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In a new Promotional clip for the new Michael Jackson The Experience Video Game. Choreography is seen where players and Mike's hand is raised towards the Eye. The Accompanying Animation shows the main dancer, who is supposed to be Michael, doing the questionable Lady Gaga-esque Eye thing.


(The move starts at 10 Seconds)

What do YOU think?

Other Odd Things / Lady Gaga,Beyonce and Michael in the next part?
« on: March 13, 2010, 09:56:37 PM »
Hey guys! I know this is a bit far out there, but It came to mind and I rather say something than keep it bottled up. Most of us know about tie's between Lady Gaga and MJ, such as him being quoted of liking her and saying how unique she was blah blah blah. We also know that Beyonce respected MJ enough to do a rendition of Halo for his passing, live at her concert. So recently Gaga and Beyonce teamed up to do a song, called Telephone. Besides the fact the video is 9 minutes long I didn't see much of anything pointing to MJ. But then theres the ending, Where Gaga says she wants to go "Far Far Away" Gee... doesnt that remind you of a certain song that was released after he 'died' "take me to a place without no name". Sure thats a pretty cliche line of escaping from the police, but cant a guy dream that the next part is gonna have all three?!!! :D :D

Here is the Video to Telephone You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login Judge for yourself, the ending part I described was 9:05

Reading back this sounds VERY far-fetched. Hope I'm not wasting your time. I'm out of idea's.

ALSO: the place with no name topic You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Other Odd Things / BeLIEve Orianthi's Album Name
« on: March 04, 2010, 08:30:10 PM »
I'm not sure if this was brought up. But I was watching Orianthi on Youtube and noticed her new album is called Believe.. Hmmm Didnt a certain blogger have a conspiracy theory behind that word? :)

If that was already mentioned somewhere, I apologize in advance. I Searched and didnt find a connection between the words Believe and Orianthi.

Oh and; You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

General Hoax Talk / Sign Language
« on: December 09, 2009, 11:32:30 PM »
Would like to see if anyone has clear video's of Michael Jackson using Sign Language, I can slow it down if you have good quality to send me.
I am specifically looking for what he was saying at the end of Humane Nature and at the end of TII (after credits) In Human Nature, Gold pants Michael uses a chatting hand move when he says "tell them that its human nature" I would like some evidence that it has been used and is legit. Many of my friends are professionals in the field of Sign Language, I can try to get them read or interpreted, but it would be awesome if someone here could do it to.

Some videos:
The banned version on They dont really care about us ( the end! its quick! I can slow it down if I had a HQ video)
and the ending of TII

Those are the most important I think. I looked at Man in the mirror from TII, and the whole interpretation doesn't appear to be American Sign Language... That interpretation could mean anything, (I -touches heart- you all = I love you, all of you)

Thankyou! and maybe we can find something! :D

Other Odd Things / A place without no name
« on: December 08, 2009, 03:07:36 PM »
Hello! This is my first post on the new forum :)
I wanted to bring up the short sneak peak to the song "A place without no name".

My story: I was vacationing in Europe and arrived June 25th after an over night flight from the U.S. It was my 18th birthday... I found out the next morning wich was the 26th I believe and the first thing I hear after wake, is "Michael Jackson is dead" Depressing I know :( I spend a lot of time on the internet where I found the hoax death websites, The internet was my only source to news, mainly Google: Michael Jackson (click on News) and it's through all the things online that I never got to see all the dramatic footage and memorials on TV that I would see in the U.S until much later on. Imediatly I questioned some of the thins I saw, One of the first ideas I had was that Michael couldnt be dead, but that he had a terminally ill look a like, and hey, this guy didnt even have to be able to sing and dance :P just look! I researched also Vitiligo, My cousin has this disease and I looked into the treatments that WebMD has. Just on a simple website like that they explain the treatments.. Imagine the list of treatments.. lets say.. 20 years ago.. exactly :) I dont think he took pills or bleached but I do think he under went treatment called Skin Depigmentaion, where rather than beeing patchy and spotty your all one shade and color, from Dalmation to a white dog I guess.. So it doesnt sound to far fetched that someone went through surgery and skin depigmentation so his family could live a financially stable life after their father passed.. but I digres, that was just an Idea... And then this came out:

[YouTube] You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login[/YouTube]

A place with no name, It was like he was yelling to us a clue..
I just wanted to share my story and mainly show the two versions of the song.
In the non Acapella version you hear the same harmonizing effect (taaaakkkeee meeee tooo a place) used in "you rock my world"(at the end "someone like yoooouuuu to call mine" [is that  the lyric :P ] ) while the Acapella just sounds natural MJ :)
Hopefully some of the great investigators can analyze the lyrics a little more deeper, I just want to call this into attention :P

I hope I didnt waste your time :P I like to go off topic a lot XD

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