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Murray was ordered to pay restitution to MJs children??
Don't they need to do a seperately civil action for this, or am I wrong? Sorry, Iam not from the US.

Twitter ~ Verified Accounts / Re: Paris Jackson Twitter @ParisJackson
« on: November 25, 2011, 05:28:22 PM »
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I think that site is depressing.
That site looks like father Joe's idea to me. I am not sure the real Jacksons are behind it though.

And they say Michael is dead :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Now Michael's second name is Joseph again????  I dont think the family is behind this site.

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI November 11 (11-11-11)
« on: November 20, 2011, 06:39:29 PM »
To me everything is still pointing to the film theory. We already have seen enough contradictions and stuff that just doesnt add up in this trial and this whole case what should provide enough evidence that this trial wasnt real and that MJ just has to be still alive. So I dont really care in one more or less detail beeing wrong. Same with the ambulance van. It doesnt matter how many vans were alleged to be seen. The people who are on the hoax would have lied anyway and for the fans outside (if there were any) they could have hired an ambulance van to make it look real (like they do it in films). But I think the rest was filmed an prepared  to a previous time and when TMZ (the main source) aired it and spread the news, they just give us the impression that it was really happening then (that day)  Of course a lot of people were outside UCLA (and even tried to get in)  on 25. June bc they heard the news on the radio  and the UCLA stuff was probably really busy to "control the chaos"  but officially they didnt state anything, Jermaine did. And TMZ remained the main source in this whole case.  The biggest clues to make me think of a film is 1. the huge pic of Michael behind a camera on his memorial 2. the fact that Michaell admitted he wants to do films and take it to another level (at Geraldo interview) and
3. LaToyas statement that this is just an illusion.  I dont believe in a murder conspiracy, bc if Mj would have been dead ( for whatever reason) the family would have acted different. Remember Joes interview a few days after Michaels "passing" (The- Im fine, the familly is doing great-comment) or Janets attending at the BET Awards or the childrens attending at the Memorial, or Randys and Marlons happy grinning to the fans while sitting in a car and taking a few things out of Michaels house a fews days after his "death". I dont think those things would have happened then.
(Sorry for my bad engish)
Greetings to everybody

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI September 27
« on: November 02, 2011, 06:53:06 PM »
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One might think of a koinkidance that this town has that name and that they may have a stuffed seal as a mascot. Maybe they really have a seal with a red nose as a mascot there.
 If you ask me, I think this is unlikely since Europe is not Hollywood . Usually Europeans don't exaggerate about trivializing animals except in theme parks. Which means stuffed toys will be more resembling living creatures than Mickey Mouse. So I would rule the red nose as existing on that mascot out unless somebody comes up with it and proves it.
 In fact, yes, maybe this photo shooting was all koinkidance and Joe was just asked to pose for an article in local papers.
 Why are they standing in front of a house with the seal directly being photographed in front of the letters
 Q U E L L (which means "source")?
 There are far better motives for a journalist's photo for local press - the port, the sea gulls, the sea, the beach, whatever. But they choose a house corner holding the seal in front of letters giving the word "source".
 I have "un"learned to think in terms of koinkidances here.  :lol:
 I think Joe's presentation was no koinkidance.
 So we are back to the seal and why it has 31 stars in Lindsay Lohan's court room and 32 in Doc Murray's.
 Michael as a (additional) star being in that room all the time. This never left my mind.
 What and who are the source / origin of the seal?
 Did we miss anything so far?  I am no expert in U.S. history. Anybody an idea?
Original 1849 Description 
Around the bend of the ring are represented thirty-one stars, being the number of States of which the Union will consist upon the admission of California. The foreground figure represents the goddess Minerva [Greek: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login] having sprung full grow[n] from the brain of You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login [Greek: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login]. She is introduced as a type of the political birth of the State of California, without having gone through the probation of a territory. At her feet crouches a grisly [grizzly] bear feeding upon the clusters from a grape vine, emblematic of the peculiar characteristics of the country. A miner is engaged with his rocker and bowl at his side, illustrating the golden wealth of the You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login, upon whose waters are seen shipping, typical of commercial greatness; and the snow-clad peaks of the You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login make up the background, while above is the Greek motto "Eureka," (I have found,) applying either to the principle involved in the admission of the State, or the success of the miner at work.[/q][/t]  You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Hello! The place "Carolinensiel" really does have a little rednosed female seal as a mascot and its called "Carolinchen"
Joseph has quite often visited this place in the past years, bec he has got a branch office (? dont know if this is the right word)
for his representation in Europe in Rastede which is  about 60 to 70 km away from the North Coast and the area around Carolinensiel. There quite a lot of other -siels in that area as well.
And QUELLE was not meant as "source", it was meant as "spring"  like a thermal spring. Joe was just at some spa park/area when they took that picture and there he also had his massages and got spoiled there as they mentioned before.
Iam quite sure it is not related to the hoax at all. But speaking of the hoax, I ve got a feeling that Murray will be aquitted.
Why would they have made such an effort to copy as much details as they did from 2005's trial to have a different outcome?
OMG my english is probably terrible I hope everybody understands. I also would like to admit that I really appreciate everybodys hard work in here. I love this forum though Ive never been much of an active part here. But I stll havent lost my faith and Iam defently a believer!
Greetings to everybody! bearhug

General Hoax Talk / Re: @mjviva
« on: October 24, 2011, 06:12:40 AM »
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I don´t know why it was and still is SOOOOO interesting and important for ppl if Michael had vitiligo / bleached his skin, how often he did his nose and other things, where he slept and why, blablaba...
it´s HIS business and not mine, I don´t care anyway, and I´m not interested in ppl like this one who bring this up again and again just to fill up their boring lives.
All they want is attention, but they won´t get mine. That´s not the first crap I read on twitter, blogspot and so on, and these folks still get too much attention. ::)

I think the same way. I dont really care how much and why he bleached his skin (he surely had to do some bleaching even if he got vitiligo)
But to think that Michael never lied interviews , like some fans still do, is pretty naive too me.
PS: Hi, ich komme auch aus Deutschland

The Funeral, The Body & Forest Lawn / Re: Picture of Lisa Marie at Casket
« on: January 05, 2011, 05:55:57 AM »
Quote from: "nefari"
I know I'm going to be laughed at for this but so be it. Michael Lockwood has changed in looks a lot since the "death" of MJ and his entire get up/personna is just strange IMO. Look at his big feet, take really good notice of his hands and bone structure, his size *or at least what we can see in photos* as I'm not sure if anyone on this site has actually seen the man in person up close. When I see him I'm always thinking could anyone dress more "out there" and just unusual as if the style he projects was something thought about long and hard to convey a character/part, a precise and chosen image....a created person if you will. Even much more so than Conrad Murray. And you really can not find a huge amount of info on him either. *Sort of like Arno Bani* and ...As a wrestling fan in the past the only Mike Lockwood I ever knew about was a little guy referred to as Crash Holly back in the day and he is dead. How perfect.
I was laughing, but just bc I have similar thoughts.... and seeing him so "out there" dressed, sometimes even with huge earrings on or painted nails, I really wonder if he could be gay. He was in his mid 40ies and never married before and had no children before. I know this sounds prejudiced and I dont want to offend anybodys feelings but wouldnt that be kind of convenient for Lisa?

The Funeral, The Body & Forest Lawn / Re: Picture of Lisa Marie at Casket
« on: January 03, 2011, 07:07:52 PM »
Quote from: "ignisaeternus"
There are ample pictures (and video) showing Michael and Lisa together post 96.  They went to South Africa together in 97, also to London, where they reportedly spent time in the same rented suites.  Lisa had her children with her on all the trips. She was also seen backstage at several concerts during the HISTory tour (this was repored pretty extensivley by European press).  There is footage of Riley (her daughter) being onstage in Brunei with Michael (Lisa was there as well- sitting with Katherine).  
You can find several youtube videos of them holding hands etc- all post 96.  In 1998- Michael took Lisa out to a dinner at the Ivy in LA.  Afterwards, he approached paps, telling them "we have a secret"- the pics show them cuddling and kissing (Michael with mask).
So, no, there is ample evidence (beside now Lisa's word) that they had a very long, very intimate relationship into at least 2000.  1998 Lisa spent Thanksgiving with Michael and his family at Havenhurst.  This is also documented.  Something happened in early 2000 that let them split for a while.  Stories differ about what happened.(another mystery, how When Lisa married Nic Cage in 2002, she reportedly spent more time at Neverland than with her new husband (this was also pretty well docomented- for example by visitors logs to Neverland).  One of Cage's comments about why the marriage didn't work (and I paraphrase), was that "he did not measure up to the Gloved One."  So, no, just like with the death hoax- there is more to Lisa and Mike than met the eye.  It is right there in plain sight- you just have to go and look at it.  If you put the two puzzles together- it becomes even clearer. I just did not put it all together till recently.  And that picture was a main clue. IMO

I  totally agree with you. I also think there is much more to them  than met the eye. Lisa was lying when she said the last time they spoke was in 2005. Around 2007 when Michael was in Ireland, she was also there. It was also even reported she was house-haunting just around the corner from Michaels place.  She was also seen in Sydney 1996 when Michael "married" Debbie. She was also with  Michael on his birthday at MTV MuSIC Awards in 2002. Ive seen a video about fans chanting Lisas name in front of the balcony when he was in germany in Nov. 2002 with little Blanket. It is true, they were constantly at the same place at the same time. But why hiding it? I tried to puzzle it out and I came to the conclusion (honestly) that it could have been possible they staged their divorce to get their children in privacy without the pressure and focus from the media. Both had enough power (and money) to make it work. Just my opinion, I dont think this is the right thread to disduss this subject anyway. But hence I think Lisas on the hoax and does somebody else find it a bit odd that she wrote this letter about Michael just o n e  day after his "death"? I mean she alleged he knew he would end up like her father and she predicted his ending but at the same time she said that hes being transferred to the Coroners office for his autopsie. So nobody really could have known what caused his death by then. Wouldnt she also have been busy calling friends and family to find out what happened, to discuss circumstances and so on instead of writing such a thoughtful letter that quickly?

Other Odd Things / Re: ok...Brett Ratner! Again!
« on: July 10, 2010, 10:50:46 AM »
On an old Lisa forum were MJ and Elvis fans who maintained Nic and Lisa having a fake marriage to cover up LM/MJ relationship. Nic was friend with Lisa and Michael, along with Francis Ford Coppola (who directed Captain EO), Samuel L Jackson, Isaac Hayes, Chaka Khan, Patricia Arquette, Christian Slater and others

Other Odd Things / Re: Omer's location on twitter: Neverland
« on: July 05, 2010, 11:17:45 AM »
Quote from: "LanaClaire"
Michael loved Omer. I'm sure he still love him. No matter he is his son or not. Have some respect people. Omer helped him a lot, he was with him at hospital and so many other things. And Mike never secreted him - he took him everywhere! I saw Omer so many times during tours on stage with him. And Mike called him his son, so have respect to Michael's feelings, respect his friends, real one - Mike has not so many real friends and we must be protective for those few.

I totally agree with you!
I cant believe some people here are so disrespectful!!!  What has he done to you! Maybe hes just giving us some hints (through Michael). This is the hoax-forum so most of you would believe Michael is alive. And that would mean Omer acts with Michaels knowledge. He is around PPB and the whole Jackson family bc they want him to be around.  He is probably Michaels son (personally I think so). He wouldnt be the first child of a famous person born out of wedlock. And why wouldnt Michael have admitted it? Surely bc of some preoccupied people (like some of you) who would always judge.

Other Odd Things / Re: Everyone who's in on the Hoax
« on: July 01, 2010, 04:12:59 AM »
Quote from: "~Souza~"
Mike’s parents and siblings + their kids and Prince, Paris & Blanket
Obvious that they need to be in it.

Larry King
I think Larry will retire after this, I think Larry and Mike are good friends.

Harvey Levin and maybe 1 or 2 more at TMZ
I also think Harvey and Mike know each other better then we might know. Besides that, TMZ gained a lot more publicity after their Michael Jackson coverage, not only from believers. TMZ Mike knows about it as well I think, but Harvey is his boss and I am sure Mike can’t talk if he wants to keep his job. Maybe he even signed an extra paper for this.

1 or 2 bobos of the Coroner’s office, LAPD, FBI & UCLA + the DA (maybe even less, I have no clue how that works in Cali, maybe one or two in total is enough) but he needs them for this, there is no other option. They only need to keep quiet and the LAPD needs to provide some officers  for court hearings or other events. They get paid for that (remember the ‘extra’ $300,000 last week?). The officers have no clue, they just do their jobs. It’s Hollywood, no clue how he got them in, but I’m sure it’s possible.

A bunch of actors, who attended the staged funeral, Craig Harvey, Conrad Murray, Tohme Tohme etc.
Under contract.

Dancers of TII
Under contract.

A few of his bodyguards, or maybe even just one (Alberto Alvarez)
Miko Brando
Kenny Ortega
Travis Payne
Donald Trump
Tom Mesereau
Frank Dileo
Dave Dave

I think that’s it. Maybe a few others that I forgot now, but I guess this is it.

I would agree except Elvis (??) and TII dancers (why should they know?) But I would add Liz Taylor, Diana Ross and Arnie Klein.

Interesting..... I always found it a bit odd that she posted this just one day after MJs passing. I mean nobody really knew what happenend and what caused his "death". How could she already made this comparision to Elvis? And wouldnt she had been busy calling his family to find out what happenend, talking to them about  the case, talking to friends and her family, crying etc. at least the first days. Everybody would ve been in shock but she already took her time to write a letter? Hmm. I say shes on it.

General Hoax Talk / Re: will you still be there?
« on: June 22, 2010, 03:35:17 PM »
Of coursee, bc I always loved him as an artist. The way he sings, his voice, his dancing/perfoming, his music.
And that wouldnt change. For whatever reason he did it is his personal decision. We havent been in his shoes and we dont know what we would have done.

Quote from: "somekindofsign"
Quote from: "valerie68"
Hello! I have asked this already in the thread - Ed Chernoff on Good America- but I got no reply yet.  So I try in here again: Didnt Ed Chernoff work together with Tom Mesereau for a brief time during Michaels trial in 2005? Does anybody know?
And again: Is anybody in here living in or near Houston and has actually seen CM working? Sorry, I just cant imagine him working and walking around without being molested in some way.

Wow, that would be amazing!
Can you provide a link to that thread here to follow this issue there?

Somebody mentioned this in another forum (german). I was hoping someone of the hoax investigators in here would know. I'll try to get some more info about it myself.

Hello! I have asked this already in the thread - Ed Chernoff on Good America- but I got no reply yet.  So I try in here again: Didnt Ed Chernoff work together with Tom Mesereau for a brief time during Michaels trial in 2005? Does anybody know?
And again: Is anybody in here living in or near Houston and has actually seen CM working? Sorry, I just cant imagine him working and walking around without being molested in some way.

Michael Jackson News / Re: Ed Chernoff on Good Morning America
« on: April 07, 2010, 06:07:03 PM »
Hello, Iam quite new on this forum although I did a few posts already. I am from germany.
Ive got a question:
Wasnt Ed Chernoff working together with Tom Mesereau for a brief time during MJ's trial 2005?

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