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Other Odd Things / MJ memorabilia stolen from Kyoto department store
« on: July 13, 2010, 03:55:09 AM »
Items of memorabilia from Michael Jackson's concert tours were stolen from a special sales event at the Daimaru department store in Kyoto, investigative sources said Tuesday.

The department store said it found on July 8 and 9 that nine items worth about 169,000 yen were missing. The missing goods include a pamphlet signed by Jackson's concert tour staff and a limited-edition gold disc, it said. The Kyoto prefectural police are investigating the case.

The department store held the sales event from late June, offering about 1,000 products related to the legendary American musical artist, who died in June last year, including his autograph for 400,000 yen. Customers were able to freely touch the items.

"This is the place where fans come to enjoy seeing the goods and it's a shame that such thoughtless acts have happened here," an official at the store said.

The sales event is scheduled to end Monday.

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Other Odd Things / Aussie radio show adopts Michael Jackson's chimp
« on: July 13, 2010, 03:04:17 AM »
Bubbles the chimp has a new mummy... and two new daddies!

Aussie radio hosts Merrick Watts, Scott Dooley and Ricki-Lee Coulter have adopted Michael Jackson's former pet chimpanzee.

The radio hosts paid $12,500 to become Bubbles' "parents" for a year.

"We've adopted Bubbles!! Well, for a year at least," the team announced on their website. "He's now our adopted monkey-child! We reckon he's a great addition to the Nova team for a cool $12k and it brings us a bit closer to Michael Jackson too!"

But Bubbles won't be boarding a plane to Australia to move in with his new trio of parents, he'll continue to live at the luxurious Orange Grove retirement home (for apes) in Florida, while the radio team's twelve grand will help pay for his upkeep.

Seems odd though — we assumed MJ would have paid Bubbles' board upfront when he checked him into the retirement home. And isn't the chimp included in Michael's will?

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I suppose you've read about Ley Line 104, USAF, Denver Airport (New World Airport) You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login, Roswell, btw   on 17 Feb 2009 Barack Obama has signed his hard-fought economic stimulus plan in Denver er and I just found this strange article:

DENVER - As if a 30-foot tall blue horse with glowing red eyes wasn't startling enough, travelers at Denver International Airport are now being greeted by a new Behemoth.

On Wednesday, workers erected a 26-foot tall, seven-ton replica of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, adjacent to the main terminal. The statue is here to promote the upcoming King Tut exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.

According to one web site, Anubis is the "jackal-god of mummification," and "assisted in the rites by which a dead man was admitted to the underworld."

While art enthusiasts are excited about the statue, some air travelers aren't sure if they feel more or less secure with Anubis looking in.

"If it's the god of death, I wouldn't exactly be putting it in front of the airport," said passenger Keith Mears.

For Josh Meyers, it wasn't very reassuring either.

"I don't like flying to begin with," he said. "It's kind of weird, especially being at an airport. Bad voodoo."

"Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs" opens June 29th at the Denver Art Museum.

The statue stands just a short distance from DIA's other towering work of art: the controversial 'Mustang' by Luis Jimenez who died in 2006 when a large piece of 'Mustang' fell on him in his studio.

'Mustang' has earned the nicknames "Bluecifer," "Satan's Steed," and "Blue Devil Horse."

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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login << interesting  :? I hadn't noticed this before ...

Sending out an SOS

TIAI & TS Discussions / My Thoughts About TIAI - Elvis/MJ
« on: July 05, 2010, 08:31:44 PM »
I don't want to be negative, but this elvis thing was a DISASTER!

I could not imagine that people were so selfish, and could lie and distort what was said here. Just because they don't agree. it's a shame, YOU KNOW! People are acting just like the media acts: if people don't like, or don't understand they have to find something that makes you wrong (or to appear that you're wrong) ... sounds familiar, isn't it? (MJ x media)

I can not believe the things I read about this elvis thing, just because people believe ''this is MJ hoax, not elvis hoax''. learn one thing: you don't have to like it! You don't have to agree, but you don't have the right to insult WHO believes in TIAI . To provoke! why do people have to RT or to write messages ''i don't like this elvis thing and blabla'' why?? just because people were tweeting about it today?? grow up! You don't have to like it, but you dont have to provoke! JUST IGNORE IT!
Provocation Isn't the Highest Form of Free Speech.  ;)

I don't like of many things but i don't waste my time talking bad things about... i just don't waste MY TIME! This provocation is thing of dude people! childlike!
 I am tired of this FAKE LOVE!

People who try to debunk TIAI with LIES... oww well done! you are acting LIKE THE MEDIA!
Once again: if you don't like TIAI, just IGNORE IT! To spread hate and lies about TIAI will not solve ANYTHING.  People tend to criticize something that they don't understand.

Michael should not be very proud of some of us! Sometimes I lose my patience, i know...but it's still with love, unlike others who spread  LIES and FAKE LOVE for wickedness.

i am SICK of people attacking mo and souza (no, I am not paid by them. Thank  GOD i have MY OWN BRAIN, and I know how to use it. i don't agree with some of their theories, and it doesn't  give me the right to offend. i just don't talk about it!  SIMPLE!)
I can live with the difference of opinions.  i am not like people who say ''if you love MJ and do not agree with NWO thing RT'' (bah)(bah) or stupid things like that! and i don't like this kind of person btw.
  i am SICK of people attacking some of my friends, i am sick of people attacking me for NOTHING! where is the fuc*ing love? LOVE is not only a WORD, ok? the biggest problem here is still a lack of respect ... Take care of YOUR life.  I say also that I may not have taken much love from my parents, BUT they gave me GOOD education.

Back to elvis, I confess that in a second moment I lost all my hopes on reading what ppl think about this elvis/mj ... therefore i am acting by myself and i have been spreading the link around internet (i already received two blocks on FB *flood girl*).
(I don't need to give explanations about what I do or not, BUT i know how people are...).

To hell elvis(i am kidding i like you), To hell hoax, To hell NWO! People need to learn one basic thing: SPREAD THE REAL LOVE!


TIAI ~ 2010 / TIAI June 28
« on: June 28, 2010, 12:48:28 AM »
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I could not be online that day btw... sorry!  :?


Hi. i feel that some fans are very sad because the day is coming ... I really don't like to see anyone sad or ''losing the faith''. because there is no reason for that! (that was one of my reason to keep following the hoax. as you know I began to have doubts since the first day and day by day I became more convinced that he had not died. I could have thought ''ok, he is not dead. i know that... this is enough for me...'' but, i don't know... I really felt I needed to help people to see that MJ wasn't dead! ). I'd rather see people smiling than trying to make myself feeling a little better. I think maybe many of you are waiting for SOMETHING on june 25, well ... i don't believe something like his return will happen... But, do not give up! Give him time, when MJ feel that is the time he will BAM. Remember: there isn't ANY possibility that we are wrong, trust me! (I tried many times to convince myself for my sanity 'oh no come on, you are wrong'' but no... i am not wrong. we are not wrong! I hate lie to myself, i would never do it for you, this is a matter of time now ... and patience! (and patience) There is someone trying to use lies to put me down ... i just feel sorry for this poor soul! And sorry, MJ WILL COME BACK! If he just wanted PEACE... i think he would had done 'right'. This is so annoying you know...god! so much hate's sick!
Then if you're feeling a little sad, if you want to talk. you can send me a message (or maybe here, idk)  :D despite the stress ... lol i love you all.
  That's all!

YOU are NOT alone!


TIAI ~ 2010 / TIAI June 9
« on: June 08, 2010, 11:19:03 PM »
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and more here You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login  ;)

TIAI ~ 2010 / TIAI June 8
« on: June 08, 2010, 12:06:05 AM »
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TIAI ~ 2010 / TIAI June 7
« on: June 06, 2010, 11:36:12 PM »
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This one is absolutely exploding around the intertubes this morning.

I don’t know where it started but someone found a datasheet about a vaccine called Prepandrix that’s made by GlaxoSmithKline.

This thing contains the following entries:

Regulatory/Status Index:

biodefense stockpile (U.S.)
biodefense stockpile, European countries
controlled/gov’t distribution in European counties
controlled/gov’t distribution in U.S.
EU200 Currently Approved in EU
EU666 Biodefense stockpile
UM100 Controlled/Gov’t Distribution in US
US666 Biodefense stockpile
EM160 Controlled/Gov’t Distribution in EU

Now, I’m not taking any vaccine regardless of what number sequences are associated with it, but let’s clear something up:


Not swine flu, H1N1.

The EU666 and US666 status codes are also associated with a smallpox vaccine, and on a more individual basis, about two dozen other substances.

Maybe it’s interesting that vaccines that are stockpiled for “biodefense” purposes carry the 666 designation, but for purposes of the swine flue H1N1 vaccination that will be coming out in a few months, this US666 and EU666 wouldn’t apply because it hasn’t been stockpiled; it’s new.

Out of curiosity, I tried to determine what EU666 and US666 mean beyond the phrase “Biodefense stockpile” that appears next to the entries.

This is the reference for the Regulatory/Status index codes.

Here are the entries for biodefense stockpiles for the U.S. and European countries:

biodefense stockpile (U.S.) — 104; 105; 321; 392; 393; 394; 395; 396; 446; 447; 448; 450; 451; 452; 573; 574; 575; 618; 619; 650

biodefense stockpile, European countries — 312; 392; 393; 449; 452

There’s no reference for 666 listed. I don’t know why the 666 code isn’t listed here, but when you click on any of those codes above and then look down, though the text, it says US666 Biodefense stockpile, or EU666 Biodefense stockpile or both on all of those.

I don’t know what the implications of all of that are, but there you have it.

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The Department of sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis of the Ministry of Health released a technical note on the possibility of false-positive results in enzyme immunoassays for HIV among people who received the vaccine against swine influenza virus.

As the department was due to accelerated industrial production of vaccine against the H1N1 virus, there is currently no available data on all the side effects, but it was observed that people who took the vaccine to be tested for HIV-1 showed false positive, ie, the results indicated that the AIDS virus is present when, in fact, is not.

According to the Ministry of Health, this is because, in taking the vaccine, the body begins to produce antibodies Immunoglobulin M (IgM), the body's first defense against infection. In this process, the presence of antibodies directed to other infectious agents that may be similar to HIV, produce false positive results in examinations.

Under the guidance of the Department of STDs, if tested positive, it is recommended to perform a verification result. The second examination should not be reactive in case of cross-reactivity with antibodies produced in response to the vaccine against swine influenza virus. Still, the negative result in these tests does not rule out HIV infection, since the patient may be in the state of seroconversion, or other disease that interferes with the results.

The Ministry of Health recommended that the professionals responsible for diagnosing HIV-1 should inform patients who received the swine flu vaccine on the possibility of false positive results in tests. If necessary, patients should also call for the creation of a new collection after 30 days, until the diagnosis is definitive.

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TIAI ~ 2010 / TIAI May 12
« on: May 11, 2010, 11:57:26 PM »
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hmmm the UPDATE is coming??  LOL

maybe... tomorrow!

A website that claims Michael Jackson is masquerading as a severely disfigured man has become an internet sensation, attracting over one million hits per day.

An administrator from claims Jackson appeared on the Larry King talk show in disguise on the day of his funeral last year, The Sun newspaper reports.

Hoax believers say Jackson is impersonating a man he befriended years ago — Dave Dave — who was severely burned in 1983 after his father doused him with kerosene and set him alight.

Dave, now 33 and living in Utah, said Jackson "accepted him" and "never let go".

"He took me into his life, which is very rare for Michael to do," he said.

Bloggers noted after Dave's appearance on the Larry King Show last year that his voice was of a similar pitch to Jackson's and that his mannerisms were the same.

Dave's eye colour also reportedly changed from green/blue to brown.

The comparisons have led to speculation that Dave's facial scarring would provide the perfect cover for Jackson, who died aged 50 in June last year.

Souza, an administrator from the hoax website, said: "Michael Jackson attended Larry King Live on the day of the funeral disguised as Dave Dave."

Souza runs the website with her friend Mo. They both call themselves "Death Hoax Investigators".

"The media told us two different stories," Souza was quoted as saying.

" reported he died six minutes before the doctor pronounced him dead, and CNN kept telling us he was in a coma ... what really happened still remains a mystery."

Dave's spokesman Brian Oxman rubbished the claims, saying the world was still grieving for Jackson.

"He was so remarkable that people find it difficult to believe he is no longer with us," Mr Oxman was quoted as saying.

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TIAI ~ 2010 / TIAI May 10
« on: May 09, 2010, 11:10:15 PM »

karen faye BG on twitter
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Español / 777 +999 = Mayor prueba de la falsa muerte, No Asesinato
« on: April 26, 2010, 01:43:27 AM »

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