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Just came back from Immortal show in Sacramento. Fantastic show and wanted to share a few observations:

Smooth Criminal had lots of clues including things about the media on the back projection screen in newspaper headlines;the whole production used things that
Michael seemed to be working on in the DOME project; the band/singers/dancers were from TII; the plural "pains" was used etc etc etc. GREAT PRODUCTION!

I know people were talking about the giving tree and the changing form of the tree in CIRQUE.  Well, in tonights performance it was a nuclear reactor--not a tree..........

The show was great down here in Los Angeles, however I must correct something you stated that is partially wrong. The band is not from TII...I know because my brother is Jon M. Clark who plays rhythm guitar for the Cirque show and has played rhythm guitar for MJ since the bad tour. The only person from TII band is Jonathan Moffett, who actually has been with Michael Jackson since the Victory tour. The bass player is Don Boyette, and of course the new lead guitarist is not Orianthi, but Desiree. The background singers all have been with MJ before except, for Jory Steinberg who is actually the MD (musical director) Greg Phillenganes girlfriend (which is why she even got the job). As I stated before the Music Director is Greg Phillenganes...who also has been with MJ for decades. I personally know every one of these musicians, even Taku Hirano and the cellist Tina Guo.

If I misunderstood your post, please accept my apology, but there's no way in hell that Cirque or Greg Phillenganes, would have EVER used any of the new musicians from TII, except Johnathan Moffett, who like I said before has been everywhere with MJ since the early 1980's.


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Hi everyone,
I know CM was found guilty but I still in my heart & gut believe MJ is alive.
I have a few things that I wanted to share that just did not make since to me.

1 Ms. Lee said she went to school on the internet and this took place in the 80's but a friend said to me there was no computers in the 80's.  written script!  OMG!   :o

2 Why would MJ seek natural herbal remedies but when that did not work go to CM for help for insomnia? He could afford the best insomnia Doctor around! He was in Bahrain with his children for a few years? He made breakfast for them & they walked the beach & so on...WAS HE NOT SLEEPING THERE?  /scream/  /overreacting/

3 Sorry but I do not see him drinking Red bull. He had a chef who was making fresh beet juice and healthy meals and there were cans & cans of Red Bull all over the house. It was all planted for the hoax in my opinion! /pull hair/

4 KO Said on the stand that Michael had chills, fever he had to wrap him in  blankets and rub his feet & I believe this took place at 1 in the morning after they finished practicing!     
Why did he not take him to the hospital? WHY DID HE NOT CALL 911!! Who allows someone in that condition to go home like that & than go writes an email!! /overreacting/
WHO DOES THAT!!!!   /pull hair/
I feel I must be from another planet!! More hoax stuff to me! /overreacting/  /overreacting/

5 The morning of June 25 where was the FOOD, HIS CHEF DID NOT SPEAK ABOUT ANY FOOD. So from early morning to noon someone was not only medicated to death but they were starved to death to... /overreacting/  /pull hair/

6 The same thing on May 10 when CM recorded MJ or an actor he supposedly was drugging & starving to death. But where was everyone? Where was his children at this time? Where was all of the chefs, body guards, & nanny? HOAX STUFF!!   /pull hair/

7 MJ asked Faheem (I hope I spelled that right) to call Ms. Lee because he felt hot on side of his body & cold on the other. Michael is calling a nutrition health expert for that kind of a problem!!!
 /pull hair/   Who does that?????   But still she advises with urgency to GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!
WHY DID FAHEEM WHO HEARD HER SAY THAT NOT TAKE MJ TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!!I am in a MOVIE!! /pull hair/ /scream/ /overreacting/

8 One of the ceo of the hospital was on the stand & he said the UCLA doctor told Mrs. Katherine Jackson that her son had passed away but she said on the Opera interview Dr. Murray told her!!
 /overreacting/ /pull hair/ /scream/ I am done & I am happy to say we have all been in a play together so I can't wait until the SECRET IS OUT OF THE BAG:)   

Please respond! Need some clarification:) Thank you 

Add this to your list....

The Great Seal of the State of California in that courtroom had 32 stars on it. Every courtroom I have ever been in has 31 stars...since California was the 31st state added to the Union/USA.

Fake Trial...this is why nothing makes sense   /judge/  WTF??  OMG!

« on: November 09, 2011, 12:31:44 PM »
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Alleged=not proven in a court of law.

So MJ's death is not proven in a court of law, and his death occurring on 6/25/09 is not proven in a court of law either. Plain and simple, end of deliberations.

Murray was convicted of manslaughtering someone who's death is only alleged. How's that for fucked up stuff the general public doesn't notice?

You hit the nail on the head! Also, did anyone else notice that when HLN, played the trial on t.v., they always said "there's the Great Seal of the State of California, folks" during every single court beak? After I heard that over a hundred times, I noticed that the seal they showed on T.V. had 32 stars on it. So I paused the t.v. and counted the stars. The real Seal of California has 31 stars as it was the 31st state that became part of the union/USA.

I just walked out of a courtroom yesterday (stupid traffic tickets  :cry:) and there were 31 stars on the seal behind the judges desk. This was not a real trial IMO!


General Hoax Talk / Re: Will you still hold out hope for a return ??
« on: July 23, 2011, 04:19:25 PM »
He'll be back in one form or another.....just pay attention to the Cirque show. I saw the stage (actually it was a mini model) that Cirque will be using. All I will say, is that there will be a beautiful tree with a high stage behind it for the band. The acrobats will dance on the lower stage that the tree is on an they will also swing from the tree. That sounds nice, but this is what I found strange....a very narrow runway leads out away from the 2 main stages to a circlular stage just large enough for about one person. Jaime King and Greg Phillenganes both stated that it's gonna be like MJ is "there". This circle I mentioned is going to be where an image of  "MJ" will be. I'm not saying it's going to be him, as I do not know, but I hear you will swear to GOD that MJ is on that stage.

Cirque was here in LA fitting my relative and a few others who are musicians for this show and have toured with MJ before and he/she was telling me that when they did the fittings, they were wired up with some sort of 3D wires on their upper bodies. She/he said that even when they did the Bad Tour, it wasn't as top secret as what Cirque is doing now. They won't even know how the music will be played until the 1st day of rehearsals next month. I'll be at the opening in Montreal on October 3...can't wait.

Just watch Cirque, something spectacular is definitely going to happen.....I guarantee it!


TIAI ~ 2010 / Re: TIAI 11/18
« on: December 04, 2010, 08:45:05 PM »
Quote from: "Believe 777"
A@ traceys_home
BTW...Good and Evil dose not exist, it's an image of your imagination...IMHO! You are the Good and the Evil of your realm! We all are my's all very relative. You make what you believe to be true...a fourth + dimension.

This is so true and very well said  ;)  This really brings it home!

Thank you Believe777, I'm glad you "understood" what my message was meant to reveal. By the way everyone, it is just my opinion.  :D


Sincerity, accuracy, honest and above all consistency as always...

Thanks TS!


TIAI ~ 2010 / Re: TIAI 11/18
« on: November 21, 2010, 05:01:27 AM »
Quote from: "navibl"
Quote from: "trublu"
Quote from: "navibl"
Those who believe in nothing by default  are drawn into evil because in the absence of no thought, Satan has a place to play, because he does  roam the earth seeking  whom he may devour regardless of belief in him or not.

When you believe in nothing what do you mean? Nothing as in God? I believe in evolution and nature. I am a kind person who tries my very best to help people. Am I drawn into Evil? I'm finding it difficult to understand maybe because of the language. If you could explain I would be very grateful. Thanks.

I guess believing in nature and evolution is believing in something, there just doesn't seem to be much substance or hope! For the poor unfortunate people who nature has not been so good to, and have evolved into pain and desease and poverty and lack, war and destruction. I guess they have nothing to really look forward to in life, just a mere pittful exsistance, because when they die they go from being helpless and without to rotting in the ground. I don't really think I could get through the day with that belief. I would want to put an end to it all if I had no hope of a restored resurrected body that would live in divine glory with my loving heavenly creator for enternity. Maybe that is why thousands of people commit suicide each day!!! No hope of a better life! Or would I come back as a frog!! Just need to understand where I am evolving to!! How sad! I prefer a choice of Good and Evil, to not have that choice is true slavery!!! That is why God gave us that choice, he didn't create slaves.  

Hmmm....Agree to a disagree! But...all in all, we are here, we are alive no matter our individual "Position/s In Life". Yet we are born...we are alive for a reason (selfish reasons for some of us), we all have our purpose (just figure it out)...although be it "selfish sacrifice" sometimes, we are none the less,  here. We, "I" could never look down upon another because he/she appears to be lacking in a "normal" way. What's normal, What's usual, What's Execpted? None of of us here in this forum are any of the for-mentioned. So I ask you all, to walk a mile in the shoes of those less fortunate, come back here and give your report on that time in your life. I bet we all get nothing....nothing....nothing! If this is so, then we should all bow our heads to one another for many reasons...belief, love, sanctity and the fortune of life, because in the end, LIFe, is all that matters!

Our personal message to others is all that matters


BTW...Good and Evil dose not exist, it's an image of your imagination...IMHO! You are the Good and the Evil of your realm! We all are my's all very relative. You make what you believe to be true...a fourth + dimension.

Quote from: "heisinme09"
From Michael Bearden's Facebook Page regarding The Immortal Tour of Cirque Du Soleil:

"Kenny, Travis and I are not supporting this production...unfortunately, i can't talk about my reasons...m~ "

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Hoax Implication Thoughts Please?

Not supporting The Circus show...ooops I mean the Cirque show because Cirque is about to get the pants sued off them for stealing someone else's idea. I'm surprised by Frank DiLeo's dishonesty with this "company". He was supposed to start a show with said "company" involving the entire "Bad Tour" band, get a show going in Las Vegas back in December of 2009. Instead he ran to Cirque with the "company's" one sheet and sold someone else's idea.

That's why Bearden and the other musicians (Dam I dislike Bearden very much) especially, Jonathan Moffett, won't touch Cirque with a ten foot pole. Everyone in this circle knows about it. As a matter of fact Mo or Souza could ask Jennifer Batten about a show that was to be called "The Magic of Michael Jackson", since they interviewed her. Jennifer knows about, she was supposed to be in the show in Vegas.

Keep your eyes open ...more news about a future lawsuit will come out soon, unless of course Cirque settles out of court with said "company".



Michael Jackson News / Re: What did NASA find?
« on: November 16, 2010, 11:24:06 PM »
Quote from: "MJonmind"
So November 15 came and went as usual. Phew! :lol: That would have been quite the scary show. Maybe they had technical difficulties and they will send an update.

:lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :!:


Other Odd Things / Re: Pale man/woman at Edie Jones speach
« on: November 11, 2010, 11:47:12 AM »
Thanks for the look. I was thinking the same as you but thought I would give it a shot anyway. I see what you mean though. I went back and watched the Eddie Jones video again and there's definitely not much similarity. I was watching some videos on youtube and she popped out at me.

Thanks again for your input  ;)


Other Odd Things / Re: Pale man/woman at Edie Jones speach
« on: November 10, 2010, 09:46:37 PM »
I am wondering if this woman in the video at 3:46 is the same person that was at Eddie Jones speech sometime back.

Take a look and tell me what you think.


Quote from: "2MuchMJLuv"
Yes, it was all very, very strange.  I live near L.A. too and this is almost identical to the day that Tupac "died".  When the news broke that he died there were also thousands of fans at the hospital standing around and waiting. Then the media reported that his body would be sent to a mortuary in Los Angeles (he'd actually died in Las Vegas). I'm no tupac fan but the reason why I'm bringing this up is because it just so happens that I was having my hair done at a salon directly across the street from where Tupac's body was said to be arriving. My beautician knew someone who worked at the mortuary, so she decided to call to confirm this. It seemed like within second of that news broadcast people ambushed the mortuary (we sat and observed this from a window). It was insane. Oh and get this: my beautician's contact said that he was never going to arrive there. This person didn't go into detail, but he hinted to her that he was simply doing what he was told. Crazy, huh???? Now, there has been speculation that Tupac also faked his death to release himself from Suge Knight's wrath (someone was definitely trying to kill him), and I have always thought that there were similiarities (like the fans at the hospital, the emergency evacuations, etc).  Maybe I should research the day that Tupac died to see if there were any delays at the airports, etc. Although MJ is a much bigger star than he was, we may still find a few clues. ;)

Quote from: "anewfan"
Quote from: "traceys_home"
Quote from: "all4loveandbelieve"
Can you please explain to me what is the similarity of the coroner and the flights in LAX on June 25 2009?
Love and blessings

I'm trying hard to figure it out myself @all4loveandbelieve. Now, if I can just find those dang documents. As I recall though, when I found them online, it didn't make any sense to me. I was kind of like "huh"? I promise I will search and search until I find the docs. As far as the connection, I don't know,,,not sure I'll ever know. Yet and still, it's strange.

I know this isn't much of an answer, but I'm trying my best to find info about this.


@traceys_home.....How long ago did you read these online? The reason why I am asking is because many things that were on the net early on have now disappeared or have been changed. It's really strange!

 For instance, the wife of the Fire Chief, whose fire crew arrived at the scene at MJ's had a blog and wrote some info pertaining to that day. (she posted it the evening of June 25, 2009 I believe) There was a link to that blog on one of the websites, and someone posted the info she had written. I clicked on that link a couple of months ago, and the blog it linked to had nothing at all to say about MJ. In fact, it was something mundane about a movie she had recently seen. (or something like that)

I'm a huge Tupac fan  :P , and yeah it was all strange what happened to him as well and a very similar situation indeed. Someone was definitely trying to kill him. Not so sure it was Suge Knight though. But back to these documents, I have been searching all day and I can't find them. It's irritating me to death  :( . I can't be the only person that saw them! If what I saw was as real as the other docs I uploaded, then they must be filed in the court near LAX I would think. I'm going to call a friend of mine tomorrow who's an attorney and ask him how I can get a copy. He's gonna think I've gone bananas however  :lol: ! I gotta let the cat out the bag now because he's going to ask me what's going on  :shock:

I would think it's public information or it could have been that someone posted it online and the courts found out and took it down. But they were definitely found with the other three docs you have all seen.

Whatever the case, Monday I'll try to have more info. Even though it wasn't the most important thing to me at the time, something clicked in my head the other day about it all so I posted, just knowing I still had it on my hard drive only to find out I had just what you have all seen.

Will let you all know what I find out or what I don't find out!

LOVE you  :arrow: ALL


Michael Jackson News / Re: where is THAT Video came from?!???
« on: September 11, 2010, 12:17:08 AM »

You guys have a great sense of humor! Debbie, should do a lot of things differently if she is who she claims to be. It's my opinion honestly, and I'm still having difficulty wrapping my finger around it all...but who really knows yet. Her posts and replies to some people are kind of ridiculous if you ask me. I'm sure she's aware of this site and that somehow the word would spread to us all here about her.

It's like a mangled mess right now with "Breaking News" of a video coming out in October. I haven't contacted any networks about such a program, but should we? I mean if it's true why wouldn't any network confirm or deny any knowledge of it? I just find it hard to believe 2 of the biggest networks in the world would air such a video. I could see it on you tube or anywhere on the internet, but CNN and the BBC :shock: ....that's kind of stretching it for me, not to mention her public claims of a secret life with MJ :? But, as we all know, anything is possible

On another note however, if she is who she says, maybe putting a recent picture up might not be a good idea...I dunno know, just a thought. October, is just around the corner, but my gut instinct isn't feeling her story just yet. I'm just gonna wait and see what happens.  

What's everyone's opinion about what you have found out so far of Debbie? BTW....thanks for reading!


:D  Thanks TS very much! The numbers simply do not lie no matter how much a person tries make them work in their favor....unless you plan them right ;) . MJ is obviously a Master Planner because only those numbers work for him. I sooooo get it and use numerology myself.

For thousands of years humans have used numerology as a way of life and for some of us this way of life is very important to this day. Hell, this country we call the United States of America was built based on numerology. Now that many of us are "re-learning" this secret we can now figure out where our governments are trying to lead us. The Jig Is Up  :twisted: !

That's all folks  :lol:


Michael Jackson News / Re: where is THAT Video came from?!???
« on: September 10, 2010, 06:49:12 PM »
Quote from: "all4loveandbelieve"
This is Ironic, her name is Debbie Jackson? What is it with Michael he marries all Debbies??? Listen if Michael needed to be hidden for any problems especially someone wanting to kill him,  why would any one leak that information, so whom ever is after him can go and finish the job? Come on people wake up and smell the coffee. This person can be anyone who loves to play a joke at under other people expenses. Believe me I want Michael here with us as much as all of you here my friends, but unfortunetaly this time I am not positive that this is the truth. The more I read all your threads the more I feel there is something wrong with this picture, and I do not know what it is as of yet. I am trying to find out what. I called BBC canada, they have no knowledge of what I am talking about. I will continue doing my investigations, and when I find out something I will let you know. I have lots of friends who works in Canadian tv stations, so they already aware and they will let me know if they know anything. Blessings to all

I'm right there with you in total agreement. Something definitely feels "off" about her, not to mention her name... :lol:  as you already stated. I just didn't see the point in keeping this under wraps here. Most of us are very diligent in our research and can cut to the chase quicker than a knife through bread. Her posted answers are short, off topic and just weird.

I just wanted everyone to have the ability to see for themselves where this rumor started. I can't stand taking another person's word for something especially when they are the "middleman" so to speak, it drives me crazy.

I'll tell ya one thing though, I hope my feelings are wrong about her and this video does come out. Then we'll have even more work to do  :shock:. We will all be trying to figure out if it was MJ in the video at the point :P   :lol:

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