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Introduce yourself / Hello from Missouri USA
« on: August 22, 2011, 02:21:53 PM »
Hi all! My name is Stephanie. I have been a fan of Michael's since I was a child. I was introduced to MJ via MTV, along with my cousins, at my grandmother's house. The first MJ song I ever heard was The Way You Make Me Feel. I was hooked immediately. I have always been an avid supporter of Michael, never believing the accusations and media hype. I feel that Michael is an amazing person and am an avid beLIEver in the death hoax. Since 2009, I never doubted Michael's death. I was simply not paying much attention. I have been ill for a couple of years and preoccupied with work. Then, I saw Pearl Jr.'s documentary on Netflix. I sat up and said, "Whoa!
 I watched it a second time and showed the video to my husband. We needed no further evidence. However, I decided to research the topic to see what else there was to know. I have been lurking here for a while. For some reason, I had a lot of trouble with registration. Now that this problem is resolved, here I am. I have learned much and am even beginning a series on my blog about justice, which will have a lot of posts about Michael Jackson.

Ok, a few basics, just so you can get to know me. I am a freelance writer, online seller, and college student. I am currently pre-law. I intend to use my J.D., when I finally get it, to help those who have been wrongfully convicted or accused, and others in situations where justice is not being fairly dished out. I am married, have no children except my sweet Meowers, and live in Missouri USA. Music has been an integral part of my life ever since I can remember. My parents pushed me into a lot of musical endeavors because of vocal talent. I have been immersed in the music industry for a long time. Fortunately, I made my folks back off and have managed to remain on the outskirts and behind the scenes, where I am much more comfortable. My favorite MJ song is Dirty Diana, hence my moniker on this forum. My middle name is Diane, ironically. Ok, I have talked enough for now.

Anyway, that is my brief bio. I am too complex to tell it all in one post. Wait for the book if you want it all.  lolol/

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