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Introduce yourself / to all the believers
« on: July 05, 2012, 05:15:07 AM »
I just wanted to say it was nice to have this journey with all of you, you were extraordinary people and i have learnt so much since 3 years .  i am pleased to have met you, and shared these 3 years in your compagnie, your intelligence and open mind helped me to see lie in a different aspect .  You are so kind, understanding and dedicated. okay guys so that was all i had to say because Souza will banish me .
I also wanted to say goodbye to mjonmind and marik and don't walk away, i love you so much .
with love.

Coherent Theories ~ Connect the dots / OMGGG what is it?
« on: July 05, 2012, 03:40:09 AM »
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notice the rainbow :/

Coherent Theories ~ Connect the dots / the rainbow man
« on: July 04, 2012, 01:59:17 PM »
hi :) I don't know if there is a connection or not, but I noticed that Paris, and the jackson family had posted some twitt of image reffering to a rainbow since June 25th 2012..
 yesterday Pepsi did change the image of MJ's cans
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it seems that rainbow colors are everywhere :O
okay, so then i looked at Paris twitter and she posted some image of herself.
Since June 25th, i do believe she wants us to paid attention to her hair because each day she is adding more colors hair pieces
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So today  she posted an image of herself  ans she is wearing a tee shirt weirldy similar to MJ's tee shirt on the can's image.  It blew my mind ..
I wanted to understand what all of these rainbow's references meant, so i taped on the search bar, the rainbow man..
here is what i found, and it really disturbed me .

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 Jean 3:16  has been called the most famous Bible verse.[2] It has also been called the "Gospel in a nutshell".
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Also, this verse refers to the rapture of the church, and i was wondering if al these references in this is it like MJ air,  " they want some xscapism"  Jermaine quote " he wasn't with us way before he arrives to the airport " etc... are connected to this rapture of the church. I know many of you don't agree with the  " theory" of MJ being more than just Michael Jackson, but i would say this is the time to ask ourselves if the moment of NOW isn't "right now" ? In bible it is said that in thee second coming of christ, the dead in christ shall rise first and then after the church would be taken to meet the lord in the air.  Just please, if we let suppose that MJ is christ, then which church is the one?  Is it truly all of christians who died in Christ and are following his institution? or is it OUR, the fans who REALLY loved him for WHO HE WAS, without knowing that he would be more than just an artist? it's just a supposition don't be mad at me... But take my theory in consideration just for a while, remember what MJ always told us, " you were the one who put your heart of the line YOU were  the one who defended some one you loved, YOU are my army my soldiers of love on a worldwide basis "... so i  would say, which church is the ONE? i do'nt think there would be a tribulation, but i DO believe in the rapture of the church.
and when you write it on google, you fall on this prediction, jsut quite disturbing being at the end of time ad exactly 3 days before the Olympic games .
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please tell me what you think about this ,i just wanted to expose my theory .

Coherent Theories ~ Connect the dots / the Rainbow man
« on: July 04, 2012, 01:17:10 PM »
hi :) I don't know if there is a connection or not, but I noticed that Paris, and the jackson family had posted some twitt of image reffering to

The Movie References / Saw VII
« on: May 25, 2012, 05:08:05 AM »
I wonder if MJ is behind movies saw.. Okay, i am aware how far the violence and the suffering can go and i know that MJ was against violence BUT if he is not please tell me how come I can hear Mj's voice speaking through an other person on the trailer :s 
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if you close your eyes, the message is clear he is like talking to "THEM", tellling them that the game is over they failed and the last piece of the puzzle ( piece by piece by piece???) will be them :O
it seems pretty much Michaelish don't you? Also I found out that Jigsaw faked his death too O.O  Could MJ  "embodie"  this serial Killer??  well this is going too far, i don't believe in coincidence . I don't know who wrote the script of this movie but too many things seem connected to Michael Jackson .
An other element that i discovered which might be related to mj's hoax is the date when the movie came out. October 28 (or 29 1 day o simmering?? :s) 2010.. this is exactly the same day when This is it came out 2 years ago, Also, On October 28th 2011 ( 1 day after) marked the end of mayan calendar and the accomplishment the GROUND ZERO. on this day the movie The Anonymous came out ( related to MJ too)... I don't know all of these connection though but i elt it was interresting to share with you :)

The Illuminati Theory / Blood on the dancefloor
« on: March 23, 2012, 11:13:18 AM »
i was thinking about the 4 years to get it right"
then i studied the cover blood on the dancefloor recorded 4 years before 11/9.
I drew perspective lines on that cover, and look what i found

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 the symectric is mind blowing. /bravo/ also notice how all triangles are joined together .. but the question is why? and what did he want to show us? i don't really understand but i wanted to share this with you :)

References & Similarities / I know what happened
« on: March 17, 2012, 09:39:47 AM »
 I  know what happened since June 25th .. I know why the family and Mj's children cried at memorial but there is still a hoax. It's been more than 2 years that I have been drawn to this story and i didn't know  why AND i couldn't explain so i  made my own research to find out what really happened and now i finally got it . And this huge puzzle takes form easily ..  First of all what i will explain is not a theory,  because i'm pretty sure around 90% that i'm right...
On june 25 th 2009, the hoax began, i don't think that Michael went to the hospital but he was very much alive this day.
I'd like to focus your attention on an other particular day which is July 7th 2009. The whole world watched the memorial but i think that   this day was much more important than just celebrating MJ's death... and i have enough elements to say that a bigger event has happened on that day  . Before the Live memorial I think that the family joined together (maybe at stapple center ) to say goodbye to Michael Jackson. I believe this is the day when MJ ascended . the ascension happens when the whole physical body is transformed in a light and divine body and merges with Unity and God. Jesus Christ succeded but I think that MJ succeded too.  I suspect MJ being the Archangel Michael and the second coming. Please don't judge me, this is ONLY my opinion .
So if i'm right, his children said goodbye to Michael because They always knew who their father really was ! and knew exactly the day when he would leave them only for a time think about Moonwalker .
They knew he was a human being indeed BUT not only Michael Jackson ...  I compare MJ's history with Jesus' to find the truth. So Jesus came back 3 days after (what if 3 days symbolised  3 years? ) what if MJ knew he would back 3 years after on thi earth ? and this could explain why Children and family cried at memorial. Because mj was indeed gone...   I used numerology to know if i was  right or wrong and this is what i discovered.

From June 25 2009 to july 7th 2012,  it passed exactly 1109 days. remind me of 11/9
also, i found that July 7th  was the 177 day of the year and it stays 188 days !!!
 March 19th  2012 t is the 999 day of this hoax and the Birthday hoax ( march 19 th 1953 The greatest show on earth price)  and between this date and July 7 th 2012 it stays EXACTLY 111 days .
And finally, i  asked myself if July 7th 2009  was a moonlight night and guess what????? HAHAHAHAHA it was  OMG! and July 7th 2012 IS  a moonlight night too!! I know it is kinda strange and out of reality but  please, what is reality in MJ's world? ...

SO through all this numerology, i can conclude that MJ is Not on this earth at that moment.. but he will back 3 years after July 7th 2009 which bring us to July 7th 2012 ...  If i'm right I  understand why our pain is so present in our heart and why his loss is so heavy . I understand why we miss him so much why we can't give up this hoax, why we feel an empty place on this earth since mj "passed away" .. Because this is paradoxical to want him to come back while we are believer so  what the need " come back" really means to all of us? And also I found many no believers begging Michael to come back when they think he is dead isn't this quite paradoxical ??? sure it is! I believe  each one of us ( believer no believers ) know subconscously that MJ is NOT on this earth. but we can't ever imagine him resurecting only because we are used to thinking inside the box !! only because the theory of ascension doesn't cross our mind . so if he is Alive obviously he is on this planet.. in the same way if he is dead, he isn't coming back.. but  Michael is not dead, he never died !!   
and he will back.. that's crazy i know it, and understand why so many people can't accept this idea.
but i know it for a fact, not because i worship him but because i studied this story and everything becomes clearer when you think about this  idea..
Believe it or not, but i don't find an other explication .

The Bible References / OMG look what i found !
« on: March 08, 2012, 10:50:31 AM »
a few minutes ago i was watching Will you be there clip on you tube and i found something VERY odd ..
Please i juste want you to study  Will you be there's lyrics.  Now let me show you the chronologie in Michael's life .the clip has been recorded in 1991 . (please read the lyrics it's very important) ..
2 years after accusations begins. Please now take a look at the DATES
August 17th 1993 1st accusation ..
now look what i found

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very weird is that possible?

And i found more than that

Jesus would be born on JUNE 25 th You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login !!!!!!!!!!!!!!   WTF?? WTF?? WTF??wow i give up Michael KNEW that there was manyyyy lies in religion

Charities / What about us?
« on: February 29, 2012, 05:05:56 PM »
What will happen AFTER the bam's day?  As everyone know it, the bam's day is going to shock the entire world and create like a earthquake mostly in the system where we're actually living . So what is going on after that? And what about US?
yes us, the Army of Love, i've been thinking recently about OUR role in all of it.
I mean, what will be our duty? our mission? because I think we " the Army of Love" are the chosen ones. We are the one who can really HEAL the world, because we Love Michael Jackson and we trust him and follow him. I don't say we are  his follower like Jesus' case but in one way we  have been chosen to heal the world and make the word a better place. Think for a while, after the bam's day, all of hidden trues will be revealed around the world, the entire system will explose,  all lies will come out.
I 'm just gonna talk about the hoax case  .
This hoax is denouning  almost ALL aspect of this society . What a master job Michael did .just take a look closer
1)The Justice ==> Murray's trial  will show us that  Justice  is NOT fair and is controled and manipulated by mass medias, where judge send innocents in jail .
2)The mass medias' exploitation=> .. I would say the exploitation of celebrities but there is so much more . Medias manipulate OUR spirit,  the universal consciousness by ILLUSION andthey have found a system able to control directly our mind without we are actually  able to feel it !!!  Medias hypnotize our consciousness, using publicity, newspaper, and they maintain the whole world into Ignorance in a passive  mind .
Michael impress me because i 've never considered him as a Naive person NEVER. And also, i have found that when Michael used to create fake rumors about him he had a precise idea in his mind. In fact i would say that he created these rumor to BE a target  for being  able to take them at their own trap and have the last laugh, just see the clip "Leave me Alone" cause EVERYTHING  is related in this clipvideo without the fans could actually notice it. So, now because of this hoax  he is having his revenge, cause he is prooving how much the medias are corrupted and  manipulate everything and how much they lie they really do !!
The Medecine==> I woud say more precisely THE DOCTORS. Michael used to be manipulated by his doctors. they gave him more and more drugs, they tried to KILL him and Michael couldn't do nothing ! That's why he wrote the song MORPHINE and everything in this song  was under his control  ( musical instruments, lyrics, rhytms etc.. as 
Doctor Murray in "hoaxstory"  killed MJ he gave him  propofol even if he is an innocent man, HE killed him!
so this hoax denounce the corruption of medicine and  " doctors"
The musical industry ==> as we all know Michael owns 50% of Sony ATV publishing, in 2001 they were so angry at him that they tried to destroy Michael's last album, After that, Michael denounced Tomy Mattola who is one  the member of the "elite" ( illuminati or whatever you call it :) and this guy lost his power ..It really amaze me that the biggest part of the world are convinced that Michael Jackson is dead when he is at this moment RULING Sony ! just see a publicty of Sony or Make.believe, it is pretty much clear that Michael IS SONY .God how I love this man... anyways also as believer have noticed there are many celebrities in the knowledge of this hoax, i suppose it is because they know how much the musical industry is corrupted and  they can't handle it anymore
The Goverments==< I truly think that one of the biggest part of this  HUGE and INCREDIBE hoax is about denouncing the 09/11. I'm 100% sure that Michael always knew that this even was going to happen. As i said before, Michael knew Many things and still do .
I have some reason to think that Obama is with MJ and KNOW  of this hoax and dosn't work with "them" . I'm not really sure but almost . so I know Michael always wanted to create something BIG and perfecly planned so i am not worried about how this aspect of this hoax will happen but i have faith in MJ's plan ;)

Okay so now, can you imagine just for a second how much this global hoax is going to CHANGE the world? and create the most earthquake that the world has never seen before?  So now what about US?
Michael said us that we are one the top of his list, WE ae the one who will change this world, because WE have the truth! we have a BIG mission, and very soon MJ fans will have to be prepared to rise universal consciousness .and our only weapon will be LOVE. Very veryyyy soon, the whole world will be  devastated because the whole system will be destroyed. But the Army of Love Know the true road!!!  because MJ teached us ! So, I think we have to gather us, we have to ACT like a family, we are the chosen ones,  we don't live in illusion world but know the devine the universe and GOD because of MJ. Michael believe in US!! as he said "  you're he chosen ones i can't do it by myself" he needs us! and that's why our love for him is so unexplainable and deep .

I just wanna say I'm only 17 year old and i don't really know if what i've said is correct of not , but i think it is. I think i'm near to the truth. And when i'm thinking about my Futur, i can truly say without fear  and doubt that THERE IS NO FUTUR IN THIS SOCIETY IF WE DO NOTHING TO CHANGE THIS WORLD.
we are not social human being living in an economic and political system, when people say " HAHA  the world can't change unfortunatly " they are all wrong, because the "elite" want us to think in this way when it is NOT the true we are all ONE we are all Brothers we all come from  the universe, we are all spiritual being ! and we have the power  to CHANGE this world, by taking a look at ourselves and looking the man in the mirror. YES WE CAN

References & Similarities / Harry Potter and Michael Jackson
« on: February 18, 2012, 06:46:31 AM »
Hi everyone! I've been thinking recently about something in HP's case.  I found many similarity with MJ in this story and also concerning the hoax. i'd like to share it with you :)
So what About Harry Potter?
First, who is HP? He is a little boy of 10 years old. He always felt that he was different, you know out of the " muggles world", One Day, he receives a letter from hogward school telling him that he is a wizzard and belongs to an other world. in this world he learns very soon that he is the most famous person living, and 4 years later  that he has a mission, he is the chosen one from a prophecy predicting a war between Good and Evil ( lord Voldemort). he is the one fighting against the devil and in deathly Hollows he fakes his death pretending that Lord Voldemord killed him and is the winner. then, he shows to all people that he is ALIVE and his sacrifice save all of them.. very weird isn't it?

Now let's talk about Michael.
Michael  becomes a member of jackson five at 10 years old. he starts to become famous, and later become the most famous person in the world TOO. Then, we might suppose that he is also the chosen one predicted in prophecies, and religions called the Archangel Michael . he is the one fighting against the devil just as Harry Potter !!!! 2 years ago he has faked his death, pretending that THEY were now  the winners of this story, just as HP did... and what is happening right now? they are laughing about him, making fun of him telling of his plastic churgeries,  destroying him more and more  treating him like a a waste being disrespectfull toward him, despite ALL what he has done for US!!! is this fare? of course no.. but surely MJ knew this.
Like HP they make fun of him, they beat him, kick him, offends him become they think he is DEAD when he is NOT . just as Michael Jackson ...
And this sacrifice is embodied by this HOAX, Michael " has sacrified his life" to us, i don't think i go too far because he really did it. he was killed, humiliated , crucified no ONE would have been strong enough to support what he supported. I really mean it NO ONE

Okay so, in michael case i have understood that anything is possible, and now learning of this hoax   i'm totally convinced :p . So, I really don't know HOW this similitaries came out, nor how is it possible that SO many stories, or fairytales seem to be clearly related to only ONE person. Michael Jackson. Anyway, proofs are there, and we don't invent so i don't know how he did that but he DID it.
I really don't understand why this guy seem to be everywhere, and also nowhere.. but  heyou know it's Michael Jackson .. so i stop trying to find explications . lolol/.
however  i have to tell you something again !!

All this similarities in HP and MJ made me realised that MJland is REALY similar to HPland.
Look at that,  we are millions of people all  around the world gathered for only ONE person. We all have one commun point .  wizzards have their own signs like hats on the top of their heard, magic wands  and all stuff just as we have too. A hat,  gloove, and some dance moving and other things that only us  can understand  haha ! it's like we live a double life between reality and MJ land, just like Harry potter.  And more again! it's like we all have  Michael in our blood, i mean like we were intended to be drawn to him at at special time of our life , some of us used to live in mj land since their childhood  because of their parents and became fan too , it's like Ron who lives in magic world since his birth.. and  others who became mj fans later  ;)
also wizzard hide their origin, their world to the whole world, like Mj fans we are used to hidding our world because no one really  understand us, it's like we truly are living in an other planet were everything is reversed!! even our walk  just thinking about  moonwalking xDDD .. so i would say that the non fan world are like muggles.. i don't say that by coincidence, because loving MJ make us really different to other people we don't really belong to their reality anymore you know? and i don't really think that twilight or star wars fans, or other celebrities fanworld are the same case as MJ fan .. well i mean, we are really millions of poeple around the worlds in every country, every place culture relig bow/ion races and age !! and well wait it's Michael Jackson we are talking about so can't be compared period.

Coherent Theories ~ Connect the dots / What if...
« on: January 31, 2012, 11:12:58 AM »
Hi ! I have been thinking recently  about something  and i would like to share my idea with you .
so first let's face it .  All fans have noted how much the connexion between him and us is profound and  indescribable.And as all of us know, this bond between us is specific and can't be related to the classical relation " Idol/fans" . When i became a fan, i felt a connexion that i've never felt  with any  of my other  "crush" celebrities .   like i was close to him, as if a part of me had always been connected to him   and at the start , i thought i was gone mad and lost my head, but now i've understood that i was not going crazy.... If i had to describe my feeling about Michael, i'd say Michael is a part of me, of my soul he means EVERYTHING to me, he means the world, words can't really describe what i feel but i'm not joking it IS that's all.  well ,fans would understand it but others  would say, OMG what the hell is she talking about?? you don't even KNOW him!! And that is the point i want to put my finger on . I think i KNOW him the same way i think he KNOWS us. i can't really explain it but there is just something about us, and also that he NEEDS us the way we NEED him.
And there is much more than that, this is just the top of the iceberg but our connexion is really more complex and powerful and well, beyond logic  ... the love that we feel for him is MORE that i had  never imagined expected or felt for anyone  even my family !!!  ,it is beyond a simple '  crush" on celebrities, much more than that .... and people can't really understand it . how is that possible? We feel what he feels, we cry when he cries, we laugh when he laughs and smiles, we feel hapiness when he is all right, and versus sadness when his heart is weeping and hopeless... I will go further, 2 or maybe 3 weeks before his death, i know many fans who felt that something was gonna happen... for some  it was trouble dreams, others gone sick, others were crying , screaming made crisis for no reasons 1 day before ,others  just felt it,  i can go on and on ... but please don't tell me that these are just a coincidence, and that nothing is connected between us...
Well, so now,  that is my feeling.
What if we didn't choose to be " a fan" ? what if we had always been connected to him since our birth? what if our soul was really a part of his????? what if we were really a part of him? i say it in the right way!! what if his soul is just simply our soul sister?  or something like that!! that would explain so many things  right? like why our connexion to him is SO strong the way his connexion to us is !!!
I shouldn't talk about "Bible"  but he said it himself!!
he said my fans are my army of love, L.O.V.E equals GOD so translated as " the  army of god  fighting against the devil,  in the last war called Armaggedon " .MJ knew that...
He also said in  the song cry, " you're chosen one" and i know he talked about HIS FANS

sO  what if WE WERE THE CHOSEN ONE??? just think about it, how many fans are truly connected to him? surely not all fans.. there are like 2 billions of people who like MJ, there are millions abour 200 or more millions of people calling themselves mj fans. But how many people are really connected to him? how many fans actually FEELS like he is a part of them? maybe 20 millions maybe more, but it really  makes the number going down ^^
 so it imight be  possible that  all of fans that belongs to his Army of L.O.V.E are bound to him in a strong and closer way. Remember how our life, our experience, our personnality, is strangely similar, to each one and to michael's life, personnality and experience. This is NOT a coincidence. might be possible that we are the chosen one... chosen by God.

The PT Barnum References / The greatest show on earth and olympic games
« on: January 01, 2012, 10:27:14 AM »
have you seen the greatest show on earth's lyrics?!!

Love is like a circus and a carnival is beautiful to seeLove can turn your mind around like ferris wheels and spinning carosels

You'll be a part of the world of make believe ( notice !!!) Flying high like a man on a trapeze

Oh, everyday is a holiday
Get your tickets right away
Love, love, love
Is the Greatest Show on Earth

The fantasy you see is like a child again through rainbow colored eyes
Step right up its circus time and get your moneys worth of love today

You'll be a part of the world of make believeFlying high like a man on a trapeze

Everyday is a holiday
Get your tickets right away
Love, love, yea
Is the Greatest Show on Earth

Everyday is a holiday
Get your tickets right away
Love, love, love
Is the Greatest Show on Earth

Love, love, love
Is the greatest show on earth (yea e yea)
Love, love, yea
Is the greatest show on earth
Love, love, yea

It amaze me how all part of mj's life seem to be connected  OMG!
I mean how old was he when he sang this song? around 13 or 14 years old at least!!

and did you notice that Olympic games are also called the greatest show on earth !
so we got 2 "shows" in this story, One  controled by the government to make a "better place" by instoring  the New World Order related to the Olympic games and the other totally connected to Michael Jackson
As it is said in the song, LOVE is the greatest show on earth , I'am led to think that all of pt barnum's circus like toys in the trial, animals in the street after mj's death is NOT related to the circus of this hoax, some hoaxland and about  the  "movie of his death" . You know, too beLIEvers think that this hoax is ONLY for a " show"  when it is NOT!!!!!!! it is SO much more than that!! so I think the really meaning of all this circus and theses clues refered to it,  is in fact only for  one thing. LOVE. The meaning of the greatest show on earth IS L.O.V.E...
remember that love takes the most important place in this story .

I also have an other idea came to my mind . I truly think that the BAM's day would be in Olympic Games and some point direct me to a specific date which is July 27th 2012.. I don't know why but it is the start of OG.
finally I think we have to study the Olympic games and take a look bac  in all we have learnt troughout these 2 years  to remake the puzzle complete  and clear our mind . I found an other clue related to OG.
At the start of this is it, when mj is revealed piece by "peace", we see the United Kingdom 's flag in the light man, and also a picture of olympic games. after that the light man show us a error message called H keylocalmachine, I don't now what it is but it could be a clue. then MJ is revealed.
So what all does it mean?  WTF??

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