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Michael Jackson News / Pearls documentary on mj hoax- google news MJ
« on: February 24, 2011, 10:59:02 AM »
I think my post disappeared. I had posted an article from google news. If you google new mj, it shows an article on mj hoaxing his death and mentions pearl's documentary based on 'her' investigations.
Here's the link again: this link shows the searches on google news MJ
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This is the article:
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Other Odd Things / Think about it... It's def a hoax
« on: January 20, 2011, 09:19:00 PM »
Hi guys, I been keepin my thoughts to my self lately but do read what you guys have to say. But recently,I just realized something and I just had to bring it to your attention:
So remember tiger woods?? He was involved in a scandal involving his wife and mistresses. Don't wanna go into details but if you aren't sure about what I'm talkin about, click here
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So, I'm not here to judge him but my point of mentioning him is how what happened affected tiger's life. He used to be a spokesperson for different brands and companies which was revoked. His endorsement contracts were terminated by those companies coz they didn't wan themselves to be represented by a person who has dome something wrong. You can google about this. He lost his respect. News everywhere talked low of his character or atleast about what happened. You could see woods hiding his face in many news videos.
Same thing happened to bill Clinton- remember his Monika lewinski scandal?
Those of you who live in the US, would back me on this that when someone commits murder, it's talked about a lot in the news, their pics are continuously shown, the updates on stories are shown regularly. Ex- guys who get crazy and shoot people in office buildings or kill their own family or a gf and her family etc etc
So isn't it strange, that these are just examples of ordinary scandals ( as compared to murders) and ordinary people who commit murders get so much attention, where as a potential murder - dr murray, who is on trial for maybe killing not only a globally famous person but also someone who has helped the needy all the time, is acting like nothing ever happened? I'm not sayin he's guilty but he shouldn't even be seen in public the way he does- for his own protection or atleast for the case. Who would want more complications in the case say if some fan did something to him?? His lawyers should be telling him against his media poses and smiles. There's something called sympathy votes and he def would be using it if he really was a murderer or if MJ really was dead. This is just weird. Never seen this in my life and having lived in the US for my life. 
You can pick any celebrity who did something wrong- from drunk driving to trial cases in courts, they hide from media. So do their murderers or people who harm them unless they are psychos and are proud of what they did.
This def doesn't add up.
What are your thoughts guys? Hope I made sense and didnt offend anyone :)

Hey guys, chk this video out of MJ with nsync. I almost still skip a beat when I see MJ entering at 4.00.. Love that man! He single handedly stole the show in just those few seconds..(sigh) nones ever gonna be like him EVER.
Imagine if we suddenly saw him again in some huge concert- I'd die with joy :)


Other Odd Things / Its Sunday.. Where are the pics?
« on: July 18, 2010, 09:52:01 AM »
I know the following topic is locked but I was just wondering if there's been any update on it.. Did this person ever post any pics, it being Sunday today??.

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Other Odd Things / Can't explain this but another movie w/ MJ stuff
« on: July 17, 2010, 11:16:52 PM »
Ok so in the past, everytime someone mentioned finding stuff related to MJ in random non MJ -related movies, I honestly always thought of it as us looking way into things being so attached to MJ and finding the truth (never thought bad about you guys though :)) but my God, today I witnessed it myself.
I just got back from the movies and this is the first thing I'm doing- writing a post (aren't we loyal to this forum :p)
I watched the new cartoon movie 'dispicable me'. It's an awesome movie and while watching it, guess what I saw.
They randomly showed the following all through the movie:
- the neighbor guy is wearing a yellow striped sweat with 'm' initial on it
- the lil yellow dudes carry a crown just like MJ's
- the evil bank guy has a big portrait of himself in a robe as a king (MJ had a lot of such paintings)
- you see a red chair that's looks like one of those royal chairs that MJ had
- you'll also see in the end how the main guy reads a book about loving his  3 kids so much and he'll never let them go (very touchy scene)
I wish I could attach screen shots to prove this but since the movie just came out I can't. I would say you guys just watch it and experience it yourself and also coz it's a good movie and no I'm not being paid to say this lol. When I saw these things, I wanted to point them out loudly but I knew people would think I'm crazy and throw me out. 
I'm also not saying MJ was involved in the making or it's some clue but throwing stuff in the movie so randomly was strange indeed :$

Karen Faye / Karen=Jermain=acting??
« on: July 08, 2010, 01:59:47 PM »
ok so when I watched the 20/20 interview, i was expecting to see some dramatic interview scenario as I had read so much about it in the forum. many people thought faye looked sad as she cried a lot and it was all so emotional. i dont mean any disrespect to my fellow believers here as we are all nice people in heart and we perceive things our own way but heres what i thought about it.
watch carefully, it appears that she was the dominant speaker, as if she knew how to take control of the situation, when to cry, what to say. the others didn't say much. talking about MJ can be emotional but i again feel like it was all acting. didn't we have a topic where someone found out that faye wasn't the one who dressed MJ up before he was put in the coffin or somethin??
i dont know, i really didnt buy it. her performance had that jermain feel to it, just like when he talks about MJ in his interviews. thats all :)

here are some links:
faye on 20/20 part 1: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
faye on 20/20 part 2: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
topic with discussion on faye not being the one who dressed MJ up: i'm trying to find it but I cant.. i will post that topic once i find it :S unless you guys find it first

Hi Believers
We have had enough talks about MJ's reasons for hoax and his msgs, I think it's high time we start enacting on his msg. I am creating a new topic here for us to sign up for a community service in our own area. It can be anything  that we do to make a difference to someone or bring a smile on their face. We can each sign up for it and give a day and a date and then report back the experience. These can be the baby steps towards fulfilling MJ's wishes and dreams fora better world. We can do this in his name and this will also motivate new members as well. 
Yes it won't change the world economy or stop wars or help the environment from the pollution but making a difference one person at a time is all it takes to kick start the 'change the world' process.
Everyone who calls us crazy will see we are the ones who will bring a difference under the guidance of our board MJ.
Chamone people- actions speak louder than words :)
All for LOVE 

Other Odd Things / clearly something off!!
« on: June 24, 2010, 04:30:10 PM »
ok heres something I want to bring your attention to. ever since we got ben's new video, we have been talking about the blue shirt guy, the face in the ambulance vs. paramedic's sleeve. hold on a second dear friends :) maybe we are focusing on the wrong clue. plz follow me on this :

1- heres a ben-interview video:
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2- now here is the holmby hill estate (mj's rented house) image:
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3- watch the ben interview video and at about .52 seconds he mentions that we can see the stretcher for a split sec through the gate. although it is very fast,  you can see something white on a stretcher being pushed in the ambulance. this is also where you see the blue shirt guy.

4- look at the image of the house now and you will see that the gate is at some distance from the main house.

5- why do we see them loading the stretcher near the gate? it should have been loaded by the house. was the stretcher wheeled all the way to the gate?? who does that??

6- isnt that odd?? they made a point to have the stretcher be able to be snapped just like they moved the ambulance slow so someone could take the 'last picture'
the stretcher part was never shown before and now it is. could this be another hint??

its so mind boggling that:

a- they reversed the ambulance vs. driving it around the  round about. the suvs that followed didn't have to back up. some non believers mentioned that it could have been that there were cars parked on the driveway- well if an ambulance had space to get in, it could very well turn around the round about and go out the same way. not to mention the speed the ambulance was goin at.. lol

b- they loaded the stretcher near the gate and not at the house. i mean unless they did load it at the house and on their way out decided to stop the ambulance right by the gate and take the stretcher out and load again, it seems highly odd regardless.

what are we- idiots?? lol

 hope i made sense:  i did bring this up before on the original topic but i thought this needed attention so we can discuss it.
more clues: keep em' comin :)

Hey guys, I have a question for which I do expect an honest anwser without bashing and ofcourse the difference of opinions is expected.
So my question is, we all understand (I hope) the reason for MJ's hoaxing his death and his messages through out it. And we all talk about how we need to wake up. But for those who do understand that, who know what's going on in the world in the name of conspiracies, what can we do? What have we done since we 'woke up'? 
I truely believe knowedge is very powerful and knowing what's going around in the sad world of today is important but it's also true that we the common people can't do anything can we? For all of us and I include myself in, who have understood Michael's message and tell others to wake up, what has we done to make a difference? What can we do? Can we make media change it's way of operating? Can we make the politicians see how their decisions affect the common man while they make decisions for us in an air conditioned room. Our world is indeed run by greedy , selfish and powerful people who have means to get rid of anyone who tries to oppose them. And it's everywhere, maybe more in some places than others but what we can do? MJ hoaxed his death to inform us but tell me how that changing the system in any way?
Sorry I am not here to question our values and believes or the death hoax and certainly not to offend anyone, I had a question in mind which I just put down in words for us to ponder. I keep reading comments about waking up but other than us being educated about it, what can we do?
I respect you guys and value your opinions. We have become a famiy in this one yr and like every family we will have different opinions but I hope we do respect eachother and spare the bash.
Love you all and love you MJ 

Other Odd Things / TS stands for??
« on: June 18, 2010, 11:35:17 PM »
Guys- this might be the silliest question ever but plz help a sister out here..
I have read the 'tiai' posts and all but can someone plz tell me what TS stands for? Why we call this person TS?
I missed on that part :$ sorry!
Thanks a bunch :)

Guys, it's just a question and we are all good at helping each other out whn we get such questions in our minds so here's one:

yesterday, Whosbadmjsbad (original poster) posted that when she and her brother were st the court, the security gaurd/officer said the MJ was inside the building (see below for her complete post).
Although I think she is very lucky to have seen the Jacksons in the state they are in first hand and I do believe that the security guy probably did say that, it still doesn't really make sense as to why MJ would be in the court house.
Could this be how they have been telling us stories about MJ through out?? All the slip ups and clues could very well be staged or planted??
This site is not a secret obviously so just had a thought and am among you guys what you think..

Credit goes to whosbadmjsbad for this original post:
 Me and my brother were trying to get up to the hearing room in the courthouse in LA and we happened to go the back way and ended up near the freight elevator.We were the only ppl there. We then decided to go back around to the other side...Before we started walking the elevator door opens and The Jackson's walk out: security guards, Latoya, Jermaine, Joe, Kathrine, Jermaine, Jermaine's wife and son....Randy was there but not at that time( he came around the front earlier and we got to see him)...Latoya and Jermaine actually said hi to us!! We didn't take pictures cuz we didn't want to bother them but we followed them out the door and the papparrazzi were everywhere!! It was crazy....Then they loaded up in an SUV and drove away.... You could genuinely see the emotion on their faces...They looked hurt and a bit depressed... We didn't see Murray he went to the car garage and drove off. IDK what this means for the hoax but they sure did look upset...Katherine looks very frail in person....I think Jermaine was mad...he even slapped one of his security guards on the It was a great experience and we were soooooo lucky to be there at that time.. We might have been the only ppl that got that close to the Jackson's...its amazing seeing relatives of Michael in of the security guards came up to us and said: "Just between you and me,If you are looking for MICHAEL JACKSON he is already in the building...I wouldn't want you to waste your time".....?????? What does that mean...Michael is supposed to be dead..Lemme know what ya'll think...

Other Odd Things / Latest interview with Joe Jackson
« on: June 06, 2010, 05:31:32 PM »
Guys chk this video out by 'kingofpopkids' (credit)
at 3.31-3.32, Joe Jackson says he is looking for justice coz what went down left Michael without his relatives- something like that vs. What went down lead to his death..
Strange eh! And stranger is the fact he announced his own reality show.. I guess show business families sure know how to take advantage of attention they get in the form of sympathy :$


by 'kingofpopkids'

Other Odd Things / Real deal info by hoodfella314
« on: May 23, 2010, 02:01:00 AM »
Guys, I watched 14 series of YouTube videos by this person named 'hoodfella314' back to back and I have to say I learnt about things that I hadn't seen before. Most of the hoax videos keep talking about the clues bt this is real info. I would highly suggest watching these 14 videos when you have time. Hats off to hoodfella314 for doing such an amazing job.
Here is the video link of the 14th video, you can follow it for other videos

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Plz excus this if you already knew about these videos or if they were posted here. Fans or not, these videos will prove mj was framed.
I love mj for being so genius but I also love his fans for Standig so strongly behing him. We are for a purpose and it will be resolved soon piece by piece out of LOVE.
Thankou hoodfella314 from your friend and fellow hoaxers here.
Love you all

Other Odd Things / It's all about the rumors
« on: May 22, 2010, 11:35:39 PM »
Tell me what you think my dear hoaxers!!
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MJ we love you :)
*credit: hoodfella 314

hey guys, I don't know if you have this or if it's posted here before, but I had never seen this lady talk and defend mj before..
Worth chkin out

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*credit: hoodfella314

all for LOVE :)

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