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It's been so long I don't recall.  I seem to remember that Katherine had a meeting back in 2009 maybe at Neverland or somewhere (before Michael's death) with some people.  Was Conrad one of those people?  Anyone remember?

Michael Jackson News / Vote For Michael
« on: November 25, 2012, 10:32:20 PM »
Hi all.  Not breaking news but wasn't sure where to put this.  Vote for Michael here

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I think it's over but it still takes votes so why not.

Books / Nice excerpt From Carrie Fisher's New Book
« on: November 08, 2011, 08:33:09 PM »
We all know that Carrie was in Michael's corner after his death so don't be afraid to read it.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Michael’s celebrity turned many people into eager, greedy stargazers who only wanted something from him above and beyond what a normal human is willing or expected to give. They were there for the anecdote. It’s what I call the “shine.” People want to rub up against it, and in so doing, their own value is increased. But I’d like to propose a reason why Michael might’ve preferred the company of children to what I’ve heard referred to as adults.

Kids of a certain age, being too young to understand the peculiar phenomenon of fame, are potentially easier to trust and hang out with than a certain kind of adult, who, as I said earlier, more often than not have a tendency to start acting completely disorganized around someone as outrageously famous as Michael. And children are far less likely to act this way because they don’t exactly know what fame is yet. To them, famous is cartoon characters, or Muppets, or Barney. It’s too abstract a concept for kids.

* * *
On Christmas Eve 2008—Michael’s last—I went over to his house, which is located just down the hill from me and a few blocks over. He was giving his children the childhood that he never had. A childhood outside of celebrity with people who didn’t objectify them. Because normally, for Michael, life was like being an animal at the zoo. An endangered species forever behind bars. I could get in the cage with Michael and not get freaked out, and there weren’t that many people who would’ve known how to, or known that it was even something they might actually be required to do when with him. But I did.

So I joined Michael after hours at his zoo. We took pictures and ate cookies and decorated the tree.

And then, to change it up, Michael asked me to do the Star Wars hologram speech for his kids. I didn’t mind. Someone actually had to remind me what a big Star Wars fan Michael was.

While I was there, though, we weren’t really experiencing the situation for the most part, we were taking pictures of it. Arnie took pictures of me and Michael and the kids, and I took pictures of Arnie and his friends and the Michael family package. My favorite was taking a picture of Michael reading my book "Wishful Drinking."

I will always cherish that weird Christmas configuration of ours. Looking back, it was as if Michael didn’t know how to just be in a situation without recording it on a camera. The thing is, he was just so used to being documented. But the main reason the documentation came up this time was mostly for Arnie’s friends, who wanted to take pictures of their meeting with Michael so they could carry his shine around. The encounter elevated them. It became, “Oh, I had Christmas Eve dinner with Michael Jackson. What did you do?” Anyway, we all f*cked around holiday style and having fun, and it was fun. We took pictures, we acted childish (at least I think that’s what it was). At some point, Michael said, “Okay, I’m letting you take my kids’ pictures because I know that you won’t show them to anyone because you know I don’t want anyone to see my children.”

He wanted his children to be as unrecorded as possible. If the Africans believe that you lose a piece of your soul each time you have your picture taken, then Michael hadn’t had one for a very long time. But he was trying to arrange things so that his kids could keep theirs. And his children are very sweet, good children. And that’s because whatever else he was or wasn’t, I think Michael was a really good father. I mean, his children are kind, really polite, even-tempered, and essentially unspoiled kids. And that can’t come from a nanny. You can’t fake that stuff. It has to come from the parent. And that parent was Michael.

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Random MJ Talk / Please Join The Invincible Campaign This Month
« on: October 02, 2011, 12:06:01 AM »
There is a campaign to make Michael's "Invincible" album number 1 this month for the 10 year anniversary.  Let's make it happen.  Thank you.
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Michael Jackson News / Not About Michael But Found Because Of Him
« on: November 07, 2010, 12:40:26 AM »
Someone wrote something disgusting about Michael on my youtube channel and I think he's making the rounds so may have hit your channels too.  I went to his channel and people were firing back at him with both barrels.  Anyway, while trying to find out something about the dim-wit I happened on this page that I'm leaving a link for.  The pictures are graphic - you're forewarned.  Since you're all caring people I thought you might be interested.

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Michael Jackson News / Off Topic - Best UFO EXPOSE I've Seen
« on: August 31, 2010, 10:26:30 AM »
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There are two with the same title.  This one if the better by far.  I thought you all might enjoy it.  I've watched all but 20 minutes so far and the whole movie has great info throughout.  

Have fun.

I'd never seen this particular one before or completely forgot it - Michael is full of energy and looks to be having a good time.  So fine.  And then there's the cartoon one I came across - done after Michael left us.

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I thought this hearing was to determine whether or not Dr. Murray would stand trial.  This Article states different.
Nearly a year after his death, Michael Jackson's shocking demise and the circumstances surrounding it remain unresolved. That may change when embattled physician, Doctor Conrad Murray attends a hearing related to charges that he was in some way involved with the "Thriller" entertainer's death.

After a short hearing Monday, June 14 stemming from the California Medical Board's request to suspend Murray's license to practice medicine indefinitely, a judge set August 23 as the day he will face charges directly related to Jackson's death.

Labeled a preliminary hearing, the court date will determine if he will end up standing trial on manslaughter charges levied earlier this year.

Joe, Katherine, and Latoya Jackson were on hand Monday, attending Murray's hearing over the medical board's request to suspend his license. Judge Michael Pastor denied that request according to CNN.
I know darn well that this was supposed to be THE hearing.  Am I confused?  Isn't that why the defense was talking about delaying the hearing because of all the paperwork?

Does anyone have a source of what happened in the courtroom.  Did they ask the judge for a delay in the courtroom and that's why this was moved to August?

« on: June 12, 2010, 04:45:01 PM »
I think I saw here that some are going to Dr. Murray's hearing.  William Wagener is going to be there and as you know wants to see Michael vindicated.  He wants to communicate with anyone that his going to the trial and this is William's text - The below paste was part of a communication regarding future plans for a documentary.


And if you know anyone going to the MURRAY trial in L.A. Monday, have them email me before Sunday 10am, because I want to meet with them before the trial
Monday. I will be doing NO Y T communication while at trial of MURRAY. available only by cell phone. which Is why I need to hear from them by Saturday.

Michael Jackson News / OFF TOPIC - Kevin Fox Has Been Vindicated
« on: May 31, 2010, 11:55:34 PM »
Ken Fox was accused of assaulting and killing his little girl and spent less than a year in prison before DNA testing didn't add up.
Here's the link.
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A man serving time for forcing a relative to have sex with him was charged Thursday with sexually assaulting, binding with duct tape and drowning 3-year-old Riley Fox in a Wilmington creek, a gruesome 2004 crime that drew national attention and seemed, for many in Will County, as if it would never be solved.

Scott Wayne Eby, who has been serving a 14-year sentence at the Lawrence Correctional Center, was charged with first-degree murder and predatory criminal sexual assault of a child. The Fox family's attorney said Eby, 38, admitted the crimes to federal investigators after a tip led them to him and his DNA matched that found during Riley's autopsy.

The girl's father, Kevin Fox, was arrested four months after her death and charged with her murder. He was cleared after spending eight months in jail, and the investigation went on for years with no arrests.

"This is a case that has torn at the very fabric of Will County," Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow said Thursday. "I've never dealt with a case this heart-wrenching that took so long to get a resolution."

Riley's parents didn't speak publicly, but Chad Fox, Kevin Fox's brother, said: "My family is happy this day has arrived. Riley deserves this justice and Kevin deserves apologies from everyone who considered him guilty. My family hopes Scott Eby receives the most harsh punishment our legal system can sentence a lifelong criminal and child murderer."

Illinois Department of Corrections records show Eby was sent to prison in early 2006 for a Will County sexual assault committed the year before. According to court records, Eby forced a relative to have sex with him while her husband was asleep in a separate room.

Eby has been in and out of prison since 1988 on three separate burglary charges and a forgery charge.

When he was released from prison in July 2003, the Department of Corrections obtained a full DNA sample and sent it to the Illinois State Police crime lab to be uploaded into the national criminal DNA database.

Riley was killed the next year, and a partial sample of a suspect's DNA was obtained during her autopsy. Because only full samples are entered into the national database, the sample from the Riley case was not included. So there was no way investigators could have used the database to match Eby to the crime at that time.

Eby later landed on the sex offender registry because of the 2005 assault.

Glasgow said the FBI got heavily involved in the Riley case about a year ago. He said about 30 agents conducted interviews and collected new information: "They had the resources available, and we jumped at it."

Once the FBI identified Eby as a suspect, a fresh DNA sample was used to match him to the partial DNA sample that was found during Riley's autopsy, according to Fox family attorney Kathleen Zellner.

Zellner said Riley's parents were briefed Thursday by Will County sheriff's detectives and FBI agents, who shared a number of details with the family:

•Eby was living with his mother at the time of Riley's slaying, about a mile away from the Fox family's home.

•On the night of the murder, Eby also allegedly broke into the house next door to the Foxes, cutting the screen on the front door.

•Eby is believed to have entered the Foxes' house through a back door, which was open because the lock was broken.

Zellner said the family was saddened to relive the crime, but relieved to know it might be solved.

"Obviously, it's heartbreaking to hear the details, but they're so glad he's been caught," she said. "I think it completely vindicates Kevin Fox. It's obviously hugely important for Kevin because a lot of people still think he did it."

Kevin Fox was cleared of the charges when a DNA test excluded him from the assault and killing. A federal jury awarded Fox and his wife, Melissa, $15.5 million for false arrest and malicious prosecution in December 2007, the largest award ever given in Illinois for a civil rights case alleging wrongful arrest.

Last month, an appeals court agreed with the jury's finding, but reduced the award — which previously had been shaved to $12.2 million — to $8 million.

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals chastised the investigators on the case, implying that their decision to quickly rule out the girl's death as the work of a sexual predator was "absurd." The court also found that detectives lacked probable cause to arrest Fox, given the "exceedingly weak evidence" they had assembled.

Fox gave police a videotaped confession at the end of a 14-hour overnight interrogation. He later said the confession was coerced. The videotape was not shown during the civil trial.

Sheriff Paul Kaupas, whose department brought the original case against Kevin Fox, recently underwent a medical procedure and was unavailable for comment Thursday. Kaupas' spokesman, Pat Barry, issued an apology on the sheriff's behalf.

"He is issuing his apology to Kevin Fox and the Fox family," Barry said. "He is grateful that the person who did this has been brought in. Justice is going to be served."

In Wilmington, the small blue house Eby lived in with his mother at the time of the murder is now vacant. Neighbors say the family hasn't lived there in more than four years.

Bonnie Mills said she remembers Eby as a child and described him as troubled. Once, she said, he sat on his rooftop for hours threatening to jump.

"He worried me," Mills said. "He was not someone I was comfortable with at all."

When Mills heard about the charges she started giving praise aloud.

"Thank God," she said, patting her heart. "There are all these little kids here and her killer was still running around. If you couldn't find your kids for two minutes, you'd panic."

News of the arrest quickly spread through the town south of Joliet.

At the Wilmington Police Department, officers gathered around a television waiting to hear the news. Though some had past contact with Eby, they were still surprised that he was charged, said Police Chief Darin Plotts.

"This case has plagued our community for six years. For it to finally come to an end is good, not only for the family, but for our town. We're pretty close-knit here," Plotts said.

Michael Jackson News / The Question of Where Was Latoya
« on: April 29, 2010, 09:12:12 PM »
Latoya was a home.  There was more than one phone call.  This is the same consistent story since last year.
“I live about three minutes away from Michael in Beverly Hills. I was talking to a friend about the fact that Farrah Fawcett had just passed away…. I said, ‘There’s going to be another one because they always go in threes.’

“About an hour-and-a-half later, my father called me from Las Vegas and said, “Get to the hospital right away. Michael’s been rushed to hospital.’”

La Toya called her mother’s personal assistant and was told her brother was being treated at UCLA Medical Centre in Westwood, a ten-minute drive from her home.

“I jumped into my car and kept calling my mother’s assistant saying, ‘How is he? How is he?”’ she recalls. “But he wouldn’t tell me.

“Finally, I heard Mother in the background asking, ‘Who is that?’ When she learned it was me, she screamed, “Why don’t you just tell her?” and she grabbed the phone and just screamed as loud as she could, ‘He’s dead!’

“I nearly crashed my car. My legs went weak. I couldn’t press down on the gas pedal. I got to the wrong entrance at the hospital and was

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I watched this the other day somewhere and it was much better quality [could hear him better and video crisp] but don't know where that was now.
About 1/3 of the way through he says what I wrote in the subject.  Of course he deserves his day in court but those words bugged me.  It's not like you see in the movies where someone stumbles upon the victim and then is blamed for the crime...or is it?

Michael Jackson News / Larry & His Wife Pill Poppers?
« on: April 20, 2010, 09:01:30 AM »
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According to this rag....It seems so much worse when you read it about continually regarding Michael and he wasn't eating it like candy.

Larry King's wife has secretly drawn up divorce papers, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

Shawn King, the willowy blonde wife of the 75-year-old CNN talk-show host and mother of their two young sons, has told close friends that she's met with a lawyer and may file for divorce at any time.

"Larry's wife Shawn told me directly that all it will take to make her divorce filing official is just one phone call," a close friend, who passed a polygraph test, told The ENQUIRER.

"She says she has the papers drawn up, and one false move from Larry and that will be it. She says she's already got everything in her name and all that's left is the filing."

The ENQUIRER has exclusively documented a series of problems in the couple's 11-year marriage - beginning with a shocking blowup reported in 2007.

That's when the couple engaged in a "slapfest" outside the famed Beverly Hills eatery Nate'n Al after arguing over where to sit.

Then last summer, we revealed that Shawn, 49, was forced to enter rehab at the Betty Ford Center for a pill dependency.

In an exclusive interview, Larry said Shawn had been taking up to 20 powerful Vicodin painkillers a day to relieve migraine headaches.

But only four months later, Larry - who's been married seven times to six different women - was said to be heartbroken…

Michael Jackson News / An Interesting Read Abt. Michael's Voice 6/09
« on: April 19, 2010, 07:14:26 PM »
Deleted the link

I'm not posting the whole article.  There's too much junk to weed out of the page.  Sorry, Just the link.  There is also a video to one of my all time favs, Prince... I don't even remember what I was looking for now, when I bumped into this. lol

Dr. Conrad Murray / Per Frank Dileo Conrad Received an Advance
« on: April 15, 2010, 06:43:07 PM »
I was reading this interview today and Mr. Dileo said that the doctor received an advance from AEG.  It wasn't in quotes.  Another interview I read today was that Michael advanced the money from his advance.  Whatever the case, it's all the same ball of wax. The money came from the money that was budgeted for the show.  I wonder how much the advance was.Did doctor Murray say he wasn't paid?

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The press reports said AEG was paying him $150k a month.
That’s what I OK’d. What he originally asked for was astronomical. AEG did not hire the doctor. That was Michael’s doctor for months. AEG just advanced him the payment, which was part of the budget. I had one meeting with him, making sure Michael had the right vitamins, what kind of smoothies to make, should it be G2 or Gatorade after the show? He told us he was a cardiologist, and I said, “Michael, this is perfect. Because I’ve already had three heart attacks and I have seven stents in my heart. If I drop over in London, this guy’s right there.”

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