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General Hoax Talk / Re: Vote ~Most Dedicated Fan Base~ C'mon guys
« on: April 01, 2012, 01:10:42 PM »
Yay, with his worldwide fanbase, he should be way way ahead. Keep spreading it around so ALL his fans get the word  :multiplespotting: :multiplespotting: :multiplespotting: :multiplespotting: :multiplespotting: :multiplespotting: :multiplespotting: :multiplespotting: :multiplespotting: :multiplespotting: :multiplespotting: :multiplespotting:

General Hoax Talk / Vote ~Most Dedicated Fan Base~ C'mon guys
« on: April 01, 2012, 03:09:04 AM »
I just rated Michael Jackson 10 out of 10 You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login via @NMEmagazine   :michael-jackson: :michael-jackson: :michael-jackson: :michael-jackson: :michael-jackson:

General Hoax Talk / Re: Who is still here ? ? ? ? ?
« on: February 05, 2012, 02:39:40 AM »
Im around as much as I can be too  mj_dance/


Janet Jackson / Re: Janet Jackson Launches Fur Fashion Line
« on: December 07, 2011, 01:12:15 AM »
OMG.......First of all, when animals are killed for food, they are killed instantly, not tortured to their death BIG difference. Second, the US fur trade is with China. Have any of you actually watched the documentary of the hidden camera footage of the routine "Torture and Kill" days of puppies, kittens, rabbits, even dalmations etc in China? It is sickening, and I can guarentee janet has never seen it, or she wouldnt be doing this. But, there is no way she cant be aware of it either. These animals are tortured in disgusting living areas until the fateful day they are old enough or shiny enough for a sleeve or a collar on a coat. They are hung on hooks, throats slit and started to be skinned before they die. I am so sick of some people saying THAT is the same thing as someone eating a steak from a cow that was killed instantly. Those cows never know what hits them, chickens the same. I lived on a farm and because I know how they are killed, I do eat meat. But if they were slaughtered like these innocent creatures, then no, I wouldnt.
So, I love Michael, but right now I cant stand the sight of Janet over this. And I dont feel like I should have to just because of him. If you havent watched the documentary, maybe you should before you compare the killings for food and fur and leather. If you have watched it, and still feel its the same, then thats your right. Sorry , but once you see something like that, its forever embedded in your mind.  :cry: :cry: :cry:

TMZ Articles / Re: Conrad Murray The Prosecutors are Dishonest!
« on: October 04, 2011, 04:51:31 AM »
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I like the old forum better - can't find a thing now...  :geek:

What happened to the gag order?
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Looks like Murry is now in contempt of court!
I hear ya, it scares the heck out of me in here. I get lost  afraid/

Well, I never in a million years thought I would ever feel this way, but I AM beginning to feel the pic is real.
* The two ambulance pic and hosp.pic match, and are the same person at the same time (day,year, whatever). The sideburns are the same, The curls are there (in the hosp.pic, I think his hair is under his neck and back)his hair was long, but so were his curls. There is NO WAY to tell in that hosp. pic if his hair was straight, IMO. On another forum, the two pics are blown up, side by side and rotated straight up and down...they are the same.
* Michael had an oxygen tube in his nose that Murray had in, and is still on him in the ambulance. If you also notice, the very same asperatus piece that is in his mouth in the ambulance, is also the very same piece that is in his mouth in the hosp. pic. It is just that the bag or anything the ER used has been disconnected from it in the hosp.pic. They had also started an IV in his jugular in the ambulance to give the rounds of meds. There would have been tubing for that as well. It also appears to me that they have a line coming out of his left hand.
* Keep in mind that the CORONER is the one that has to remove all of this, and Michael was being transported by helicopter.
* I have looked at these photos all wknd until I just cant anymore  , but I have come to my own conclusion that the pic is real.
* It is MY BELIEF ONLY that the tape above his lip is to hold the oxygen tubing in place. The tape on his chin is to hold the asperatus in place (just happenes to be a different color tape or a different type used. The abnormal looking arm is the IV tubing being taped from his neck and down his arm to his hand. When the pic of his arm is zoomed, it is easy to tell it is tape.
* I think the gown was put on him out of common courtesy and dignity, and for his children to see him.
* From working in many Nursing Homes and having many people die on me, it is very easy to close the eyes. I would assume they did this before his children seen him.
* as for the gurney, they may still have a few old ones that they specifically use for transport to helicopters etc. If they are still in very good shape, I would think they would still get some use out of them, just maybe not in busy hospital use as in operating rooms. When that call was made to UCLA, if that manager thought he may get in some kind of trouble by having an older model by being asked that question, he's not going to admit to it. It may have caught him off guard.
* Where Michaels legs are/went.....I have no idea 
* As for the trial, Its confusing as hell, a big joke, and its what keeps me hanging on today.
* I do think the "death pic" was unnecessary, disrespectful, and something Michael wouldnt do. I'm beginning to think i'ts not fake anymore, and it scares the hell out of me. We are watching a trial of a bunch of freaking idiots and my heart goes out to Michael wherever he is.
* I use to have beautiful images of him when I closed my eyes, singing, dancing and smiling. Now when I close them, all I see is that f#@*ing picture and those hurtful words "signs of a dying heart". Im angry and I feel robbed. They disrespected him in the worst way possible and that pic is plastered all over the world like a trophy prize. I hate it    :evil:
lease understand this is only my opinion and I dont mean to upset anyone. Just posted it here for thought.

Hoax Videos / Re: Jermaine Jackson- Still Giving Clues
« on: October 04, 2011, 02:04:49 AM »
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Jermaine believes in God.  He is saying Michael is with God.
Usually when you believe in God, you do not speak of the deceased in present tense. In most religions, when someone dies, they leave our living world and precede onto heaven. They are not talked about in the living sense anymore because their body has died. Our body belongs to earth and is reincarnated, our spirit belongs to the Divine. Always has and always will.
Not necessarily. I believe in God, but not reincarnation. therfore i believe my Mom and Dad are safe with God in Heaven. Everyone has different beliefs. I know Jermaine isnt JW anymore, but Katherine and some of the others are, and they believe he is sleeping right now. So I also feel Jermaine could mean alot of different things by this statement. He could mean that they know he is at FL and is well protected. I was excited about it at first too when I heard him say it, until I thought about it more.  :-\

Hoax Pictures / Re: Photo Used In Trial - MJ At The Hospital
« on: September 30, 2011, 03:43:17 AM »
Hi everyone  bearhug  Its been a long time, but this new site scares the beegeebees  OMG!  out of me. I get lost and confused on where to go  :oops: .
Anyway, just wanted to add a couple thing that are bugging me if I may. I still believe that Michael is alive. However, that "deathbed pic" knocked me out of my socks when I saw it and I litterally fell to the floor. I agree with most of what is being said about the pic, but there are a few things I dont. Just for the record, any tubing,tape,IV, or any resussitation devices that are connected to a dead body can only be removed by the coroner. Therefore, any outside tubing is disconnected and anything in the body has to stay. Thats why the tube in the mouth would be there. Also his hair...In TII he had curls, but his hair was long and so were the curls. So in a grainy photo, if his hair is pulled back under his neck, you are not going to see the curls. I believe his wigs were straight, but HIS hair was the beautiful curls, which is how he probably slept.
And last is the hospital gown. I agree that what we heard was he was unclothed when he was brought in, but I would like to think that the hospital would have the decentcy to put a gown on him before his children and family seen him. So that is why I believe he had a gown on.
Ive always been 50/50, however the testimonies today have tipped me more on the 80/20. But with this mess, we can never let our guard down or we'll get hit with something. I hope I didnt offend anyone, just wanted to shed some light in case theres that 1% chance we're wrong.

Quote from: "Miss.Peppers"
Anyone else see Jermaines tweet where he has admitted he didnt speak to MJ in May at that party????
Wasnt jermaine the one that said when Michael was leaving, Jermaine told him he liked what he had done with a song, and Michael told him Thanks and that it meant alot coming from him. Anyone remember that? confused/

Quote from: "Miss.Peppers"
I think various areas need to be discussed here:
1.  Where MJ was living in 2009 - and firm dates needed.   Was he living in Carolwood or a hotel?
2.  How long are they officially saying Murray was treating MJ for in the run up to June 25th
3.  If Murray was treating him, then WHERE was he treating him?   If it was elsewhere, then this could explain why Murray stated he didnt know the Carolwood address.
4.  Kathy Hilton describes seeing MJs corpse, but doesnt describe what he looked like, only what she did.  (rubbing feet, etc).  I find that interesting.  She also stated that MJ was not a drug addict and she saw no evidence of this in her friendship with him.  I note most people are saying this about MJ - bar a karen faye and a couple of family members.  


This isnt about me being "negative".   I need to find the truth about what has happened.  I cant find the truth if i have a tunnel vision.   The inconsistencies in the story led me to this forum.   But i am not blind to the fact that MJ could be dead and that it could have been caused by numerous factors.   People are lying and covering up.  
If we want to find out the truth, then we have to ask hard questions about even our own beliefs.  Lets not throw out possibilities before we investigate their worth.   Good investigators look at all possibilities.   And thats what i am doing...   i am investigating.

And please...  lets me kind and accepting of each other on this forum.   We all have a right to be here, and we are all family.  We are all here for a common purpose...  because we love Michael and because we are trying to make sense of what has happened and we want to know the truth about June 25th 2009.
I agree with EVERYTHING you have said here, and have always liked reading your posts and hearing your input !!!!! beerchug

« on: June 04, 2011, 09:15:04 PM »
Too too cool, but he probably wont ever see it.  :(

Michael Jackson News / Re: Dave Dave on Larry King Live
« on: June 04, 2011, 09:05:47 PM »
@ Cameron .........about Elvis  elvis_/ .......LMFAO  lolol/

Michael Jackson News / Re: Dave Dave on Larry King Live
« on: June 04, 2011, 12:44:48 AM »
Ive always believed that Dave Dave was indeed Michael on LKL.

Quote from: "heartphantom"
MMMMmmmm, Does Teddy know because he's a friend or does Teddy know because he was involved in this project? If i share my secret with a friend i don't ask them to sign confidentiality papers - if there is no trust then i don't even see the reason of telling him about my hoax.You'll say it;s different in "star's world" but still I didn'tt see Elizabeth obliged to sign confidentiality agreements to keep Michael's privacy safe if Teddy had to do this then maybe his position is not so closed to Michael's afterall.  And If he signed anything i believe it wasn't even about this hoax, just something strictly business, like Jentle already said, the agreement would have been broken already by now. Long time ago better said.
I think it's just more conveniant to say so to put "hoax" questions to an end. I didn't understand why he insisted with his knower stuff so many days, made a blog, MJ i'm at your service commend, Michael is alive for sure and Teddy is as real as cancer lol.  Then he left everyone on that blog with no answers, on twitter he's now under confidential clauses suddenyly, his behavior was really weird and a little immature. He's not the most popular star on Earth but i expected more from him, he managed this "Knower" thing in a very unprofessional way. I didn't see Akon doing that. I like Teddy, don't get me wrong, but i didn't like him in this context. I have reasons to believe he exploited this hoax a little for his own affaiars...especially if i take a closer look at the time coincidence with the release of Michael album.
I sooooo agree with you on everything. I also think TR was loving "Michaels Fan base'" attention. So many of MJ's fans swarmed around him (including me) like there was no tomorrow, and what better way to keep MJ fans following him?  :(  I like TR too, but I can't say right now if I still trust him or his intentions.

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