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Introduce yourself / Time_To_Say_Hello
« on: September 03, 2011, 02:33:09 AM »
First of all - warm greetings to the community which i recently joined - there were tons to read and many clues to follow, some of which so evident and clear, others somehow foggy. Far from understanding it all I just feel blessed to be a member and being invited to the most breathtaking (virtuel) journey of my life.
When I say 'tons to read' it doesn't mean I read it all - believe it or not - sometimes I feel shy to read about matters that is absolutely none of my buisyness as 'What do people do in their bedrooms and with whom?' or 'How does Katherine Jackson cope with the circumstances?' (this adorable woman will do whatever she must do for each single one of her kids, no matter what, besides that she is old enough to make her decisions  :D)...and all the other questions in which the tabloids show so much interest.....actually I felt embarrased already 25 years ago over the violating of Michael Jacksons, and his family's, private sphere. As far as concerning the hoax even some of the information is important, but I try to be very carefull because for me the greatest entertainer of all times is NOT official property even if the officialty makes us believe to have the right to enter all areas of a persons life.

I am female, live in Sweden and consider myself terranian, because borders are lines on the globe drawn from people....believe me, I know, I was born in Germany back in 1959. During my adolescence I was not one of the crying and hystericle fans of MJ, even if I enjoyed his music and the masterpieces of videoart. It's only ten or fifteen years ago I recognized what an outstanding, genius and honestly working man MJ is as a person, not only as an entertainer.

Now I'm exited to be 'on the ride' and Yes, I Am entertained!

God bless You all!


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