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I came across a video from court in 2005 where it is said that Michael JOE Jackson... I was always skeptical/critical about this debate. But I cinsider the jury/ court etc. to be very valid. So it is JOE. Hope I could help a little bit.

I always thought it was Joseph...but as we see we do not get everything! At 2:08 they say JOE Joseph has to be wrong, I do not think that they would shorten Michael´s middlename at court!


Michael Jackson News / Michael Jackson´s Hope
« on: January 12, 2010, 04:03:12 AM »
I have not seen this topic here, if it was allready created please let me know.

Maybe Michael did it all because of his charities the side was twittered  by MJJNews 6 hours ago on Jackson 5 twitter account:

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"Michael Jackson was undoubtedly passionate about entertainment. From music, to dance, to presentation, he was a perfectionist and loved putting on the most spectacular shows possible. But the thing that makes Michael stand out from other celebrities is   his passion for healing the hurt."

IS...they switch from past tense to present tense

Other Hoaxes / MJ died supposedly 18 or 20 years ago
« on: January 11, 2010, 12:23:00 PM »
Hm, just wanted to share it with you. I am reasurching on the internet and have just found this...

Here is an article which I have found that shows that Michael has died 18 to 20 year ago. Supposedly the body was found during the searching in 2005.

How cruel is it...

"We positively identified the body as Jackson by his dental records and DNA," Holbrooke said. "But even before we conducted a single forensic test, we began to suspect that that we'd uncovered the real Michael, and that the disturbing figure claiming to be Jackson was a fake."

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Michael Jackson News / Official Death Statement just a misunderstanding?
« on: January 11, 2010, 01:25:57 AM »
I was looking for other news as you know Michael can be really dead. I have found an interesting video on Youtube where CNN repoter says that an official statement is out from the UCLA. It came immediately into my mind that Jermaine maybe just read it out, but it doesn´t mean that it is not real.

I have another question to everybody from the USA can you please research  wether it is true that ONLY officials can read out that a member of a family is dead or are there other possibilities... (please send a link if you know). It would be great to know. If there is any possibility that a family member can just read out an official statement from UCLA then we do not have a hoax. And maybe it is just a rumor that a family member cannot read out such an official statement. As I know  Michaels death was established by officials and maybe we should pay more attention to that.

Here is the video I am talking about:


Michael Jackson News / Michael Jackson Memorial Page
« on: January 09, 2010, 12:18:01 PM »
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Have you ever talked about this side?

It is interesting what I have found there. Please listen to the music until the end...
There are very interesting pictures used. I just put some pictures here. Do you think that these people are involved in the hoax and it is done for the charities which are presented on this page?

What are your thoughts about it?
[attachment=3:2qm5zh5r]Memorial Page 1.JPG[/attachment:2qm5zh5r]
[attachment=2:2qm5zh5r]Memorial 2.JPG[/attachment:2qm5zh5r]
[attachment=1:2qm5zh5r]Memorial  Page 3.JPG[/attachment:2qm5zh5r]
[attachment=0:2qm5zh5r]Memorial page 4.JPG[/attachment:2qm5zh5r]

Michael Jackson News / Black & White magazine english version
« on: January 06, 2010, 10:49:26 PM »
Probably most of the people know this magazine which is called Black and White, an official MJ book with insider information. The last magazine was publisched on November 7th 2009 only in french language. A fan (maybe..I do not know) has translated into so you can read in german.  I think that some infos could help us to develop a whole opinion about Michael´s death. The page 6 starts very interesting...

This is the eglish version now.

Thanks to nellyka7 for the help, she has given me a good advice.

[attachment=0:19kw7dd1]B and W magazine.JPG[/attachment:19kw7dd1]

Translation Page 3:

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

More than ten years, we have issued Black & White, the official magazine of the King of Pop. For a decade, which was devoted to the observation of the most fascinating and popular artist of our time. The adventure of Black & White starting in the 80s, with a few urchins are covered by the tornado named Thriller. It is 25 years later to go to the end with an international funeral.
Today the team of the magazine his service comes back on to pay tribute one last time to those who created this magic.
Here, then, our history. And those of Michael. An extraordinary adventure that has brought us even to meet the King to meet him and even work for him.
In the course of the appearance of 73 editions of the Black & White, we have told the legend of Michael Jackson. The moment has come to lift the veil and tell a different part of his story. Less hair, but also very important.
This edition is dedicated to all the fans that have seen us the Black & White years.
And those who are not lucky enough to be born too early - and regretting it.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

Translation Page 6:

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
The Lost Children

Good day, my name is Laurent Hopman, editor in chief of Black & White, and Michael Jackson is dead

The message sounded like a well-prepared PR stunt, one of the various internals of the King of Pop. On this 25th June, I was in the office when I went to the telephone.
It was 23 clock and Isabelle's turn - a journalist of us who told me the thing. "Michael Jackson was being hospitalized," she said, convinced that she brought me an alarming message.
I remember that I receive a message with a casual smile, took note. Michael Jackson in the hospital? A few days before his departure for London, where 50 concerts were waiting for him to which he had no desire at all and to which he was not prepared for? This is now also the show that he had planned to withdraw from the London concerts. If we had learned in all previous years in the shadow of the King of Pop something to be wary. With a switched before cynicism dripping skepticism, I and my Acolyte Julien So the TV to learn more about this fantastic message. Hardly CNN has just published the message, spread the television teams in the four corners of Los Angeles to try to find out details about the matter. All news channel on the planet, followed them and stopped their program to immediately follow the developments of this hot iron. At the same time, the phones began ringing in the office.
Our friends and co-workers learned of the news. There is no reason to worry, I assured them of course. They were determined to a great publicity stunt from the absolute masters of manipulating the media. The courageous production was not beat on. If Michael Jackson wanted to blow his London concerts, he had to have come up with something spectacular. Has he not called off in December 1995 a similar event after it is due to an emergency landing at a New York hospital?
The unbridled competition for exclusive revelations TMZ won the first place.
The milieu veterans (including CNN, Fox and NBC) always preceded by a length, the website had their information from reputable sources, especially from police sources. They had the admission to the hospital revealed the superstar, and it seeped through from minute to minute details. With one eye on CNN, the other pursued at TMZ, we, like millions of people around the world, this exciting television series in the modern era.
Given the persistence of the media to take seriously the news that came up in us a certain restlessness. And if he was really something happened? The cynicism gave way to bewilderment and then a certain uneasiness. Every ten seconds, I updated the hectic side of TMZ, which I casually watched CNN, whose helicopter was over the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where the ambulance was transported to the King of Pop, is just to enter what.
But then - the message has arrived. She appeared in black and white for one final update of the site by 23 clock 12th "Michael Jackson is dead," announced TMZ. I will never forget the gentle power of the shock. Gently, because so unreal, impossible to believe it. Violence, because they are absolutely final and irreversible.
I froze with my mouth open. Dazed.
An unheard-of injustice put in the message. A not to tolerate injustice. How could die so suddenly? How IT could die so suddenly? But the message was there. With the cruel laconic message, "Michael Jackson is dead" had been said. I looked at Julien and read him the message before. We were really pale. There was nothing more to say.
The media from around the world took the message in the following seconds. Only CNN refused to immediately confirm the information, since the station was waiting for an official confirmation of death. The reluctance of CNN, regarding the announcement of Michael Jackson's death has meant that millions of fans, including us, had one last glimmer of hope. Approximately 20 minutes long the station has put the fateful moment before it was satisfied, in order to communicate to and after the names of his colleagues who confirmed the deaths: "We just found out that NBC has just announced the deaths of Michael Jackson. We learn that Fox, as well ... "
However, we did not cease to believe in even if only a tiny possibility that they are wrong, all that there is a big misunderstanding. The denial, however improbable never came. CNN finally announced from official sources, Michael Jackson's death.
In the next second a new call wave spilled over to the office. This time wanted to retain the media reaction. The journalists have appealed to Europe 1 were the first ones. They wanted to know what Michael Jackson fan club would feel. What would we feel ... ? We were shocked, stunned by an unsustainable message that came over us. And we were sad. So much to what we experienced. But there was nothing that we can a radio or TV stations would have to say. I felt sorry for this poor journalist, whose job it was to my cheap ways to steal a few statements. But I just had to say anything. No response. And now please let me alone.
We were sad. Simply sad. Just like when someone loses, the love you have. And how it should prove to countless demonstrations from next day, it was not just us so.
In the office of Captain Eo Productions death of Michael Jackson had a special meaning that night. Like millions of fans around the world, we've just lost a part of us. And as we slowly began to grasp the finality of that loss, we understand that the day would be tomorrow, in fact someone else, a day without Michael Jackson without the invincible hero of our youth, the record breaker that had overcome racial barriers , the artist who brought us to love music, had taught those of us who appreciate the value of perfection.
Michael Jackson, which was already 25 years of our lives.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

Translation Page 32:

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---
In future, this Sony Music store should manage the entire merchandising, under the leadership of King Of Pop. This agreement clearly Michaels simplified matters. In most countries of the world, Sony Signatures has an antenna that was dedicated to the management of his interests. Quite clear that the French offices of Sony Signatures in us the ideal partner

was so that Michael Jackson - have projects success. Since 1994, we thus worked hand in hand with Sony Signatures to advise the companies that were interested in the Michael Jackson brand, and create derivatives in certain cases for them. Sony Signatures benefited from this cooperation, but above all we, who were from then on regardless. We sat right at the source to track all stages of Michael Jackson's comeback.
It was precisely in October 1994, when the appearance of the HIStory album had been postponed twice already, when the right has been granted, obtain preliminary information on the disk. For an appointment at Sony Signatures, handed us the leaders of the French branch of a strictly confidential document, which she has just received from the U.S.. It was a color copy of a preliminary draft of HIStory cover. And that was pretty surprising. After I had carefully considered the document, I spontaneously declared: "One thing is clear, it will not be the cover of the new album," Full decision, I was convinced. But I was mistaken. We had the cover of the new album clearly in mind, with the famous statue, in the light of an overcast sky. The only difference from the version that appeared in the end, covered the back cover. In the preliminary design was to see the statue again, but this time shown from a different angle, from above. This version was finally abandoned: now there is only the cloudy sky, with no statue. Anyway, I had never imagined that this figure could be the cover of the upcoming album. It was way too megalomaniac. Even for the King of Pop. All this seemed very unlikely. And I made no bones about it ... But few weeks later, I was Michael Jackson in person disabuse.

In the studio with Michael

In June 1994 we received a strange phone call from MJJ Productions. Bob Jones was back from New York, where he had spent several days with Michael, who then received HIStory, and had a special request to us. Michael was working on the new album, and was just about to pick the photos that he wanted to incorporate in the booklet of the new CD. Moreover he had the walls in his hotel room with pages of Black & White wallpaper, on which were his favorite photos. Unfortunately, this was the reason why we called Bob Jones: You could not find the said photographs in the archives of MJJ Productions. And with good reason, for a few months earlier, had been dismissed Sam Emerson, Michael's official photographer, because he has secretly sold photos. And when he is gone, he had taken a part of the MJJ Productions - Archive. And while he waited to recover this material in the legal way, not Michael, it was possible to create the booklet from the HIStory album. So he turned over his Black & White, and put the pictures on the page that he liked ... by they stuck to the wall! On the way there was, therefore, that we are providing the majority of photographs in the booklet for HIStory are seeing. But Bob Jones had another request from Michael to us: the latter wanted a large photo collage should summarize some favorite pictures of him, seen in Black & White. Why so what? We have never experienced, but probably to decorate a wall a little more decently than with 30 torn from Black & White pages.

Christophe has made so on the orders of a compilation of the favorite photos of Michael, at the top you see a picture of them.
When it came to pass this work Michael, Bob Jones, we proposed to send it by mail, or come to New York to give it to him yourself. Still a hard decision ...
Four months later, in November 1994, we landed in Manhattan. MJJ Productions had booked us a room at the New York Palace. Half the cost was taken by Michael, otherwise we would not have been able to afford such housing.
The next day should be an unbelievable. How did he make his promise earlier, Black & White to its official magazine, had kept Michael invited us into his recording studio, and made us a world exclusive possible to listen to the title of his new album. We were of course not the first to hear his new songs in advance, and we should be the first to have the right to talk about it. About this privilege, we were fully aware of this. For the fans that we had surpassed the opportunity to spend a moment in the studio with the King to all of our expectations.
We arrived on 5 November 1994 at the Hit Factory. That was one of the most prestigious club in the city. Michael worked there for more than eight months. The cost for his recording sessions were immense. Bruce Swedien, Michael's consistently sound engineer who had an extra can for the opportunity to build a controller to measure, record unique in the world in terms of size, which made it possible to simultaneously 96 different tracks. A true monster technique, which could accommodate a veritable symphony orchestras, since each one track for each instrument was available. A novelty. Michael cared for HIStory in fact not at all about the cost. And Sony Music paid the bill with a grimace on his face. The relationship between the company and the artist was already strained. Michael never made a secret of his respect certain contempt for the business people who understood nothing of his art, and has always been generally disagree with them, it almost caused him pleasure in thwarting their plans to emphasize his independence, and the true extent his power. Thus, Michael refused to take up his new album in the studio, the Sony had built recently, just few hundred meters from the Hit Factory. The record company had invested a fortune into a complex of high technology, which was especially designed to to reduce the cost of the recordings of their own artists. But Michael had "no thanks," said. He did not want to deal with record bosses in the corridors, just do not have the feeling of being constantly watched.

Text Photo above, from the ITC set:

Michael and Sam Emerson, his official photographer on the set of In The Closet - Video
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --

Translation Page 35:

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----
He therefore rejected the proposal out, it marked his territory and moved to the disappointment of Tommy Mottola, the president of Sony Music, in itself, which would like the full influenced the career of his breeding stallion. Since Michael Jackson was not his flag artist, played poker Motolla high as he made a bet for his comeback. After his departure from the recording sessions HIStory were surrounded by a veritable tension. The question was inevitable: the King of Pop would be able to once again return to the top, after the Chandler affair? Even if everyone wanted to believe, no one was really sure of it. Starting with Michael himself, he finally gave in to pressure from Sony to make a two-album: 50% new songs, 50% Greatest Hits. The record company had such great fear of a flop that she wanted to protect themselves from the new album with the parallel publication of a best-ofs. (Good to know that Michael, as done before in Dangerous ultimately wanted to publish only a new album, and not a Greatest Hits HIStory ... is fundamentally at the root of the evil look, here began insidiously, the endless succession of countless Greatest Hits - Compilations ... to the translator's note) Marketing, technically speaking, the idea was certainly not all bad, but not a guarantee that it existed. Nevertheless, it should be finally crowned with success, since HIStory has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. (As an altogether successful one can not see well, even in the face of what was put in HIStory everything, but more likely 15 million are poor, in addition, it should now be about 20 million, the translator's note)
In November 1994, however, when we went into Michael's studio, it was all not so sure. Given that the threat of a commercial flop, the King of Pop was competing more than ever with themselves
We spent a whole day at the Hit Factory. A true childhood dream come true for us. We entered the Holy of Holies, should hear the first notes of Michael's new music.
Where the music began to live to bring back the familiar image. For the occasion, Michael has personally given us permission. It was a surreal feeling to be on the same site where the King of Pop was just about to make history, in both senses of the word. At the time he lived with his wife Lisa Marie Presley in an apartment in Trump Tower. He appeared daily clock against 14 in the studio, and left it to 2 clock at night. His work rate was exhausting, he was extremely absorbed in the production of this album.
While we waited for Michael, Bob Jones left us alone with Brad Sundberg, one of the engineers who worked with Bruce Swedien on HIStory. Then we were allowed to inspect the entire Hit Factory. The world of Michael Jackson was always very inaccessible, the confidentiality was strictly observed by all persons who came into contact with him. Nevertheless, it was enough that it was left on the court of the Kings to break the wall of silence, and would people talk. We have repeatedly made similar experience. To work for Michael Jackson, or belong to his "gang", which was said to belong to a small family of initiates who supported him, and there was mutual trust. Now it was always like that we were part of his team of employees, without being constantly monitored or controlled. Bob Jones had stressed that we had the OK from Michael, that was enough to reassure everyone. Brad Sundberg let us therefore explore the vast Hit Factory. And meanwhile, we asked him any questions that might occur to a fan in these circumstances. Brad replied, without any restraint, as "Michael knew certificate.
It was full of anecdotes like Parmesan on a spaghetti dish. On that day we had the right to our share of revelations ... Brad Sunberg told us that Janet Jackson met yesterday in New York had to include Scream (a Exklusivinfo) at that time that Prince was unexpectedly dropped by to welcome Michael, and I heard some new tracks (he did it "good "found) ... (This story, I've always found strange and not entirely credible ... can be calculated Prince Michael in the studio, plays him with unreleased songs? Had TII in the preparations do not panic, God would give Prince ideas and not him? N. the translator) He showed us the Studio 1, where Michael was recorded live with a 80-member symphony orchestra Smile, and we describe Michael's dissatisfaction, his performance as he has heard that the opinion was all perfect, but did not meet his expectations. Finally, Michael would take the title again. Brad Sundberg has also worked on Dangerous, and told us more secrets. For example, as Stephanie de Monaco had secretly come to include in the Closet, a secret that had never been away ...
After the studio tour, Michael had foreseen that we should be interviewing Bruce Swedien, his chief engineer. He was 60 and a legend: he had worked on all of solo albums from Michael. We sat next to him in his studio, had a long chat about the news and on the work on HIStory. An exciting interview on the 12th Edition of Black & White was released, where the first reveals the secrets of the new album was. When we finally adopted by Bruce Swedien, met us at Bob Jones, to bring us to Michael, who had just arrived at the studio. He received us in a small room, which served as his office and his box when he was staying at the Hit Factory. The room was darkened, as we entered. We immediately understood why Michael was almost not at all made up, and his left cheek was covered with a large patch. He was dressed quite differently, as you knew it from him.

Red text above the pictures of the Hit Factory:

In November 1994, invited the Black & White - team in the Hit Factory, the New York studio, which takes the king of pop HIStory. Is a world exclusive airing Michael Jackson's official magazine, the first secrets of the new album ... (Well, here once again take on a little thick, there was already are other good sources, such as the information circulated that one of the new songs from HIStory Earthsong would mean already some time before the appearance of the magazine, namely even before they had the info ... In an earlier stage of production, about the end of `94 and early` 95, when they already expected at any moment with the release of the album, which was then unknown Song Earth Song, and announced as the first single from HIStory announced, and this information came not from Black & White ... the translator's note)
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----

Translation Page 36 (!): (Oddly not numbered to the left of page 37, with MJ-Pic on the set of TDCAU Clip - Prison Version)

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
He wore a very wide pants in hip-hop style of the 90s, a baseball cap and a very wide sweatshirt. And he was chewing gum. As we entered his office, he got up from the sofa, where he had sat, and gave us warm hand. We sat next to him on his sofa, and then showed him the picture was created Christophe, using his favorite photos. Michael looked at a good moment, still the image. Then he began to clap. The situation was quite surreal, in the sense that he applauded the only one, while otherwise it was absolutely silent. And took his applause ... and lasted.
At least 20 seconds long, he has so clap. It came from a like an eternity. When he finished, he simply said: "This is so beautiful that it deserves applause."
Then Michael asked to see the picture more up close. He laid it on his knee, and watched it carefully. Then we talked a little. He also asked us questions, and congratulated us on our work and our achievements with Black & White. The Michael Jackson, whom we had before us was not the same that we had met in Tenerife. He was bright, lively. His eyes were sharp. He was not so dizzy because of medication, which still featured some months before his behavior. We were just happy to see him naturally. That was certainly a sign of confidence on his part. He received us in his studio, to accept that we are an item in the context of a world would write preview, and appeared without the usual artificial Article It was a real privilege to see him without his King Of Pop - costume. He was simple, gentle and kind. He just seemed happy to have fans, with whom he could share some secrets of his next album.
Visibly agitated, he suddenly stood up from the sofa to get a brochure from a rack to the size of a 12 "vinyl record, was depicted on the cover of the new album. He has shown us great pride, and declares that this would be the cover of HIStory. I laughed (forced) inwardly when I saw that it was indeed the same picture as that which had been previously shown us one months at Sony Signatures. As mentioned earlier, I was not personally thrilled by this cover. On the one hand aesthetically beautiful, but also arrogant, which seemed contradictory to me about the message of humility, tried to Michael, überzusenden.

But Michael had long been a complicated relationship to humility. That was for ordinary people for granted, while a nightmare for megalomaniacs, according to Michael, when it came to his private life or his career. Two months later, when this famous HIStory statue should be built into life-size (Hää? Life-size? The were much larger ... should be the translator's note), and sent all over the world to announce the album was an English journalist have the opportunity to interview Michael, and ask him if he did not suspect they may have gone too far when he had statues of himself all over the world have set up? Michael had replied with a disarming simplicity: "What's the problem? You have also drawn a lot of statues of this woman in all England "" The Women "at the Michael alluded, was the Queen of England ...
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --

Translation Page 37:

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --
After all these years we had spent defending Michael - whether on the playground, on TV, so we were always afraid that he might make himself vulnerable when he arrived worrying decisions. Where do you think came this bad feeling in view of the HIStory statue. But we said nothing when we saw the cover of this album, which celebrated its size on the Michael himself, as he froze in the granite. It was his vision, and certainly went past us. It is with the help of such ideas, he had become the King of Pop. It was really so. But this size and paranoia had reached such proportions that it probably for us was no longer palpable. And the success of the album, it certainly proves. (So like now, before they criticize the HIStory campaign, and then announce that it was successful? The translator's note)
After he showed us the cover of the plate, Michael wanted to show us the promotional teaser that should accompany the release of the album. Bob Jones seemed surprised by Michael's decision, and said to him: "Really?" Michael did not answer. He inserted a tape into the VCR and turned on the TV, as it stood at the other end of the room. Then he realized that we had no place anywhere where we could sit down to watch the clip. There were two chairs, but they were filled with clothes, letters, and other packages. Michael was supposed to prove such a simplicity, which we witness should also later so many times, as he began to clear away the things to make us sit down. Basically, this gesture was nothing special. But it showed me so far, as he had much simplicity in itself, even though he was someone who had to not do that. I'm not quite sure if the Queen of England would have cleaned up two chairs for us ...
Once we had made ourselves comfortable in front of the television, Michael has started the tape and provided a decent volume. One can not say that the contents of the HIStory-teaser that was some months previously been filmed in Hungary, we met with huge enthusiasm. Michael as the leader of an army that can be celebrated in front of a crazy crowd, which he finally lays down a huge statue ... The message seemed strange.
Michael's camp would later explain that this was a teaser Matapher to show that the King of Pop has returned with full force, more powerful than ever before. If you mean ... (Yes, we know it now that you did not like the teaser, but there were other opinions ... the translator's note)
We were not the only ones who had any doubts. Sony Music hated the idea to a great extent. Michael was forced upon them, and they had fit his decision. This was incidentally one of the last time this kind that he could prevail over his record company.
Tommy Mottola and his colleagues were yet so convinced that it was a bad communication axis that all its stores discreetly gave the order to use this teaser in the context of the promotion as little as possible. They were required to use it on a larger scale in the U.S., where Michael was able to control things better. I would not go so far, so the flop of the album in the U.S. on the one hand, and its international success to the other, but it is certainly something to that.
(Well, this interpretation of the things you do not have to share 100%-ig is also a matter of opinion .... For example, I find the clip Childhood much worse than the HIStory-Teaser ... then I'd rather have a megalomaniac Michael, the total Megalomania will, as one who plays the totally ridiculous the little boy injured, and yet sinks into the worst total in the self-HIStory Teaser ... The variety has a lot to offer at least visually, however, Childhood can tolerate in any way ...
But we see clearly: Scream and YANA were quite successful in the U.S., breaking records every time, even as they entered the Billboard charts are entered. Then we had a situation similar to Invincible: Sony refused to publish more singles in the USA [Earth Song was canceled, the most idiotic of all decisions at all!], And Michael had no apparent buck more. Performances were suddenly no longer canceltest HBO, and focused only on the rest of the world except the United States. It may be that HIStory in the United States was not quite as perfect as you'd hoped for, and have hurt the reviewers, but the flop but could not be any talk, so why give up? The first two singles but proved that ultimately high-quality music is stronger than any criticism. They should have gone on and even Earth Song will be published in the United States. Success can not be forced, but you can work out consistently, and so HIStory in the U.S. could very well still be able to sell.
There continue until six months later with TDCAU, or even one and a half years later with Stranger in Moscow - which appeared in the U.S. until the summer of '97, you can probably see just a farce ...
And Michael would once again be able to recall that there are in the U.S. stadiums and halls, where you can play concerts ... The translator's note)
Now that we have seen this teaser brag, Michael had another surprise in store for us. The most beautiful of all. It has allowed us, we listen to some songs from the new album. For the fans that we were - and we are (now but at one time? So far been only in the text of "were" the speech, but good to know ... the translator's note) - this was a wonderful gift. After we had taken our warm by Michael, we returned to the studio of Bruce Swedien to discover new pieces by Michael, eight months in advance, too. Michael has chosen the pieces themselves, from whom he wished that we hear them. His favorite tracks, at least in this stage of the recording sessions. And in fact, these songs should appear on the album. The first title, which we discovered, was Childhood, followed by Stranger In Moscow, Earth Song and Smile. We were completely stunned when we left the studio, with the certainty that the Chandler affair creativity of the King had missed a whiplash. His music had a new found inspiration and powerful sound. We were excited and highly motivated, confident that Michael's comeback would be greatly embark.
Packed with Exklusivinfos, we returned to France to prepare an explosive Black & White - output. World exclusive, we should give the fans a journey into the heart of the next, still unreleased album by Michael. This was one of the best issues we've ever made, and probably the most sensational of all. There was still one of those that sold the worst! Michael had been missing for more than one year from the media, it just was not the best time ...


The HIStory - album was released on 15 June 1995, and was within a few weeks to a gigantic, international success. The success of this record was of crucial importance for Michael's career. He had left nothing to chance. None of his previous albums had also benefited from a tremendous start. All promotional registers that exist, have been drawn. Michael was on all fronts. He has filmed three videos that have appeared almost simultaneously, Scream, Childhood, and You Are Not Alone, he gave television interviews on ABC and MTV, and the first transmission over the Internet giant, he multiplied his public appearances, accepted, for several magazines, To make photo sessions, and even sang at the MTV Awards and at the BET Awards. Supported by this powerful promotion, had the excellent HIStory - Album a spectacular start. In less than three months, it received 56 times platinum in 26 countries.
The achieved success with the album was a relief for Michael, who immediately regained its status as an untouchable superstar. Sony Music had not been mistaken in their flagship artist. The stallion Jackson was still the number one.
Also for Black & White was the return of the king's a relief. The magazine sales skyrocketed, and have even surpassed those from the good old Dangerous Tour - times. The confidential relationship we had developed to MJJ Productions, which allowed us access to more and more exclusive material. In return, we did everything we were able to obtain all of Michael's people for what they might need. And that proved to be quite extensive. We were thus become a kind of guide for Sony Signatures, which asked for the creation of all their products to our support MJ. We monitored and thus created a certain number of official products, including trading cards, telescopes, stamps, postcards, leather goods, T-shirts, figurines, stationery, and other School supplie. Sony Signatures had noted that the approval for the products we created, by MJJ Productions took place almost immediately, compared with the long process that was normally required for the approval of a product, no matter how unimportant.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --

Translation Page 38:

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --
There was confidence from Michael to us, and we did everything to the needs. Some expressed as a major French publisher wanted to publish an official Michael Jackson - biography, which should accompany the release of HIStory, we are called to implement the publication. Sony Signatures was pessimistic, because Michael's lawyers had made it clear that no book or product release could belong to the licenses that belong to the merchandising area. However, much to the amazement of his lawyers, Michael passed the rule to authorize the publication, so that an official biography was produced with our support, only in France. This anecdote is interesting insofar as that they have a Michael Jackson show, which was no longer obsessed with controlling every little aspect of his career, as it had been possible hitherto. Evidence of this was that it was presented to an English version of the manuscript of this very official biography, and he does not mind changing. Only his lawyers asked that the bodies which may be shortened Chandler affair concerned, and should not be going into too much detail, as the one year previously provided with the Chandlers, signed agreements. This work should therefore be the only official, authorized biography of Michael who has ever appeared, apart from Moonwalk, of course.

The years 1995 and 1996 were very hard for Black & White. The promotion of the HIStory - Albums ran at full speed, and we were invited to attend as many public appearances of the king, as we would wish. The meeting with Michael grew up, even though they were often very short. At this stage of the adventure we are not conducive to spending more time with him. We already had so benefited from his generosity, that we felt a real embarrassment when it came to ask him whether he has the time or attention for us. Nevertheless, it would have been easy to put him on the Pelle and try to spend more time with him. He had such an attraction that was only a few people cold. However, there was a barrier between him and the rest of the world. A distance between him and us that we would never be able to overcome. (* lol *, so what did you expect that he sleeps with you in a bed or something, lol, the translator's note) And we understood immediately. That is why we never hoped to develop closer ties to him to be. We were delighted therefore to what we had, which was not much to see around, as it evolves on the stage to appreciate his genius, and experience the turning points of his stormy career. And of course, every meeting he provided us was an unforgettable moment. There were many of them in subsequent years. To report them all, would be a continuation of this issue required! We will therefore mention only the most important. All the anecdotes, which are dominated those years, today we are not close to this site can accommodate.


The HIStory - advertising campaign was in fact full of souvenirs. Our relations with MJJ Productions and Sony Music to allow us to take a fresh look at Michael's world. And above all, on the back of the wings. So we were in first place, for example, when Michael was launched in December 1995 in an emergency to the hospital when he was rehearsing for two special concerts for HBO, in the small hall by the Beacon Theater in Manhattan. We just set out for New York when it was announced that he was hospitalized. Michael had collapsed during rehearsals on the stage. The official reason for dehydration and fatigue were reported. But similarities between the circumstances of this incident and those which cost the life of Michael last June, are not dismissed out of hand. For several weeks he slept badly, and picked up some painkillers to cope with the stress of this concert to be. Michael was not willing to act on stage. He had let himself be persuaded to give an unplugged show, that is acoustically. Without Backing Track without explosion, shucked on the stage, and hysterical even without a lot. The idea was fantastic, all the fans dreamed of. Michael had the audience fascinated with his noble live performances of You Were There, on the occasion of the 60th Birthday of Sammy Davis in 1989, and by Gone Too Soon, at the inauguration of President Bill Clinton in 1993. But voranrückten than the samples after and after, Michael was always less satisfied with what he was doing. He had never considered a great live singer, and he knew his limits. The idea of having to stand alone on the stage, made with a micro as the only prop him more and more scared.

Text below the photo above:

In November 1995, the Black & White - team in Germany to attend the first television appearance of the King of Pop in Europe, in the show "Wetten dass?".
On this occasion, two winners of a competition organized by the magazine, the good fortune to meet her idol. Rear and far right: Laurent and Julien ...

Text above the photo below:

In December 1995 Michael Jackson is in the midst of rehearsals for two "unplugged" - concerts, which will be subsequently broadcast on HBO. For Michael, was the climax of the spectacle his pantomime performance during Childhood, accompanied by Marcel Marceau, here's a picture of it ...

Text in red, upper right, on page 40, on the set of SIM:

On the set of Stranger in Moscow, Christophe Boulmer was allowed to photograph Michael Jackson free. On this occasion, he should make some of the finest recordings of the King.
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Translation Page 41:

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Gradually, he then led but that the concept of the show will be developed and brought not only but the group choreography of his previous gigs back into the program, but primarily most of the music playback were. Michael Jackson for the better has always been the enemy of good, he was unable to be satisfied with a performance that was below what he regarded as its maximum. But he has always set the bar too high. After he collapsed on stage at the Beacon Theater in New York, he has the two concerts, which he could not give, 'the not displaced. In fact, it came in handy the incident, which revealed what was going on: he would give no more of these concerts. (Probably was, then was never mentioned them to catch these concerts. The translator's note) The drugs - to combat stress, have combined with the strain, broke him. But he was partly to blame for this drift, and served in it as an excuse, perhaps unconsciously. If today this first incident goes back to the year 1995, compared with the one who should happen is fourteen years later, we see disturbing similarities.
(The tendency to take painkillers, Michael would have even been developed much earlier. When he was sued for the unusual concert of the Dangerous Tour, he was accused, he already had been dependent on pills before the tour had started. If we in the course of the Dangerous Tour 1992 looks, which was eventually also ended prematurely, and Michael's Constitution in the corresponding concerts, it sounds credible that he was back in 1992, dependent. Observe, for example, some jam and Billie Jean - presentations [eg Cologne 1992], he torments himself normal. And it was surely no coincidence that the Dangerous tour but had started relatively late, as over half a year after the album release. The days when Michael was keen to tour, past seemed . the translator's note)

Stranger In Moscow

In July 1996 we went to the rotation of the video to Stranger In Moscow. We had already been invited to the filming of Scream and They Do not Care About Us attend, but work commitments prevented us from seeing these opportunities. With a Michael Jackson - to be here video shoot here, was the last young dream that we had not met since the beginning of Black & White - adventure. We do not specifically worked out to make it come true, always convinced that we - the ordinary fans, who we were, by then already had more than luck. But when we once again had the opportunity, we have understood. More than a week we had during the filming of Stranger in Moscow attended, held in a hangar at the airport in Van Nuys, near Los Angeles. Another time, Michael has given us an exceptional privilege: he allowed to photograph Christophe Boulmer, when rotating freely. It was the first time that he was photographed by an independent photographer, ie without the right to look at the final result. Michael remained true to his image, but a number of his colleagues had confided that Black & White Magazine, and the HIStory it always showed its best side. Incidentally, he was not sorry to be photographed by Christophe on the set of Stranger In Moscow too. The photos that were taken during shooting are among the finest in existence of him. Michael, you should like it very much that he should use it for several of its official products, and they preferred the recordings by the photographer, whom he had hired for the Clipdreh ...
The moments that we had spent during the filming of Stranger in Moscow, were particularly great. We spent hours trying to watch Michael at work, sitting a few meters away from him. It was a fascinating spectacle. The occasion of our visit in Los Angeles was also true for Christophe to create a design for the cover of Stranger in Moscow that the song should be the next single from HIStory. Three years earlier, in September 1993, in the middle of the Chandler affair, Michael had to be photographed in Moscow, in a pensive attitude, leaning against a streetlight. He had just composed the song Stranger in Moscow, and had already introduced himself to use these images for the cover of the single. (Well, here is something quite a bit twisted, especially surprising that precisely the Black & White People write the way ... While Michael acknowledged that he wrote Stranger In Moscow in 1993, but he could not in 1993 include know if he is the song for Use an album or even publish them as a single would be, nor has he made back then almost certainly thinking of a single cover ... The photo of the lantern in Moscow was left to chance, and has also been 93/94 in Black & White released, when was the photo montage from Boulmer in fact only in 1996 ... in fact the cover design is great, and then watched as Michael Boulmer end result, he decided to use it for the cover of the single to ... Anm . the translator). With the knowledge and in possession of copies of famous photographs, we have therefore tried to propose a Michael Cover, on the occasion of our visit to the Clipdreh. Thus, Christophe has made a photomontage, as he has brought out the famous photo of Michael in Moscow again, and added in the background of Red Square. When Michael saw the draft of the cover, and was absolutely thrilled, he immediately fell, and began again on his famous way to clap, Christophe and congratulated for his work. The Michael Jackson, we've had at this time in front of us was a little different than the one we had met until then. He was an imposing, authoritarian. It was the location of Stranger In Moscow, about ten people surrounded him, and waited for his reaction. Michael was the boss. You could just feel that most of its employees were afraid of him. Included all people who worked for him, Bob Jones, tried to make him happy by all means. It was a strange feeling to see how such a shy and friendly person, such a strong authority could uncover. If Michael gave applause donated all the applause. If Michael wanted something, everyone wanted the same thing. Michael arrived on the spot, the decision to use Christophe cover for Stranger In Moscow - Single, and immediately asked to speak to the person in charge of Sony Music, who was present at Clipdreh. Michael's assistant ran up to find the man said, he evaporated, as if his mission would be the most important ever been. A few moments later the manager of Sony Music came to a run. Michael was in his black coat very erect, his hands in his pockets. His thick boots made him a few inches taller. He felt at ease. And he was impressive. His face extreme makeup, her long hair black. (laugh, oh no, they have ever been fair? note of translator) No one looked into his eyes. The technicians had instructed him never to stare, but even his closest aides did not dare to gape at him. "This is the cover of the new single," said Michael, pointing the finger at the large screen of illustration, we thought of him. He confirmed his election to the Sony representative. The good man had no alternative but to agree to. In addition to the king of pop, they all acted like little boys. We had a first example of the authority, which could put Michael Jackson on the day. More should follow.
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Translation Page 45: (created by BritBrit, - Forum, supplemented and modified slightly by Laurent)

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HIStory Tour

The HIStory Tour was launched on 7 September 1996 in Prague and we were at the premiere course on site. The success of the HIStory album was undeniably already at that time. But Michael wanted to achieve with this CD even more, more than with his other CDs. He gave interviews, singing on television in Europe and was a world tour through Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and South America. The Chandler affair had the King of Pop not destroyed, but this tour would have been almost endless ...
After we HIStory of the caravan during the first concerts in Europe, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Holland were followed, we said goodbye to the tour, which is now headed for "down under".
In Michael Jackson's camp had much has changed. The management of the King of Pop was now headed by Tarak Ben Ammar, a producer of films and a relative of Saudi Arabian Prince Al-Walid, with whom Michael had just founded an entertainment company, called Kingdom Entertainment. After MJJ Productions and Sony Music, she led a part of the business of Michael. Presented by Frank DiLeo After the departure in 1989, Tarak Ben Ammar a stable and some authoritarian figure in the World by Michael dar. But Tarak Ben Ammar, however, was soon confronted with the difficulty of managing a very powerful superstar, who long ago lost time, the habit had to listen to opinions contrary to his wishes. Tarak Ben Ammar, who was charged with the investment of Prince Al-Walid monitor, gave his best to had the good end of the HIStory tour and the success of the film Ghosts, by Michael finished shot a few months back, too. But this proved difficult. The film starts Ghosts in a handful of American cinema was in a general indifference. Moreover, were very few TV stations interested in this format, offering them at a very high price. Ultimately, the performance of Ghosts was a confidential manner; the general public should make a detour around this film. The good course of the HIStory tour was also a major challenge for the manager Tarak Ben Ammar. If the first part of the tour went well, was the second and turned into a messy ordeal for all involved.
The second part of the HIStory tour began on 31 May in Bremen, Germany. We traveled on it. For the first time, Julien and I had the license at the concert are on the front of the stage, in the corridor, where the photographer to abzuknipsen the show to participate. ( "Assister à qc" is not assisting, "but means" an etw participate, attend a business, "the translator's note) While Christophe once again the King of Pop photographed on the stage, we had the pleasure of the spectacle witness in this ideal position. And that was really the best experience we have had at a concert by Michael. Kept with his performance a few feet away from him, was absolutely extraordinary. But I was not only shocked by his performance that day. What I at the moment when he entered the stage, noticed was his eyes. He was somewhere else, completely distraught. He had these empty eyes I had never seen in him. He was undeniably and beyond discussion of a drug under the influence. He danced like a robot with all the grace and the talent that one knew of him, but his gaze was absent. If Michael Jackson had begun a tour of 40 dates in this state, what might have reason to fear than the sequel?
For some fans, who stood near, and Michael accompanied his tour from the outset, had the same concern was not long in coming. Clearly visible to the King of Pop did not seem to be in its normal state. But it was so much harder to be aware that he had become primarily a homebody. Unlike the first part of his tour, when Michael went from country to country, with his retinue, met his fans and did his traditional public outings, since May 1997 Michael stayed in his room in a Paris hotel, Avenue George V, in which he rarely left each concert, and again in the evening hinbegab. There he had placed his son Prince, who was born a few months ago.
Michael had given the Black & White - Team permission to accompany the HIStory tour. A VIP pass gave us access to the scenes of each concert. So I went with a part of the tour and made friends with some employees of Michael. The more weeks passed, the more worried the health of the star's environment. Already in July, everyone knew from the team of the Tour of the problem of dependence, was confronted with Michael. Every evening until the last minute he canceled the concert.
Michael never hid his hatred of touring, but its growing dependence of all types of drugs made him unpredictable, irrational and uncontrollable. In the scenes of the tour, I was twice witness surrealistic scenes that revealed the extent of the problems that had the King of Pop. On 14 August, when there were already 45,000 people in the stadium of Copenhagen in Denmark, telephoned the manager of the tour with Tarak Ben Ammar in Paris, who informed him that Michael would not come to you. It was 19 clock ... The manager of the tour was hysterical.

Photo below:

On 24 June 1999, in Seoul, South Korea, Michael Dangerous rehearsing with his dancers for the Michael Jackson & Friends - concert that was to take place the next day.

Photos on the following two pages (not numbered, it is however, at 46 and 47)

- Top photo, page 46:

On 10 June 1997, we find ourselves in the control tower of the HIStory tour to the concert to be there, that Michael is in Amsterdam before 50 000 people. Christophe has his camera here, but the tour manager is instructed to prohibit guests to make use of the Director of photos. Bob Jones is on the ground and tried to convey to his American colleagues, that we personally have a permit from Michael, the tour manager will not hear of it: take pictures banned, period. Bob Jones was waiting for the good man turns around to tell Christophe that he is to discreetly take pictures. Christophe would barely have time to make about ten shots. Among these, we show you down here, which, however, should be the official cover of HIStory - Single ...

- Commentary on page 47, below the "Ghosts" - Image:

Originally made for it to illustrate an article about the film "Ghosts" in the Black & White, should they originally Illustration by Christophe Boulmer eventually become the official movie poster. Michael fell in love with the picture as he saw it! Designed as an old horror movie poster from the 70, this served as a cover illustration of the Ghosts single. (or the second part of HIStory / Ghosts single release, the translator's note)
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Translation Page 49: (created by BritBrit, - Forum, supplemented and modified slightly by Laurent)

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A few days later in Gothenburg, Sweden, the same situation. Fifteen minutes before the start of the concert, Michael was still not there. His team was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The manager of the tour was in contact with the personal bodyguard of Michael, Wayne Nagin, who tried to get his boss out of bed. What did this time, as at other times succeeded, too. Michael was then raced to the airport where a private jet took him to his destination. It happened more than once that he was directly taken from the plane onto the stage in order to gain time ... Such situations were common. But as always, the concerts took place, everyone got used to it. With the exception of the concert from Ostend in Belgium, which has been postponed, was the King of Pop all the shows one of the tour schedule. But at what price ... The pattern was always the same: He could not sleep, so he took strong narcotics, which stunned him. And to get up, he took energizer. This terrible cocktail enabled him to reach the end of the tour. And no one was fooled. I remember Wayne Nagin, the bodyguard, who blocked the entrance to Michael's room for several of his employees and told them that the star "was clear in my head" and that he would later pass. Everyone was up to date on the Tour. And no one did what. Not because Michael's employees were bad people, but because there is no simple solution to a complicated problem. And no one could really estimate the extent of the danger. In any case, the only sensible thing would have been to cancel the tour, sending Michael into an addiction and leave him there for so long until he was freed from his addiction. But this was not an option for investors who had put on the King of Pop, or for the storage of Michael, that such a radical and costly decision was not precipitated. There comes a time when business is business. And how cold and inhuman, so for all those involved in this drama may seem, Michael was the only person who had control, the sole person responsible. The rauszuhalten was not only a way out of the case, but it was equally a reality. No one had control over Michael. He was so strong and unyielding when one stood in his way. And dependence on him and his stand in their way was no easy matter. Could only believe that someone had the power to force Michael Jackson to a detoxification unit against his will? Him, who held his family at arm's length and had very few friends. In any case, no one whose influence had on him can be a lifesaver.
Some fans finally noticed that something was not around when Michael ran. And they wanted to act. They were few, for the idea that the King of Pop would have been a junkie on the drift can be is hard to accept for his admirers. The biggest reason is that every night we saw him jump on stage and dance for two hours.
A handful of fans sat in the head, therefore, act to help Michael. The project was to design a huge banner on a clear message was: "Michael, solve your dependency problem. Listen to the tour. " This huge banner should then be deployed at every concert, the entire first series. The idea was bold, but not to achieve. The disagreements among the few people from this original initiative was certainly understandable, as far as the implementation. The camp of the way, Michael was aware of this rumor and wanted to prevent it. Thus, the problem could not be resolved.
The HIStory tour finally came to an end, leaving Michael in a critical condition. The death of Lady Diana a few days before the end of European concerts, missed the mood of the King a terrible blow, and threw the king into a brutal anorexia. The lack of food and sleep together with the excessive use of dangerous drugs and the physical strain of his performances gave him nearly the rest in October 1997 when he finally returned to the U.S., his team was very concerned. His life was truly in danger. Although the information is not leaked at the time, would be Michael Jackson almost died in October 1997 aged 40.
But the tour was over, and the information that reached us from his team, were progressively better. The King berappelte again.

A tête-à-tête with Michael

Six months later, in April 1998, we saw Michael again in Los Angeles. Exceptionally, a meeting had been agreed. It was exceptional to the extent that we for the first time she had spent time with Michael, without saying excuse to just deal with it. This was a gift he gave us and we were fully aware of just what that meant.
He received us in a suite in the hotel where he was. We had an hour alone with him. An extraordinary moment. We had a Michael Jackson in the form before us. He was not under influence of an anesthetic. His thoughts were clear and he was vivid. On that day we talked about many things, as evidenced by the article in the Black & White - Issue 25th Michael was just as we saw him again: nice, generous and simple. Of course we lost the surreal aspect of the situation is not out of sight. We talked with the King of Pop, while we were sitting on a canopy bed, without any ceremony. Michael was at ease. He was so easy. Despite his wealth, he was the little boy from Gary, Indiana remains, who shares his room with his six brothers and sisters. He had nothing awkward or artificial in itself. He talked with us on a spontaneous and honest way, but its fragility often came by his remarks to the fore. On that day he did not hesitate to let us share his frustration over his relationship with Sony Music. This was the first time at which we heard him speak in this manner. The situation with the record company was already strained, and Michael's confidential communications, announced a storm.
Already at that time Michael was in debt to Sony. The multinational company fired him a huge sum of money which allowed him to live above its means. But the more attracted Michael spent the borrowed money, the more the noose around his property (the famous half of Sony / ATV catalog, together) and he could assert his artistic independence less.

Above comment, photo (on the left side 50, not numbered):

As a tribute to Charlie Chaplin, one of his idols, Michael posing in the costume of that time in the company of a boy who really embody the kid "was. A recording that comes from this photo session should be used for the cover of the single Smile, whose appearance would eventually be dropped from Sony Music. Because the record company, it is not necessary to 2 million U.S. dollars (the budget requested by Michael) to invest, to produce an extra clip, at a time when the HIStory album is almost dead. (So, if you look at some of the pictures shown so far do not look at, you can understand why they were not published then, but migrated to the archive ... so that ... the eyes of the two ... shit ... lol , the translator's note)
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Translation Page 51: (the first 50% created by BritBrit, - Forum, supplemented and modified slightly by Laurent, and the remaining 50% is completely created by Laurent)

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That is why Michael had been in exchange for the insane amounts of money that have been advanced to him, must make concessions. The album Blood On The Dance Floor, released in summer 1997, was a first example of this. Michael had this mixed-CD, half of unreleased songs and remixes the other half, never wanted. They had to swallow it a lot. First, he hated the remixes that had been made of his songs. In addition, he was forced out of his safe resort to unfamiliar songs from the Dangerous and HIStory shots, so that the project took shape. That was not his way to work. Consequently, Michael began to harbor a grudge against Sony. Without doubt an excessive resentment. For him nothing was made that Sony, good. Moreover, he confided to us that Sony urged him to make clips unworthy of his quality standards. He had also Mottola's decision to publish not Smile as a single at the end of the promo of History, resisted.
But in the midst of all this frustration, Michael looked with great optimism for the future. He had numerous projects. A new album, above all, on which he had, he said, had begun to work. And ideas for films, because the cinema was a big dream for him.
Before Michael that day in April 1998, left, we had a request to him. This was the first time that we asked him for something. We always had difficulties to get to pictures of Black & White. So we asked him if it were possible that we get to take more pictures. His reaction was typical. True to his usual generosity, he took the phone and called his assistant, and ordered her literally for us the photographic archives of MJJ Productions open up and let us take all the images that we wanted. (Na na, BritBrit, shame on you, just stop here, and I must go now with all the other shit ... ;-)), joke, the translator's note) This story is dear to my heart because of my best Fanerinnerungen heard. The day after this encounter with Michael, that is, before we asked for MJJ Productions, to meet Michael's will. (yes, yes, "Michael's sake," bummed you have ;-) with him) Note of the translator. That was not the first time that we visited these offices, but what we saw on that day was absolutely unique in its way. First, they let us into a conference room, then took one of the secretaries to us to bring us all the directories that we wanted to see. A fantastic experience ... In the archive room of MJJ Productions were hundreds of file folders with negatives and prints of all images that have been made since 1982 by Michaels photographers. We had to take just one subject, and you brought us the appropriate folder. For hours we leafed through the pages of this huge folder in which thousands were hidden from unpublished pictures. We characterized our selection with a yellow sticky note. We chose that afternoon as more than a hundred pictures. Unfortunately, we could not use it all. The rights to certain photographs were from a third party. I remember in particular stunning photos of Michael in Captain Eo - outfit, dancing like crazy with the red background of the studio. There were also beautiful pictures that were taken by Ghosts, as well as photographs of Michael in the company of Bigfoot during the filming of Remember The Time. Not to mention the countless amounts of unpublished snapshots of Michael in all kinds of clothes and costumes altogether. Disguised as a pirate, as a motorcycle policeman, a soldier in all eras, in futuristic costumes ... Some of the unpublished images that we have taken on that day are seen in this ultimate edition. They have never appeared anywhere else. A posthumous gift from Michael to his fans ...

Despite all of the projects, which he was addressed, was the end of the 90s is not as productive as it could for the King Of Pop may be. Determined to pursue, various activities, he dissipated into unsafe companies, and was received by persons of dubious connections. His return to the stage was delayed accordingly. With perplexity, we followed this period of wandering. What the Black & White - Magazine is concerned, it could not survive it. As we have already made 1994 the experience, when Michael disappeared from

Michael Jackson News / The Black&White Magazine
« on: January 06, 2010, 08:43:43 PM »
Probably most of the people know this magazine which is called Black and White, an official MJ book with insider information. The last magazine was publisched on November 7th 2009 only in french language. A fan (maybe..I do not know) has translated into so you can read in german. I do not know right now how to translate it quickly. Maybe someone here has an idea or program with which it is possible to translate to english, so everyone here can read it. You are free to do it. I think that some infos could help us to develop a whole opinion about Michael´s death. The page 6 starts very interesting...

[attachment=0:x863ml50]B and W magazine.JPG[/attachment:x863ml50]

Übersetzung Seite 3:


Mehr als zehn Jahre lang haben wir Black & White herausgebracht, das offizielle Magazin des King Of Pop. Ein Jahrzehnt, das der Beobachtung des faszinierendsten und beliebtesten Künstlers unserer Zeit gewidmet war. Das Abenteuer von Black & White beginnt in den 80ern, mit ein paar Bengeln die vom Tornado namens Thriller erfasst sind. Es wird 25 Jahre später zu Ende gehen mit einem internationalem Begräbnis.
Heute tritt das Team des Magazins seinen Dienst wieder an, um ein allerletztes Mal denjenigen zu würdigen, der diese Magie erzeugt hat.
Hier also unsere Geschichte. Und die von Michael. Ein außergewöhnliches Abenteuer das uns sogar dazu gebracht hat, den King zu treffen, ihn kennen zu lernen und sogar für ihn zu arbeiten.
Im Laufe des Erscheinens von 73 Ausgaben der Black & White haben wir die Legende von Michael Jackson erzählt. Der Moment ist gekommen um den Schleier zu lüften und einen anderen Teil seiner Geschichte zu erzählen. Weniger frisiert, jedoch ebenso ganz wichtig.
Diese Ausgabe ist all den Fans gewidmet, die mit uns die Black & White Jahre erlebt haben.
Sowie denjenigen die nicht das Glück hatten, früher geboren zu werden – und dies bedauern.


Übersetzung Seite 6:

The Lost Children

Guten Tag, mein Name ist Laurent Hopman, Chefredakteur der Black & White, und Michael Jackson ist tot.

Die Nachricht klang wie ein gut vorbereiteter PR-Gag, eines der diversen Interna des King Of Pop. An diesem 25. Juni war ich im Büro, als ich ans Telefon gegangen bin.
Es war 23 Uhr und Isabelle war dran – eine Journalistin von uns, die mir die Sache mitgeteilt hat. „Michael Jackson wurde gerade ins Krankenhaus eingeliefert!“ sagte sie, überzeugt davon, dass sie mir eine alarmierende Nachricht überbrachte.
Ich erinnere mich, dass ich die Meldung mit einem ungezwungenen Lächeln zur Kenntnis nahm. Michael Jackson im Krankenhaus? Einige Tage vor seinem Aufbruch nach London wo 50 Konzerte auf ihn warteten, auf die er überhaupt keine Lust hatte und auf die er überhaupt nicht vorbereitet war? Das ist jetzt also die Show die er sich ausgedacht hatte, um aus den London-Konzerten auszusteigen. Wenn wir in all den vergangenen Jahren im Schatten des King Of Pop etwas gelernt hatten, dann zu misstrauen. Mit einer vor Zynismus triefenden Skepsis schalteten ich und mein Akolyth Julien also den Fernseher ein, um mehr über diese fantastische Meldung zu erfahren. Kaum hat CNN gerade die Meldung veröffentlicht, breiteten sich die Fernseh-Teams in den vier Ecken von Los Angeles aus, um zu versuchen Einzelheiten über die Sache herauszubekommen. Sämtliche Informationssender auf diesem Planeten folgten ihnen und unterbrachen ihr Programm, um unmittelbar den Entwicklungen dieses heißen Eisens zu folgen. Gleichzeitig begannen die Telefone im Büro zu klingeln.
Unsere Freunde und Mitarbeiter erfuhren von den Nachrichten. Es gibt keinen Grund zur Beunruhigung, versicherte ich ihnen natürlich. Es handelte sich bestimmt um einen tollen Werbegag vom absoluten Meister im Manipulieren der Medien. Die mutige Inszenierung war nicht zu toppen. Wenn Michael Jackson seine London-Konzerte abblasen wollte, musste er sich was Spektakuläres einfallen lassen. Hat er nicht im Dezember 1995 eine ähnliche Veranstaltung abgesagt, nachdem er aufgrund eines Notfalls in einem New Yorker Krankenhaus gelandet ist?
Im ungezügelten Wettbewerb um exklusive Enthüllungen belegte TMZ den ersten Platz.
Den Milieu-Veteranen (darunter CNN, Fox und NBC) stets eine Länge voraus, hatte die Internetseite ihre Informationen aus seriösen Quellen, vor allem aus Polizeikreisen. Sie hatten die Einlieferung des Superstars ins Krankenhaus enthüllt, und es sickerten von Minute zu Minute weitere Informationen durch. Mit einem Auge auf CNN, mit dem anderen auf TMZ, verfolgten wir wie Millionen von Menschen in aller Welt diese aufregende Fernsehserie im modernen Zeitalter.
Angesichts der Beharrlichkeit der Medien, diese Neuigkeit ernst zu nehmen, kam in uns eine gewisse Unruhe auf. Und wenn ihm wirklich etwas passiert war? Der Zynismus wich der Ratlosigkeit und später einer gewissen Unruhe. Alle zehn Sekunden aktualisierte ich hektisch die Seite von TMZ, wobei ich nebenbei CNN schaute, dessen Helikopter sich über dem Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center befand, wohin der Krankenwagen der den King Of Pop transportierte, gerade hineingefahren ist.
Doch dann – die Nachricht ist eingetroffen. Sie erschien schwarz auf weiß nach einer allerletzten Aktualisierung der Seite, um 23 Uhr 12. „Michael Jackson ist tot“ gab TMZ bekannt. Niemals werde ich die sanfte Gewalt des Schocks vergessen. Sanft weil so irreal, unmöglich es zu glauben. Gewalt, weil absolut und unumkehrbar endgültig.
Ich erstarrte mit offenem Mund. Völlig benommen.
Eine unerhörte Ungerechtigkeit steckte in dieser Meldung. Eine nicht zu tolerierende Ungerechtigkeit. Wie konnte man so plötzlich sterben? Wie konnte ER so plötzlich sterben? Doch die Nachricht war da. Mit der grausam lakonischen Botschaft „Michael Jackson ist tot“ war alles gesagt. Ich sah Julien an und las ihm die Nachricht vor. Wir waren total bleich. Es gab nichts mehr zu sagen.
Die Medien aus aller Welt übernahmen die Meldung in den nachfolgenden Sekunden. Lediglich CNN weigerte sich, die Information umgehend zu bestätigen, da der Sender auf eine offizielle Bestätigung des Todes wartete. Die Zurückhaltung von CNN, bezüglich der Bekanntgabe von Michael Jacksons Tod hat bewirkt, dass Millionen von Fans, uns eingeschlossen, noch einen letzten Hoffnungsschimmer hatten. Etwa 20 Minuten lang schob der Sender den Schicksalsmoment vor sich her, begnügte sich damit, nach und nach die Namen seiner Kollegen mitzuteilen die den Tod bestätigten: „Wir erfahren gerade, dass NBC soeben den Tod von Michael Jackson gemeldet hat. Wir erfahren, dass Fox ebenso...“
Dennoch hörten wir nicht auf, an die wenn auch nur noch winzig kleine Möglichkeit zu glauben, dass sie sich alle irren, dass es sich um ein großes Missverständnis handelt. Das unwahrscheinliche Dementi kam jedoch niemals. CNN gab schließlich aus offiziellen Quellen Michael Jacksons Tod bekannt.
In der folgenden Sekunde schwappte eine neue Anrufwelle auf das Büro zu. Dieses Mal wollten die Medien Reaktionen festhalten. Die Journalisten von Europe 1 waren die ersten die angerufen haben. Sie wollten wissen, was der Michael Jackson Fanclub empfinden würde. Was wir empfinden würden... ? Wir waren geschockt, benommen von einer nicht verkraftbaren Nachricht, die über uns hereinbrach. Und wir waren traurig. Soviel dazu, was wir empfunden haben. Doch es gab nichts, was wir einem Radio- oder TV-Sender zu sagen hätten. Dieser arme Journalist tat mir leid, dessen Aufgabe es war, mir billig ein paar Statements abzuluchsen. Aber ich hatte eben nichts zu sagen. Keine Reaktion. Und jetzt lassen Sie mich bitte in Ruhe.
Wir waren traurig. Einfach traurig. Genauso wie wenn man jemanden verliert, den man geliebt hat. Und wie es unzählige Kundgebungen ab dem nächsten Tag beweisen sollten, ging es nicht nur uns so.
Im Büro von Captain Eo Productions hatte der Tod von Michael Jackson eine besondere Bedeutung in jener Nacht. Wie Millionen Fans in aller Welt, haben wir gerade einen Teil von uns verloren. Und während wir langsam begannen, das Endgültigkeit dieses Verlustes zu begreifen, haben wir verstanden, dass der Tag morgen in der Tat ein anderer sein würde, ein Tag ohne Michael Jackson, ohne den unbesiegbaren Held unserer Jugend, den Rekordbrecher, den der Rassenhindernisse überwunden hatte, den Künstler, der uns dazu gebracht hatte, Musik zu lieben, denjenigen der uns beigebracht hatte, den Wert von Perfektion zu schätzen.
Michael Jackson, das waren bereits 25 Jahre unseres Lebens.

Michael Jackson News / Fan called Detectiv Smith (death ivestigator)
« on: January 06, 2010, 07:39:54 PM »
I have found this information. A fan has called the investigetor Smith here are the questions and the answers which Smith has given. I think it is interesting to know

(Source:Watch Michael Jackson Opus Book "Unboxing" Videos | The Official Michael Jackson Site runterscrollen)

MJ Family of Fans Worldwide,
A Group of MJ Fans have been calling Detective Smith of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to find out what is the status of Michael Jackson's Homocide Investigation.
Detective Smith, LAPD, Lead Detective in MJ's Homocide Case: direct phone number
CHECK out the Thread on the General Discussion Forum Page:
Would you really do anything for Michael?? REVISED new #!!!! Please make note of it! | The Official Michael Jackson Site
************************************************** *********************************************
@ejacobs and MJ Family:
I just called and literally had a 5 minutes conversation with Detective Smith: direct phone number

Me: "Am I speaking to Detective Smith?"
Det Smith: "Yes. This is Detective Smith, LAPD."
Me: "I'm calling to find out what is going on in Michael Jackson's Investigation. What is taking so long in Michael Jackson's Investigations?"
Det Smith: "We are working on the case and we have alot of Interview to conduct. He was involved with a lot of people and we don't want to miss anything or anyone."
Me: "What about Dr. Murray? Have you throughly investiagated and interviewed him?"
Det. Smith: Yes, we have interviewed Dr. Murray extensively last year."
Me: "We are VERY anxious to get some movement in Michael's case and Justice for him. We don't want Michael's case to into a Black Hole and people forget."
Det Smith: "No, No One is going to forget about a case of this magnitude. No one is going to forget Michael Jackson. Not someone of this magnitude."
Me: No, that goes without saying, No one will ever forget Michael Jackson. We just don't want them to forget about his case and Michael getting justice."
Det Smith: "I understand."
Me: "What is the next step because it's been a few months since a lot of Activity in Michael's investigation since last July/Agust.. but it has gone silent."
Det Smith: "The next step is after our investigation is complete, is to turn over the case to the District Attorneys' Office and they will do one of two things: 1). Bring Charges in his case OR 2). Drop the Case."
Me: "When do you expect to hand the case over to the District Attorneys office. Next month, next two months,by Michael's Birthday in August, by his 1st Year Memorial in June? When??
Det Smith: "Sometime this year. I can't give you a specific time."
Me: This year, we're only 5 days into the New Year 2010!! Can you give me something sooner than that?"
Det Smith: "I know, I know it's only the beginning of a New Year, but I can't give you a specific time the case with go the the DA Office."
Me: "We just want Justice for Michael."
Det Smith: "I understand and we are doing our best."
Me: "Are you the main detective on Michael's case? Are you the Only One working on this case?"
Det Smith. "Yes, I am the main Detective on this case, but I have a whole team helping me with Mr. Jackson Investigation".
Me: "OK - Detective Smith, We hope to see some activity in Michael's case very soon. You've been very helpful. Thank you for your time".
Det Smith - "You're welcome."
I hope that I remembered everything! He was very decent and cooperative. KEEP CALLING HIM EVERYONE!! I felt like he is EXPECTING more call from MJ FANS!! WE are Definitely RAISING OUR VOICES FOR OUR BELOVED MICHAEL!!



This is really a sad day!!!

I have found this site on which is written that Michaels name and an epitaph will be added soon on his crypt.
I have reflected everything surrounding Michaels death and it gets harder and harder  to believe. I am searching for the truth and I think, yes, Michael Jackson is maybe dead...

Here is the saddest link which I have ever put on this side. As I have seen this picture it felt heavy on my heart and still is. I am very sorry that I have to put it here right now (please forgive me but I am searching for the truth and still hope that this is not real):

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Hoax Videos / Michael Jackson's REAL cause of death! WATCH
« on: January 06, 2010, 03:59:44 AM »
VERY interesting, did you know that...what do you think about it


Michael Jackson News / So who is behind MJJ Productions Family
« on: January 01, 2010, 05:23:00 AM »
This deserves his own topic. I was just reading the theme which was debating about the "E" and "L"  in a CD book what could it mean and so on. I was just surfing around and come across this. Maybe we can find more answers  when we pay a closer attention on what is allready there.... Here is a picture taken from the side: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Maybe that is the other family which is Michael talking about in his CD book, what do you think?
I would like to analyze all the people who are mentioned on this side (above).

[attachment=0:1b4w8d1l]Aufzeichnen alle Namen.JPG[/attachment:1b4w8d1l]

Other Odd Things / Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.
« on: December 31, 2009, 01:47:16 PM »
So what is THAT?

I have found this article, it is old, but it has caught my attention because of this...

Home : Michael Jackson : Michael Jackson Dies
Michael Jackson Dies

Posted Jun 25th 2009 5:20PM by TMZ Staff

Michael JacksonWe've just learned Michael Jackson has died. He was 50.

Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon at his Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him. We're told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back.

A source tells us Jackson was dead when paramedics arrived. A cardiologist at UCLA tells TMZ Jackson died of cardiac arrest.

Once at the hospital, the staff tried to resuscitate him but he was completely unresponsive.

A source inside the hospital told us there was "absolute chaos" after Jackson arrived. People who were with the singer were screaming, "You've got to save him! You've got to save him!"

We're told one of the staff members at Jackson's home called 911.

La Toya ran in the hospital sobbing after Jackson was pronounced dead.

Michael is survived by three children: Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II.

Michael Jackson PhotosStory developing...

Three children: MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON, Jr....?


Source: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Here is a piace of the Estate of Michael Joseph Jackson

[attachment=0:1cgxw7c3]Aufzeichnen Estate.JPG[/attachment:1cgxw7c3]

Michael Jackson News / What does Jermaine Think about FBI release
« on: December 31, 2009, 01:26:44 PM »
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Other Odd Things / Timor Steffens rehearsing for THIS IS NOW
« on: December 29, 2009, 06:47:02 PM »
I have found on  twitter of the dancer Timor Steffens this comment:

A show called this is now watch..Am I missundertanding something here or does someone know that a show exists which is called this is now?

Michael Jackson News / Send this message around the world
« on: December 29, 2009, 06:08:04 PM »
It is in german language (subtitle) and parts from Michael´s speeches. Hope you can enjoy it and send around the world.

I have got it from another side...I think the message is clear...

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