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This is offtopic but ONTOPIC at the same time:

Okay, so you know how this article talks about how the children may be witnesses (according to the witness list)? Well, while on the topic of the witness list, is it just me or does the witness list seem more like a hoax cast list (includes people both in and and not in on the hoax)?

TMZ Articles / Re: Jury Questionnaire in MJ Death -- Propofol Anyone?
« on: April 11, 2011, 01:46:55 PM »
Quote from: "paula-c"
"Blanket Jackson" – MJ’s family

That is the legal name of the child :?:

lol that's not his legal name. :)

his legal name is Prince Michael Jackson II, and "Blanket" is his nickname

On Jermaine's official twitter (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login), he tweeted that Marlon_Jackson is NOT actually Marlon...even confirming that Marlon told him that he's never tweeted before. When reading the tweets, start from the bottom, and work your way up.

.All other brother accounts authentic, as verified. Except Marlon. He don't tweet (unless he's singing backgrounds!)
about 5 hours ago via web .

@MJJNews Marlon is not using what we thought was a defunct twitter account related to the reality show.
about 5 hours ago via web in reply to MJJNews

 .@dhruv22uk someone with access to account, from production side (as was allowed back then) can
about 5 hours ago via web in reply to dhruv22uk

 .to clarify: we stopped tweeting under @alljack5ons post-reality show. That account's change of name to @Marlon_Jackson is not him/authentic
about 5 hours ago via web .

So @Marlon_Jackson is NOT my bro. And I quote him: "I've never tweeted except for when I sang "Rockin' Robin"...tweet, tweet, twiddly-dee

So, since Marlon_Jackson is NOT actually Marlon, WHO is it? I have a theory or two

Twitter ~ Verified Accounts / Re: Criss Angel - @crissangel (verified)
« on: March 29, 2011, 03:39:54 PM »
He tweeted this today:

crissangel Criss Angel
a small clue... You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

And this is the photo it linked to:

then later tweeted this:

crissangel Criss Angel

Other Odd Things / "The Nightmare of Edgar Allen Poe"
« on: March 27, 2011, 09:39:31 PM »
Apparently Michael was going to star as Edgar Allen Poe in a movie about the last week before his death.

But the film ended up being shelved. He had written a song for it and everything.


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and another article that goes more in depth: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

this second article is pretty horrible (the things they say about him) :(

Much has been made of Michael Jackson’s identification with the character of Peter Pan, but the late singer had another literary devotion that didn’t make it into his obituaries: He was an Edgar Allan Poe fanatic and had long planned to star in a biopic about the horror writer.

Called The Nightmares of Edgar Allan Poe, the European-funded vanity project was a dream for the King Of Pop. “Michael says by the time he’s done preparing for this, the audience isn’t even going to know it’s him, with the major makeup,” co-executive producer Gary Pudney told USA Today’s Jeannie Williams in 2000. “The new Michael is Michael Jackson, the movie actor. That is what he wants to devote his energies to.” Jackson pronounced the script as “very scary”, and although the movie was not a musical, he planned to sing a song with lyrics based on Poe’s poetry over the closing credits. Producer Pudney said Jackson had talked to Steven Spielberg about the project, who was enthusiastic and suggested several potential directors, including Tim Burton. Pudney also boasted that the movie, in which characters from Poe’s work came back to haunt the author during the last week of his life, would give Jackson a “great death scene.”

Given Poe’s fear of premature burial, it seemed like more than rote recitation of cliché that the writer might’ve been “rolling over in his grave” at the prospect of being portrayed by Jackson. Indeed, the existence of Nightmares was mind-blowing news, even by the (high? low?) standards of tabloid staple “Wacko Jacko”. It was news that lent itself to jokes: Would he instruct “The Tell-Tale Heart” to “just beat it”? Would “The Raven” be replaced by Bubbles the Chimp?

It was also yet another bizarre turn in the trajectory of Poe’s pop-culture legacy. First an NFL team, the Baltimore Ravens, takes its name from his poem (its raven mascots are named Edgar, Allan, and Poe). Then Poe’s great-great nephew, actor-musician Edgar Allan Poe IV, appeared as the ghost of his great-great uncle on the sitcom Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Later, a fictionalized Poe was also found sleuthing murders with King of the Wild Frontier Davey Crockett in The Alienist-ish novel Nevermore. But I always understood Jackson’s affinity for Poe, perhaps—no, definitely—because I was once a fifth grade kid obsessed with two people: Michael Jackson and Edgar Allan Poe.

Yes, the racial angle of the MJ casting raised questions, among them: How confused would the late playwright August Wilson have been? But, let’s be honest—casting MJ as Poe was not as problematic as, say, casting El DeBarge as Nathaniel Hawthorne. Whether it’s because of the skin disease vitiligo, cosmetic bleaching, or a combination of both, Jackson’s pallid complexion looks even more Goth than portraits of Poe’s pale visage. The issue here is not casting a black man to play a white man; it was casting an alien mannequin drag queen apparently sculpted out of soap to play a white man.

Below the surface, there were connections between the two cultural icons. Both Jackson and Poe are arguably the most popular American export in their respective fields, and major influences on those who followed. Baudelaire was said to make his morning prayers to God and Edgar Allen Poe, and Justin Timberlake and Usher are obviously both Michael Jackson impersonators moonwalking in MJ’s fleet footsteps.

There was also symmetry to their scandals. They both have been accused of pedophilia—at the very least, they shared a penchant for PYTs: Poe married his 13-year-old cousin Virginia, and Jackson has hosted many a sleepover with 13-year-old boys. Thus their respective sexualities have been wildly speculated about. In a posthumous psychoanalysis of Poe, Dr. Maria Bonaparte theorized that Poe was celibate, entertained thoughts of necrophilia, and suffered from a castration complex (her mentor, Dr. Sigmund Freud provided the preface for this study).

Despite vehement assertions to Diane Sawyer, many said the same (well, minus the necrophilia and castration stuff) of Jackson’s marriages to Lisa Marie Presley and, later, to his plastic surgeon’s nurse, Debbie Rowe, even though they had two children together. (I’d also bet in real-life, that the paternity suit of a certain Billie Jean would’ve been thrown out of court in a hurry.)

They both struggled with financial difficulties despite being among the best at what they did. Many historians say Poe was an opium addict; Jackson revealed he had an addiction to the painkiller Demerol in court papers. They both explored the pull of drugs in their work.

Here’s Poe’s narrator from “Ligeia,” seeing visions of his dead lover: “In the excitement of my opium dream (for I was habitually fettered in the shackles of the drug), I would call aloud her name ...”

Here’s Jackson, from Blood on the Dance Floor‘s “Morphine”:


“Demerol Demerol Oh God he’s taking Demerol
  Hee-hee-hee Demerol Demerol Oh my oh God it’s Demerol
  Hee Oooh”

Then there’s the Vincent Price factor. Price, of course, was the on-screen embodiment of Poe’s work in such Roger Corman films as The Pit and the Pendulum, The Masque of the Red Death, and The Cask of Amontillado. He also provided the rap and maniacal cackle on the title track of Jackson’s Thriller.

But alas, Michael Jackson never ending up playing Poe—at least not in the movie. Sadly, now the haunted figures have another thing in common. They both died young; Poe was 40, Jackson was 50. They were both emaciated, in debt, their bodies abused by chemicals, forever blessed with talent and haunted by demons.

TMZ Articles / Re: Michael Jackson Estate Settles Vegas Claim
« on: March 27, 2011, 02:44:47 PM »
The claim is $234,000

2+3+4 = 9  ;)

Complete TMZ Recaps / Re: TMZ Full Recap Part 15 - July 2010
« on: March 17, 2011, 05:04:01 PM »
Michael Jackson Conquers Death with New Album
7/30/2010 3:00 PM PDT by TMZ Staff  

Michael Jackson cannot be stopped ... even in death -- the King of Pop is set to release a posthumous album of brand new songs this November ... and it's just the beginning.

According to Rolling Stone, Jackson has approximately 100 still-unreleased songs from throughout his career -- and the Jackson Estate has already inked a $250 million deal with Sony to release them over the next seven years ... along with reissues of the MJ classics.

Among the unreleased tracks are collaborations with Akon, and Ne-Yo.

The album is due out in November.

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Wow, TMZ basically predicted one of the songs on the album MONTHS before hand. In this article, which talks about the new album (Michael was estimated to be released in November...then confirmed for December 14th), the heading on the photo says BREAKING NEWS. I notice that TMZ doesn't have this all the time, only SOMETIMES. This doesn't seem like a coincidence to me. Thoughts?

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI March 9
« on: March 16, 2011, 08:48:56 PM »
Like TS said earlier, the FBI is involved with more than just the WPP.

So if the FBI is involved, it doesn't necessarily mean that MJ is in the WPP.

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI March 9
« on: March 16, 2011, 07:35:02 AM »
TS actually DID post at 3:33, because he posts according to Los Angeles time. @Gina: The reason you saw 11:33 is because you are in a different time zone than TS (who posts according to LA time).

3:33 because the 333 FBI pages.

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI March 9
« on: March 14, 2011, 07:48:46 PM »
Quote from: "finfin"
Do you remember this on the 3rd September 2010, one year after the burial?
 No coincidence
See post

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

If you look at the cemetary picture on that webpage, it looks EXACTLY like the cemetary used as the background for the Thriller videos they shot for TII....just, ya know, during the day.

Other Odd Things / Re: S.T.U.D.Y. - A little insight?
« on: March 14, 2011, 07:27:33 PM »
I was looking at the STUDY website again, and read through the newsletters that are posted. I still believe that Tim Simkin is NOT TS, but nevertheless, here is what I found.

On the last newsletter, it includes a picture of what I guess to be Tim Simkin and his wife:


We might be able to put a face to the name (Tim Simkin)

The Numbers Theory / Re: Another 7
« on: February 28, 2011, 03:12:36 PM »
Is it the fact that Indiana has 7 letters?

Complete TMZ Recaps / Re: TMZ Full Recap Part 21 - January 2011
« on: February 28, 2011, 02:35:02 PM »
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1/18/2011 2:30 AM PST by TMZ Staff  

Not every Michael Jackson fan HATES Dr. Conrad Murray ... in fact, one of the guys who danced in the new MJ music video met up with Conrad this past weekend ... and insists, "He's a nice guy."

TMZ has learned Terry Henderson -- who was featured in the "Hold My Hand" video -- ran into Murray at 3rd Street Promenade shopping center in Santa Monica on Sunday ... and immediately struck up a conversation.

Henderson told us he fully supports Murray through his "tough legal battle" ... even though most hardcore MJ fans view Conrad as the enemy.

Henderson's olive branch got us thinking -- will MJ fans ever be able to make peace with Murray?

After all, MJ did preach love and forgiveness, right?

Dr. Murray's shirt has the number 18 on it (1+8 = 9).

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI February 26
« on: February 27, 2011, 10:54:05 PM »
Quote from: "TS_comments"
So now I’m going to start challenging some of the theories out there, on the ambulance photo.  Please keep in mind that I’m not trying to pick on anyone specific; I am only asking for critical examination, and clear evidence.  And yes, many very good and correct things have been researched and discovered by hoax investigators; I am not trying to discredit all of the tremendous effort that has been put into this for 20 months now.  But there are some particular areas that I want to challenge; and if they can be sustained by solid evidence, fine.  And if not, then we may need to revise some of our conclusions.

Some have said that the photo is fake, because the reflection of the red car is facing the wrong direction.  But the red car was parked facing the same direction that the ambulance drove away while leaving, and in the reflection the red car is facing towards the front of the ambulance.  

A similar idea is that the red car is too low to the ground, for it to be reflected in a window that is much higher than the level of the car.  Anyone can debunk this idea by walking up to a mirror (or a window that has a good reflection in it); the closer you get to the mirror/window, the more you can see things lower and lower to the ground.  By holding the camera up close to the ambulance window, it would be easy for the camera to see a reflection of something much lower than the ambulance window.

Yet another idea is that the red car was parked in the wrong place for it to be reflected in the ambulance window.  However, that depends on what point in time the famous ambulance photo was taken.  If it was taken while the ambulance was still backing out of the driveway, then yes the car reflection would be wrong; but if the photo was taken later as the ambulance started to pull down the street, then the red car was in the right place to be reflected in the ambulance window.

One of the very first theories was that the ambulance photo is fake, because only the yellow shirt guy is there at the window snapping the shot in the still picture (and in the sunshine, no tree shadows); but the red shirt guy is there in the video of it.  However, the still photo with only the yellow shirt guy was taken as the ambulance was coming out of the driveway—you can even see the fire engine behind the ambulance in that still picture.  The video with the red shirt (and the other guy) is a few seconds later, as the ambulance begins to pull away (and there are shadows of trees in that area).

Another common idea is that you can’t take a picture through the tinted ambulance window.  This point has already been questioned and debated on the hoax forums quite a bit, and several people—even of those who support the hoax—think that it can be done, if you use the right camera, settings, and flash (which is no doubt what professional paparazzi would be prepared to do).  Just because someone tried to do it with a cell phone, and didn’t get good results, means nothing; cell phones don’t normally have flash, and they certainly aren’t the high quality camera and flash equipment that would come on a paparazzi camera.  So we can’t really use this tinted glass argument as solid evidence.  For those who want to research it, there is actually a lot of information on the internet (having nothing to do specifically with MJ or ambulances) about taking pictures through dark or tinted windows.

I’m not going to take the time to include pictures of these things, which most of us have seen hundreds of times now; but if anyone else wants, they can add the pictures of the things we are discussing here.  In my next comment, I will start a detailed examination of the possibilities about the leaf pattern, etc.

Looking forward to hearing your comments about the leaf pattern. :)

Complete TMZ Recaps / Re: TMZ Full Recap Part 2 - June 25 - June 30, 2009
« on: February 27, 2011, 06:25:53 PM »
Lisa Marie: Michael Said He'd End up Like Elvis
Originally posted Jun 26th 2009 9:34 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

Lisa Marie Presley -- who was briefly married to Michael Jackson back in the 90's -- said MJ once predicted he was headed down the same path as Elvis ... who died at the age of 42 after battling addiction to prescription drugs.

On her blog this morning, Lisa Marie said Michael once told her: "I am afraid that I'm going to end up like [Elvis], the way he did." She goes on to say, "I promptly tried to deter him from the idea, at which point he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded almost matter of fact as if to let me know, he knew what he knew and that was kind of that."

Lisa Marie also said despite what people think, her marriage to Michael wasn't a sham.

<!-- m -->You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login<!-- m -->

In this article, they are basically telling us that MJ has known about Elvis' death hoax for a while, since (at the least) LMP and him were married.

Also, as SerenitysDream used to do, if you take the each capital letter in the get  "LOL."

Almost as if TMZ is telling us to laugh at the ridiculousness of the "death."

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