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Hoax Pictures / Teddy Perkins
« on: December 14, 2018, 07:33:32 AM »
Not sure if you guys have seen it here but i noticed something
Take a look at both photos and zoom in a little on the yaw, it could be me but it seems to me they both have a spot on the same place, not sure if you can see it right, otherwise look up the photos on google and you'll see what i mean.

Another thing i noticed in the Teddy photo is that on the chest you can see different color of skin and so definitely makeup, tho the color below the makeup is a lot darker, i am not even sure that michael is dark like that anymore? What do you guys think?

Introduce yourself / Hi all
« on: December 13, 2018, 02:01:36 PM »
Hello all and good evening (well it's nighttime here in the Netherlands)

My name is R. and i have been a silent admire for as long as i can remember. I am not like that fan which has tons of memorabilia or posters or whatever, the only thing i have ever purchased are a few of his cd's.
I'm really a pretty much down to earth woman, a mother of 5 but i don't know for some reason i decided that i wanted to spread the word, the love and the creations the greatest entertainer has given us over the years. I really have never been into reading stuff and collecting stuff but lately the more i read and see and hear the more i want to do something. I really don't know what exactly tho other than to share the most beautiful things he gave us. Why am i here? Well i dunno actually, i think this website is far more interesting than others i have seen and read and the curiosity i guess took the best of me, so here i am.

As i have read al the various Hoax stuff on the internet i must say as a pretty down to earth person that i believe that there are really things that are weird, confusing, odd and pretty mysterious. Let me just say that if Michael really has passed than i hope he is at peace now and he found the well deserved rest he was longing for so long. I hope he met my father and grandmother and is throwing a hell of a party up there, wherever that may be. But if Michael did performed the "Greatest exscape on earth ever" than the only thing i wanna say is that i would not blame him for doing that. If he is among us somewhere he would probably be smiling from ear to ear, enjoying every day life, walking the park, seeing movies and create the things he loved to do but without the pressure.

Like i said i have been a silent admirer for like as long as i can remember, i was not a huge fan but his music was like a constant thing throughout my life. I remember that time where i could not even understand a word what he was singing when i was so young back than but for some reason some of the songs, the melody's and the beats got to me. Then i can remember the time that i was able to attend one of his concerts here in the Netherlands. That was the only thing i ever wanted... i wanted to hear the music, experience and feel the energy live...  there is a huge story behind this. Though i was 18 and 7 months pregnant of my first daughter, baby daddy left me, not really in a position to be at a concert (certainly at that time i really didn't know what chaos it brought) Looking back at it i think i made a wise decision by not going although i will regret it for the rest of my life, because when i saw on the tv here what the aftermath was when Michael was in our country, well!! Up until that day i never knew what Michael was all about, what an effect he had on people, even the security and authorities here in the Netherlands were pretty much brought off guard and didn't expect what they had coming for them. That was the first time i saw what craziness really means, the word craziness really got an image (not to offend die hard fans) and as much as i believe that people have their own way to express their love and support to an artist, and i really believe that each and every one is entitled to his or her own expression i knew as of that moment that i was not going to be such a fan. Like i said i really do not want to offend other MJ fans/admirers but to this day i still don't get why the screaming, the pulling the obsessive behavior, the insane madness.

But ok, now, years later i started my own blog in keeping the dream and the entertainer alive for our next generation, spreading the word, making the world a little better by sharing what he gave to us! And to be honest, i really don't know much other than the things i read and see, of course i have my opinion on things and of course i am not blind because sometimes a picture tells us so much more than words will ever do.
It sounds silly maybe but sometimes i kinda feel the pain when i look at certain photo's and sometimes i can feel the excitement and joy in others.
I'd wish i could have talked to him just once, just talk about the flowers, the birds and the bees. about what inspires him so much to create the things he did, about the love he had for the world and the children and so much more. Finding out about his creativity, the thrive to accomplish nothing but the best out of everything...

So this is part of my story and introduction and well i just hope his legend, his creativity, his vision will live on forever!


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