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I'm sure that all of you herd about this tragedy, which happened yesterday in Yaroslavl, Russia, killing 36 members of Russian Hockey team Locomotiv. One of them, Alexander Galimov survived, but is now in critical condition at the hospital. It's such a great tragedy for Russia and many other countries such as Slovakia, Sweden, Canada, Germany, Check Republic and all hockey fans all over the world!  :cry: :cry: :cry:
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The question that i can't let go of is, what is this with all air plain crashes which at once kill so many important people? First Polish President and most of members of government and now one of the best hockey teams! Of course all crashes and deaths are very tragic, but when such people die i can't help myself but think that it's a murder, not an accident!   

Hoax Videos / V for ReVolution, Volume 1
« on: August 14, 2011, 01:51:23 PM »
Sorry if this video has been already posted


0:33! Does this mean that he is connected to Michael? :shock:

Dr. Arnold Klein / A book for Michael and his Children
« on: June 12, 2011, 10:21:51 AM »
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by Arnold W. Klein on Friday, June 10, 2011 at 2:11pm
I writing a book for Michael and his children. I was told not to write it by countless people including my dear friends David LaChapelle Carrie Fisher. All I can say even if no one reads this book in this generation I have to leave behind the truth . You won’t hear this from his family members in that they barely knew this wondrous human.
The music business is about greed and Michael was about melody. His body movements were about dance. In fact as Fred Astaire said to me,” Michael Jackson was dance, He defined body movement.” Well Michael wish we luck from high because I am about to expose the people whose greed killed you and pull down the walls they have built to shield their faces from the public who loved you!

So many books to read geek/
Klein will tell us who "killed" Michael (probably he will say that it's Branca), why he is not going to police with this information? Why they all KNOW who "killed" Michael, but no one does anything about it? Only books, books, books, twitter, FB.
I think i know why  :D

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06 Jun, 2011 | Author: admin Wesley | No Comments »
Legendary MJ and Facebook group ‘Michael Jackson memorial place in Best, The Netherlands‘ have teamed up to give you the opportunity to take part in a beautiful homage to our dearest Michael on June 25th.

Michael Jackson fans from around the world can e-mail their message to Michael to You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login. We will make sure your message is delivered to the magnificent – 11 meter / 36 feet high – HIStory statue in Best, the Netherlands.

In addition to placing your messages on the 2nd anniversary of Michael’s death at the historic statue, which was used to promote the HIStory album in 1995, there will also be a special tribute to the King of Pop. Two great fans have arrange an airplane to circle above the statue for 10-15 minutes with a banner. The airplane is scheduled to arrive around 15:00 CET. Following the ceremony in Best the airplane will circle the Netherlands for another 2,5 hours!!!

Note: be sure to e-mail your messages before June 23rd in order to give us enough time to prepare them for placing in Best!


I've already sent my message! :D
And the airplane will be so AWESOME! bounce/ Michael will be very happy  mj_dance/

I am sorry if it's been posted before.  :oops:
 :) I just LOVE this video so much!  :)  MICHAEL IS THE SWEETEST!   bearhug


General Hoax Talk / The Notebook Of Michael Jackson
« on: May 29, 2011, 08:56:07 PM »
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Yesterday, it was announced that a notebook was found, reportedly belonging to Michael Jackson, in a bookstore in Germany. The one thing that makes this stand out among other writings from Michael Jackson is that it is supposedly written after his reported death.

Dieter Ehrlichmann, of Dresden, said: "I was looking for a particular book. It is a very old book. It is called 'Der Schiess-Sport und seine Regeln'. Well I never found it. The bookstore said they could not order it either. But as I was looking at the shelves of dusty old books I noticed this light blue notepad. I pulled it out from the shelf and the cover read 'Michael's Notebook - Do Not Look Inside'; being German the first thing I did was look inside. It appears to be notes written by Herr Michael Jackson. But as I read some of the pages the notes were dated after he was dead."

Although the notepad has not officially been verified in any way the Michael Jackson Estate has already filed papers restricting the sale, or reproduction, of the notepad. John Branca said: "This is obviously not the work of Michael Jackson, but at the same time we don't want this sort of thing flooding the market as if it was. So, we have ensured for the time being that the notebook is never made public."

Amazon spokeswoman, Patty Smith, went on record saying: "I know that the Jackson Estate is trying to make sure that nobody reads this as it blows the lid off of the whole idea that Michael Jackson is dead. But what they seem to be forgetting is that if this notebook is proven to be real then the world has a right to see it. That is why Amazon, along with other reputable publishers intend to challenge this ridiculous legal move to stop the reproduction. We are interested in getting this to the public; so that they can decide."

Although reproduction and sale of the notebook has been temporarily halted below is a few extracts that were noted by Dieter Enrlichmann before handing the notebook over to a representative of the Michael Jackson Estate:

"June 26, 2009 - Seems odd to be dead. First time I have been able to wake without the media wondering what I was eating for breakfast. At least now Jermaine will stop calling asking for money; it is not my fault he cannot hold back long enough to put a condom on. I pay for my own children why should I pay for his? Anyway enough writing I'm heading to Walmart to get some less suspicious clothes. The woman across the road noticed my white socks and fedora hat. I had to lie to her and tell her I was ECasanova. She didn't know who he was."

"July 7, 2009 - Watched my own memorial, well most of it as TBS had a Family Guy marathon on, cannot believe that Jermaine sang Smile. I really liked that song. But not anymore. Every time I hear it now it will make me think of Jermaine looking like he is straining on the toilet. Nice to see Mom wearing something other than blue; but I would have had a nice hat to finish the outfit off."

"August 8, 2009 - There is a forum about me hoaxing my death. It is run by some woman who wears adult diapers. Why? I don't know. I think this forum is pretty good but the way it is being handled it will most likely go down the tubes very fast. It looks like something Jermaine would try and set up."

"March 6, 2010 - Why are people so stupid? Obviously if you are running a hoax death website the Illuminati didn't kill me. That doesn't even make any sense. Called Dad; didn't say anything but it was good to hear his voice. Not sure who the woman who answered the phone was but it definitely wasn't Mom."

One note that Dieter remembered vividly was a recent entry concerning a comeback.

"March 22, 2011 - Read online that Jermaine is writing a book. What the hell? Wasn't even sure that Jermaine could form complete sentences without help from his many kids. I wasn't planning on coming back until July; but if he releases a book full of lies I might have to come back early just to defend myself."

Although the notebook has still not been verified it has given hope to those that believe Michael Jackson is still alive.


Cuss Count: Zero

Very stupid, disrespectful and a totally made up story!  :roll:

The Great Reset, New World Order & Global Mind Control / INWO Cards
« on: May 18, 2011, 02:49:24 PM »
All of you heard about the INWO Card Game, so here on this thread i want to post all the card that i could find online. We have so many great minds over here and i'm sure that you can help me to figure it out!

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They're all around us. Secret conspiracies are everywhere, and where can you find the only truth? Certainly not in the game of Illuminati. Fnord.

The object of Illuminati is to take control of the world. The phone company is controlled by creatures from outer space. The Congressional Wives have taken over the Pentagon. And the Boy Sprouts are cashing in their secret Swiss bank account to smash the IRS!

Illuminati is a classic. It was an instant hit when it was first released in 1982 and won the Origins Award for Best Science Fiction Boardgame. It has been Steve Jackson's signature title ever since.

Two to six players compete to take control of groups ranging from the FBI and CIA to the Dentists, increasing their wealth and power for further takeovers, until one rules supreme. Every player has different victory conditions! No ploy is too devious, no stratagem too low, as you scheme your way to victory.

I hate that this dude's last name is Jackson! :evil:
This card got me into tears :cry: They did it to Japan! :cry:
Obama? suspicious//
This is what they did to Michael and many other MALE celebrities! :evil:

To be continued in my next post -------------------------------------->

It's long, but if you have time please watch it.


I was browsing through web pages a couple of days ago and i found this man who calls himself FREEMAN, a very intelligent man i must say. Though he sounds crazy to most of people (to say the least), sometimes even to me, a very open minded person, his theories are unlike the others. You may learn about him here, if you are interested
So after hours of browsing and blowing my last pieces of brain out in the space i found his theory regarding Michael's death! He is a 100% believer, but his views on why and how Michael hoaxed his death are WAY OUT OF THE BOX, it's even way out of our box and we are the ones who believe that Michael is alive. Please listen to his interview on The LABVIRUS Show
from 10:13 to 31:40 there he talks about Michael. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

I know that you guys already had a thread regarding this Egyptian Statue in Chicago Field Museum, but Freeman gave his explanation to this statue on a whole another level!

I am not saying that i agree with his theory, i just thought that it's something to think about. ;)

L.O.V.E to all! :D

Random MJ Talk / People let's VOTE for Michael!!!!
« on: May 08, 2011, 04:16:42 AM »
Please everybody VOTE for Michael Jackson Bad Tour as the Greatest Event at Wembley's, London!
Heeeeheee! Who's bad?  mj_bad/
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WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!!  bearhug

Michael Jackson News / Michael Jackson has three-year comeback plan
« on: May 07, 2011, 10:11:24 PM »
I'm sorry in advance if this article has already been posted here.
I saw that one of the believers tweeted it today and when i read it went crazy! afraid/

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Fri Mar 06 2009 21:19:00 GMT+0400 (Arabian Standard Time) by IANS ( Leave a comment )

London, March 6 (IANS) Michael Jackson may have declared a “curtain call” for his career with his London tour, but the latest buzz is that the pop star has plans to relaunch himself over a period of three years.
Representatives for his London concert promoter AEG have revealed that the “Thriller” hitmaker has a gameplan to “reconquer the world”, which will include single releases, new songs and even a film, reports

“We’re talking to him about helping him figure a new plan for the release of singles, new music. We have a film development deal that’s part of this to do a film, ‘Thriller 3D’,” said Randy Phillips, head of AEG.

Phillips also revealed that the deal with Jackson could pull in huge revenues if things went as per the plan.

“If we complete the full three-and-a-half year plan, he could gross over $400 million in that time,” he said.

Jackson faced thousands of fans Thursday to announce his “This Is It” shows in London’s O2 Arena in July. He told the crowd and a gallery of reporters that the shows would be his last performances in Britain.

L.O.V.E to all!  :D

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Wednesday, 04 May 2011


A controversial study of Michael Jackson's intimate friendships with young boys is being re-launched after angry fans sabotaged its debut last year.

Internationally renowned professors of psychiatry and criminology had hailed the 624-page scholarly biography Michael Jackson's Dangerous Liaisons for its insight into the late King of Pop's tortured psyche. One even called the book a “work of genius”. But the £20 tome was dropped by publishers Troubador after a relentless five-month pre-publication campaign by fans.

Fearing revived allegations over Jackson’s “sleepovers” with young boys, fans proved hell-bent on defending their idol's innocence. Jackson was tried on child molestation charges in 2005 and acquitted.

The campaigners deluged Troubador with emails and attacked the company on thousands of websites, claiming Michael was about to be portrayed as a molester. This followed the appearance of the book’s blurb at online bookstore Amazon, months ahead of printing.

"In reality the book is very sympathetic towards Michael," said author Carl Toms.

"Did kids love him? Definitely. Did he harm them? Some of those sleepover friendships ended in tears, and Michael cannot escape responsibility for that. But the book aims to go deeper, exploring the profundity of Michael's feelings for children and their contribution to his creativity."

"I believe truly loyal and thoughtful fans will welcome the opportunity to confront all the evidence in depth, the better to understand Michael’s extraordinary life and talent."

Printed last April and pulled from Troubador’s lists in May, just weeks before the scheduled launch in June under the firm’s Matador imprint, Michael Jackson's Dangerous Liaisons is now distributed by Dangerous Books Ltd, and is available from You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login.

The book will be mailed to literary editors for review ahead of a new launch date, complete with press conference. Details to be announced. Enquiries: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

When the book was under attack, historian Professor William Armstrong Percy III leapt to its defence, proclaiming it “a work of genius”. He had been one of five scholars who had earlier given enthusiastic pre-publication endorsements. Another of them, cultural guru Professor James R. Kincaid, described Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons as, "The most engaging, informed, and generous-hearted book we have on the subject or are likely ever to have." Donald West, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Criminology at Cambridge University, said the author's "vivid and insightful commentary is a joy to read".

Random MJ Talk / Earth Song, Anthem to Earth
« on: May 03, 2011, 02:52:05 PM »
Hello my dear friends! :D
Right now we are going through tough times. Here is something i found that might cheer you up a little. After all it's all really for L.O.V.E!
To:  White House and U.S. Congress
Dear MJ Family

Through this petition we're attempting to create and make an impact in our environment. It is our duty to have the vision of bringing on a positive change in the pattern of thinking of the new generations, a change in favor of the protection and care of our Planet Earth. For this, we want to go to the competent authorities and request that the song "Earth Song" will been regarded as the Anthem to Earth. Why? Because this song can withdraw all barriers refering to race, genre, nationality, language and religion. This song can make us reflect about the care and way we treat what we have named our Universal Home. It's our duty to let the world know, that it's time to Make a Change. Our Planet is demanding that we need to stop causing all this damage and all this pain. Our planet is crying and we need to do something to stop all these deforested and contamination.

Michael Jackson has been the artist who most worried about spreading the message of heal the world, to care it and protect it. Please, do this from the bottom of your heart, In Honor to the one who both cared about making the world a better place.

Please, help us to spread the word and that Michaelґs desire will been heard all over the world. Make that change, for you, for me and the entire human race.


Querida Familia MJ

A travйs de esta peticiуn que estamos tratando de crear y hacer un impacto en nuestro medio. Es nuestro deber tener la visiуn de traer un cambio positivo en el patrуn de pensamiento de las nuevas generaciones, un cambio en favor de la protecciуn y el cuidado de nuestro planeta Tierra. Por esto, queremos ir a las autoridades competentes y solicitar que la canciуn "Earth Song" se ha considerada como el Himno a la Tierra. їPor quй? Debido a que esta canciуn puede sobrepasar todas las barreras referentes a raza, gйnero, nacionalidad, idioma y religiуn. Esta canciуn nos puede hacer reflexionar sobre el cuidado y la manera en que tratamos a lo que hemos llamado nuestra casa universal. Es nuestro deber hacer saber al mundo, que es el momento de hacer un cambio. Nuestro planeta estб exigiendo que tenemos que dejar de causar todo este daсo y todo el dolor presente. Nuestro planeta estб gritando y tenemos que hacer algo para detener toda esta deforestaciуn y contaminaciуn.

Michael Jackson ha sido el artista que mбs se preocupу por la difusiуn del mensaje de sanar al mundo, cuidarlo y protegerlo. Por favor, haz esto desde el fondo de tu corazуn, en honor al que tanto se preocupу por hacer del mundo un lugar mejor.

Por favor, ayъdanos a correr la voz y que el deseo de Michael se ha escuchado en todo el mundo. Haz el cambio, por ti, por mн y por toda la raza humana.



The Undersigned

You may sign the petition here You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login


L.O.V.E to all!

Hoax Videos / "The last time we saw him was at 1:30 on June 25th"
« on: April 09, 2011, 04:09:04 PM »
I'm sorry if this was posted before :oops: , but i just remembered about this video that i saw on PearlJr YT channel. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Please accuse my language, but WHAT THE HELL THIS WOMAN IS TALKING ABOUT???????????!!!!!!!
She says so many things that doesn't make ANY SENSE!

They went to Staples Center on June 25th and putted those letters in MICHAEL'S HANDS. And the last time they saw him was at 1:30 on June 25th, he gave them a big wave and a smile????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Introduce yourself / My Story
« on: April 05, 2011, 11:31:08 AM »
Hello dear believers! :D
Today i was reading a lot of stories of how you all became Michael's fans and believers, each story is so unique and fantastic that i decided to share mine :D
I was 9 years old when i saw Thriller and the rest of his videos for the first time. I lived in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Sometimes i was coming from school earlier than my parents from work, so i was alone doing my homework. One day i was alone too and one of our neighbors came and asked me if she could borrow our Modern Talking video tape in exchange for Michael Jackson. I heard Michael's songs before, but never actually saw him. So i took the tape and as soon as i turned it on i fell in L.O.V.E with his music forever. I would watch this tape every single day over and over again. I could not understand a word of English at that time, but that was unnecessary, his videos, his energy, his dance moves were telling the story. I was 100% sure that one day when i grow up i'll go to America and meet him, it seemed so easy for me to do  :lol: . And i never gave the tape back to my neighbor, she liked the Modern Talking better, so we both won.  :lol: And after 11 years the tape is still in good shape! ;)
In 11 years a lot of good and bad things happened in my life, but Michael was always with me :D In 2005 i moved with my family to Kabul, Afghanistan and i went to American school there. It is the best school in the world, our teachers were all from U.S, they helped me a lot to learn English. And that got me to a whole new level of understanding Michael's music, i was happy that i could finally watch his interviews and listen to his own voice (not like before, the Russian translation) which made me fall in L.O.V.E with The Man. He is my HERO forever.
I will not talk about the time when i thought he was "dead", it's all in the past now  :) But the story of how i became a believer is quite interesting, i've shared this story before in another threat so i'll just copy it here.
I saw a dream on the night of 14th to 15th of February 2011.
/I'm working at some very not good looking office at ground floor with few people that i've never met in real life. After few minutes we herd very loud BOOM sound, explosion. We ran outside and i realized that this is NYC 9/11. I saw the first tower on fire, i could stop staring at it, because i knew what was going on. Then i saw the second airplane went in to the second tower. I saw them both collapse/
I will not go in to much details, it was all so real. The panic the terror of people around me was so real.
When i woke up i was shaking i was so scared :( i could not understand why in the world would i see this??? I never lived in US, thank you God that i didn't have any friends or family members who died on that day in NYC. I was born in Uzbekistan, i lived for 2,5 years in Afghanistan and for the past 3 years i'm living in Dubai. So i didn't know why after almost 10 years after that tragic day i would see it my dream??? :?
So i decided to find out the truth about 9/11. That's how i learned about conspiracy, Illuminati, freemasons, subliminal massages, NWO, devil worship, the lie media is trying to feed us with, etc. And then at some point i learned that there is a theory that Illuminati killed Michael Jackson, and i believed it, because i'm his fan for almost 11 years (i know that it's not a lot comparing to most of you guys here, but i'm only 20, and MJ has been a big part of my life since i was 9) His soul is so pure and beautiful, he always wanted this World to be a better place for every single person on Earth. Certainly not the kind of person Illuminati would want people to follow. But then i saw a video on YT (don't remember the channel, and how i got to that video i also don't remember) the video was about TIAI redirects. I did not understand anything!!! I knew that it had to do something with Michael being alive, so i started looking through other YT videos with all the clues, the weird list and Jackson family behavior. I found this forum after i watched a video of PearlJr she had a link of this forum. And the first thing i did here is I read the TIAI revealed and all of his updates. It took me a long time, i couldn't sleep, i couldn't eat. It was crazy!!! :o
But after that i was 1000000% sure that MICHAEL IS ALIVE!!! :D
If i did not see the 9/11 dream i would never search the internet, i would never learn so many things that i know now and i would never know that Michael is ALIVE!
I'm so happy to be here!!! :D
I L.O.V.E you all very much!!!

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