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The Double Theory / Re: The Official Double Thread
« on: March 02, 2010, 11:00:06 PM »
Hmmmm...It could may well be that he use certain times,and even in TII,I aknownledge the possibility,because you have to be open-minded and look at every possibilities.
But the pictures you advanced...most of them are not really convincing you know...
Like the Third one on the very first page,posted by Badkolo
You say it's possible to surgically or with help of prothesis to look like just like Michael Jackson..but it's impossible to have exactly the same bone structure right ? I think it have to be Michael on this you really think that someone can have his exact face like this ??
I agree some shots doesn't look like him-but close-up seem to be far-fetched to be considered as potential close-up...wouldn't have this kind of things found out before if it was true ??
I well want to change my opinion(I don't mind at all,it would be really interesting to find one startling double,amazing)someone would have a credible picture ??
And I find that this topic is turning into a War and sometimes I read post that were simply mean...if you don't agree with someone why not just move on ??Why continue to argue...Just read the post,wait,make your opinion,if you're not still convinced why fight it out like this ??
Look like kindergarden to me this thread sometimes...

Michael Jackson News / Re: Audio of Paramedics taking MJ to UCLA!!
« on: February 22, 2010, 01:49:47 PM »
Maybe it was done by Michael's camp ? To add credibility ? I know it's far-fetched but well...numerous of our theories are far-fetched...
That's like the autopsy report,if he's alive he must have the one to fill the information about it,right ?
I guess this audio I can't say anything...could be real infortunaly or is fake but was done by Michael's camp..

The Coroner and Autopsy Report / Re: The Official Autopsy Report Thread
« on: February 22, 2010, 01:02:25 PM »
I know it's been discussed in the first page but about smoking...and the disease he is supposed to have at his lung...Are you referring to "Multifocal Chronic Interstitial Pnemonitis's thing ?If you are :
If this is then I have two theories that are contradicting each others...
-Indeed he must have known that smoking was bad for his voice and health but there are lot of singers that smoke,and they still can sing beautifully(I know because one of that I follow smoke like hell and his voice is still as pretty as when he was young,he is around 40 now  ;) )
You shouldn't discard a theory "He would never do that ! He knew it was bad ! He said it was bad ! He was a singer" this kind of argument is good but there are exeptions...
-One video-making hoaxer mention in her video about the disease in his lungs and she describe it very well...Did you see her video ? I think that altough I may contradict what I'm saying below,she make good points
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You should look at both's crucial to know the truth
And I believe the autopsy report is fake (even if they probably include true details,it doesn't mean the he is dead,if he is alive he can give any informations about him and his health to the coroner  ;)

Other Odd Things / Re: TMZ "DIED TOO YOUNG"
« on: February 22, 2010, 12:36:58 PM »
Hmmmm...lately they included him in the RIP list (at least lol)
but well,certainly if he's really dead,he is too young,50 years old in way too yound to die..

Michael Jackson News / Re: Audio of Paramedics taking MJ to UCLA!!
« on: February 22, 2010, 12:35:44 PM »
As I barely understood anything (I'm really bad at hearing english/american,and the audio isn't really audible) but well...Since when this audio appeared on internet ? Wouldn't this kind of things got out in the medias ? Television already ? If it was legit ? I didn't hear anything about this before you posted it...Did it appear in the medias ? Because I think that they would've picked up already,especially TMZ.

How come ? Didn't he got out right away ? because he paid a bail,right ? They're wrong

TMZ Articles / Re: TMZ just obtained full LA County Coroner's report
« on: February 12, 2010, 11:24:42 AM »
I was scared when I saw it,but if you think about it well...The situation doesn't change that much,it only evolves...Why do you trust TMZ's words,or the coroner's writings,even tough we didn't believe both until now...
I find it strange that it's published on internet...even tough the whole story is far from finished..and is it even possible to publish that kind of thing ? It should be private right ?
I don't want to be desilusionnal,but the thing is that we've hang on our beliefs until now,why give up everything just because some report get out on TMZ ? We have to search until we find an answer..Not give up until we have all the answers,no way.
Is it even legit that thing ?

Michael Jackson News / Re: Samantha De Gosson - Ambulance Pic
« on: February 12, 2010, 11:11:04 AM »
Is it true that she's Karen's friend ? Then that's quite awesome that she's a believer...Did she knew Michael personnally too ?
But really...she's posting the on from MJkit..
So that's nothing new...or could it be that she's also the member who posted it on these forums ?? :D I know there is no way..but maybe,maybe
And if she's her friend,maybe she heard Karen mention the hoax,and started to have doubt !

I read on a forum that she's the leader or TINI,right ? Weren't these girls protesting against "the abuse" Michael suffered because of the O2 concerts ?
They're not believers right ? They're quite the opposite,right ?
you always said that the TINI girls were convinced of the death of Michael, and Samantha was their leader ...
It's the same Samantha right ? Doesn't it sound weird that someone who lead a group of girls that are convinces Michael was abused and died,
Go to our forum(not our but hoax directed one) and post these kind of pics on Facebook ? What do you think

Karen Faye / Re: Karen Faye doing Michaels burial makeup.
« on: February 12, 2010, 11:03:20 AM »
It's strange...Is it possible to do this kind of make up on a body that is dead since 3 months ? That's why I think that Karen is part of it,I know she make a lot of statement that make us think she isn't part of it,but she has to be.
Or she saw another face...but she know him since at least 25 years...would she mistake his face for one another ?

Michael Jackson News / Re: French TV program about the Fans and the Hoax
« on: February 04, 2010, 09:48:11 AM »
There wasn't a rediffusion of yesterday episode...that's so bad because I wanted to record it to show it...This morning I recorded the last one,but as I'm one unlucky and clumsy as hell...There wasn't sound recorded,I'm so angry  :evil:
And I sent them 3 messages already to ask them to upload it somewhere and they don't reply.
I think that some are right,maybe Michael don't want that to be broadcasted on TV,that's a possibility,but if he hoaxed his death and left us with so many clues as we're thinking,then he must doubt that we would be thousand to begin researching and that many would create forum,videos to spread it and convince people surounding them...That to be expected,he has to know about this.
Fans always fought to make the world,the people around them to know the truth about him,so of course about his death,it's expected that many of his fans would fight to get the truth to be heard.That always has been this way.

By the way,as an apology that I couldn't record the sound for the show from earlier Morning(making it impossible to sub it in english,because I don't hear anythin),I have included in the video a little summary of what being said,globally in it,I made it right away to not forget.
I know it won't be cool at all and won't be the way it should have been but if you're interested :
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Sorry again,for not being able to put here the show with correct subs.

And I wanted to ask,kel70 ,does your friend remember the title of this hoax show that you talked about ? Maybe we can find this one ! It would be victory for us again  :D

Michael Jackson News / Re: French TV program about the Fans and the Hoax
« on: February 03, 2010, 08:51:26 AM »
You saw it as well ? It's short but it's good for us ! a short victory but a victory nonetheless..Also I heard on the MJHD forum that there was a Sun article that mentionned about a possible hoax too.But I didn't find it tough did someone see it ?

funny you should mention this, i was speaking to a friend last friday, and she was saying that she had watched a michael jackson hoax program last week here in the uk..  i work evenings so didnt get to see it  did anyone else in the uk get to see it...wondering if it is the same program or different  strange how after all this time these hoax programmes are on tv

Wooooah really ? too ????What about was that program ? was it good ? Great if it's true  :D  :D
It's spreading like virus !

Dr. Conrad Murray / Re: The "Biggie"Topic about Conrad Robert Murray
« on: February 03, 2010, 08:33:45 AM »
Updates : TMZ bugging Conrad Murray all week.

Hoax Pictures / Re: another proof of the ambulance photo
« on: February 03, 2010, 07:39:31 AM »
Even though I have successfully done it??

I think that I've seen that topic of yours when you shown it to us how it was possible to make a picture through a tinted window...but I wonder about one thing : it's not doubting what you're saying at all,because you have photographic evidence,but did you do these pictures with a moving ambulance,running around this moving ambulance ? I think it's possible to do through a tinted window,yes because cameras nowadays are really good...but come on,such a clear,so well taken,not being blurry at all,in such good position...almost as people think it's it possible to do it ?I'm not saying it's not but tough it's strange,really strange that an assistant cameraman made this beautiful shot of someone in a moving ambulance,without to mention that the subject seem like a healthy 30-years old altough he is 50 and was described as a drug addict,frail and at death-door...
Not saying that I don't believe you(you know better,because you're in medical field,right ?),but understand that people here don't accept it,it's too perfect to be true for us.

Hoax Videos / Re: Ben Evanstad in Gary, IN?
« on: February 03, 2010, 07:32:20 AM »
Yeah, we can even say that he is one of the "leading" role in this video ! We only see him and baby MJ right ? But I wondered something : did the medias or anyone mentionned that his relationship with Michael was that good as we know now ? Is it something well known ? Or was it you genius hoaxers who undecovered it ?
I never heard about it prior to coming to hoax forum...Sure if it's an hoax and that he chose him as the last photographer with Chris , then it make sense that it's better that not much people know about their "friendship" because this way he won't be doubted (about the last picture and his weird slip-up)

Michael Jackson News / Re: French TV program about the Fans and the Hoax
« on: February 03, 2010, 07:23:35 AM »
Well about the link it's not up yet...I'm waiting for it.
It's hard finding videos streams of this channel(direct8) they have a youtube channel but the program we're interested in is not available on it yet,and I searched everywhere else and I didn't find it.But there is a episode tomorrow as well,and I think that there is the rediffusion of this morning's one tonight.I'll try to record it on my PC,I don't know about the quality but I tested and it's correct.
When it's recorded I'll put it here.I wanted to do a subtitled version ? Is that fine ? I think it will be easier for everyone to understand it that way.

They're very very cautious,they absolutely don't say that they believe it..but they're not really bashing us either,so I take it as a little victory : because maybe what they're doing could open the eyes of others medias,and medias have bigger ways of research,so maybe they could actually help us out this one time(Even tough I higly doubt this possibility)
And actually they quote "us" all the time so it kind of rejoin what you said darkchild : they're not being biased but they don't take the credit for it either  ;)

You're already thinking about the acceptance speech and all  :D Have you an idea about the outfit you're going to wear ? :lol:  :lol: It's going to be big cast this time  :D

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