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Your entitled to your opinions and Im intitled to mine. I never said that I was right, it is just a theory . I was simply looking into things that are interesting. All Im doing is keeping an open mind, looking at things, and trying to connect dots, and sharing thoughts and possibilities with other members here who do believe in particular things . To be honest if your not really into this stuff  or conspiracies and now believe Michael is dead Im not really sure why you are still here, considering that's what this website, and Souzas amazing videos are all about, and I dont mean that in a rude way just to be clear

You know the more I see, the more convinced I am becoming that Q may in fact be Michael himself. Of course I could be totally wrong or just crazy. But there are some interesting things to make one sit up and think. The thing that really got me was during the last Live when Evie showed how the Neverland Logo in fact represents the letter Q. Now when I see that I no longer see a child sitting in the Moon, I see a child in a letter Q. Michael said everything he did was for the Children. I think me and Souza can both agree that Michael started something in around 1988 that made THEM come after him.  What if that very thing was Q. Dont forget there are 17 letters in Michael's full legal name. Michael Joe Jackson. The 17th letter of the Alphabet is Q.
Q made a post on the topic of pedophilia on the 22nd July this year Dark to LIGHT Hunters become the HUNTED This is not another 4 year election. To me this makes me think of our belief that Michael was trying to expose the REAL pedos in the industry and in return he became the one they tried to bring down with false charges. It also makes me think of what he said in TII about only having 4 years to get it right. Hmmm. Q also posts about History books, fake news, and corrupt media. Whilst that is a problem world wide. Who does that sound like?
The other thing I think is quite interesting is something in regards to Epstein's Island and the belief that Evan Chandler was the Dentist on the Island and may have been involved with some of the horrible things that took place there (I know we dont know about Evan for sure ) But back in the day during the Chandler allegations Pelicano said he discovered something about the accusers family that was WORSE than molestation. The statement from Pelicano later changed to Michael Jackson did something worse than molestation. Though I believe the later statement may well have been typical media bs, the media twisting the truth. It would be interesting to know if Ray and Rachel Chandler, Epstein and the Island are all connected to Evan. Notice how Q often posts about Epstein, the Island, Ray and Rachel Chandler? Who ever Q is they certainly seem to know an awful lot about the true extent of what was going on there. Did Michael know about the massive pedo ring that was being run? What better way to silence him than to set him up with false charges from one of the families involved with the scandal? What if Q was started many years ago, but never took off to its full potential because of the many attempts to bring down the person who created it? What if THEY didnt know that the official name of the organization was Q or the true power and intelligence of the the person who started it all? What if that person faked their death and began working undercover against them ?

One thing Im going to add that I have just noticed is this. Q often posts the phrase dark to light. On the Album cover titled Michael he is being crowned by 2 Angels one is a white Angel the other is a dark Angel. Michael's skin changed from dark to light. Coincidences? Maybe. Or codes and signs?

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