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The Resistance / Power To the People
« on: August 15, 2011, 03:28:34 PM »
Great website.  I absolutely love it!

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Michael's Reasons to hoax his death / Only MJ Can Flip the Script
« on: July 19, 2011, 03:08:09 PM »
I love - love - love the below piece.  I think Michael wrote it.  I wonder if he has anything to do with the site.

Notice that Jermaine is quoted saying that the others that helped or were behind Murray were "people in the industry."  LMAO!  WHY HAVEN'T THE JACKSONS AND LATOYA HOLLERED ILLUMINATI - I wonder?  Are they being threatened? Or is it because - THIS IS IT AND THIS IS THRILLER?  Diana's last official tour was titled This Is It.  MJ was always following her around.  Hee!

The below is almost as good as how Souza writes.  LOL!  I can honestly see MJ writing it - for this is mainly a movie - "The Court of Last Resort."  

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People have the right to see it as something more sinister if that's how they feel.  Carry on - but that's where I get off, as it's not the way I see it and never have seen it.  I've always seen it as a MOVIE since the old board.  Wow - I just thought of that deeply.  I've never looked at it more sinister or as if they got Michael Jackson finally.  Please, they could have gotten MJ in more ways than one.  They could have blown up Neverland to the fact that they could have shot him with a high powered rifle - et al.

The thing is, MJ has known about these people (powers that be - elites) since he was a young man.  He had to eventually learn how to deal with them, live amongst them, get along with them and on and on.  Some people to this day think that he is one of them.  Some think Diana was mind controlled at one time - and probably by that Gene Simmons.  Perhaps that is why Michael and Diana have such a close bond.  They could talk about this kind of stuff.  They were involved in it by default - because the entire industry is controlled by them - and always have been since the Bob Hope and Marilyn Monroe days - et al.  The mob also has always been around.  There are some good souls in the mob.  Some in the mob back in the day thought they were like Robin Hood - and therefore would steal from the powers that be (politicians) in order to give to and keep their families taken care of.

In a way, I think this is what MJ is doing now as it pertains to his family.  Again, his father learned of such practices many eons ago.  He is a black mason - and so on.  They have always been on the fringe or edge - just like many in the industry have been.  It's been reported that the Jews control the blacks in the industry today.  Will Smith and Martin, Tyler Perry and some others supposedly bent over in order to get a head.  I mean many people know what's up.  These days though - it's getting more exposed.

MJ had to learn how to work within that system.  I think he did very well - but the price he had to pay was the two allegations - and the last subsequent charge.  May haps, the powers penalized Diana and Janet by shunning them at one point in the music industry (hence - GAME OVER) to get at him, but he survived.  If they wanted Michael dead, he would have been dead long before 6-25-09.  God protected him, and hopefully the ones that would have meant him harm, have backed off - as it seems to me.

This entire hoax is part of a MOVIE/SCRIPT.  I can’t wait until MJ's new song and video comes out - 'My Life is A Movie.'  Hee-hee-hee!

There is no way his mother would leave her child to lie dead and fleshless for almost three months.  God would not approve of such practices - and I'm sure she's aware of this.

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I think MJ was HAT MAN TAN.  I saw a spot on the back of HAT's hand that nailed the coffin shut for me.  No pun intended or was it?  LOL!  If the Jacksons have never taken this seriously since day one, why should I?  LOL!  Randy and Marlon were hee-eeing in a car with tinted windows two days later.  Michael Jackson the man of many disguises.  HAT was the only person that stood up when the casket was carried out.  I wonder if Elvis showed up at his own Memorial/Funeral.  

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P.S.  - someone asked if O-bee was part of the Illuminati because on the back of his jacket was an eye (Pineal Gland) (all seeing eye?).  MJ has shown the right eye by itself and the left eye as part of HIStory.  In Omer's case, (he knows about why MJ did what he did I'm sure), I think he also knows about the below.  I read that our little moon boi was busted one time when he was about 16 or 17 - and Uncle Randy helped to get him off.  LMBO!  

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Everyone.  I meant to post this months ago, and I'm glad I remembered this article.  Article with Prince's pic at bottom.

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I mean no harm, but didn't MJ seem to have the patience of Job?  I wonder why it is that some of us, and especially old-timers like me feel the need to take up for him.  Not defend him, because he doesn't need it.  The astute amongst us know that he is not perfect and has sinned.  

It's just that I've always felt his brilliance and his giving heart.  I've always loved his laugh and felt that he was witty.  In that skit he does with Diana, she asks him as he is breaking up with her - "Yes, but where will I find someone with your CHARM, your WIT, your LIPS?"  He answers, "You won't, but hang on in there."  LOL - because it is so true.  It matters not if folks don't believe that MJ and Diana have always loved each other.  It's not going to take away from that fact.  It is plain as day if one were to watch hundreds of videos & pictures of them together by this point.  It really is your loss - because you really aren't a REAL human being, because you don't want to "Discover the man you never knew", if it doesn't fit your purpose.  

Diana said in 1981 to Ebony magazine in an article that she LOVED being around MJ because he gave off LOVE (and some more stuff of course).  Many of us agree, I'm sure.  In 1991, she tells Larry King Live - "You see, Michael and I actually really love each other."  In 2004, he dedicated the Re-issued 'Remember the Time' to Diana - and if you read, you'll learn that he also dedicated his NUMBER ONES to her.  'Leave Me Alone', he sung to her and on and on.

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Some of you are living in some kind of fog as it pertains to Michael.  Some kind of fanciful fantasy.  You forget though, that many of us have known of and loved Lil Michael since he was 9 years old - and have followed him since.  Some of you are the ones that are late to him.

For some sad reason, some of you don't want to think that MJ could love a woman (or that he is a real man and human being with blood running thru his vieins), a black woman at that, and be NORMAL.  Pitiful.  You need to look in the mirror and ask yourself why?  Why!?  It makes no sense.  You need to ask yourself, where you picked up such preconceived notions.

Read and weep or read and discover!  Nuff said!

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And for the ones that don't think MJ's four children are his - there again, poor y'all. Admit it!  You were tabloid junkies all your life - and you have always believed the many LIES AND UNTRUTHS about MJ.

Prince has white spots alll over his neck.  I've seen it on Omer's fingers and Blanket's fingers.  I've seen it on Tito's fingers and Jermaine's neck on JFD.

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Hoax Videos / MJ in Russia W/Latoya as Hologram?
« on: June 15, 2011, 03:26:13 PM »
This is an older video - but very interesting.  Check Will I. Am out will ya.


Like I mentioned before, I don't think MJ would pull this in real life as in trying to fool us later next year - and if the Profiteers try to do so using a clone of MJ's - it won't work.  We'll know the real deal.  If they do it, then what?  What would the people/human beings do then?  What are we suppose to do, etc?

Anyway - I know in my heart MJ has been all over the place - so I can see him doing what Jackie thinks he did.    moonwalk_/

Pictures & Videos of Michael / King Michael
« on: June 10, 2011, 09:15:26 AM »

The Bible References / Islam Existed Before Muhammad Was Born
« on: June 10, 2011, 09:06:00 AM »
Everyone, I read up on the subject title years ago when I first read up on Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam.

Surely, Michael has read up on both links.  He is proud of his African American heritage, and he knows that "As it was in the beginning - so it shall be in the end."

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This is one of my favorite web links of all time.  MJ knows of the Moors' History, and about how HIStory the way we were taught is packed with lies and deception.  One of the first groups to use swords and rifles.

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By the way, in O-BEE's video "Wanna Be Starting Something" - right after the break when one just hears MJ's music playing, O-BEE is seen standing still as if pointing a Gun.  He purses his lips like MJ often did. It's like he is mocking/mimicking the evil ones that funked with his father - and it's like  he is saying , "Get back.  Back the funk up off of my father.  You ain't gonna mess with him no more.  I'll shoot/kill your motherscratching azzes if you try to funk with him again - for them days are over."  

He reminds me of the Italians that believe the son when coming of age - should avenge a family member's (especially father's) death/murder if it is the last thing said one does.  Other ethnic groups believe(d) the same. He is showing anyone that sees that video that it is about avenging/revenge.  Some think he is doing it because MJ is "dead, and that he is signifying that he wants to avenge his murder.  MJ is alive of course - so O-BEE also represents A-LIVE MJ and the MESSAGE he wants out there.  "It's time to step together and give them all we owe."  They are no longer playing that Devil's game.  "We comin', we comin' to break 'em down."

Needless to say, my mouth fell open when I saw that.  Plus Omer has a blackbelt - so he wants to give off the aura that he will hurt someone in order to protect his pops now - for he is a grown man willing to AVENGE and PAYBACK with a REVENGE.  They all mean business these days.  They are going to play by MJ's rules these days, and no one ever will harm him again.  I think MJ is saying, "I'm willing to die in order to protect what is mine, to include my life."  

Cause it's the Genesis Adventure, from a Master of Excellence and is One Victorious Entertainment Revenge.  Don't think Omer doesn't know B. Howard and about the GAME OVER photo and about how MJ has been and is helping Evan Ross, Austin Brown and on and on - cause he is all over the place.

References & Similarities / Law of Vibrational Energy - L.O.V.E.
« on: June 09, 2011, 10:21:31 AM »
I love the below L.O.V.E. article!  It is great.  The Universe is a Cosmic Symphony, for sure.  

MJ exclaimed in 1992 Ebony interview that he hears Music in everything.  We know - MJ.  Lol  We have always known that there was just something "Special" about Y. O. U. and Your Vocal Chords, Body, Mind & Soul. We Pray that God continues His Protection of You for Your having Given and Shared so much of Your Gifts Bestowed unto You from God w/the World.  People Love You - All Around the World.

Vibrations - The Language of the Universe

The language of the universe is vibration.  We are simultaneously receiving, processing and transmitting vibrations that shape our “reality” in a co-creative jam session with the universe.  

            Vibrations are the language of the universe.  Everything has vibration - from our thoughts, emotions and feelings, to the sounds we hear (and don’t hear) and the electromagnetic spectrum which contains the light and colors we see (and don’t see).

            All energy has frequency and vibration.  Some of these vibrations are measurable by the devices we have created.  For example our brain waves and neural responses can be measured by electroencephalogram (EEG), our heartbeats by electrocardiogram (ECG), and our muscle action by electromyograph (EMG).  Spectrophotometry is used to measure the vibrational frequencies of light and materials.

            Moreover, the “String Theory” utilized in the field of quantum physics, posits that electrons and quarks within an atom are not 0-dimensional objects, but rather 1-dimensional oscillating lines ("strings") and that these strings are really 1-dimensional slices of a 2-dimensional membrane vibrating in 11-dimensional space.  These vibrations create the world that we experience.  

            Whether the vibrations are of light, by which we see, vibrations of sound, by which we hear, or the vibrations of our thoughts and feelings, we are constantly receiving, processing and transmitting vibrations in a co-creative jam session with universe.  

            However, rather than accepting the vibrational, non-linear, infinite and chaordic nature of the universe, we attempt to force the infinite miracles of the universe into an illusory model of linear predictability that comfortably fits within the narrow confines of our limited “physical reality.”   In this physical reality, we do not relate to the subtle forms of vibrations and energy.

            Moreover, in a society where the ego is highly developed and mind chatter loud, it is often difficult to “see,” “hear” and/or “feel” the song of the universe.  When we are able to quiet our minds and question our programs and beliefs, we start hearing the vibrational song of the universe.  

            In order to provide the tools to discern mind chatter and programming from the language of the vibrational song of the universe, it is important to understand how we receive, transmit and communicate with the universe using vibratory feedback loops and spirals.  This understanding allows us to consciously “jam” in co-creation, harmony and synchronicity with The Unified Divine (the combination of infinite potential, consciousness and creation).  

            Much like great jazz musicians jamming together, instantaneously hearing, playing and co-creating with each other in the moment, whatever we transmit to the universe (e.g., think, perceive, emote, feel, and express) has a vibration.  The Unified Divine instantaneously receives our vibrational frequency transmission and returns complementary vibrations back to us.  We then receive the vibratory transmission of The Unified Divine and immediately transmit back to The Unified Divine our vibration.   This vibratory feedback loop is perpetual.  

            The Unified Divine is always playing the tune for our highest vibration, but is virtuosic and happy to jam with us on whatever vibrations we are transmitting.

            Understanding this feedback loop provides us the ability to “hear the tune” of The Unified Divine and play with The Unified Divine in a co-creative jam session of the highest vibration.  Like attracts like, but with intention, we can turn the feedback loop into a spiral thereby changing the frequency of our vibration.  For example, we can shift the frequency of anger into passion, inspiration and love.

            The jam session with The Unified Divine is played on the 7 instruments of our Sensations, Perceptions, Thoughts, Emotions, Feelings, Instincts and Intuition (“Vibratory Receptors & Transmitters” or “VRT’s”).  Each VRT carries a unique vibration that is received by, and transmitted from, the corresponding three “Vibratory Consciousness Centers” or “VCC’s”, of Soul, Mind and Body, as follows:

Vibratory Consciousness Centers (“VCC’s”)

 Corresponding VCC
            Body, Mind & Soul are the three distinct forms of Vibratory Consciousness Centers (“VCC’s”) that play the VRT instruments in our jam session with The Unified Divine.  The VCC’s interpret the inputs and transmissions from our VRT’s and express these transmissions into the form of unique energy, consciousness and expression while simultaneously transmitting the resulting vibrations back to the VRT’s and the universe, thus creating the feedback loop of our divine jam session.

            1.            Body.  The body experiences Somatic Consciousness through the instruments of sensations, perceptions, feelings and somatic emotions.  The body is an amazing genius that is capable of handling trillions of cellular and other transactions per second. Our Somatic Consciousness is in the present moment of now and processes information in a non-linear parallel manner.  Thus, by feeling into our Somatic Consciousness we can become aware of present truth and the plethora of data inputs from the universe without the interference form the past-future linear rationalization of mind.

            2.            Mind.  The mind experiences Cognitive Consciousness and plays the instruments of thought, imagination, cognitive emotion and perception.  The mind provides us with identity, individuation, space/time consciousness, logic, planning, cognitive emotion, the perceived perpetuation and navigation of the space/time dualistic human experience.  At higher levels of consciousness, the mind provides the capacity to self-realize, the ability to imagine and the potential to transcend linear thought and programmed limitations.  

            3.            Soul.  The soul experiences Divine Consciousness and plays the instruments of instinct and intuition.  Our souls provide our life force and direct connection to divine zero point/infinity consciousness and potential beyond, where space and time have little meaning.  As well, it is our souls that indelibly record and retain the imprints of our consciousness, including all experiences of our VTR’s and VCC’s and the potential of our infinite permutations.  Our soul illuminates and energizes our consciousness like a projector shining light through the film strip of our life’s experience onto the screen of our physical world.

Vibratory Receptors and Transmitters (“VRT’s”)

It is through our Vibratory Receptors and Transmitters (“VRT’s”) that we transmit and receive vibrations to and from the universe and our VCC’s.

The instruments played by the VCC’s are the 7 following VRT’s of 1) Sensation, 2) Perception, 3) Thought, 4) Emotion, 5) Feelings, 6) Instinct and 7) Intuition.  Each VRT possesses unique characteristics, vibrations and patterns.  

Much like the difference between playing violin and drums, each VRT possesses unique characteristics that resonate with the VCC’s that have the tools and ability to “play” the matching VRT’s.  Like mastering a musical instrument, the VRT’s and VCC can also be honed through attention and practice as tools to express and manifest one’s desired results.   Thus, with conscious attention and practice, we can utilize our VRT’s and VCC’s for the highest expression of our consciousness.  

The following provides a summary of the VRT’s:

1.            Sensation is the first stage in the biochemical and neurologic events that begins with a stimulus impinging upon the receptor cells of a sensory organ, such as light upon the eyes, sound in the ears, taste on our tongue, smell in our nose, air on our skin.  With the exception of the 6th sense (intuition), the five phenomenal senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, limit and filter the massive wave of data we receive each moment, and thus constrain and limit the experience of “phenomenal reality.”  Our senses receive raw data from our environment and create information which is transmitted throughout somatic pathways in the form of sensation prior to reaching the mind for processing.

            2.            Perception is the process of attaining awareness of sensory information.  When sensory data reaches our mind, it is generally filtered into a perception that fits our contextual world view.   For example, when our eyes sample and filter the light wave data of a tree, we filter, connect and contextualize these shapes in a story that fits our worldview and we then perceive a tree.  We have not yet added thought or emotion to our perception of the tree, (e.g., “the tree is beautiful,” or “I feel peaceful when I look at the tree”).  

3.            Thought is a mental form and process that allows our minds to model, navigate, order, filter, individuate and understand the human a space-time experience.  Thought also provides us the ability to be self-conscious and have past and future experiences in the realm of mind.  In its ego, space-time, linear form, thought can many times create a worldview and “reality” that is limited and “closed-minded.”  At the higher level of functioning, thought ascends into the super-consciousness of imagination.  Imagination provides us the ability to form mental images, sensations and concepts, without the need for sensory involvement, although our senses do influence our imagination

             4.            Emotion is a mental and physiological state associated with a wide variety of stimuli, including feelings, thoughts, beliefs, events, sensations, perceptions and even other emotions.  Just about anything can trigger an emotion.  Because emotions are so subjective and able to be triggered from so many stimuli, they can involve significant complexity and are often misunderstood.

Emotion in its basic form is an energetic charge carrying a vibrational frequency that seeks expression.  Expression is the release of the emotional charge, where as behavior is the outward manifestation of the expressive release, as brought into the world and viewed by others.  Such behavior can include reactive expressions such as crying, laughing, fighting and fleeing, or conscious expression such as painting, playing music, taking a run, accomplishing a goal, making love with greater presence or generosity.

Emotions can be “Basic” or “Complex.”  An example of a basic emotion is the fear of falling from a great height.  Fear of falling from a great height is singular, simple and there to save your life.  Love, on the other hand, is complex as it contains many different emotions and vibrations combined together for no direct or specific reason.

Emotions can also be “Instinctual” or “Cognitive.”  Instinctual Emotions are generally associated with survival (e.g., fight, flight, food, mating) and are generated from a combination somatic consciousness, sympathetic nervous system and the amygdala.  Because Instinctual Emotions are highly somatic, and the body is always in the state of present awareness, these emotions tend to be felt in the “moment of now” rather than forecasting a future, or remembering a past, event.  Cognitive Emotions tend to be triggered by thought and involve the prefrontal cortex.  This brain region has been implicated in planning complex cognitive behaviors, personality expression, decision making and moderating correct social behavior. Thus, Cognitive Emotions tend to arise from dualistic, polarized, future/past thinking and a plethora of programmed emotional triggers.  

Cognitive Emotions often arise as a result of a programmed belief interacting with a circumstance.  For example, if I believe making money is good and losing money is bad, when I make money I may experience the emotion of happiness and when I lose money, I may experience the emotion of anger.  Understanding our belief systems is valuable for consciously utilizing the charge of emotion to manifest our desired outcomes.  

When you notice emotions or behavior that are not in alignment with that you desire to create, ask yourself what thought or belief triggered the emotion and whether that thought or emotion is yours.  Often you will see that you are reacting to a thought or belief that is programmed or implanted and that you are not consciously utilizing emotional energy to intentionally create your desired outcome.

5.              Feelings are a present time experience of somatic consciousness coupled with cognitive awareness.  Since our body consciousness is always in the moment of now, our feelings, which are experienced somatically, are generally much more present and less subject to rationalization, manipulation and fiction.   The body does not care about whether you get a promotion or get married to your lover or make money.  The body is conscious of its present state (e.g., I feel hungry, I feel amorous, I feel tired, I feel comfortable).

Feelings and emotions are often used interchangeably without much thought to their differences.  For example, I feel angry is not an accurate statement.  The body does not feel angry.  The mind experiences anger as a result of a belief intersecting with a circumstance and the body creates vibrational feelings to match that state of mind.

Examples of feelings include states of being relaxed, tense, agitated, excited, vital, strong, edgy, open, full, attracted, repulsed, closed, passionate, charged, tingly, bubbly, harmonious, healthy, calm, comfortable, hot, warm, cold, vibrant, expansive, light, full, tight and free.

When, however, the mind interprets feelings in the body, the pure and present feelings of the body become distorted and mixed with story, thought and emotion.  This is why people often confuse feelings with emotion.

6.            Instinct is primarily a somatic impulse based upon ancient memory and universal connection that moves behavior without cognitive interference.  Instinct is defined as (1) a natural or inherent aptitude, impulse, or capacity, (2) a largely inheritable and unalterable tendency of an organism to make a complex and specific response to environmental stimuli without involving reason, or (3) behavior that is mediated by reactions below the conscious level.

Much of the inherited patterning and cellular memory of our past evolution instinctually drives our behavior.  Although modern humans (homo sapiens sapiens) have “evolved” in thought, culture and society over some 200,000 years, our somatic awareness and instinct are products of genetic and societal survival instincts that dominate our beliefs and behaviors and date back 4.5 billion years to the beginning o planetary evolution.  

7.            Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason.  Intuition provides us with guidance that we cannot necessarily justify rationally.  Intuition is generally a cognitive connection between the universe and our soul-mind consciousness or super-consciousness.  Intuition generally appears as flashes of insight that are beyond logical reasoning.  For Rudolf Steiner, intuition is the third of three stages of higher knowledge, coming after imagination and inspiration, and is characterized by a state of immediate and complete experience of, or even union with, the object of knowledge without loss of the subject's individual ego.

Intuition arises when thought ascends the boundaries and constraints of limited, linear thought processes and expands into the realm of non-linear/non-rational super-consciousness.

Our intuition is, in essence, like an intelligent radio tuner that is capable of playing multiple channels, but automatically tunes into the strongest station that will provide us with the experience most aligned with our higher self.  However, sometimes our intuition gives us choices and may shift between “realities” and possibilities.   This is because our intuition is already tuned into parallel possibilities and their outcomes.  Our intuition allows us to feel and be magnetized toward decisions that will realize our highest purpose and yield the maximum fulfillment of our co-creative vision.  

Jamming with The Unified Divine – (Conscious Co-Creation in Alignment with Universal Vibration)

            Our ability to powerfully and divinely co-create our world is directly related to the vibrational state we transmit to, and receive from, the universe.  When we consciously focus our VRT’s and VCC’s, we can intentionally increase the vibration of our VRT’s and VCC’s, to realize the highest expression of our selves in alignment with divine consciousness.  

            Thus, if we want to realize abundance in our life, we must bring our VRT’s and VCC’s into vibrational alignment with the state of being abundant.  This will send a vibration of abundance to the universe. The universe, in turn, sends us vibrations that match the state of our abundance.  Because we are in abundance consciousness, we are open to receiving these vibrations.  This creates a feedback loop of abundance vibrations. As the internal and universal vibrations of abundance increase, it leads to the energetic expression of abundance which, when outwardly manifested, becomes abundant behavior, thus manifesting abundance in our life.

            The VRT’s that are most in alignment with listening and feeling the language of divine wisdom are intuition and instinct.  Intuition comes forth to guide us, when we are feeling and listening to the music the universe is playing.  Intuition and instinct directly connect to, and are experienced by, our soul, providing us with a direct connection to divine wisdom, uncluttered by space/time perception, reason and duality.  When we are guided by our intuition and instinct, we align to the tune being played by The Unified Divine.

            We jam with The Unified Divine when we consciously align our VRT’S and VCC’s ourselves to hear, feel and play the song of The Unified Divine.  In our jam session, we become co-creators with the The Unified Divine, adding our unique influence and contribution to the tune.  When the tune is harmonious, synchronous and inspiring, we know we are really cooking with The Unified Divine.  In this state of play, using a quote from my friend, Dreaming Bear, “we give God goosebumps.”  When we feel the vibration of goosebumps, The Unified Divine feels them too.

            Here is a to a jam session filled with divine goosebumps!

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Interesting too.  Not that I believe everything that comes out of author's mouth.

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Pictures & Videos of Michael / MJ the Fish
« on: June 03, 2011, 01:21:44 PM »
MJ is like a fish in the water from what's been reported.  He's also relayed how much he loves the water and swimming ever since he swam and lived at Berry Gordy's and Diana's homes at nine years old until his pops brought the rest of the family out to Cali from Gary, IND.

Needless to say, ooh-la-la.  SOS out for Souza.  Maybe she's on vacation.  Souza, if the below pic is too racy, please remove.  michael-jackson/

Hoax Videos / Embedding YouTube Videos May Soon Be a Felony
« on: June 03, 2011, 09:28:09 AM »
Souza, I don't know if the below has been posted.  I wanted to make sure you knew.

Embedding YouTube Videos May Soon Be a Felony

Kurt Nimmo
June 2, 2011

Techdirt reports that Senate bill 978 – a bill to amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes – may be used to prosecute people for embedding YouTube videos.

According to Mark Masnick, if a website embeds a YouTube video that is determined to have infringed on copyright and more than 10 people view it on that website, the owner or others associated with the website could face up to five years in prison.

Read Masnick’s article here. He explains how the new law would expand copyright violations from reproducing and distributing to performing – including streaming video over the internet.

As readers of know, many videos are removed from YouTube after copyright owners complain about infringement. This happens with thousands of news clips every year. Most people are familiar with the now common black box replacing a video that says the video has been removed for copyright reasons.

If enacted, this law will go one step further and turn people who embed a copyrighted video into criminals. It will also set the stage to criminalize linking to copyrighted information — like corporate media news sources — and shut down the alternative media.

It will also make people think twice about putting up all kinds of videos, from news reports to clips from documentaries and other educational material.

It does not take a vivid imagination to realize the political implications of this legislation.

Here is the full text of the bill.


It should be noted that outlawing certain activities on the internet is instrumental to the Obama administration’s copyright policy.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t
In March, the White House’s Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, Victoria Espinel, provided Congress with a White Paper (available for download here), outlining a series of the Obama Administration’s recommended legislative changes to combat online piracy and counterfeiting.

“Significantly, the recommendations include making it a felony offense to stream infringing content and giving Federal agencies wiretapping authority to obtain evidence of criminal copyright and trademark offenses,” David Makarewicz wrote for on March 17.

Obama’s emerging policy on streaming media dovetails with his administration’s effort to seize web domains. The Department of Homeland Security now arrests web site operators under its “In Our Sites” program.

“On the pretext of protecting intellectual property from infringement and counterfeiters, it’s about fast-tracking Internet distribution and information technology rules to subvert Net Neutrality, privacy, and personal freedoms – global rules for unrestricted free trade, undermining universal, affordable free access, civil liberties, legitimate commerce, and the right of sovereign nations to go their own way,” writes Steve Lendman.

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In addition to outlawing video streaming, new legislation “would impose a strong, top-down enforcement regime, with new cooperation requirements upon (ISPs), including perfunctionary disclosure of customer information. The proposal [the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement] also bans ‘anti-circumvention measures which may affect online anonymity systems and would likely outlaw multi-region CD/DVD players. The proposal also specifies a plan to encourage developing nations to accept the legal regime,” imposing consequences for opting out,” a Wikileaks document disclosed in May of 2008.

So-called “secondary copyright liability” will be used to criminalize what is now routine behavior on the internet. It will also be used by the political establishment to eliminate the internet activity – primarily in the form of alternative media – of those who oppose what is shaping up to be a totalitarian state.

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Thriller / Michael Jackson Killed Radio (LOL)
« on: May 26, 2011, 03:03:20 PM »
I love the below piece for the most part, because it shows just how much of a Thriller MJ has been to the music industry, entertainment and the entire world.  This person's opinion is amusing to say the least.  He probably is a MJ/Thriller closet fan freak.  I think this writer was complementing MJ whether he knows it or not.  I think deep down, he knows.

MJ was made a King in an African Nation.

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Michael Jackson: crowned in Africa, pop music king tells real story of controversial trip - includes related interview - Cover Story
by Robert E. Johnson

WHEN he was out front as the 14year-old lead vocalist of the Jackson Five singing group, Michael Jackson visited Africa for the first time.

"When we came off the plane in [Daka, Senegal] Africa," he recalls, "we were greeted by a long line of African dancers. Their drums and sounds filled the air with rhythm. I was going crazy, I was screaming, "All right! They got the rhythm... This is it. This is where I come from. The origin."'

Nineteen years later, when Michael, now 33, came off the plane in Gabon, a West African neighbor nation of Senegal, he was greeted by an excited, screaming crowd of grade-school students who carried a banner that proclaimed: "Welcome Home Michael."

Drum sounds again filled the air with rhythm that flowed from fans who gathered at the airport and lined the streets in anticipation of seeing the "king of pop, rock and soul," who would later be crowned "King Sani" in a West African village.

Despite or perhaps because of this acclaim, the pop idol almost immediately became the center of an international controversy based on a negative media campaign. The media bashing included these big lies:

The trip was a "public relations disaster for Michael." Truth: It was a triumph in which he drew more spectators in Gabon than Nelson Mandela and more in the Ivory Coast than the Pope, according to African spokespersons.

* "The singer cut short an African tour after a stopover generated the wrong kind of excitement." Truth: The sponsors wanted him to extend his tour to meet the demand for his appearances everywhere.

* He held his hand to his nose because the African nations smelled. Truth: He sometimes touched his nose, an old nervous habit which earned him the nickname "Smelly," given originally by Quincy Jones because Michael was touching his nose in Los Angeles.

* He collapsed from the heat and he went to London for a medical appointment. Truth: He was never bothered by the heat. His personal physician, Dr. R. Chalmers, accompanied Jackson on the trip. Jackson didn't go to London for a medical appointment.

* He refused to shake hands with Africans. Truth: He shook the hands of hundreds of people, hugged and kissed children in hospitals and institutions for the mentally retarded.

* He is "neither Black nor White" and is not a good role model for children. Truth: After Michael read a prayer in the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in the Ivory Coast, a 9-year-old boy exclaimed "Michael is love, love, love! I want to be like him."

Because he is well known for his humanity and philanthrophy, tour organizer Charles Bobbit reflected on the Affrican tour and said: "I was impressed with the interaction between Michael and the children. He sat on the bed with children who were deformed and children that were ill... He sat there and talked to them, hugged, cuddled them. He shook hands and did not wear a surgical mask like he does sometimes in America... That qualifies him as a role model for children--his deeds and not his looks."

While the international controversy raged, Michael remained aloof, refusing to read the stories and saying that he preferred to let his deeds and his songs speak for him. Strangely and significantly, he had anticipated these and other criticisms in the song, "Why You Wanna Trip On Me," in the Dangerous album. The song says, in part:

They say I'm different/They don't understand/But there's a bigger problem] Thats much more in demand/You got world hunger/Not enough to eat/So there's really no time/To be trippin' on

It was clear from the beginning that the African people agreed with Michael. And from the time of his arrival, the natWe of Gary, Ind., was welcomed like a ruling dignitary and a long-lost son.

He had come to the land of his ancestors to participate in a historic ceremony conducted beneath a sacred tree in the gold-mining village of Krindjabo, populated by the Agni tribe and located near Abidjan, Ivory Coast. As the village people stood in admiration, Amon N' Djaolk, the traditional tribal chief of Krindjabo, placed a crown of gold upon the head of the musical monarch and pronounced him "king of Sani..

Almost overcome by emotions, the shy, sensitive son of Joseph and Katherine Jackson smiled and said, "Merci beaucoup," to the French-speaking people and repeated in English, 'Thank you very much."

He then joined elders of the king's court, signed official documents and sat on a throne of gold as women dancers, clad in white gowns, gave a dazzling performance of ritual dances. These elderly women are the guardians of the village, and their ceremonial dances gave their blessings to the crowning of"King Sani" and asked God for protection at a tree that symbolized the essence of power.

The musical messenger, who journeyed to West and East African nations as a self-proclaimed ambassador of peace, love and goodwill, achieved a success that exceeded his expectation.

From his sunset arrival in Gabon, where more than 100,000 people greeted him with spiritual bedlam, to his stop in Cairo, Egypt, to which he had paid homage on his newest album, Dangerous, with the best-selling single and music video Remember The Time, Michael was caught up in a hurricane of happy happenings.

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Get ready for Thriller II, mate. mj_bad/

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P.S. Souza, how about the TII emoticon?  Lol  I'm not sure it will work, but I attached it.

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The Resistance / The Good Angels/ETs
« on: May 26, 2011, 01:40:51 PM »
Very interesting, Shultz.

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I think it is imperative that we least not forget the things MJ said out of his own mouth.  Like in the interview below, he says what Prince's name is.  He should know.  Wiki lies for their own purposes.  They and others like them have always lied on MJ, and because he liked his Privacy, they made stuff up on him for years and years.  I try to discern what sounds true to me and not believe any and everything Wiki and other so-called online pub write about.  Even some of the Bible is suspect, for man wrote it.

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Out of his own mouth about what "they called him" and said about him in order to try and smear him.

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I think MJ is busy creating.  I don't think he is some super hero out to save the world and expose 911 and the NWO.  Many, many people knew about 911 before 2009.  

In This Is It, he speaks about the Adventure.  In Geraldo interview, he speaks about filming and surprises, and he also says - "I believe in God you know."  I think it it wrong to impress upon the young ones that MJ faked his death to save the world and warn the world about the NWO.  Who says?

I'd rather believe what came out of his own mouth.

2001 - Oxford Speech
2003 - Vibe Interview
2005 - Jessie Jackson & Geraldo interviews
2006 - Access Hollywood Interview
2008 - 50th Birthday Interview
2009 - Pictures of MJ out and about Mar & May (looking good)

Diana Ross / 'I Love You' - Dedicated to MJ
« on: May 19, 2011, 03:17:34 PM »
Yes, I said it.  MJ and Diana are most likely in a committed relationship. She dedicated the CD - "I Love You (That's All That Really Matters)" to MJ - in my opinion.  It is one of my favorite songs of all time, now.

I love the below picture.  Diana was bitten by the MJ love bug - just like MJ was towards her.  The rumor is they hooked up during the filming of the movie The Wiz.  Ooooh-la-la.  "Break of Dawn" baby.  I think he was singing to her - "Heaven Can Wait", and on and on.  MJ wrote the song - "Muscles" for Diana, and rumor has it - that it was an inside joke between her and MJ that Muscles was the name of his own Personal snake - yet he said it was about his pet reptile snake.  LOL!  

He talks about marrying her (and they both moving to Switzerland) in a 1982 Ebony Magazine article.  He should have kept Muscles in his pocket then and not have gotten Omer's mother pregnant.  LOL!  This is my opinion only.

Diana was quoted saying - "I will forever be changed after that experience of making The Wiz (whoopie - perhaps - Lol)". MJ must have put it on her.

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P.S.  When MJ and Diana's eyes meet at the J5 HOF Awards when she first bounces onstage, I think they are smiling and are humored by the way (MJ sort of ROCKED on his feet, bobbed/shook his head and smiled a sexy smile) upon Ed Sullivan introducing Diana in the audience.  (Then he is seen clapping for her)  They say he had an OLD SOUL for a young boy.  He was like a grown azz man, and he sort of smiled like - "Yes sir.  That's my baby.  No sir.  Don't mean maybe."  LOL!  That boy was very mannish.  He was claiming her back then at 10 years old.  Watch that clip again.  I mean, his parents, brothers, Berry Gordy, et al, saw that clip.  I bet Mama Kate was like - "my goodness Mikey."

If they are together, I hope they are at peace and happy.  Diana always looks like the cat that ate the canary here lately, for real.

References & Similarities / The 9th Wave is Here
« on: May 18, 2011, 02:30:22 PM »
Great article below on link.  I am joyful about how at peace I am for the most part.  I thank God for my awakening years ago, though I am learning many things from day to day and am still growing.  I've always been alert, aware and awake, even from a young girl.  I knew when President Kennedy was murdered that something just wasn't right.  My little "mental sky" was very young, but it affected me so until I never believed all of the hype since then (political).  They say that he was our last real and true President that tried to do the right thing.

Please scroll down.

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Many of us back in the late sixties and early seventies were alert, aware and we were awakening big time.  We were loving toward each other and wanted peace; hence the anti-war rallies and the like.  When did war get right?  

For the youngins, please check out a group we loved back then.  Check out their name.

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Souza, the pictures of Michael and his family look so nice that I had to post them twice (sort of speak). 

I've seen a few of the pics that are on the below link, but My God!  I hadn't seen them all.  I love them.  These pictures show how good Michael Joe Jackson looked almost two years ago to the day. michael-jackson/

His parents and children are sparkling too.

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