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The Coroner and Autopsy Report / Re: Debunking the Autopsy Report
« on: September 12, 2010, 10:35:05 PM »
Some one from this forum  paste a page to me from another forum what i had said about the original poster
thankyou for opening my eyes . Let me  make myself very clear  i  didnt try to debunk the report , I simply tried to point out  few mistake he/she made  because it was confusing everyone and among you were few members asking  me my opinion about the original  post , But it sadden me deeply how people judge someone , if some one would read the thread from the very beginning only then they will realise what i was trying to say , MY ONLY PURPOSE FOR WRITING THIS POST WAS TO LET YOU ALL KNOW THAT THE ORIGINAL POSTER WAS GIVING YOU FALSE HOPES by saying this report is FAKE,just because  she consult from professior doesnt mean she is right  , what about the person who has spent life with professiors and is in the medical field  for years ? do you honestly think a layman can stand up and judge a physician by saying"" who is she and what is she ?   I dont agree  with what she said because it doesnt MAKE SENSE TO  me  " just because he/she didnt hear didnt read that FROM SOMEWHERE  doesnt means things they dont make sense orthose things donot exist . DO SOME DECENT RESEARCH
  anyways I know some people are and will always be like that I can only  feel sorry for them .instead of keeping an open mind they want to live in denial , good for them
   For rest of people thankyou for showing respect and love , I will miss some wonderful members I met  .You are and will always be in my prayers . Godbless .

Random MJ Talk / Re: The official "goodbye" thread
« on: September 07, 2010, 01:52:08 PM »
@mykidsmom I am sad to see you leave , i really do , I wish i could send you pm like we did sometimes to let you know how much you will be missed . Please take care of yourself and all the very best in life ! My prayers are and will always be with you . God bless you .

@ Curls and Paula-c ,  You are most welcome , yes they DO freeze the samples  ! but for how long ,i dont know myself and would they show traces of Propofol still ,thats the question , someone from the forum misinterpret what  Dr Murray and his lawyer asked for its called  litigation package and they have right to demand for it unlike what was grossly misunderstood by most of members here including myself  ,i knew there is no chance to get the fresh samples now , like I said in my earlier post , the sensible approach was to request for it at the time of  autopsy or soon after release of report , it was known to  Dr murray teams he had been charged with involuntary man slaughter whats the point of  much delay ?
   Below is the link from Amercian Board of Toxicology and 2006 guidelines   11-10 clearly define Litigation package , If any lawyer from the forum would elaborate it further  .Godbless you all

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Found this article , will give  better insight of forensic medicine    

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Other Odd Things / Re: So....the L.A. Coroner Just Happened To.........
« on: August 29, 2010, 10:08:07 PM »
I dont remember if Oxycontin was mention in the autopsy report , I reckon it wasnt , if he was taking Opioids , it had to be mentioned  in the report , no doubt his drug addiction problem  was largely exaggerated by the media , an excuse to administer Propofol to wean off  Benzodiazepine ( Midazolam and  Lorazepam ) is  non-sense its antidote is Flumazenil  not Propofol , and there is No antidote for Diprivan at all .
             I dont know how will they proceed with the case,how Murray and his lawyers would justify themselves , for someone spending 14 years ( medical school, residency , fellow ship) in the medical field  specially 7 years in Internal medicine  can we expect of him making  blunders like doing CPR  for the  first time with one hand , making a delay calling 911  in an acute emergency when he knew the patient was critical , doing things out side hospital set-up with no appropraite resuscitation devices  in hand ,not being aware of when and what drugs should  be given in which condition and requesting for bodyfluid analysis now ?  
      If my memory serves right ,didnt Murray earned his Cardiology degree from Texas , a State known for elite Cardiology institues like  American Heart Association and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center . The Southwestern Medical Center ranks among the top academic medical centers in the world .Unless a hoax ,there is , and should be NO escape for him

Other Odd Things / Re: So....the L.A. Coroner Just Happened To.........
« on: August 29, 2010, 12:19:31 AM »
Someone asked about the lipid deposition in adipose tissues i m quickly replying to that one ,  drugs acting on  Central nervous system like  anesthetics should have following properties
 A. high  lipid solubility.
               to cross the blood brain barrier, a system that protects our brain from toxic subtances entrying freely and damage it
b. should have low blood solubility

      the drugs with high lipid and low blood solubility  have fast mode of action as well as fast metabolism and high  potency , like i said Propofol is ULTRA SHORT acting anasthesia , it acts and  leaves body and Doesnot deposit  unless a very lethal dose is infused in to the system like in this case

@ Christiana  I will highly appreciate if you do me  a favour by  asking  a question to that physician because something  confuses me  , The doctor wrote "  Also, Propofol undergoes oxidative degradation, in the presence of oxygen, and is therefore packaged under nitrogen to eliminate this degradation path  "  
but Propofol was already metabolised ,traces (metabolites )were found in tissues and body fluids how will they prevent its degradation ? does she mean the process is reversible ? as far as I remember its irreversible  but I assume  he/she must be in Nuclear medicine and more knowledgeable in this subject My opinion is , running  tests
on those samples NOW is of no use specially if they are looking for propofol levels because it had already
been documented in the report , it was Acute Intoxication , a Lethal dose

Other Odd Things / Re: So....the L.A. Coroner Just Happened To.........
« on: August 27, 2010, 09:31:10 PM »
@christiana , its okay i understand , thankyou for the post
  i want to clear one more thing , the blood is preserved from live donors  like blood banks in hospitals set up , they preserve it for future transfusion in any acute emergency but its preservation is different from  autopsy, the transfusion bottle have anticoagulants, preventing  blood clotting which occurs soon blood leaks out of vessels   but in autopsy cases the body arrives hours after death  , the process of blood contamination and  autolysis  started  already , depending upon the temperature of surrounding at the time of death , but preservatives are also added in bottles  used for autopsy to prevent further decomposition , i will give an example , let say the body arrives after 2 hours , the samples are drawn and sent to the  forensic-lab  , but by that times many electrolytes specially potassium will leak out of cells which normally stay inside , once circulation stops , lack of oxygen disrupts the cell membrane around the cells and the potassiuml leaks out  giving a false negative result wilth high levels , same is the case with enzymes the chemicals which digest the cells of the body ( autolysis)  hours after death ,for every organ the time line is very important ,  each of it decays in sepcific time ,another  importance of time after death is  decision making for body donation upon  deceased wish and the cause of death is natural, a pathologistl makes a gross examination to see if the organ is alive means still capable of funtioning and safe it for donation , the bottom line.....timing is important from every aspect in the medical field ,  every second counts !

Other Odd Things / Re: So....the L.A. Coroner Just Happened To.........
« on: August 27, 2010, 05:06:23 PM »
I wish if Murrays lawyers used some  common sense by asking for samples AT THE TIME OF AUTOPSY  not now  like Ms Katherine  made request for 2nd private autopsy she  had her doubts which I understand completly and its her right .  But whats the role of coroner then ?  he is a neutral person who is responsible for maintaing chain-of-custody otherwise every day ever other person woulkd stand up and ask for seprate autopsy , the whole procedure is kept on record in a tape recorder , the forensic pathologist speak out loud and clear  so that  one of the  person in the room  write down everything he says , since its about Michael Jackson  and the nature of the case , i believe they must be very very careful about each and everything ,the autopsy is routinely  done within 3 hrs  but  it lasted  for 7hrs  so you can imagine now how hard they tried  to note each and every minute detail , i already said earlier the  body samples under various alises in the autopsy report were used to avoid getting bias reports ,same must be the case with histology slides they were not send to pathologist under name  of Michael Jackson , and there is strong possibility all the samples were send to various hospitals   or to the same pathologist many times not just one ,and it happen very often  , all the reused medical equipment shouldnot go  on auction , its pure insanity

Other Odd Things / Re: So....the L.A. Coroner Just Happened To.........
« on: August 27, 2010, 12:03:24 PM »
@Christina Can you please send me the link to that article I want to read more, although the propofol was found in body fluids and they measured the drug level from aqueous humour  already what they want more?  aqueous -humour, the body fluid detects the propofol  level most accurately and can be kept frozen and the slides for histopathology too but there is no use of preserving the blood specially  as the cells break down releasing all the chemical contents including enzymes and electrolytes , for propofol the usual pathway of metabolism is through hydroxylation  and glucuronidation by Cyt P450 system in liver and  bile and finally excreted out through kidneys  
    Propofol is a water-immiscible oil basically , so is used as an emulsion of a soya oil/propofol mixture in water, this makes it appear as a highly opaque white fluid.

Other Odd Things / Re: So....the L.A. Coroner Just Happened To.........
« on: August 26, 2010, 11:39:07 PM »
By chance I log in today and read this article  but  are you sure coroner said he has preserved the sample  for future analysis ???, i  already said  and still maintain, the propofol leaves the body very quickly hence the first urine and blood samples are very important from forensic point of view  , i m really surprised if they are running test after 15months, due to rapid changes  by autolysis, the old samples give false negative results and are discarded by the lab as the time is  mention by staff or phlebotomist while the samples have been taken out from the body, thats why tests are always run on fresh samples, i m talking about the body fluids not tissue sample for histopathology , and by old samples means more than 48 hrs  
 for those interested to read more here are links

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  Hope that helps,Godbless

Karen Faye / Re: Letter from Michael? Karen responds.
« on: August 25, 2010, 10:20:40 PM »
Does someone remember heismypeterpan update? the thread was locked , twitter account closed and a member related to that account some how  friend or dont know  exactly , left the forum ? remember she  was planning to reveal  herself to media to prove Mj wasnt perverted  and some of her prediction comes true ? could it be  her sending letters to media? fruit for thought

The Coroner and Autopsy Report / Re: Debunking the Autopsy Report
« on: August 25, 2010, 03:30:41 PM »
      Just log in , yeah there is No chronic cerebral edma,unless patient suffers hydocephalus which  rarely runs a  chronic course but not as alone -entity .
 cerebral edma is MOSTLY acute, 99% of the time ,cerebral edma  can be a post matum finding too  but  in alive patient , presented with, projectile vomiting , severe headache etc etc.....
baseline , he didnt suffer from cerebral edma , atleast in life, hope that helps take care .

 @ mj 291958
P.s  why you thought its a silly question ?not at all ,  you keep an open mind for any possibility and its great you know I think you must be brilliant student in the past  !

Dissociative identity disorder
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Body dysmorphic disorder  for those who want to read
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@ Souza i m not sure if he suffered  Dissociative identity disorder,but  i heard Dr deepak saying he had Body dysmorphic disorder,

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