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Other Odd Things / Can you ID the person sitting on Janet's left??
« on: May 01, 2013, 08:19:53 AM »
Hey...I found this (an Arabic ''Yahoo!OMG" page - a vid about Janet learning the Arabic language. In the video, she is seated next to her husband from Qatar...WHO IS SITTING ON JANET's LEFT? Who's shoulder and hair is that?! WHEN was this photo taken? This photo of Janet has to be POST MJ death. Why do I feel the shoulder and hair of the person on Janet's left is like MJ's???

(see at 22 seconds into the video. Forget about what the host is saying..I can't understand what she is saying. But just look towards Janet's left shouldre at 22 seconds. WHO IS THAT?)

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Other Odd Things / Why Not set up like Graceland????
« on: March 02, 2013, 09:49:43 PM »
I have a question that I'd like an opinion/answer to...the other day a friend of mine said, ''If MJ really did die, why wouldn't his family want to turn Neverland into the same thing as what Graceland was setup later as? A beautiful memorial / museum for fans all over the world to come and visit, throughout time...It would serve as a respectable, beautiful way to create continuous income for MJ's honor of their dad's great impact on the world. why wouldn't they? It's odd.''

SO...any thoughts on this?

« on: March 02, 2013, 02:00:46 AM »
Hey...I haven't been on the site for a long time...I have something to post here that a friend of mine came up with one night after we were watching some Jackson family documentary on tv. Her mind is able to go into things differently than mine, and I thought it was pretty interesting what she sent me in email. I will post them one at a time below. What do you think of all this?

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AEG - same people who did THIS IS IT.
Each $1 goes to Pencil of Promise -  that sounds like an organization that MJ would do
PoP=King of Pop

This charity (Pencil of Promise) was founded by Adam Braun who his Bieber's manager's brother.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login  Why is Bieber here at the Grauman's theater ceremony for MJ? Other than we know that he has always been a MJ fan, been inspired by him...Is there more to him and his love for MJ that seems to connect him with so much on MJ?
AND moreso lately than when before the MJ death incident? Suddenly he is all over the place connected with MJ?

The latitude and longitude position on earth, of the Jacksonville Veteran's Memorial Arena where Bieber will be stopping by for his tour:

30.3258° N, 81.6451° W
Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, Coordinates

month and year MJ was born

Day MJ died

AND THEN, unrelated to Bieber but still connected in an odd way, is Jermain's change of spelling in his last name and this:

Jermaine changed his named to Jacksun.

A company called Jacksun sells wigs
Jacksun's Wig . Website : You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
we do full lace wig, lace front wig, glueless wig, silk top wig, jewish wig, Lace frontal, top closure, 3/4 wig, machine weft, hand tied weft, pre-bonded hair extension, Micro ring hair extension , skin weft etc. if you interest, please contact at :

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A human hair, lace front custom wig created and styled for Michael Jackson. Jackson wore this wig during his famous London press conference where he announced his This Is It concert series on March 5, 2009, at The O2 arena in London. The wig is accompanied by the original bill of sale, dated November 20, 2008, from Extensions Plus, which sold the custom wig to Jackson's hairstylist for $3,700.

And finally back to Bieber...article with him donning a gas mask. In the footsteps of MJ? MJ never work a real gas mask...but just the thing about masking your face in though he was thinking of someone he is very fond of still...??
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Messages to Michael / Song for Michael
« on: November 05, 2012, 03:26:10 AM »
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login  For some reason, I have loved this song for years. It always makes me think of Michael. Here are the lyrics to enjoy with the song:

Stephen Simmonds - "4 U" Lyric:

I'm looking for a friend, so take me as I am
The world is filled with lies, the evil never ends
My soul is turning pale, my wind ain't got no sail
But I when I see you smile, I know that I'll prevail

I live for you and I, you keep me alive
Girl, you keep me alive
Break my heart and I'll die, you keep me alive
Girl, you keep me alive

It's all I ever knew, and so I turn to you to
Keep me from the cold, is all you have to do
'Cause you're my only shield, when sorrow makes me feel
As if there is no hope, but I just need to heal

So if you just give me time
I swear to you that I will treat you like a queen
Forever by your side, so be patient with me
Everybody makes mistakes but there will be no morning
If you're not there when I awake

I live for you and I

Messages to Michael / Your Sunset
« on: September 19, 2012, 12:39:01 PM »
This road feels unfamiliar
And I don't know how many turns I've made

I've been away for quite some time
Not sure of what I wanted
But the weather has changed...
The breeze feels unfamiliar
And I don't recognize the scent in the air

I used to hear your voice
In every little sound
But now the seasons are silent

You feel so distant
And I can't seem to connect
Like really bad acting
That I just can't absorb

What happened Michael...
Everything sounds muffled now
And I don't like the absence
Of the fire I used to feel
The glitter that used to shine

Up ahead in the distance
There is a sunset on the horizon
It's not really what I sought after
Especially not in your name

The cold feels unfamiliar
Something I was never prepared for
Indifference is creeping up behind me
All I want to do is run

My spirit runs on empty
It used to wear your name
Your eyes now look one dimensional
Have I lost the flame?

Michael if you can read this
I just want to let you know...
I don't ever want to be the me
The one that lets go

My battery has run weak
As that sunset gets brighter and closer
I'm searching for an off ramp
Can you help me on my feet?

I want my feet to feel that rhythm
The one your smile knew how to direct
I miss the fire, the hopes and the notion
That somewhere you exist

This yearning feels so unfamiliar
Please make it all return
An ounce of faith I still have within me
The power
Of you
I yearn

Messages to Michael / How Badly
« on: May 17, 2012, 11:01:53 AM »
When I think about the form of thoughts of you ~~ I could have touched the stars by now.
When I think about the form of being a "Believer" ~~ My soul carries them, down to the core of the earth.

How I wish you were reading these words right now?
Oh...all of your lyrics from all of your songs ever written...could never come the desire.

I try to see beyond the bad days...and remember the good ones...and reach out to better moments..
But even in the presence of strength, I can hear the tapping of my shattered heart - a sound that never ceases to remind me..
That you are STILL gone. STILL missed. STILL felt.  STILL somewhere ~~ but not here. 

How I wish you were almost through with your great plan...almost ready...almost signaling for that curtain call?
Oh...the number of people, all around the world...who know your name - does not even come the desire.

A gentle piano tinkles melodies...recreating your soft gentle smile in my mind...
And How Badly I need to know...that you are quietly comprehending...that you have never..ever..left our thoughts Michael...
If anything is eternal - let it be our arms - still stretched out...still waiting...still needing...

And as the planet continues to circle upon its axis...
How Badly I wish...this waiting is not in vain.
Perhaps this desire, is not the point - to many others here...
But that is all I have, that I can offer.
No grandeur movements in your pieces to solve the puzzle.
Only the tapping of my shattered heart...

How Badly I wish was enough...
To bring you back.

Messages to Michael / Thank You for the Victory, Michael...
« on: April 29, 2012, 12:56:10 AM » is a good day...Today is a milestone for me...because of you.

One week ago - I began my change of lifestyle...
Basically, they were health issues...doc said I had to do it...before I regret it later in life.

One week ago - I dusted off my treadmill at I started that walk forwards.
Each day, I got on that thing - started with a mere 15 minutes...a few calories here and there...
My pulse rate at that time upon stopping my exercise was at 123...

Today Michael, because of your music, ONLY your music, which I listen to when I exercise...
I have lost 3 pounds...I can now do 45 minutes on that machine and burn 350 pulse rate is down to 112.
And do you know what song happened to be playing when I was measuring today's results?


You live Michael. Because your music lives. Your words live. Your messages live...they penetrate every path and corner and crevice of our lives. Not just mine..but everyone who knows what you are all about. Thank you for that song. One of the songs that can miraculously lift me from any impossible situation.

YOU are that Man in the Mirror...Because when I look at my reflection, I see you smiling back and showing me I can.

Messages to Michael / Selfishly ~~ Provocatively
« on: April 17, 2012, 11:32:52 PM »
Selfishly ~~ I prefer your performance - over that of an impersonator...
Selfishly ~~ I can detect immediately; intricacies that tell me they are not you...

Provocatively ~~ I imagine something you might have said, a move you might have made - and secretly I smile...
Provocatively ~~ The darkness of the car - the whisper of the a/c blowing your lyrics towards my face...your music speaks...

Selfishly ~~ I am purposely lost in a world where I share you with no one...Even if it is just to smile and say ''hello''...
Selfishly ~~ My mind is a private stage...where a one man show begins...and the artistically orchestrated moves you make - send me into a brain lock up - where nothing else exists but you...

Provocatively ~~ I imagine I detect a scent...your Black though created in your imagery...

But the saddest thing yet...
Is Selfishly ~~ I wish that you are not in heaven ~~ but here with us...
Because Selfishly ~~ We don't want to imagine anymore...
Provocatively ~~ You make our hearts literally skip a know? The way your heart can flutter....

And Selfishly ~~ We are lost again - breathing you - knowing you - consuming you...

Come back Michael.  The world needs more miracles like you again.

Michael Jackson News / Now Fiddes Wants to pursue a DNA test!
« on: April 17, 2012, 10:51:34 PM »
New article states Fiddes NOW WANTS TO DO A DNA TEST...

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From an older article, Fiddes was NOT interested in and DNA test. But now, he is looking to prove his claim through DNA. ONLY BECAUSE he wants visitation rights?? REALLY??

Fiddes tells TMZ, "My mum has begged me to approach the Jacksons for a DNA test on Blanket as she says he is the spitting image of me at that age," but adds ... "I am not willing to approach this subject as I feel the Jackson's and Michael's children have been through enough already."

But Fiddes says there is one possible scenario in which he'd change his mind -- telling us that if Blanket's current guardian, Katherine Jackson, died ... neither Jermaine nor Tito were willing to step up to the plate ... Fiddes says he would make a play for guardianship ... beginning with a DNA test.

Messages to Michael / All these letters Michael...Look...
« on: April 14, 2012, 05:09:56 AM »
I'm writing this...
And I have another browser on my laptop tuned in to online MJ radio...You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login   to be specific..

It's one of those days - Michael. Full throttle on you. Your music, your website...multi tasking in the home and my thoughts are going here and there about you.

Look at all these letters to you Michael! All these letters from the world!! And to think - this is just a chip off the ice berg!! All these people are looking beyond that horizon and thinking...what is it...that will make things better...Can you feel the energy coming at you? Can you hear our laughter, our cry - can you even ever begin to know that you have to come back...

And when I say that - I don't even know if I'm speaking about you - as the Michael we think we know - or the Michael that may not want to be recognized...

Where do these words go - I type them out on my keyboard and they magically spread it's wings and fly out for others to read and embrace...and if that is possible, then maybe you're out there somewhere reading too.

All these letters Michael...all these letters to you.
By now - they have circumnavigated the entire planet three times over and more. I am sure. But it won't reach you, will it?

Messages to Michael / Where Ever I go You are There
« on: April 13, 2012, 11:00:40 PM »
It is almost..The 3 year mark.
Who would have thought - that it would feel like this.
As though just yesterday, you left us.

Yes, I've been responsible for my life, my family, my place on this earth.
But between the moments, the days, the months, the years ~~ you pop back in like a Post It Note...reminding me of something that feels the same no matter how much time has gone by.

Sometimes friends and family say something funny about you.
As though the mention of your name - won't sting like it always does.
I laugh with them, as though in fond memory of your existence...
But they don't know ~~ the wound never healed.

On the radio in the car..."I Want You Back" plays as though celebrating something upbeat and happy.
How ironic, I think...the words that you sing - are words that we all feel..."I want you back''...
I manage a smile - because we all need to be grown ups. And we all have to pretend we have survived...and have grown out of the pain and misery - as the world of normalcy expects us to.

Oh sure - life is good. I am blessed. I can't take things for granted. Thank God.
Yes I know those things are important - and we need to keep going forward.

But for every forward step I take..
Michael - it's like a Moon Walk emoticon...that moves yet never gets anywhere...
Sometimes I selfishly wonder - was it a good thing that God gave us you?
Because it sure feels like eternal drowning...some sort of twisted punishment - that we don't have you anymore.

Sometimes I choke up and swallow tears that I can't show in public.
Must go on...must keep moving...I tell myself. We need to grow from this...I tell myself.
There is a real world out there...come on...I tell myself.

But Michael, the real world is cold. It feels alien. It feels like a rehearsed impromptu show of emotions.
I would rather linger in the energy that comes...from being lost within 4 you...your my real world.  Your hushed giggles..your shy glances at the floor...a snap - a smooth kick - a gentle twist of your head...orchestrated like a Michelangelo on the ceiling...

So I'll let you go for now...once I've done so many billion times in the recent past.

I'll pretend that you're coming back. Because in reality, I have no way of making all the proof - actually live to it's word.
But hey Mickey - it's all ok.
I've been there before. I've bruised my soul and clenched my teeth and swallowed my tears.
I can do it another time again and again.

I'll just breathe in...and out...get up yet another morning.
And when I hear your song..or see you in something that to others - might be totally irrelevant to you - I'll drench myself in your awesomeness.  Because there is no other awesomeness...and the drowning your like...the BEST cure all...
again....Where ever I go ~~ You are there.

Random MJ Talk / MJ & ''Morph" from X-Men
« on: April 01, 2012, 01:48:53 AM »
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login  Anyone remember this video clip?? At 2:25 into the video, he talks about why he would choose Morph from X-Men if he had to choose to be a super hero...SO...Michael...who have you morphed into...and where are you now???  :'(

Messages to Michael / Tell Me What to Do
« on: February 20, 2012, 11:53:25 PM »
If you were to ask - I would say that life is good, I suppose.  Other than the fact, that I can't cut loose from these strings that tie me to thoughts of you.
If you were to ask - I would say that I'm ok, I suppose.  Other than the fact, that I revisit the thought of you, every single day of my life.
If you were to ask - I would say that I believe you are somewhere, waiting for just the right resurface.  Other than the fact, that sadness is what really lingers between all the smiles and hopes that aren't very good at covering up..what I really feel.
If you were to ask, Michael - I would say that the only reason why I try to believe you are not gone forever, is because I can't blow out that candle - it's the last flicker of something great....something no words can other being can similate...
But if I were to ask you something...a favor, Michael...just one - it would be this: Tell Me What to Do...because nothing is working...I am floating between two that believes...and one that doesn't...and I just can't seem to put both feet in just one place.   It hurts to believe you are gone...but just the same - it hurts more to believe you are out there - because the world needs you back...doing what you always did so well...the weren't meant to be behind the camera, matter what others may say you have a talent for...
So tell me what to do - when I can't see you but have to believe you are there.  It is hell...Tell Me What to Do.

Pictures & Videos of Michael / "I'm OK Now" fan made video
« on: January 02, 2012, 11:25:00 PM »
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login I came across this video made by a fan in France. It caught me like nothing else I have felt. Eerie, haunting, yet intimate at a level you can't explain. Pics used were personally my favorite era of MJ. But beside the point - the music, the lyrics, and the aura that the photos of Michael that were used - I could swear it was like I could detect his scent - as though something in the air catches you for a split second - something so pleasant yet you can't lay a finger on it - where it came from and what it is...but it was a split second of connecting with something...something...unexplainable. It was like walking through Michael's a different dimension of him you could never see from public appearances or stage performances...
I don't know how else to explain it. You just HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO called "I'm ok Now'' made by a fan. Eerie/Awesom/Sexy....

Random MJ Talk / Learning to Live With It
« on: December 24, 2011, 11:40:48 PM »
As Jermaine said in the interview...There is never any just ''Learn to live with it..."
Michael...there's a dead lock somewhere in my head - my soul. It's no longer is about where you are, if you are out there...or why the world can't accept the fact that you're gone forever...if you are...
It always comes back to that one place, again and again - we still want you back Michael. We can put on a brave front and say ''yes, we need to march forward for justice...'' ''we need to make a change...'' but in reality - that's beginning to feel like just a cover up to help heal the wound that still exists.
2 years have passed Michael...but the underlying need for you to be back, to still exist more than just in our thoughts and memories - that is the painful part that doesn't seem to wash away.  We can say what we want...we can pretend we're okay.  But it will never be okay.  Murray's next chapter in life has already begun. For whatever it is worth to him and his supporters and loved ones - they are already ahead, facing up to the next level of challenges in life. They move forward. They have hopes, dreams, and they live for tomorrow, a new day, a new page.  But without you Michael, we are all still left where you disappeared. Somewhere in the past - a chapter that we've been left to remain in - unfinished, left to heal - heal ... how?  I listen to your voice in your music every day...every day of my life.  And I wonder how it is that your voice, so real - can still be heard, but you are nowhere in our realm.  How can that be? Sometimes I tell myself that you are not out there preparing for a come back...because I don't think you could do this to us...its all too much Michael. How can we be expected to keep feeding ourselves this wild dream that you are watching and listening and reading...and preparing to come back to us?  When each and every moment we die a little more...and it gets harder and harder to even talk about the possibilities.  We still miss you the same Michael. The same as that first moment we watched the news...and shook our heads and said NO WAY...NO WAY....Not Michael....Not Now...Nothing has changed except the key has been lost, and the lock has gotten rustier...The only thing that would set our hearts to either accept the fact that you are gone forever...or for you to come back...RIGHT more waiting. No more games. No more hidden signs and messages and maybes and maybe nots...NO more reading between the more guessing the latest clues or messages from you that we all collaborate to create some kind of mystery to be unfolded soon...No More Michael. We need you back's either that - or nothing. We have to choose...and we have to be given the dose of reality once and for all...

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