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The Hoax Mentioned In The Media / Sightings Website- Debunked or Real?
« on: November 17, 2014, 09:45:15 AM »

It's been a long time since I posted here, but in spite of terrible episodes of emotional insecurity and doubt, my beliefs have not changed-- mostly because after five years, the MJ situation has not really changed either. The 'weird things' are still weird, questions have not been answered (are they even supposed to be?), and it seems things are only getting weirder (as in, in our favor).

Came across this website the other night: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Has this been discussed yet?
My first impression was "oh God they've started comparing us to people who actually think they saw Elvis Presley in London or something", and that this is clearly a lot of fakery...
But I DO wonder sometimes. That blurry photo could be an easy-peasy Photoshop job of an old pic with a new date stamped on it (especially considering all 3 photos of a 'dead' MJ in existence are clearly Photoshop work).

But I am curious as to what you all think... :-\

Other Theories / "Michael Wouldn't Do This To His Fans" Explanations?
« on: October 19, 2012, 06:44:48 PM »

I don't openly talk about my beLIEving to anyone, period.
That's just my way. (You're the only ones who know I really, truly know Michael is still out there.)

I sometimes hint to my mom (since she's open-minded like I am) that "things were very very weird when Michael 'died' and...honestly, I don't think he's really dead." But she never really believes me.

So, something's been bothering me majorly since the last time I did that.

My mom's main explanation for how MJ cannot be alive is: "Michael was the kindest, sweetest person. He would never fake his death like that, that's terrible. He loves his fans, he could NEVER do that to them. Make them suffer like that."

I'm sure a lot of you guys got this from loved ones or friends around you, too.

I'm embarrassed to say I had absolutely no answer for my mom. I just agreed with her on how wonderfully sweet and kind Michael is, because...I didn't know what to say... :'( I felt so horrible. Like I'd forgotten who Michael is and I was just desperate for him to be alive or something.

What if she's right?... about how he'd never hoax...?

My question to you smart, gorgeous people: How do you answer the "Michael Wouldn't Do This To His Fans" arguement?

I'd love an answer to my silly little topic if you guys have the time.. <3

The Memorial / Blanket's MJ Doll?
« on: November 24, 2011, 01:30:37 AM »
This is probably a longshot, farfetched, far-out guess, but I just have to share this with you:

Remember Blanket at the memorial with his doll of MJ?

I know he's just a child, and I may be totally wrong in thinking this, but... I found this to be a little unusual.
Why was Blanket carrying around a doll of his father?
This makes sense at the memorial (missing his dad), but... would it be something he would do regularly, even going out with Michael (as I'm sure he has so many many times)?
Why precisely on this day did he carry this doll?
Could it be that maybe this is Blanket's, an innocent little child's, way of telling us Michael is still here and close to his family?

All of Michael's children are very intelligent, no matter how little they are.
And I'm sure they can use their innocence and love for their father as a way of dropping clues for us, but unbeknownst to other grownups and especially the media who don't think or look into things like we do...

Please tell me if I'm just acting crazy and probably making something out of nothing but an adorable little boy showing his love for his amazing father. <33


Flickers of that recording of a 'conversation' (if you can call it that) supposedly between MJ and Conrad Murray come and go from my mind nowadays ever since I heard it on TV.

All I remember from it was a very, very slurred voice that I instantly....did not recognize as Michael's.

On my end, I just kinda went  WTF?? at it because the following questions went through my mi--

You know what? It's easier if I just do this:

1) How, why, and WHO recorded that conversation? I hear Murray recorded it using his phone. Okay, let's say he did: WHY? And what for?
To slap it on the net someday and go "LUUK!! LEIK MICHAEL'S ON DRUGZ!!1"?
Or perhaps to aid in the hoax, to feed the media "MJ the Drug Junkie" and give them what they want and put the hoax in motion and make this whole death more believable?

2) That deep, scratchy voice that's supposed to be MJ. "Slurred" doesn't even BEGIN to describe it. I know drugs can seriously mess you up and leave your faculties and ability to speak pretty much dilapidated, but.... I'll just say it: I'm sorry, that is NOT a drugged-up Michael Jackson.

THIS, however, (probably) is:


Mexico deposition, 1993.
If I recall correctly, Mike was... really out of it during that deposition, and I've heard it was from his addiction to painkillers around this time.
(And we know for a fact Michael suffered a LOT from that and has learned never, ever to touch drugs again since. Which brings me to a "He would let DRUGS kill him? Seriously?" rant I'll go on later. x.x)

THAT, is MJ on drugs.
The voice in the recording is just no comparison.
So low, so incoherent, so... not MJ.

3) Let's say it really was MJ in this present-day recording between him and Dr. Murray,
rambling on about building a children's hospital and about how his show will be so amazing he'll be the greatest entertainer in the world (but he already is <333) and then... he's 'asleep'.

No man who is messed up by drugs to THAT extent could move, dance, basically be a bolt of lightning like he did in TII -- which was, as we know, filmed about the same time as that recording was made (right?).
If you can't even speak clearly, there is no way you can have your faculties to make calculated, balanced moves that are required for dancing, singing and planning: clear mental processes, you see, are impossible for druggies of the extent that people claim MJ was.
And it's not like he could have been 'okay' to continue rehearsals within a few days of the recording if he had THAT kind of crap messing up his system that badly.

Am I the only one seeing the serious inconsistency there?

So when taking this into consideration, my next point is:

4) Could MJ and Murray have rehearsed this? (Or perhaps to MJ it was an act of his own, and Murray, if he is not in on the hoax, is just following along and providing believable "MJ was on drugs" testimony because he was there and heard this?)

The only realistic response I can give is bravo. He truly is a talented actor to mess his voice that way for the sake of making this hoax believable.

I haven't yet heard the beLIEvers' opinions on it, so speak up for a silly newbie, okay?  :mrgreen:

The Ambulance / Who was rolling cameras that day?....
« on: November 12, 2011, 12:06:27 PM »
Okay, guys! My first official post with a major thought on this.

My Mum has never been a believer in the hoax, and probably never will be. Period.
But she DID pose an interesting question to me I brought to a friend of mine who is a sorta on-the-fence beLIEver and it seriously got his brain cranking, and now I want to bring up to all of you:

The famous footage of the ambulance -- who was filming that?
A random passerby?

Or someone rolling cameras for Michael?

I mean, how many people knew that Michael Jackson lived there?
And how did they arrive just in time to catch all this, so precisely, so professionally?

Such perfect, unshaky capturing is not that of an amateur.

Introduce yourself / First post from a long-time lurker. <3
« on: November 11, 2011, 10:22:48 PM »
Hello hello, you lovely people. <3!

I have finally gotten the courage to make my first post here!
I don't know why it took me so long, seeing as this forum family here and I think so much alike.

It was because of this forum, a long long time ago, that pieces of the puzzle of confusion and pain in my heart at the idea of Michael being dead finally started coming together,
and I finally started crying some tears of hopeful joy instead of sorrow and just total and complete confusion as to why nothing made sense since June 25th, 2009.

You know, that day, as soon as I heard the news immediately after Jermaine told us he was gone,
the first words out of my mouth were "It's a hoax!".
As if I knew.

The feeling never left me since. I'd only feel pain when I tried to understand and convince myself that it all was in true, plain black and white: Michael had died and that's that.

When I stopped attaching myself to that, to everything the media told me and showed me and shoved in my face...
The quiet, calm reassurance that things are NOT as they seem grew stronger.
That though I may never, ever see Michael again as we knew him -- due to his complex reasons for needing to get away for the sake of protecting his own life -- even though he may never find a way to come back...
I know he's still in his own healthy body, alive, and free.

The knowledge strengthened more AFTER I heard the verdict the other day.
I was shaken for a while, but then I came here- and it all came back to me full force.
I still am not sure about a 'bam' day, though. How Michael can ever return as the same Michael Jackson he was, legally, safely and back in the warm embrace of his fans he's always had...
I have no idea and wish I could understand how a lot of you seem so sure.

But I'm going to trust my heart in all it tells me,
and in all the truths it's showing me with every inconsistency in the ongoing story, every hint of a miracle in some strange disguise...
I'll believe.
Because the logics in my mind and in my common sense and in my eyes never tell me lies.

I have so many stories, so many thoughts I'd love to share, and I hope I get the chance to share them with all of you. <3

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