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Others / Beyonce Pays Tribute To Michael Jackson
« on: June 27, 2012, 03:21:29 AM »
Beyonce Knowles - Beyonce Pays Tribute To Michael Jackson
 27 June 2012 02:04:11 AM

Beyonce Knowles wrote a tribute to late singer Michael Jackson on the third anniversary of his death.

Beyonce Knowles has written a tribute to Michael Jackson, three years after the day of his death on Monday (25.06.12).

The 30-year-old singer said in a post on her website that her first producer would make her listen to 'Who's Loving You' on repeat for hours.

She explained: ''What he wanted me to learn was his soul. You could hear his soul. And he was a little kid who hadn't experienced love but he was a vessel. For whatever reason her could evoke more emotional than an adult.''

The mother of daughter Blue Ivy with rapper husband Jay-Z went on to say that his entertaining ability was not something that could be learned.

She gushed: ''It was so raw and pure. It was these things that he did that was just swag. It's something that's God given.''

Finally she thanked the late performer who died in his bedroom at his Los Angeles home due to an overdose on the prescription drug, Propofol.

''Michael taught me sometimes you just have to forget technique, forget what you have on. If you feel silly, you just have to go from the gut. Let it go.

''Michael Jackson changed me and helped me become the artist that I am. Thank you Michael.''
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Cirque du Soleil - The Immortal Tour / SECOND MICHAEL JACKSON SHOW
« on: May 31, 2012, 06:54:49 AM »
Director Jamie King is now working on Cirque du Soleil’s second Michael Jackson show, which becomes a resident attraction at Mandalay Bay one year from now. (Jamie directed the first, “Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour,” which had its world premiere at Cirque headquarters in Montreal last fall and was at Mandalay for much of December.) He talked candidly with me about the new show’s progress.

”That will be a different feel completely, altogether. I am already excited, but not yet confident. I’ll get there, though. Right now, I’m just excited. I am excited about being here at Mandalay Bay and doing the theatrical version of Michael’s show. I’ve already walked the theater. It’s under construction, but for now it looks a mess. It has much potential, and I am excited for the future.

“There is no official name yet for the show, so it’s just the Michael Jackson 2013 show. We are in pre-production now, and at the end of September, early October, I’ll be relocating to Montreal for about three to four months. I’ll stay there through the holidays, and then we’ll all come to Vegas. I will live here for a while.

“It will be completely different from the ‘Immortal’ show -- completely. This will be a theater show, not an arena production. The entire 90-plus minutes will be different from what you experienced with the touring show. I’ve done a whole new concept and theme. It involves many more characters and acrobatics. It will be much more fantastical and theatrical, with less arena rock ’n’ roll. However, you will get as much of Michael Jackson’s music as we had in the touring show. I’ve kept some magical moments from the touring show I felt could translate here -- some bits and bobs, as you’d say!

“I had to create something new, though, because the touring show will go on for a long, long time overseas while we have the permanent show here. I’ve sort of shot my self in the foot by having two shows for Michael Jackson, and both must be different -- and they will be.”
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Do not know if this article was posted already, but it is very nice to read  :icon_razz:

David Nordahl about Michael Jackson:

He had that inner light and he always considered himself to be extremely ugly.    He said he’s not a handsome man.  ‘That’s why I don’t do interviews and I don’t go on talk shows.’  He said ‘First of all, I don’t lead an interesting life, I work all of the time’ (and that’s what he did, he worked all of the time).

He never did really understand that he had that inner light.

Sitting and talking to Michael I would look into his eyes and I could see for 1,000 miles.  He had these most incredible eyes.  They come off good on film, but nothing like in person.  When you’re actually sitting across there looking at him.  Those eyes were unbelievable.  There were times it would just stop me in my tracks and there were times I’d be around him where I’d kind of forget who he was and then it would dawn on me….’I’m sitting here next to Michael Jackson.’  I never really got over that.  There were times he would do these quick little step things and they were like lightening.  It was just so quick, so precise and just amazing.

I just found this article and do not know if it is already posted.

Michael Jackson Doctor Can’t Afford Lawyer For Appeal
By celebguy44 on May 20, 2012 | From
Conrad Murray asks judge for a court-appointed attorney to appeal his involuntary manslaughter conviction. 
By Gil Kaufman

Just weeks after being sent to jail for following a conviction on a felony involuntary manslaughter charge in the death of Michael Jackson, cardiologist Conrad Murray is throwing himself on the mercy of the court.The doctor had been slated to earn up to $150,000 a month to act as Jackson's personal physician before the pop icon's death in June 2009 from an overdose of the Murray-administered surgical anesthetic propofol. But on Tuesday  News reported that Murray filed a notice of appeal in Los Angeles Superior Court in which he claimed that he is "indigent and respectfully requests the appointment of counsel on appeal."Murray, 58, is planning to appeal both his conviction and his sentence, but has not yet filed papers with the California Appeals Court. He had hired two lawyers to handle his manslaughter case, but is now seeking attorneys with appeal experience. One of those former lawyers, J. Michael Flanagan, told E! that he was shocked at how his client is being treated in jail."It is crazy and unbelievable how [the sheriffs] are treating" Murray in jail, said Flanagan, who claimed he waited over an hour to see Murray, who was brought out in handcuffs and leg chains. Flanagan was further shocked to see Murray handcuffed to the table for their meeting, something the lawyer said he'd never seen before in the case of a low-level, non-violent offender. Charles Peckham, who is handling civil cases against Murray, told the Associated Press that his client is under tight security and isolation that is more intense than other inmates at the Los Angeles Men's Central Jail."Treating him like Hannibal Lecter is offensive," said Peckham. "This man who saved lives made a mistake, and they're going to [make] him pay like a mass-murderer." Sheriff's officials defended the tight security, saying it was for Murray's safety


 May. 03.

Michael Jackson and Nicki Minaj Star in New Pepsi Ads

Pepsi has struck a deal with Michael Jackson’s estate to use him in a new global ad campaign, Live For Now.
AP reports that the rollout will vary by country, but will include a TV ad, special-edition cans featuring Jackson’s image, and chances to win leather jackets inspired by his style. Jackson first teamed up with Pepsi in 1983 and in 1984 was the famous incident where Jackson’s hair caught on fire while filming a Pepsi commercial at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Jackson suffered severe burns and Pepsi gave Jackson $1.5 million as a result.
Jackson’s campaign will first be seen in the United States and China within the next few weeks, which coincides with the 25th anniversary of his album Bad. The campaign will spread to two dozen countries by fall.
On Monday Pepsi is launching an ad on television featuring Nicki Minaj. The advertisement features a remixed version of her song “Moment 4 Life.” In her first official photo released for the campaign, we see this singer/rapper all dressed in pink (hair included) holding onto a can of Pepsi. The commercial is titled “Now in the Moment” and was filmed in Argentina earlier this year.

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My add: Now in the moment?? sounds very familiar!! it looks like somebody is really watching...

Akon / Akon Accidentally Hung Up On Jackson
« on: April 16, 2012, 02:02:37 AM »

Akon - Akon Accidentally Hung Up On Jackson Out Of Shock
 13 April 2012 01:31

Akon Accidentally Hung Up On Jackson Out Of Shock
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Hip-hop star Akon hung up on Michael Jackson when the King of Pop first phoned him about recording a duet - because he refused to believe his childhood idol was a fan.

 Akon, real name Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam, grew up around the studio watching his dad, celebrated jazz percussionist Mor Thiam, perform dozens of shows in their native Senegal.
And once Thiam moved the family to America, Akon had unprecedented access to some of the industry's best musicians, including the superstar son of his father's pal Joe Jackson.
As part of a Behind the Music special on Akon, which aired in America on Wednesday (11Apr12), the singer recalled meeting the Thriller star when he was just five years old: "I met Michael for the first time, not realising how big he was - just an amazing person. It made a huge impression on me, because as I got older I would always remember that moment. I used to always say to myself, 'If I ever did anything on the music level, I would meet back (up) with Michael and maybe do something with him.'"
Akon later rose to fame on his own, with hits such as Locked Up, Lonely and Belly Dancer and exactly three decades after their initial introduction in 1978, the star's life came full circle when he received a phone call from Jackson in late 2008.
Akon said, "He calls me, you know (in) his little voice, 'Hey Akon how are you?' I was like, 'I don't believe you,' and I hung up the phone. :) And he calls back, and he says, 'Akon, it's really me, it's Michael, it's really me.' :)  And at that moment my hands started shaking."
The pair later teamed up in the studio, with the hope of working together on a joint album, but Jackson tragically passed away before the record could be made - and Akon was devastated.
He continued, "Dealing with Michael's passing was really hard. Everything that we discussed, everything that we had ambitions to do, we will never get a chance to do."
Eventually Akon completed work on his Jackson collaboration, Hold My Hand, and he released the track in 2010.
He added, "To be in the position where I'm the last person he actually makes a record with, and that's the last song that the world will remember of him, it was just the craziest thing."
Jackson also worked with on a series of final songs, but the Black Eyed Peas leader has pledged never to release the music they made together unless Michael's mother Katherine asks him to.


Pictures & Videos of Michael / WATERFRONT HOTEL...You rock my world video
« on: February 28, 2012, 02:16:15 PM »
Hello again.. :) I am not sure where to post this, so if it is in the wrong thread, please remove it.

Have you noticed "WATERFRONT HOTEL" in the very beginning of You rock my world video? It is quite interesting, "WATER" and "FRONT" connections...what do you think?


Pictures & Videos of Michael / Elephants in the room
« on: February 28, 2012, 02:02:23 PM »
Hi everyone, I was watching Ill be there piano version, I saw it many times, but today I though about 2 quite big elephants in the room where Michael is playing the piano. What do you think about those elephants? you know that famous saying: elephant in the room like in the C.Murray court..


 New film is coming to theaters in March 2012. It is called "Boy".

The year is 1984 and, somewhere along the rural East Coast of New Zealand, lives Boy who idolizes pop star Michael Jackson. Boy lives with his brother Rocky, a clan of cousins and his Nan. Boy also idolizes his father, Alamein, who is the heroic subject of his son’s fantasies, but, in reality, he is serving time in prison for robbery. When Alamein returns home after a 7-year absence, Boy must let go of the father of his dreams to face reality.

In Theaters

March 2, 2012

Foreign, Drama

Run Time

1 hour 27 minutes

Taika Waititi  Director

Do not forget to watch trailer, in 1:10 min. "LOVE" on fingers, in 1:11 min "Front"  lolol/ on the chest of boy:

Pictures & Videos of Michael / Barry Gibb releases more MJ footage!!
« on: February 14, 2012, 06:15:25 AM »
It is like wonderful gift for Valentine :-*
Thank you Barry!! :)

 Published 04:54 p.m., Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson's death, finally has been formally barred from practicing medicine in Texas.
The Texas Medical Board Friday suspended Murray's license, nearly three years after the death of the pop singer. Murray, currently serving a four-year jail sentence, administered an overdose of the anesthetic propofol that killed Jackson in June 2009.
"This achieves the same effect as license revocation," said Leigh Hopper, board spokeswoman.
Murray is currently asking a California judge to release him from jail pending appeal of the case. His lawyer said Murray knows he cannot work as a doctor but would find other employment in California to help support his seven children, according to the Associated Press. A hearing on the motion is set for Feb. 24.
Prior to Jackson's death, Murray worked a few days a month in Acres Homes, flying in from his primary practice in Las Vegas. He opened the cardiology practice in the impoverished north Houston area in his late father's honor in 2006, then left in the spring of 2009 to become Jackson's personal doctor.
He returned to Acres Homes to see patients, sporadically, after Jackson's death, beginning in late 2009 and as recently as summer 2011.
The medical board didn't need to seek an emergency suspension after Murray's November conviction because he's incarcerated and not a threat to Texas patients, Hopper said.
The medical board order noted the state saved "money and resources" because Murray cooperated in the matter. It called such cooperation a mitigating factor in determining the appropriate sanction.
The license suspension is the second action the Texas Medical Board has taken against Murray in the aftermath of Jackson's death. In 2010, about five months after he resumed seeing patients in Acres Homes, the medical board prohibited him from administering propofol.
That action, like Friday's license suspension, followed judicial sanction in California. Officials at the Texas Medical Board suggested at the time it was appropriate to let California take the lead because that was where the standard of care issue took place and because the state already was devoting resources to the investigation.
Under sentencing guidelines, Murray is expected to serve no more than half of his sentence.
Murray's license will remain suspended until superseded by a subsequent order of the Texas Medical Board, the order says.
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Michael Jackson's old school launches music lab with his name

January 23, 2012 |  7:32 am    18026The elementary school where Michael Jackson once roamed the halls could be the alma mater of the next king or queen of pop.

Gardner Street Elementary School in Hollywood, where Michael Jackson attended sixth grade, will kick off its Michael Jackson Music Education Lab with an open house Monday for students and parents.

The lab will feature a new curriculum and interactive music education program created to teach students how to read music, play piano and compose and arrange music.

The MusIQ program and its lab will incorporate personal computers and M-Audio MIDI keyboards into its curriculum. The lab was built with donations from parents and local community organizations and businesses.


Michael Jackson News / Press Release: MJ to be immortalized
« on: January 24, 2012, 02:55:45 AM »
Press Release: MJ To Be Immortalized @ Grauman’s Theatre

The Estate of Michael Jackson announced today that Michael will be immortalized in a hand and foot print ceremony at Hollywood’s legendary Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on January 26, 2012, starting at 11:00am PST.

In a giant celebration of the legacy of the King of Pop, and the Los Angeles debut of Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour, Michael Jackson’s three children, Prince, Paris and “Blanket” will use their father’s shoes and sequined glove to make impressions in the cement in the famous forecourt of the theatre (alongside such entertainment icons as Fred Astaire, Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Sidney Poitier, Clark Gable, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks).

The cast of THE IMMORTAL World Tour will perform a special live presentation, and the entire event will be streamed live via Twitter @michaeljackson with additional photos and live coverage of the event tweeted from Twitter’s music channel @twittermusic.

Fans can go to January 19 for line up information!!

The Estate Of Michael Jackson

Articles About Michael / New Mj songs
« on: January 24, 2012, 02:47:14 AM »
Have you heard about this?

January 15th, 2012

David Gest To Reveal New Michael Jackson Songs?

A collection of Michael Jackson songs based on the works of Robert Burns is to be heard by the public for the first time, according to David Gest.

David Gest said he has offered the album to the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Ayrshire during a recent visit to Scotland.

In an interview with BBC Alba, the Gaelic TV channel, Mr Gest said: “Both being fanatics, I said to Michael, let’s do a play Burns’s life and he said he would help me with the music. Michael believed in the project so much. He said: ‘I’ll give you the studio (in Los Angeles) and I’ll pay for all the music’. We went to his recording studio at the family house in Encino, where all the Jacksons grew up and we took about eight or 10 of Burns’s poems and we put them to contemporary music, things like A Red Red Rose and Ae Fond Kiss and the story of Tam O’Shanter.”

Pictures & Videos of Michael / RARE Michael in Tokyo 1997
« on: January 12, 2012, 04:31:49 PM »
I would like to share with you this video of Michael in Tokyo. It is in very good quality and he is amazing there..Enjoy!

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