say anything positive about him or their marriage while he was alive but yet claims to have had this huge clarifying experience since his "death". Now I do not believe that she is someone who is in on the hoax but, as I have said, I am having a hard time figuring out how I feel about this interview.  

Any other thoughts or comments on this would be greatly appreciated to help me decipher her statements.


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