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References & Similarities / A couple things that need to be said
« on: May 08, 2012, 03:34:39 PM »

First off I want to get into my theory.
I truly think Michael Jackson is alive. His life was obviously in danger so he did what he had to do to stay safe.
I believe he won't come back.  I mean the whole purpose of the hoax was to make everyone BELIEVE he is dead. I feel he probably left a few hints to the fans so they don't go absolutely ballistic. And it's probably likely that he's still making music to release for the fans through people who are in on the hoax.
What bothers me is that if he does come back. We should all be freaking horrified and not believe a word out of his mouth.
I know that sounds horrible, but I just have this sick churning feeling in my stomach that if he comes back he'll be completely brainwashed and be put into the place of some type of messiah. Now I could be wrong. But when people like Peter lopez where reported dead I knew something was wrong.

Although it might be just a coincidence and he'll just come back. Explain why he committed the hoax everyone will be happy and the end. Lol.

To continue. I want to say something to the fans and the haters.
How do you hate\love a man you've never know?
I know when fan say "I love him" they mean it generally. But I've met people who speak or write about Michael Jackson like they have stepped into his body and lived his life for him. That needs to stop, because I think it only make him lonelier. He's treated like an item by people. Havent you guys noticed thought his interviews he say im LONELY.
Most fans go you have me Michael! But would instantly faint in his presence which probably added to his solitude. Leaving him to wonder will I ever have someone to treat me like a normal person?
But this is just my opinion.^_^

Now, the molestation trials. I'm 16 years old. When I was 7 or 8 I was molested by a family friend. And I can tell you. There is no way in hell Michael Jackson was a pedophile. I recognize pedophiles by there eyes. They look hungry around children. Not loving and caring. That's all.

Now here's what I truly think about Michael Jackson.
1. He was funny
2. He was lonely
3. He loved his kids
4. He was not a pedophile
5. I think he was a playa playa
6. Diana Ross probably took his virginity
7. Songs like Behind the mask, shes outta my life, dangerous, and remember the time exposé Michael Jackson and Diana Ross's relationship
8. Michael Jacksons personality was probably on of the most complicated things on earth. If you read different stories you'll find hes fun, childlike,sweet and energetic. But one wrong move could change that into cold,sharp, cruel, and manipulating.
9. After thriller (in the bad era and so on) he was obviously tired of rumors and started showing true badassness through music
10. I don't think he ever toke drugs after rehabilitation in the 90s

This is just based of of articles I've read with stories from friends.
If you want to read them go to :D

That concludes my post. Thank you for reading <3

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