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This Is It / this is it - clear message from michael in terms of hoax
« on: September 19, 2010, 07:26:41 AM »

i was watching bits and bobs of "this is it" with some of my younger relatives.

kids are impatient, so i was fast forwarding quite a bit and as i have seen the movie many times i was just focussing on the actual scenes playing rather than taking the movie in as a whole.

from the after credits scene we know mj said he will come back in his own time. then we also have the black and white scenes where mj is copied in and the character is someone faking his death.

well i was watching thriller, which probably would have been one of mj's most important piece in terms of dancing and use of the stage (billie jean tends to focus on mj himself rather than the stage) and thus would have been centre stage of the concert.

ok, so in the "this is it" version of thriller we get the previously unreleased (or for us fans rare) vincent price verse, which mj would have known would have drawn attention.

so we get this verse (hey look this is new) and immediately after that we get a resurrection scene (like in ghosts) and immediately after that we get a stark cut off to the song threatened.

new verse (bam) > resurrection > threatened

i mean this is pretty clear cut, which out thinking around corners.

the spider in thriller also represents resurrection. i don't really understand why it needed to be there other than for a symbolical reason

alongside the other two hints, this is keeping me on the edge.

and as i have posted before (even thought i don't post a lot), i think the amount of money spent on "this is it" is well out of proportion for a series of concerts.

they wouldn't have made much money just by selling concerts tickets.

i was also reading about the ticket reselling. the vast majority of the "this is it" tickets were on reseller websites within 5 minutes of the sales hotline closing. the main reseller website is also owned by an aeg subsidiary.

i got through on the phone 15 times and on the web 20 times in the 4 hrs that the sales were open and was always told at the last minute that the tickets are gone.

this clearly shows that aeg wanted to resell the tickets in the first place bypassing mj completely in terms of ticket revenue sharing.

so count me in on the mj had enough of situation and wanted out.

The Double Theory / teeth analysis points to there being 2 mjs
« on: April 24, 2010, 02:00:36 PM »
hi everyone,

i observed this by pure coincidence.

the first pic shows mj in the mid 80s. look at the teeth they are veenered.

look at mj from the late 70s and mid 90s. they have the exact same teeth and are not veneered.

you don't swap teeth styles, you veneer and stick with it.

the 80s mj must be someone else.

This Is It / this is it - thriller extra verse meaning
« on: April 08, 2010, 08:22:18 AM »
why did michael choose to use the extra, previously unreleased, thriller verse in this is it?

are we talking about thriller 2 here, the next step?

i tried to get tickets.

i queued online, got through 10 times and every time my connection was mysteriously disconnected at the point of purchase.

i also tried on the phone for 5 hours and got through about 20 times. every time i got a lengthy automated response and no tickets.

a minute or so after all of the tickets had sold out, 100,000s of tickets were listed on reseller sites for 2-3 times the original amount.

there is no way that 100,000s of people could relist their ticktets in a minute. i think the personal limit was 4 tickets per household.

by the way the official reseller was also owned by AEG, i think they were called viago or something similar.

there is no way of denying that the whole ticket sale was rigged and i was pretty annoyed at the time.

i am sure that some tickets were sold to fans, but certainly not the vast majority.

i subscribe to the theory that AEG was trying to make make money by holding ticket sale receipts and gaining interest payments for the 3-4 months before the concerts were to happen (IF THEY WERE TO HAVE GONE AHEAD AT ALL!!!)

add to this the fact that tickets sold via resellers  are not subject to refunds in the case of cancellations.

makes you wonder!

The O2 Press Conference / o2 double and this is it - what they reveal
« on: March 12, 2010, 03:57:35 AM »
some people think that mj used a double for the o2 conference announcement.

i still think he looks odd at the announcement, but i am gradually warming to the idea that it is the real mj.

now what does it mean if it really is him?

his new look at the announcement must be due to the stuff that dr. klein had been doing.

considering that mj looks very different at the o2 announcement one must logically assume that this is it was filmed before the o2 announcement!!!!

hi, does anybody have high quality pics of mj singing in a studio in front of a mic.

i'm looking for a nice wallpaper for my pc, :-)

The O2 Press Conference / why did mj use double at 02 - it's obvious
« on: February 06, 2010, 02:42:08 PM »
it just dawned on me why mj could have used a double at the o2.

let's assume the concerts were never meant to happen. i think there would be a fair share of outcry from those that had arranged hotel accomodation, flights... plus some of the stuff mj said would have been lies and fraudulent.

if however a double had said these things, it wasn't mj, which would be quite a considerable difference if a hoax was revealed.

Michael Jackson News / hi quality pic of mj allegedly at grammys
« on: February 02, 2010, 02:00:00 PM »

i have managed to take a higher qual screenshot of what could be mj at the grammys

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The O2 Press Conference / Mj proclamation - See you in July
« on: February 02, 2010, 10:48:31 AM »
i don't know if this has been mentioned, but mj said: "See you in July" at the O2 conference.

Perhaps he meant July 2010, otherwise it would have been a balatant lie, if he still is alive.


i have just seen the us this is it dvd.

after watching it, it feels totally different than the cinema version. in the cinema i was sure there were impersonators.

watching the dvd i can categorically dismiss this. it was all michael, even orange pants.

the movie is a masterpiece, it feels like a top notch production, not the two guys filmed random stuff garbage that we are supposed to believe.

still no mention of michael being dead.

what i found suspicious was that end credits mention that aeg would like to thank people that have helped them during the production of this is it. i'm not sure why they would have had any input at all.

the credits also mention a uk publicity team. what where they supposed to do? recruit people for the o2 announcement?

the credits also heavily mention a full live production team. what is that all about? i understand stage design and execution... but live production?

another thing that is very obvious. the amount of money that went into the creation of this is it, by this i mean the stage show is phenomenal.

i'm really staggered by this and really fail to see how they could have returned a decent profit from the tour even with 50 dates. the stage is so mega complicated, the quality of the 3d effects mind-blowing and so many different costumes, even for the dancers, much on the scale of a mega production.

after watching this is it on dvd i just get the impression that mj is back on top of his game. not for one second did i think, boy mj looks ill or has lost it.

i'm joining the hoax believer team.

boy what a first post :-)

greets to all

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