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Hoax Videos / V for Vanish - a different point of view
« on: November 21, 2010, 02:37:32 PM »
Check this out:


Other Odd Things / Michael had pulse to the hospital
« on: March 28, 2010, 11:31:04 AM »
Joe`s Statement: Michael was almost brought back from the dead when medics managed to restart his heart "
That`s mean Michael was breathing after 2 hours from his cardiac arrest? Michael had pulse! Michael had cardiac activity

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and here:

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Other Odd Things / Michael`s bodyguards, body language
« on: March 12, 2010, 12:41:19 PM »
I found a very interesting blog..Dr. Lillian Glass analyse Michael`s three bodyguards body language.


I am very troubled by three ex body guards  Bill Whitfield, Mike Garcia ,and  Javon Beard, whom Michael Jackson  entrusted with his most intimate secrets, now  revealing  very personal information about Michael and his children  after his death.  Based on all that we know about  Michael’s desire for privacy and protection for his children, here is no question that Michael would have been 100 per cent  against what these bodyguards are doing .

orThey openly admit they plan to write a book which they plan to call “In Defense of the King.” So they are apparently out there now fishing for a publisher in their attempt to cash in big time on Michael’s death if their book is sold.  Based on how they came across body language –wise  and what they said“setting the record straight” in  speaking out on Michael’s behalf, it seems to me that it is  merely a ploy for them to fill their pockets and cash in on Michaels death.


They are not really telling us anything we don’t already know. We know a lot of the information they have divulged, like how polite and smart Michael’s kids are  based on media accounts and by the accounts of those who have interacted with the children.

They admit that they only worked with Michael for 2 years. So there are things which may or may not have taken place prior to those 2 years which they are not privy. Therefore, they may not know everything they are claim to know about Michael.


Who are these “bodyguards” to set the record straight about Michael?  Who made them Michael’s spokespeople. I am sure that Michael would be livid if he knew they were doing this. These men were paid employees who needed to keep their mouths shut about Michael and his family whether he was alive or not.

 I have no doubt with Michael’s intelligence and savvy, not to mention his  having been burned by others in the past, that he would have made them sign some type of confidentiality  agreement. I hope that those in charge of his estate will come across those agreements and stop these three in their tracks.


The only reason they came forth  now and put their faces in front of the media is in my view to troll for a book deal. They even have  a title picked out for the book before it is written. They want to see how much interest there is. That is they spilled the beans now.

But obviously they aren’t  that savvy or as clever as they think.  They told way too much already.  No publisher in their right mind would give them a book deal and expect the book to fly off the shelves. Why? Because  they already revealed everything  already in Ashley Banfield’s  very thorough ABC  interview where she left no stone unturned. left no she unturned. So who needs a a book? We know all they have to say.  You get your face in front of the media AFTER you have a book deal and have written it in order to PROMOTE it.

So if they did get  a book deal, wrote the book or had someone write it for them,  and then  appeared on TV again to promote it would be OLD news. No one is interested  in what they have to say anymore.


Although I found each of them despicable for getting on front of the media and sharing Michael’s personal  life which he guarded so privately, to the point of wearing masks and disguises and having his kids do likewise,  I wanted to  scrutinize any  “tells” which may have given away their true  motives . I also wanted to see if there were any” tells” of deception or nervousness or discomfort.

It was interesting to watch all three of them sitting together as they were interviewed. It was also interesting to watch them separately  in order to see if one or more showed signals of deception .

For the most part, they were in all synch. Whether it was rehearsed or not, they were all on the same page.  For the most part it seemed like they were telling the truth.  But I think they told way too much of the truth. They had no business revealing the details about the kids and their behavior, especially the description of Princes behavior when he tried to manipulate cookies out of them.  This was not setting the record straight. This was setting their sights straight on to a potential book deal to make money for themselves.

There was one area where they were clearly uncomfortable and it showed in their body language. It was when they were discussing  their views on Michael’s alleged pedophilia. Their body language showed that they  over compensated by giving way to much information. They were asked if Michael was a pedophile. Then bodyguard  Bill Whitfield  says that he’s a man and he knows that Michael is interested in women just like he is. You can see his facial expression change as he looks away and his forehead get’s furrowed. He also pulls his head back and there is a shoulder shrug . This indicates signals of discomfort.

 Mike Garcia also shows signals of discomfort when the “pedophilia” question comes up. He shakes his leg indicating “I want to get out of here.”

The three gave way too much information as Bill speaks about curtains in the limousine being  drawn in the back of a limo, and sucking noises being made.  To say this was inappropriate on their behalf is an understatement. The question was about pedophilia.  All they needed to say was they didn’t witness any acts of pedophilia or that it was their opinion that Michael wasn’t a pedophile. But their going off on a tangent and talking about Michael’s  girlfriends was a red flag.  One had nothing to do with another. Their over compensated answers in giving too detailed information made it seem like they  both “doth protest too much”.

I am not saying that they think Michael is or isn’t  a pedophile. I am saying that they showed signals of discomfort when this topic was brought up by Ashley Banfield.

Other than that, there body languages showed that they were open and they seemed forthright. When they answered, most of the time all three of them appeared to answer in unison. With the exception of the time they discussed Michael’s  intimate life, where they showed major signals of discomfort, they   sat  confidently with their legs apart in an open position with upright straight posture with their  heads  erect.


Bill Whitfield said that there were times that Michael vented and “vented loudly” I cringed. Michael  may have vented loudly but he did it  privately. Michael  projected an image of a person who was always kind with a loving soul.  He never showed anger in public. He worked hard at getting that image across. So to hear them say Michael “vented loudly” is to take away from the public image that Michael worked so hard to cultivate. If he “vented loudly” he did it only for their ears- not the public’s  As Bill  said this I automatically cringed.

 While these men  are not doctors or health or legal professionals who have to abide by the  law to keep secrets ( unless they signed a non -disclosure clause before working with Michael) technically they don’t have to keep quiet about Michael. But  ethically I believe  it is a different matter. I believe that they should keep things about Michael confidential in his death just as they did in his life.

Michael trusted them with his life and his kids and as Bill Whitfield said, they became more than security.  Javon Beard interjected that they were more like personal assistants and Mike Garcia said that it was not their job but since there was no entourage it was just them, they hand to handle everything.


I think that it was way too much information to reveal that Michael hated his Vegas mansion because of all the papps. If these men  were HIS  bodyguards as they claim to be,  why didn’t they keeps the papps AND FANS away? Why didn’ they do whatever it took to make sure Michael had the best security so that the papps and fans wouldn’t  invade his home ? That statement alone turned me off.


When asked if he was a good dad, they all replied in unison awesome!  Their body language  showed that all three of them strongly believed that Michael was a great dad.  Mike Garcia shared how the children would constantly say I Love you daddy and that they were like the four buddies as  Bill Whitfield appropriately shook his head yes and smiled a huge genuine smile.

They also spoke of how protective he was of his kids seeing his bad press as he turned over newspapers so the kids wouldn’t see negative headlines about him. It showed that Michael’s first and foremost concern was for  his kids.

They also nooded and spoke in unison as to Michael’s being successful at shielding his kids from the media.  Each one’s  body language were in synch as they appered to be  in agreement that Michael didn’t think what he did was weird. In fact Javon shook his head “no”   as confirmation while Bill Whitfield explained this.


They spoke of the kids with pride as there were genuine smiles as they said that the kids were regular kids and how they  were very polite and well mannered, something we have all herd before. All three of them shook their heads  “yes”  in agreement as this information was relayed.

But then when they showed a note Paris wrote to Bill thanking him for getting cat food, I though that was a bit too invasive. Even if it was a polite gesture, I don’t know how Paris would feel about having her personal handwritten note to Bill  exposed for the world to see. It was for Bill not for the world to see with her little heart over the “I” as she signed her name Paris.  I didn’t think that was necessary to do.

Then Javon also revealed WAY too much information as he shared how Prince would say “ Daddy wants you to get some cookies for us, indicating their mischief  in tricking the bodyguards into getting them cookies. I dounnt these kids or Michael would want that information exposed.  This is exactly what Michael hated. He didn’t want anything personal about these kids revealed and there is no doubt Michael would deem  this story about Prince as being WAY too personal in nature.  

Then he added that he asked Michael (the client) if he wanted him to go get some cookies for the kids and in a loud voice, Javon  mimicked what Michael would say “ Prince get up here!” “Why are you telling them that?”

While it showed that Michael set limits and boundaries for the kids, it was still way too much information  about the kids that we don’t need to know. Unless the kids decide to speak about their experiences with their dad or write a book, no one has any right discussing them.

If these kids were paraded around like some others have been by their parents  and publically expoised and exploited as  many have mentioned. Then perhaps they would be fair game, but not in this situation. Michael went out of his way to  shield his kids from the press at all times.  Therefore,  I believe these body guards have broken the confidence of their client by sharing intimate personal stories about the kids like this one which may not put Prince in the best light.


They also shared how Michael liked to go through the drive through at fast food places  with the kids. I found that unacceptable as they shared what Michael said  as he ordered the meal which was” If these people only know who ordered the meal.”

Both Bill and Javon said it in unison so there was no doubt based on other body language signals as well that this  was definitely  a true incident. But maybe Michel didn’t want the word to know that he fed his kids fast foods or that he even ate fast foods. Maybe he wouldn’t want his private comment shared.  Maybe it was his one personal moment to feel like a normal person and order fast food without anyone knowing. Maybe that was his personal little thrill . They had no right to share this personal moment with anyone in my view..

What the bodyguards said was true as they once again spoke in unison that people “never knew that Michael Jackson was the one ordering  the food.  In fact Javan imitated Michael ‘s high voice as said “ One cheeseburger please” While there is no doubt they were all telling the truth, there is even less doubt that Michael would have wanted this information revealed to the world.

Something really strange happened body language wise when Ashley Banfield asked them if they thought Michael  was a pedophile?  They were clearly uncomfortable with this question as each one of them squirmed and had various body language tells which illustrated their discomfort with this area of questioning.

Why did they show such signals of discomfort? Only they know. Michael  may or may not have been a pedophile and Michael was the only one who could attest to those allegations. Just for the record a person can still like women and have girlfriends and  still be a pedophile. Look at how many married men with families who are even pillars of their community. Look at all the married pedophiles with their own families who have been caught on NBC’s “To Catch a Predator.”

They very well may  or may not have seen any evidence that Michael was a pedophile during the two years they spent with him.  I am not saying that Michael is or isn’t a pedophile but these body guards may not know for sure. Their discomfort was very visible in their body language as this was the first time throughout the entire interview that they weren’t as confident verbally, vocally or body language-wise.

As examples of what I am saying, bodyguard Mike Garcia pursed his lip and moved around more, Bill Whitfield looked down, and Javon Beard  had a tight  ingenuine smile, unlike his previous smiles throughout the interview.  


How dare them discuss that there was a curtain in the backseat of the limo and that Michael was with a girlfriend back there.  Rule number one of any limo driver, let alone any body guard is shut up about your client’s intimate goings on.

 As this story was revealed there was an observed shoulder shrug. That is a signal of deception. There was also a nervous smile- another signal of deception as well as discomfort, In their attempt to set the record straight, they gave way too much information that I am sure Michael would have objected to. If he wanted anyone to know he was with a woman at any time, he would have shown her publically. If the curtain was allegedly drawn he obviously didn’t want anyone to know who he was with or what they were doing.

Then Ashley being the great interviewer that she is remarked “it’s like  you were chaperoning two teenagers back there making out ”. She was simply probing to see where they would go with it.  They shook their heads and agreed as it was a way out for them. Then the unconscionable happened. Bill  revealed that he heard loud sucking noises as his eyebrows were raised. This made me suspicious as to whether this incident really happened? Since  Michael was as  shy and paranoid about anyone knowing his business in a limo I am sure that he would have a limo with a sound proof glass partition. I have never seen a limo with only a mere curtain and I have ridden in many limos in my lifetime.  


When  Bill said that Michael’s bandages were worn for him to be disguised as a “burn victim” I knew for sure that they were full of it. Even Bill knew that he was full of it  as his body language showed his head jerking back and eyebrows being furrowed and looking away.

Michael wore many bandages around his face because of the numerous office surgeries and Botox and Restalyn treatments he had at Dr. Klein’s office, his dermatologist that often left bruising on various areas of his face. The band aids were to cover up the bruises. If Bill was around Michael as much as he said he was or escorted him to the doctor in the limo, he would have seen the brusing and  the redness and swelling.

They were not worn as a disguise for him to appear as a burn patient. If that was the case Michael would have wrapped his whole head in gauze or worn a silicone  burn mask.  

Then when Ashley proved and asked why they didn’t ask why Michael was “disguised like that,” Javon said “How can you tell him that?” He’s coming down with the kids, how can I say,  What the hell have you got on sir?”

Javon’s statement as well has his referring to Michael as “sir”  shows that he respected the boundaries with Michael as his “client” which he referred to earlier. This means he respected his “client” to not interfere, judge or question what he was doing. In my view he needed to show that same respect now and not reveal anything about his “client” no that he is no longer with us.

In my view one has to treat someone who has died with the same respect they treated them when they were alive. If they kept their confidences when the person was alive they need to do the same thing now that the person is dead and no longer here to defend themselves or to sue for defamation.  


When Bill revealed that it appeareard that Michael was on something indicating that  Michael was on drugs I thought this was out of line.  If this was the case and he was his body guard, why didn’t he do something to help his “client?” After all he was supposed to protect his client at all costs. If Michael was drugged up as Bill said, how could Michael function properly as the  “good father? ”If his client was so out of it, why didn’t he try to get his “client” some help? Why didn’t he encourage his client to get help?

The answer is obvious. He needed the job and the money  didn’t want to make waves so he turned a blind eye. The operative word here is “money.” To me this is what this is all about. It sickens me that anyone who was entrusted to caring about a person and protecting them  in life, would now peddle that same person’s dead flesh in hopes of scoring a  book deal and making money off of them."

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Other Odd Things / This is Dr. Conrad Robert Murray???
« on: February 19, 2010, 12:54:18 PM »
Look what I found when I googled his name.
Who is this man?  :?:

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Dr. Conrad Murray / The real birthdate of Dr Murray ?
« on: February 14, 2010, 06:00:55 AM »
Another contradiction in the official documents? There are papers issued by police and justice.
These are supposed to reveal the truth. But I don`t understand what happens here.
Sorry if it was posted before. You can delete this thread.

Other Odd Things / This is It Costume - arabic?
« on: February 08, 2010, 03:38:44 AM »
This is the jackett that was supposed to wear Michael in Heal the World song.
It was presented by Zaldy on Special Features in TII-DVD
I guess is arabic.
Could anybody translate this?
Thank you !

Other Odd Things / Moshe Alon, Elizabeth Taylor`s chief of security speak
« on: January 07, 2010, 02:59:18 PM »
Hi guys!

Moshe Alon, Elizabeth Taylor`s chief of security speak with one romanian rep about something interesting : how he helped Michel to run in Mexico few years ago, and more...
Check it out and, of course do except romanian language .. :)

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