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General Hoax Talk / how to edit my own post
« on: September 05, 2010, 10:57:18 AM »
excuse me, I need to edit my own post but I see NO option for that. Please how do i do this? I see an edit option on some posts I made, but NOT on all and NOT on the one I need. Maybe a MOD can contact me?

Thanks for the help.
Love :)

Messages to Michael / Message of Love by Leahim Jackson
« on: September 05, 2010, 07:21:10 AM »
this is not directly a message to MIchael, so I m not sure I postet right.
I hope this has not been postet yet, If so please feel free to close this topic.

There s a new YOUTUBE CHANNEL by Leahcim Jackson, Michael Jackson Double. Don t get confused he s NOT LEAHCIM NOSKAJ. PLease watch his video and visit his channel. Its a GREAT MESSAGE he is giving to Michael Jackson Fans. Its a call for a message to MICHAEL
Thanky you

channel link:
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Messages to Michael / YELLOW RIBBON FOR MICHAELs Birthday
« on: August 22, 2010, 02:32:19 PM »
i had an idea, if you like it please help me spread it. I know many people come here to read and i hope many will pick this up... I m hoping this will be another SUNFLOWER shower- ONLY with YELLOW RIBBONS for Michael to come back and get OFF the bus :)


you can always mail me at my youtube channel You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

T.P. ( seekingtruthMJ)

Michael Jackson News / Message for M.J. Justice- William Wagener
« on: July 02, 2010, 08:06:32 AM »
Please watch and support and forward this message.

No explanation necessary, the video is self-explanatory.

Let s do this for Michael and in the name of JUSTICE for all the innocent convicted people.



Deutsch / Innocent kampagne-an alle deutschen Fans
« on: June 11, 2010, 04:20:19 PM »

Bitte unterstützt Mr. William Wagener. DANKE :)

Another message from Mr. Wagener...More detailed information how he wants to get Justice for MJ by finally telling the truth to the world about T. Sneddon... if anyone has any questions concerning this matter, please feel free to message me, I am the person that received this mail frm Mr. Wagener and is trying to help him. Thank you :)

WE CAN - - get JUSTICE for Michael if we really want to... but not at Murray case.
Will you help spread this message:

I have sent several Messages. Essentially - - THIS IS IT.
did it have these essential POINTs;
The Daily MEDIA pool, inside the courtroom was usually, 75-100 , I was the only one

doing a Local TV show, and asking, "hey Mr. Prosecutor, can you show me ONE witness who does not get caught in their own lies?" I stood alone, like an unwanted bastard child in the Network TV & Radio Print MEDIA . I was witnessing a Media lynching of MJJ, and

the Responsible, Main Stream Media , MSM, seemed to have lost all objectivity. For a reason,
they were controlled, & Directed for an evil purpose, not apparent at the time. But I sensed it was EVIL . MJJ was innocent. Sneddon was guilty of crimes against MJJ. I was the witness.

ONLY, last two weeks, did it occurr to me, that all those fans that packed the other 50 seats at the back of the courtroom, were NOT really listening to the evidence. NO. They were there to Support MJJ or just be near him. Most of the media just reported the accusations. And now

I understand why the JACKSON FANS missed , the Network Media ignored, the obvious evidence tampering by the PROSECUTORs.

All these 5 years I thought the FANS were all FULLY AWARE. Now I don't think so. So its time
to share this from my 12th TV show on the 2005 Trial done during the trial, and this clip is from just after the verdict. June 2005, you see what Sharon Sidney and I are saying. PUT the PROSECUTOR in jail for felonies. Of course this was only a local TV show. IT was all I could do, but now YOU TUBE makes it possible for me to share with Fans around the world
and I hope you will SHARE it. Ask them to subscribe to my channel, and help me create the funding to do a real accurate documentary.

I spent $5000 bringing Valentino over to do a "cheer up" MJJ rooutine. I lost
money doing it on June 12, 2001 because Negative fans thought I was using
MJJ to make money. I lost $5000 to cheer up fans most of which boycotted the Valentino event. So I have been reluctant to interact with the fans since, and just let JONE push her book. Even if all the seats had been full, I would not have broke even. I can go back to selling real estate, and make $15,000 per month, or I can work on bring MJJ some justice, PUBLIC vindication, with a well produced [ costing at least $2 million ] plus another $3-5 million to buy an hour of AIR time for 3-5 nights and run a 1 hour special of the documentary,
syndicate it. Of couse I can not live on NOTHING, but who else would you trust, the MSM , the Nancy Grace or Jim Moret. I stood alone in that media pool from February to June 13th, 2005, and they all told me I was "going in the wrong direction" , "not part of the team" , and still I said week after week, "Tom Sneddon you snake, show me one witness that is NOT caught in their lies".

1. Only the Fans can raise the money. be it $5 million or $10 million
cost to each fan is cost of one dinner out on the town, a lot less than
1 million fans giving 5 - 20 $ and we have the Production cost covered
and I hope the AIR TIME purchase covered. all in 2010-1011
A. 50,000 to 500,000 MJ fans read this letter or a condensed version & Subscribe.
B. They check out my claim to have been doing TV shows DURING the TRIAL
and stating, "show me one witness who is NOT caught in their lies against Michael"
and "Michael will be found NOT guilty".
C. The MJ fans automatically get my uploads so I can talk to them directly via YOU TUBE
D. I set up a DAY. one day. call it "PLEDGE" DAY, when Fans who want to see the documentary done by William Wagener the TV Producer of OnSecondThought, the money on
a new website. NO Money changes hands. JUST 500,000 fans pledging $5 to $20.00 each

If that PLEDGED Amount reaches $5 - 10 million , and that is sufficient to Produce the
DOCUMENTARY for $2 million, buy Network AIR time for 3-5 million [what ever it is in 2011 or 2012] on "PLEDGE DAY", then a day to actually send money to a specific designated account will be set.

E. In a single day, the MJJ fans will be asked to send their $5 to $20 each, and the next day William Wagener and staff will anounce the total amount and make a NEWS RELEASE
that the PROJECT : "Justice for Michael" will begin the film production.

F. SCRIPT written . Directors, Asst will be sought, looking first to proven MJJ supporters who happen to work in video or film. This will be a made for TV and Internet Production.

G. Applications to play the Fans will be give PRIORITY to real FANS . I will seek out some
of those who actually are seen on the REAL footage I have.

Scheduled Production time 18-22 months. to final cut, READY for TV.

2. We make an accurate documentary of the Trial and stuff outside the trial
complete in 2011, & buy AIR time coast to coast.

3. We PUBLISH IT on NETWORK coast to coast TV , for the NON-fans to see.

- - - END of Step 1 - - -

4. WE then show how Tom Sneddon and Ron Zonen faked and fabricated false evidence - fingerprint - phone charts, etc. so that there is a growing demand to prosecute Sneddon. SET asside Statute of Limitations like they did with the Jordy Chandler evidence. [Good for the goose is good for the fox ]

- - - BEGINING of STEP 2 - - -

5. We get a 25 man/woman Santa Barbara Special grand Jury to issue indictment of Tom SNEDDON, [ also Ron Zonen, Gordy Auchincloss ] for
faking evidence. They hand the Sheriff the INDICTMENT to arrest Tom Sneddon and co-conspirators. Maybe, just a thought, Tom Meseareau will act as the Private Atty. General for the Special Grand Jury. In 3 weeks it is done. INDICTMENT may be made based on
Special Grand JURY instructions, and sent to Sheriff Bill Brown.

6. The Trial begins, the evidence is the court record, plus a few sheriff deputies that hate Sneddon and were left off the witness list in 2005.

7 . We obtain conviction, and put Sneddon in PRISON, to collect his $100,000 pension while serving time.

IF the FANS enable me to do this, I will NOT likely get rich, I will become persecuted in Santa Barbara County, most likely. I will Need money to cover my living. But it will be a lot less than what MJJ spent on just one lawyer.

In the end , we will show the World how faked and crooked the trial was. with faked evidence.

MJJ will be vindicated . Sneddon EVEN INDICTED, but Not convicted will
prove how crooked the 2005 trial was.

It may be my last work in this life, but I am up for it. Not because I ever was a jackson fan, I was not, I was a moderate JACKSON FIVE fan, decades ago. But before I die, I need to see some JUSTICE to the criminals who run Justice [ Just us ] Legal system, just for their profit.

IT is totally up to the fans. IF there are enough dedicated fans still left, They claim millions,
we only need 500,000 to donate just a little. For the remainder of their life they will be able to
say, I was there for MJJ, I donated freely my small part to force EQUAL JUSTICE on Tom Sneddon, and vindicate Michael JACKSON for all time.

THEY will decide collectively, If I see my SUBSCRIBTION list jump by the end of JUNE, I'll set up the website and bank account. I have already briefly talked to Gary Nimmer who owns the Jackson NEVERLAND footage done for the defense for court.

Dee Pfeiffer of Leicester England suggested I do this. NOT me, IT was NOT my thought at all. But if the FANS will finance it, I'll do the production and make it a reality.

Time for the FANS to stop whining and either stand up for JUSTICE for MICHAEL, or be silent in their suffering, cause the General public has been poisoned by the Main.Stream MEDIA, MSM, dispite the JURY verdict, dispite all I did on my LOCAL only TV show for 12 Weeks during the TRIAL.

Does that answer your question, if not email me here, but first do me the courtesy of searching all my video uploads about MJJ or Neverland, or Sneddon. so you know who you
are dealing with. I am NOT a fan, I am NOT Network Media, I am NOT BASHIR,
I am a man who helps people seek justice, or at least expose the crimes committed against them and their children. [ See my clips on Pam & Wilbur GASTON & the interview I did May of 2009 ] MJJ would have cried if he had know how Wilburs daughter was stolen by evil lawyers, CPS workers and raped, molested BY THE GOVERNMENT FOSTER Parents, and one the first one , Hazel Spees admits on the footage I discovered of COURT video that she did it, made a 7 yr old do kiddie porn, and Hazel was never EVER punished because a Oregon state
CPS worker, Larry Lawson ordered her to do it to a 7 year old. ]

I and Michael both wanted to protect children from harm. That is my common bond.
Michael and I both recognized there is Little or NO JUSTICE in the "justice system".

Sneddon needs to be indicted for his felony, first we have to change the PUBLIC perception
of the trial, and show them SNEDDON's crimes. I am up for that.

Will i am
still standing in Santa Maria,
still Hosting and Producing "On Second Thought"


I have an important question to ask you...You are located in Southern California OR L.A.?
I don t know if you have seen William Wageners videos about T. Sneddon. Mr. Wagener is trying to get justice for Michael. I ve been in contact with Mr. Wagener about this and I am trying to help him. Here s an excerpt from his first letter to me:

"... its time
to share this from my 12th TV show on the 2005 Trial done during the trial, and this clip is from just after the verdict. June 2005, you see what Sharon Sidney and I are saying. PUT
the PROSECUTOR in jail for felonies. Of course this was only a local TV show. IT was all I could do, but now YOU TUBE makes it possible for me to share with Fans around the world
and I hope you will SHARE it. Ask them to subscribe to my channel, and help me create the funding to do a real accurate documentary.

SUBSCRIBE my Friend and SHARE this with friends.

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TIME has come to make a accurate Documentary of the MJJ TRIAL

so the TRUTH comes out, and the PROSECUTORs who falsified the evidence

can be PUT in PRISON..."

Video attached J

to get started Mr. Wagener asked me to contact Fans from Southern California who are going to next Mondays trial, and see how many can email him to meet with him Sunday, late afternoon, 13th.

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Whether you intend to go to the trial or not, I think its most important that if you are in the area and can make time to meet with Mr. Wagener, please contact him. Mr. Wagener has always been a supporter of Michael Jackson and has always believed in his innocence. He is taking great effort to get JUSTICE for MJ about what happened during the trial and to finally get the ones responsible for destroying Michaels life like they did by using false evidence and put the Prosecutor in jail for felonies.

So if you ARE from that area please support Mr. Wageners plan and try to be there. If you are not from there, please subscribe to his channel and spread the message, because this plan can only be realized, if enough MICHAEL JACKSON FANS SUPPORT Mr. WAGENER. Thank you.

I know this is short notice, but I just received this request today.

I am very happy to help Mr. Wagener with his plans and to be able to do something for Michael after all that Michael has done for us and this world.


References & Similarities / ARG- Alternate reality game- this is it!!!
« on: February 04, 2010, 05:35:53 PM »
After watching all those great vids of people like our Maura and Piano Games etc. there have been a lot of questions for me over the past couple of months, like why and how MJ did this and how and why so many people seem to be informed and in on this like family, friends, TMZ etc...I don t know all the answers but thats not important, cause I really think I ve figured this whole HOAX thing out...please dont call me crazy before you read EVERYTHING I m posting now. Now this might take you a long time, as its taking me even longer to put it all up, since stupid me erased it all, but BELIEVE me, its worth it!!!

This has been a great adventure, a really great adventure and I m very HAPPY to be a part of THis GAME!!!


As some of you might know I signed up for the DAVE DAVE work group cause all along I knew that DAVE has a very special and HUGE ROLE in the DEATH HOAX!
So for the longest time I was wondering about who he listed as influence next to MICHAEL JACKSON...And THE WINNER IS TRENT REZNOR...why TRENT REZNOR...this is what I found out:

Trent Reznor Wikipedia

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Hes also behind the ARG (alternate reality game) Year ZERO with his band nine-inch nail.

ARG- same as Interactive reality game (google gives you the same link)
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Wikipedia YEAR ZERO
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There s a 11 page long interview with Trent also about the game and planting clues etc, here the most interesting parts for you.


Its a 11 page Interview, but its worth reading, really! Here just a very interesting part about planting clues and he even mentions the word " HOAX FEELING" somewhere in the interview. In the interview he explains a lot about the way they did the ARG and about the music industry today.

"Reznor: With the record label. Yeah, I funded it myself so I could call the shots basically. But it came a point when it was about to come to life, work was being done, they had been hired, and I wanted to involve the label, explain to them what was going to happen, so that they basically didn't mess it up. Just let it do its thing, but warning them what might start happening. And there was some of the most absurd conversations I would have, where I'm trying to explain something that's — if you try to explain what an ARG is to somebody, it's a tough —

Rose: Yeah, yeah it is, it is, right, right.

Reznor: I can tell you another tough conversations. Calling my manager and saying, "Listen, here's what I want to do. I'm going to hire these guys — " "How much?" "Yeah, but here's what's going to happen. People are just going to start sensing this thing's going on. And it's going to be this rabid kind of excitement about this story that ties into the record." "Well, how are they going to find out about it?" "Well, first on a T-shirt, you notice a letter's a little bit different. And someone's going to put that together, and someone's going to think what if I type that in a browser? And it's going to take them to a site. And that's going to talk — and they're going to put that online." I could hear myself saying it, and I thought goddamn I sound like a crazy person, you know. And I'm saying, "Look how much money I'm going to spend to do this." It sounds crazy, you know. But to their credit they trusted me. And they understood what — they kind of picked up on what would be cool about it.

Rose: The label you mean?

Reznor: No my management."

later on page 8 about the end of the game:

"Reznor: And then we started talking about it was getting to the phase where — not everything was planned out from the very beginning. Certainly the skeletal ideas. But then some things were left to mutate depending on how it went. And at that meeting it was like, "OK, we should think about the end and we should think about how to wrap it up and make it feel like this phase of it has a conclusion to give people a sense of accomplishment, and to keep them from being frustrated looking for something that isn't there anymore." And then there was the idea of "What about this idea? Susan, you're going to kill me." It was (Alonna) saying this. "And what about this, we're in Cleveland. You guys play a secret show. As soon as everyone leaves the building they're across the street from the building, boom, detonates, implodes."

Rose: [laughs]

Reznor: You know, and I'm like these are my kind of people. How the fuck can we do that? Yes, you know. Anyway, that mutated into — I came up with the idea of — it was their idea to have a show. The problem I had with that was it can't be a full show, it needs to maintain a level of excitement where people feel like they're getting a treat, that something happens. It can't just be a show, because then it becomes a show. So, I kind of wrote up a synopsis of what I thought would be a cool thing to happen, including primarily what happened, you know. And I thought for sure there'd be some liability (of us) being able to do that. And what if someone gets hurt, and you know. But then I kind of rationalized it, like OK, when you to a haunted house somebody's coming at you with a chainsaw and a strobe light in the dark, you know. Those somehow nobody goes to jail for that usually. And so they really just started working on the idea. And I knew that the people they would get to execute it would be — I'm not just kissing ass when I'm talking to you. But by that time they'd really proven themselves as they don't disappoint. It's an A list — its what I would do if I was in that job. I'm a guy that overthinks things and you know gets — but it was the same, I knew they could pull it off. And we talked about it, and we decided to use that place you saw. It's where we filmed the ("Survivalism") video a while earlier. And much to my amazement, that went off without a hitch, you know. Without a hitch,. and there were so many things that could have just made us look stupid, you know. And to my surprise, you know, watching — all I could see, because we were in the building. I could see the bus pulling up and we were all looking out the window and seeing people walk out and guys on the roof. It looked great, you know. And I couldn't tell what was happening in the actual meeting until I saw we edited it right after the film, watched the video tape. And it was — I was surprised that it was what I hoped would happen. It was that suspension of disbelief, worked it out so where it would feel like, hey everybody thought this was (entertaining news) but now we tie Nine Inch Nails and fiction into this and now you realize, oh I'm at the first resistance meeting. And this is the guy — oh, I'm in the movie. You know. And the whole idea of it being broadcast, Webcast, and then it cuts off right when you don't know what happened. And those people that we carefully selected would be the ones that tell the story. I thought it was genius. All those flourishes were there (and doing). And what was great about it was the next day, people had — so the story ended with the SWAT team coming in, tear gas and sirens, people getting rushed out to the bus, were bound up against the wall, and you know, people running out, freaked out. And then people filled in the story with they went to jail. Which I don't think they did, you know what I mean. I couldn't tell what was real myself. My manager Jim called me up and he's like, "What the hell happened last night?" I'm like, "It went off without a hitch." "No one was in jail?" "Not that I know of. I don't know why they would, it wasn't really cops there, were there?" You know what I mean, like it really got into like I can't imagine what it would have been like if you had fallen along the line and got cut off and then the stories popping up. I didn't really hear anybody kind of pulling the sheet away, showing the guy behind the curtain, you know. It all felt like it really — I don't know how many people in the end really were aware of what was happening at that time. You know, but in terms of keeping it pure, and really making that thing feel like it had a cool climax. That was — I can't tell you how much fun it was for me. That's the kind of stuff I love to do, and be able to pull it off and have the team together to come up with an idea and say, "Oh yeah, if anyone in the world can do it, these guys can, you know." And they take pride in making it happen, and it was good. Down to their — well, I better not say. Down to the guy providing the weapons, the real weapons, the SWAT team trainer, you know, who was terrifying in his own way....."

here the link to the whole interview (dont have to read it all)
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also an easier to read link on game zero game than reading all 11 pages, but you still can if you wanna. heres the link
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while reading this page, another thing caught my eyes:

"....On February 22nd, 2007, a new site called "Art is Resistance" appeared on the web, giving links to downloadables such as forum avatars, wallpapers, stencils, and stickers...."

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Art is resistance was a redirect on TIAI :

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 Also to my surprise I just found on Thisisalsoit twittwer page the link to a nine-inch-nail-song postet there on the 22nd january...


story of WARM PLACEYou are not allowed to view links. Register or Login



Digging a liitle deeper into CLUES...

Probably you ve all came across the movie "THE CROW" during your time of this HOAX. THE CROW also has an important role in this HOAX.

Wikipedia THE CROW
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THE CROW was the second clue on MJAWAKENING
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beautiful song...

the song "DEAD SOULS" Soundtrack of the album for the Crow was by NINE-INCH-NAILS- TRENT REZNOR !!! ;)

Besides THE CROW soundtrack being by NINE-INCH-NAILS I also found more connections to the HOAX than this...

Quite some time ago I watched a hoax video by KARENJOYMC, who gets all the credits for what I m telling you next.

KAREN found a possible connection between MJs FAKED DEATH and A guy named ANDY KAUFMAN who also supposedly FAKED HIS DEATH. Theres a homepage about/from him on which a guy named "KING" iss answering questions regarding the faked death, actually more than once "King" refers to himself as being ANDY KAUFMAN. Anyway, theres an email that was sent to him by a guy named VICTOR asking him about the hoax:

On January 8th, 2008 a guy named "Victor" wrote this email to king:

An email from Victor

Hello ,
I just found the site today , and read through the posts/comments/answers on it.

It seems that most writing are writing from a material world point of view , and not from a spiritual point of view.

I am one also in the entertainment industry (Music) , and have considered doing what the person (once known as Andy Kaufman amongst other psuedonyms) did.
I think it is a perfect way to get away from all the nonsense of the "industry" , at the same time , gain peace.
I do think that Bruce Lee and His Son have done the same.

Are you Buddist ?

Where could one meet with you in person , and experience the teachings you have been taught and offer in person ?"

link to the page (slow loading but should still be working)

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what caught my attention AFTER I found out about the CROW was VICTOR referring to BRUCE AND BRANDON LEE..."I DO THINK THAT BRUCE LEE AND HIS SON HAVE DONE THE SAME" ...hmmmm I didn t know much about their deaths, so I googled, and what I came up with was REALLY  SOMETHING!!!

BRUCE LEE DEATH :On 10 May 1973, Lee collapsed in Golden Harvest studios while doing dubbing work for the movie Enter the Dragon. Suffering from seizures and headaches, he was immediately rushed to Hong Kong Baptist Hospital where doctors diagnosed cerebral edema. They were able to reduce the swelling through the administration of mannitol. These same symptoms that occurred in his first collapse were later repeated on the day of his death.[71]

On 20 July 1973, Lee was in Hong Kong, due to have dinner with former James Bond star George Lazenby, with whom he intended to make a film. According to Lee's wife Linda, Lee met producer Raymond Chow at 2 p.m. at home to discuss the making of the movie Game of Death. They worked until 4 p.m. and then drove together to the home of Lee's colleague Betty Ting, a Taiwanese actress. The three went over the script at Ting's home, and then Chow left to attend a dinner meeting.[citation needed]

Later Lee complained of a headache, and Ting gave him an analgesic (painkiller), Equagesic, which contained both aspirin and a muscle relaxant. Around 7:30 p.m., he went to lie down for a nap. When Lee did not turn up for dinner, Chow came to the apartment but could not wake Lee up. A doctor was summoned, who spent ten minutes attempting to revive him before sending him by ambulance to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Lee was dead by the time he reached the hospital.

There was no visible external injury; however according to autopsy reports, his brain had swollen considerably, from 1,400 to 1,575 grams (a 13% increase). Lee was 32 years old. The only substance found during the autopsy was Equagesic. On 15 October 2005, Chow stated in an interview that Lee died from a hypersensitivity to the muscle relaxant in Equagesic, which he described as a common ingredient in painkillers. When the doctors announced Lee's death officially, it was ruled a "death by misadventure."[citation needed]

Controversy occurred when Dr. Don Langford, who was Lee's personal physician in Hong Kong and had treated Lee during his first collapse believed that "Equagesic was not at all involved in Bruce's first collapse."[72]

However Professor R.D. Teare, a forensic scientist recommended by Scotland Yard who had overseen over 1000 autopsies, was the top expert assigned to the Lee case. His conclusion was that the death was caused by an acute cerebral edema due to a reaction to compounds present in the prescription pain killing drug Equagesic.[73]

The preliminary opinion of the neurosurgeon who saved Lee's life during his first seizure, Peter Wu, was that the cause of death should have been attributed to either a reaction to cannabis or Equagesic. However, Dr. Wu later backed off from this position:

"Professor Teare was a forensic scientist recommended by Scotland Yard; he was brought in as an expert on cannabis and we can't contradict his testimony. The dosage of cannabis is neither precise nor predictable, but I've never known of anyone dying simply from taking it."[72]

Lee's death is still a subject of controversy.
his son BRANDON LEE:
On March 31, 1993, while making The Crow, the crew filmed a scene in which Lee's character walked into his apartment and discovered his girlfriend being beaten and raped by thugs. Actor Michael Massee, who played one of the film's villains (Fun-boy), was supposed to fire a gun at Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) as he walked into his apartment.

Because the movie's second unit team was running behind schedule, it was decided that dummy cartridges (cartridges that outwardly appear to be functional but contain no gunpowder or primer) would be made from real cartridges by pulling out the bullet, dumping out the gunpowder and reinserting the bullet. However, the team neglected to consider that the primer was still live and, if fired, could still produce enough force to push the bullet off the end of the cartridge. At some point prior to the fatal scene, the live primer on one of the constructed dummy rounds was discharged by persons unknown while in the pistol's chamber. It caused a squib load, in which the primer provided just enough force to push the bullet out of the cartridge and into the barrel of the revolver.

The malfunction went unnoticed by the crew, and the same gun was used again later to shoot the death scene, having been re-loaded with low-power black powder blanks. However, the squib load was still lodged in the barrel, and was propelled by the blank cartridge's explosion out of the barrel and into Lee's body. Although the bullet was traveling much slower than a normally fired bullet would be, the bullet's large size and the point-blank firing distance made it powerful enough to fatally wound Lee.

When the blank was fired, the bullet shot out and hit Lee in the abdomen and lodged in his spine. He fell down instantly and the director shouted "Cut!". When Lee did not respond, the cast and crew rushed to him and found that he was wounded. He was immediately rushed to the hospital. Lees heart stopped once on the set and once in the ambulance. Following a six hour operation to remove the bullet, and despite being given 60 pints (or 28 liters) of blood[citation needed], Lee was pronounced dead at 1:03 pm on March 31, 1993. He was 28 years old.


Connection to MJ: REMEMBER PARIS AND PRINCE AFTER KARATE CLASS??? Paris had on a shirt with THE BUNNY and what did Prince have on??? A BRUCE LEE T-Shirt.

this doesn t have to mean a lot after Karate class, but in connection with paris wearing the bunny and Prince seen with the Chris ANGEL hat and everything??? And that mystyrious VICTOR on the Kaufman page??? CLEAR CLUE to me!!!

of course, I don t wanna keep the vid from Karenjoymc from you, that made me look into the whole Bruce /Brandon LEE/Crow stuff


SO, THAT ABOUT sums it up for now, unless I forgot something cause my head is spinning now...

THANKS for staying with me if you re still alive and well  :)

So now my fiew on a few things has adjusted, like a lot of those accounts and pages here online and sites like mjawakening and TIAI as well as some TWITTER pages etc... ITS ALL PART OF THE GAME!!! AND SO ARE WE!!! Cause like some of us mentioned before..."THIS HOAX IS NOT FOR EVERYONE TO BE PART OF, JUST SOME SELECTED PEOPLE anD I THINK WE SELECTED OURSELVES  :lol!:

Now Im just too curious when and how this game is gonna end, but now it also makes perfect sense to me that on the TIAI reveal it was said that it depended on our action when (and maybe how) MJ will return again.


It s all for L.O.V.E

Please credit when posting someplace else!!! THANK YOU!

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