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TMZ Articles / Real obvious clues, clues, loose clues or bullshit?
« on: November 03, 2016, 04:18:11 PM »
I'm getting more and more confused on what could be a real clue, a loose clue or bullshit. Everyone seems to have their own theory, some dive into numerology (and by dive I mean hardcore all the way down which makes it sound absolutely ridiculous), others claim that Michael constantly disguises himself and put the dumbest video's online with the title MICHAEL SEEN ALIVE blabla,  then people think sofurgofromashes aka peterpanpyt aka Peter Midani is Michael, but Peter Midani seems to have no intellectual capacity whatsoever and acts like the dumbest troll there could be and then they say Michael does that on purpose , Then there are people who say they think they get clues from Michael himself and show "evidence" which could be made by themself as well. Especially Pearljr, she claims to use facts and evidence only but somehow when I watch her videos nothing makes sense, she uses Chris Tucker talking about hot chocolate in Michaels house and Peter Midani posting a picture of hot chocolate as evidence of Michael being alive, my ass. But after watching toooo many of these kinds of video's I got really really confused and even don't think he is alive anymore because this shit is getting too ridiculous. All the time I'm like: Should I believe this person or not? Would the real Michael Jackson really do this or not? Is this a clue or coincidence? Is this pure evidence or also coincidence? WHERE do you guys advanced believers draw these lines? I'm really new to this thing and want to become and advanced believer but not by believing in bullshit

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