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Michael Jackson News / The day Michael Jackson Died
« on: March 05, 2013, 09:54:47 AM »

I came across this by accident   

Articles About Michael / Is Michael Jackson the best selling artis ever?
« on: January 08, 2013, 11:35:30 AM »


here are the total numbers internationally, last updated July 31st 2010. Numbers will include Jackson 5 sales but will be separated accordingly so readers can easily see MJ's solo sales plus Jackson 5 sales. Also, I will break it down with album sales, download/single sales, plus I will include ALL DVD/VHS and other forms of musical release. Remember, these are the actual recorded sales numbers by both Sony and Universal and are not inflated in anyway. There are some sales from certain countries that are very hard to track, even by Sony. So these numbers are about as close as anyone is going to get. As you can see, the initial 750,000,000 units quoted by MJ was not far off. This does not include any pirated, illegally downloaded, or fan made albums, nor does it include any unofficial releases.

Jackson 5/The Jacksons
Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5: 6,200,000
ABC: 7,500,000
Third Album: 7,150,000
Christmas Album: 4,200,000
Maybe Tomorrow: 3,900,000
Goin' Back To Indiana: 3,100,000
Greatest Hits: 6,500,000
Lookin' Through The Windows: 4,050,000
Skywriter: 3,200,000
The Jackson 5 In Japan: 1,300,000
Get It Together: 2,900,000
Dancing Machine: 3,000,000
Moving Violation: 2,200,000
The Jacksons: 6,000,000
Goin' Places: 800,000
Destiny: 3,500,000
Triumph: 3,400,000
The Jacksons Live: 2,800,000
Victory: 8,500,000
2300 Jackson St: 750,000
Jackson 5 The Ultimate Collection: 5,500,000
Jackson 5 Gold: 3,500,000
Anthology: 2,800,000
Ultimate Christmas Collection: 1,900,000
20th Century Masters: 3,000,000
Michael Jackson The Motown Years: 1,050,000
J is For Jackson 5: 700,000
Michael Jackson The Remix Suite: 1,600,000
Jackson 5 Greatest Hits: 900,000
Other: 10,800,000
Digital Downloads: 12,800,000
DVD/VHS SALES: 2,600,000
Ringtones: 1,600,000
Total Unit Sales: 129,700,000
Michael Jackson SOLO Album Sales:
Got To Be There: 6,000,000
Ben: 6,500,000
Music & Me: 4,800,000
Forever Michael: 4,900,000
Off The Wall: 22,100,000
Thriller: 69,800,000 *Updated* (70,000,000)
Bad: 36,100,000
Dangerous: 35,200,000
HIStory: 20,900,000 double disc (41.8 million units)
Blood On The Dance Floor: 7,000,000
20th Century Masters: 2,500,000
Invincible: 13,300,000
Number Ones: 11,900,000 *Updated* (13,000,000)
The Ultimate Collection: 1,020,000 multiple discs(6 million units)
The Essential: 8,900,000 double discs(17.8 million units)
Visionary: 5,000,000
King Of Pop: 6,000,000
Hello World The Motown Solo Collection: 1,020,000
Michael Jackson The Stripped Mixes: 1,350,000
The Definitive Collection: 1,200,000
This Is It: 5,200,000
Michael: 2,400,000
Other: 22,000,000
Total Albums: 296,390,000 or 331,170,000 if you include multiple disc albums as separate unit sales

Singles/Digital Downloads:
Motown/Universal Albums: 27,000,000
Off The Wall: 22,000,000
Thriller: 41,500,000
Bad: 32,800,000
Dangerous: 30,300,000
HIStory: 26,000,000
BOTDF: 2,300,000
Invincible: 6,800,000
Other: 15,000,000
Total Singles/Digital Downloads: 203,700,000

The Making Of MJ's Thriller: 9,500,000
Moonwalker: 3,500,000
Ghosts: 300,000
Number Ones: 5,600,000
The One: 1,050,000
Live In Bucharest: 2,500,000
This Is It: 11,200,000 *Updated* (12,000,000)
Other: 4,000,000
Vision (recently) 1,100,000
Total VHS/DVD Sales: 39,550,000

Music Video Sales:
I-Tunes: 9,500,000
Other Sources: 6,000,000
Total Music Video Sales: 15,500,000

Total Global Ringtone Sales: 6,500,000

Michael Jackson: The Experience( wii, DS, PSP) 3,000,000

Total Michael Jackson Unit Sales: 599,420,000
Total Michael Jackson Unit Sales (J5/Jacksons Included): 729,120,000

As You Can See Michael Jackson is The Most Successful Pop Artist as well as African American Artist in Music History, what an accomplishment.
The people on the forum update when Michael's music charts and sales almost daily. If you want to follow I posted the thread below.
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Invincible / Length of invincible
« on: December 10, 2012, 01:27:18 PM »
I didn't see anyone cover this but invincible is

77:07 minuets

Do you think it was on purpose or just a coincidence?

What happened to Jordan Chandler's sister?

Introduce yourself / Hello from Haiti :)
« on: August 10, 2012, 09:32:28 AM »
Hello everyone my names Kat. I'm a young hoax investigator. People make fun of me all the time. But I'm going to stick it through until BAMs day. I finally signed up after years of just visiting almost everyday lol.

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