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Other Odd Things / Police Called To Neverland Yesterday!!!!
« on: March 18, 2015, 10:40:05 PM »
Well, it never ceases to amaze me. Things can't stay quiet for long can they? Michael's name has to be kept relevant in the media for some reason. Just this week we get Joe Jackson tweeting and now this.  :michael_jackson-1135:

"Report of crime at Neverland Ranch unfounded", authorities say

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies spent three hours searching the structures and surrounding property of Neverland Ranch on Tuesday after a report that a crime was being committed. According to a sheriff’s spokeswoman, they found nothing..

Neverland Ranch is the former home of pop star Michael Jackson.

"There was no evidence of a crime or anything suspicious in nature," said Kelly Hoover, spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office.

Authorities responded to the Santa Ynez Valley property after someone called the sheriff’s non-emergency line and reported a crime.

Hoover would not comment on what crime was reported or any other specifics of the call.  :screaming-7365:

Owen Blicksilver, spokesman for Colony Capital, the property company that owns Neverland Ranch, said the call was believed to be a hoax but that he was grateful authorities were checking the area to verify.

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Now my questions are:

1. if the call was a hoax, why then are they not commenting on what crime was reported and staying silent on all the other details?  :over-react-smiley: 

2. And why did so many police agencies have to go out there all at once?

3. What if that phone call they got had some truth to it?

4. What if it was MJ who made that call? What if it was a call for help from him the reason so many officers came?

5. What was the crime reported?

6. If it wasn't Mike that made the call, who else could have if it wasn't just a prank?

This just doesn't make any sense. And what a strange choice of words from the spokesperson. I have always heard calls like this called prank calls, but NEVER hoax calls.  ;D

Twitter ~ Not verified but (probably) real / Re: Joe Jackson tweets
« on: March 16, 2015, 12:52:32 AM »
maybe hearing it straight from the horses mouth in this way will give some believers some closure to move on. some people have grown weary. maybe Joe has too.

Twitter ~ Not verified but (probably) real / Re: Joe Jackson tweets
« on: March 15, 2015, 10:20:26 PM »
the weird thing is that some of the fans are now demanding an explanation from the Jackson family on Twitter. I don't know if the extra attention is now a good or bad thing :-\ Could it be that this is the way it was supposed to play out anyway? I found it weird how Joe basically apologized for putting his feelings out there afterwards  :over-react-smiley:

People are now retweeting Latoya, Jermaine, Randy, Marlon, Tito and Janet asking for an explanation publically. :affraid:

Should the heat be put on the Jacksons or not? hmm

Joe's tweet from March 15th was really OUT THERE. He said: "Thanks Dr. Tamara Beeghly for keeping me healthy. One of the secrets to a long healthy life is having a good Doctor"  :WTF:  :th_bravo:

I mean how blunt can you be?? He's standing there next to his doctor smiling like the sun on that pic. Was that his nod to the believers? If I didn't think think MJ was still alive, I would think that Joe was really evil for posting that pic and tweeting what he did.  :icon_twisted: 

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But thank you Joe. We can always count on you to slip up.  :th_bravo:

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Thats why the pics of him, Bill Bray and Emmanuel Lewis in MJ room sitting on the bed years ago have suddenly surfaced

i have not heard about this, is there a link?

here is the link to the pic.....  You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

You will have to zoom your screen size to see the mirror reflection
I will see if I can find more on this story.

RK, can you elaborate more on the Peter Midani and Jackson Empire fiasco that you mentioned? This is the first I have heard of it. I agree, I did enjoy her earlier videos, but now I think she is just grasping at straws.....  :Pulling_hair:

Dangerous / Re: Who is it
« on: March 07, 2015, 04:51:11 PM »
Ever since the song first came out, I have always always heard him say something like "think of another brother, don't be, don't be judging". hey but isn't that the overall theme of the song anyway? so I never really gave it much thought. maybe he's talking about his half brother? don't forget Joe Jackson had 2 children outside of his marriage to Katherine. One a girl; one a boy  :WTF:

Other Odd Things / Re: Is this MJ voice in video?
« on: March 07, 2015, 04:42:53 PM »
I agree. Its soft and sexy. Kinda sensual like during the Thriller days  :-*

A lot of the people commenting hear it on there too. Hmm. Let us know what you find out.

You have to see the FULL picture with this woman to know why I say I disagree. But I posted it here to see if anyone could help me poke holes in her theory. 1st of all, she works in the music business and is now trying to secure a record deal. She is trying to start a cult style following by hosting this so called "MJ Week" either in Vegas or LA. Just 2 weeks ago, she claims that she knows 1000% for certain that MJ is at Neverland.  :icon_rolleyes: :icon_rolleyes: :icon_rolleyes:

The main thing is that i never ever have believed that Murray was a doctor. Never. Nobody ever saw he and Mike together. Never. I never believed that Paris tried to commit suicide. Alot of stuff that she presented is false junk that the media reported. And MJ mentioned out of his own mouth many times that he had hidden cameras around in his room at Neverland. I fail to believe someone would go in there and intentionally murder someone knowing there was a possibility of a hidden camera that they couldnt find. :icon_e_surprised:

He even had some drawings and artwork of hidden cameras. He had them and he knew "they" had them hidden. Thats one reason he never wanted to live at Neverland again after the raid. Ghost reveals so much about the way he was feeling and what was going on. They had cameras in his mirrors years ago and he knew it. Thats why the pics of him, Bill Bray and Emmanuel Lewis in MJ room sitting on the bed years ago have suddenly surfaced. The pics were taken thru a 2 way mirror. "I always feel like somebodys watching me" is very true in his case. That's why his bodyguards said that MJ always ordered them to throw sheets over the mirrors. This was all too risky to involve too many people :'(

Shes almost trying to publically make MJ complicit to a murder. Nope i dont buy it. I dont think MJ wouldve involved anyone other than family in his plan. He was used to being double crossed like he mentioned in Ghost. So i dont think he wouldve trusted anyone enough to involve them.

I honestly don't think he could trust anyone in the family with the exception of Janet and Marlon. Janet doesn't need his money and Marlon is a pastor/minister if I am not mistaken. So he is bound by law, to never speak of what his brother has revealed to him.

Its like she has pulled bits and pieces from several theories and now all kinds of believers are falling at her feet. Sometimes I think she works for "them". Tbh, her theory kinda reminds me of a long theory that I read on the old site before.  It was like 3 or 4 parts or something of that nature and it involved MJ keeping a sick patient upstairs and the patient escaped and MJ looked out the window and saw him and panicked.  :thjajaja121:

Can someone please share the link to that theory here if anyone remembers and its on this site somewhere? thanks

I disagree all the way with mjfanforeverandaday/Brandi/Maura's new theory of what really happened to MJ. She is starting to really irk me with her stuff that she posts on facebook.  :screaming-7365: But I would like to get everyones opinion on what she thinks. Here it is:

I realize that what I am about to type here is probably going to sound completely insane. I do not expect it to really make sense to anybody until I can prove it, but I need to write it down while it’s still clear in my mind. I am willing to share it with you.

I have been investigating Michael’s death for almost six years now. There are many things that I have uncovered that I have not shared with anybody for many reasons. The primary reason has always been that if it was something that I thought could have a negative effect on how people see Michael or his legacy, i’ve kept it to myself if I couldn’t prove that it served a bigger purpose. So many things that i’ve figured out but never really the complete picture and that’s why at times it can be very frustrating.

I 100% without a doubt can say that I know Michael didn’t die on June 25th, 2009. That has never been enough for me because of the things that I couldn’t put into place.  I was not a fan when Michael “died”, but over the years of really studying him and learning more about him, I have come to realize that ANYTHING that Michael “planned”  would be almost immaculate.  Even if  Michael had some elaborate death hoax planned out, it would never be sloppy. People say that it’s sloppy so that fans can figure it out, but I think that if Michael was leaving to stay away, it would be so that you never knew. And it wouldn’t be in such a way  that someone might actually go to Prison or tax payer dollars would go towards various trials. These things border on illegal and this is why I do not believe that Michael planned to stage his death and go away for good…

My Theory:

In various interviews in between 2002 and 2008, Michael Jackson was asked many times what it is that he wanted to do next. He spoke candidly about wanting to do film. Not just making movies but innovating a new kind of film.

I believe that after the 2005 trial, Michael became enraged and bitter by what the media did to him. It was after all a journalist that was responsible for portraying a situation for something that it wasn’t through clever editing with Living With Michael Jackson.  I think that Michael became so angry and started thinking of a way to pay the media back.

I think he came up with the idea to make a documentary style movie that would show how crooked and manipulative the media could be. I believe that Michael realized that if he “died”, this would really bring out the vultures and the evil people, that would report anything and put ANY kind of story out to the public no matter how ridiculous or crooked it was. Michael would die some crazy death and the media would sell it like hotcakes. He would have false witnesses and plant silly stories and the Media would eat it up and so would the public…

Michael would then AFTER his “burial” stage a massive come back and PROVE that you absolutely can not believe what the media reports. He knew it would piss a lot of people off and maybe he would even lose some fans, but he was hoping that they would understand why he had to do this. This would not only showcase his talent as a film maker, but it would also show that he is NOT a lap dog or a target and he wouldn’t take the medias lies and shit anymore. It was payback time!

Michael realized that he could not pull this off without serious OFFICIAL help. He needed people to be on board with this that would be willing to risk everything, but he would make it worth it. They would be paid well just in case. There is a lot of injustice in the system and maybe these people had their own reasons for wanting the crookedness in law enforcement and media exposed.  Michael also realized that he needed serious financial backing, so he sat down with Randy Philips and AEG and discussed this plan with them. There was never going to be a tour… They knew that this death hoax would bring in lots and lots of money because it would be something unheard of and MAYBE Michael would do a few shows but he really didn’t need to. They realized the kind of money and publicity something like this would get and everybody wanted their part in it. He had them on board.

Arnold Klein was supposed rebuilding Michael’s “face”, but I think that Arnold K. was working on somebody else. I think Michael considered that maybe after doing this he would have to kind of drop out of the public for a bit, but perhaps he could have a double in his place. To do interviews or be in certain places. Maybe this “double” could also be used in THIS IS IT as the sickly and drugged looking Michael.  If this person was having these surgeries and taking medications to keep them thin and keep up appearances, they would HAVE to be under the care of a primary care physician. In comes Conrad Murray. He would just come during the nights when there was no staff there to take care of this double and look after him. Maybe Arnie K. was doing some of the procedures at the home and Conrad was ordering the propofol so that it could not be traced BACK to Arnold Klien. All of this shit was totally illegal and Michael knew it, but he also knew that this all had to be done in order to sell the lie. This is why Michael had TWO bedrooms and nobody was allowed in HIS room. I believe that the room that Conrad was in, was the room that this “double” was staying in…

So everything is set up, emails are being sent to make it look like Michael is acting crazy and drugged. Everything is being set up to set the stage for the “faked death”. I believe this is when it turned sinister. 

Somebody did the math and realized that Michael WOULD be worth more dead than alive. Michael had a plan to show the world the truth about the powers that be. That can’t happen. So another deal is struck up… One that  would make bad people MORE wealthy at the expense of Michael and one that would shut him up and keep him from exposing one of the biggest conspiracies of all times… That the media LIES about things.

This is what I believe happened:

Randy Philips has repeatedly told people that he was the last person to speak with Michael the night of the 24th as they were leaving.  We know that is a lie because Michael Bearden states that HE walked MJ to his car and was the last person to say goodbye to him. NOT ONLY THAT, Latoya is adamant that PRINCE let Randy Philips into that house that night BEFORE Michael got home.

I believe that Conrad Murray was already in that house when Randy came because he was tending to this man that needed a doctor. He might have just been setting up for Arnold to come and do a final procedure  , but I believe he left out of that room for a significant amount of time. This is an estate, the house is HUGE and who KNOWS what he was doing. During that time it is my belief that Randy Philips or somebody else slipped into that room PUSHED  all of that propofol KILLING that man. And there is SO much evidence that points to this. It was stated that there was so much propofol that it was coming out of the eye corneas. I believe that this was done and Randy or the murderer SLIPPED out.  Conrad Murray came back and saw that this body was dead and I believe Michael returned at the same time. I believe  that house was turned upside down in pandemonium and Michael probably completely freaked out because NOBODY was supposed to die. So, im certain that all of the important players in this were called to the house and it was decided that Michael had to GET OUT OF THERE. They probably reassured him that everything would be taken care of and figured out but for now he had to go along with it because they would all get in so much trouble and possibly go to jail. THIS ladies and GENTS is exactly I believe that we see surveillance video of Michael coming home that night, but anything AFTER was “suddenly erased”. Give me a break. It was erased because it shows ALL of those people coming to that house and it shows Michael Jackson LEAVING.

When paramedics arrived the bedroom was like 80 degrees in the middle of summer. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that they were trying to keep that body warm because it had sat for so long.  I believe that Michael’s children knew about the faked death that was supposed to happen but they were not expecting what had actually happened. This is why Paris was screaming when she saw this “double” who looked just like her father on the floor. She may have thought it was actually him. I don’t think any of what happened was disclosed to these children until they were at the hospital but I will be getting into all of that when im proving this.

After Michael was calm, I think that he was convinced that everything was ok and that Conrad Murray did something bad and  HE (Murray) would take the fall. That Michael just needed to go with the plans for a few days while they figure out what to do about Conrad Murray. So Michael agreed and he attended his own memorial service as planned and pretty much went along with everything including appearing as Dave Dave the night of burial. I think he just kept being told to “hold on” or “hold off” because it was going to work out, but they had to wait to see what would happened to Murray.  Michael didn’t realize that the longer he stayed away, the more difficult it would be to come back because it was becoming a legal thing.

Michael must have realized that he wouldn’t be able to return because a murder whether accidental or not had been committed and he would never be able to explain to the world what the plan was. Nobody would believe him and of course everybody official had lied so much already, they couldnt risk the legal ramifications. But I do believe he tried to figure out ways to come back but was constantly threatened. Everything that he earned post houmus was going into a trust for his children. He also realized as time went on that they were able to live a more stable life without always being bombarded with people. These people that manipulated him somehow convinced him in those first like two years that this was for the best. Especially after Conrad Murray was convicted and went to prison.

I think he sat on that, but was bitter. I think that “Michael” was an album that he was going to release after his “hoax”, but he refused to complete it so they had to use Jason Malachi.  I believe that “Xscape” is something he was working on during the Invincible time, but they found it and tried to bring it as something new. Xscape is very important in why Michael wanted out of the industry to begin with, but I will tell you guys more about that another time…

I think that Michael had enough of the bullshit and was actually planning on coming forward with everything during the AEG trial. I think he was ready to deal with any kind of consequences, but he realized that leaving his kids and the current state of his fanbase (The fakes, The fighting, The horrible behavior) was just sad. He knew people would say horrible lies about him during that AEG trial to save their own asses and he wasn’t going to let that happen to his legacy and be remembered by the world that way.

The moment he put into motion a plan for return, the whole WADE R scandal broke… And he realized that these people would use anything as leverage to keep him away and not implicate themselves in this whole scandal.

Guys, I truly believe that is why Paris tried to kill herself. I think he or someone told her that Michael could never return and it destroyed her. I think that it pushed her to  wanting to die and she tried to take her life. Perhaps after that he bent the rules somewhat and she was able to spend that year with him, I don’t know.

There are many holes in this that I have to figure out. I think Michael’s “Death Hoax” and the actual “deception” that happened are two very different things.  There is a HUGE story to tell that leads up to all of this and my goal is to try to break it down for you guys along the way. But this is the premise of what I really think happened. It explains why SO many things don’t add up and are so sloppy. Somebody double crossed Michael out of greed and it fucked everything up. I intend to prove it. Stay tuned…

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« on: March 02, 2015, 12:44:02 AM »
Amazing how Robson spoke so highly of MJ and talked about what a great father and person he was in 2011. hmmm. Very interesting video

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Other Odd Things / Re: Is this MJ voice in video?
« on: March 01, 2015, 07:32:37 PM »
yes its towards the end. Read the comments on the video lol  :th_bravo:

Other Odd Things / Re: The real truth of it all.
« on: March 01, 2015, 07:18:41 PM »
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This may be waaaaay off the wall, but, I can't get passed that "Keep Watchin' " suggestion from years ago...I have wondered WHAT are we supposed to keep watchin?  All that Bible stuff threw me off point for a bit, because there are things in there which people are supposed to be watchful about...But I think for HOAX purposes, we are supposed to be watching something specifically FOR Michael Jackson. Whatever we watch every day, the sky, other people, the news, a game, the weather, a movie, a soap opera or other serial, the thing people MOSTLY watch almost automatically is TELEVISION, EVERY day for about 60 some years. Nowadays we watch the internet probably more, but it is still a television like medium. Well, I HAVE been watching it, and I see some pretty Michaelish things, with no other explanation than that he is somehow behind these. Things such as almost every other character in commercials being named "MICHAEL" or "MIKE" ("Mike Mike Mike! What day is it?") There have been a handful of commercial ads which have made me go "hmmm...?", but the ones with the billy goat doing a  :screaming-7365: primal scream over his wifi bill, take the cake! (they win the prize!)  :icon_lol: The first time it didn't register with me, even though it was hysterical, but the subsequent two other ads make me only think of Michael Jackson doing that beastly yell in many concert vids & photos!!! Don't ask me what the the other billy goat ads are selling, but one is wearing a blue hairnet, working on some kind of factory line, :screaming-7365: yelling, and all I see is MJ and his primal scream!  :thjajaja121: His brand of silly fun.

Now---Idk if he is MAKING  :icon_e_surprised: these as his new job making "short films" for products ( :thjajaja121: heh heh, right around under a minute or two!), or if he is just paying the ad companies to place his personal "signatures" or name in these to "play with them (US!!!) for a while" :-[  :icon_eek:, as he SAID at the end of TII that he would! :icon_albino:

A couple years ago there were some peanuts moonwalking for three seconds in a Payday commercial, but MJ is such a household icon, it was a naturally clever connection, equating Payday "JOY" with MJ JOY :bowdown:--just as a love-nod to him, so I talked myself out of that being HIM behind it. :icon_e_confused: 

I've mentioned this before, but right now, he's got my full attention, and, so help me, :LolLolLolLol: if I see Chester Cheetah or the Aflac Duck grab his crotch and spin out, :icon_lol: or really ANYONE ELSE in a commercial ad do that, there will be NO doubt! :TongueOutSmiley: Does anyone else SEE Mikey in the commercials? Not talking about all the sitcoms which have the actors moonwalking over the years----I mean in CURRENT TV ADs. There are NO coincidences. He's either doing it  :suspect: or paying for it, as Michealish brand placement. Right? :icon_e_smile:

I'm just about certain that THAT is "the real :michael_jackson-1135: truth of it all", NOW. Keep watchin!  :icon_bounce: :icon_bounce: :icon_bounce:

Lol I agree. I have seen many commercials and movies that seemed to have the MJ touch. Even when I am not looking for it. The aspirin commercial where the guy says "I'm Mike and I'm alive" was so hilarious :)

Then there was the movie theater commercial where the mucus says, "Mike, Janet, cough if you can hear me".  :icon_e_surprised: That was so noticeable because the couple just happened to be black and sitting in the theater just like in Thriller.

I figure maybe we are reading to much into it all. But I don't believe in coincidences either. I could be wrong, and it could just all be speculation. But its so "in your face" like  :smiley-vault-misc-150:

I have seen more, but cant think of them right off. There has been soooo much in the past 5 years that seems odd and outlandish.  :affraid:

« on: March 01, 2015, 07:09:28 PM »
Thanks ladies. I am fine. truly.  :icon_razz:

Some people used to say that the abused become abusers. Thats not true in every situation; definitely not in mine. But the abuse that I suffered taught me to be more cautious with whom I let my children be around. I am more protective of them.

Yes, I agree that Robson and Safechuck make it very hard for real victims of abuse. :(

And I fail to believe that Robson didn't know that what he claims happened to him was sex at the age of 20; when that's the time that he was sleeping with Britney Spears and caused her and Justin Timberlake to split.  ::)

« on: February 27, 2015, 07:26:54 PM »
As a victim of sexual abuse myself; I can assure you that no amount of money or gifts would have lured me back into the situation again. I suffered abuse at the hands of 3 different males on entirely separate occasions. I was 4 at the first incident and knew without a doubt that it was wrong. I was told not to tell. And I didn't. But when I was made the offer to return to the home, I cried and told my mother that I didn't want to go back. The 2nd incident was when I was 5, and the last when I was 7. I am telling you that I avoided each home like the plague. I never told anyone.  :-\

My point is, I wouldn't have accepted money or bribes. I was very very nervous and physically ill in the presence of my abusers and couldn't stand to be around them. My body language spoke volumes if anyone was on the outside looking in. A psychologist could've read me like a book.  :smiley-vault-misc-150:

Theres no way I would testify on their behalf if these men were ever brought to court by another abuser. No way at all. I would gladly testify to what animals they are. I wouldn't participate in any types of tributes or be in a video if I would be paid a million dollars. So my point is that none of it adds up. I am a victim and I understand what we deal with. If what Robson and Safechuck says is true, imho, they would never ever have gone back. But they kept going back. No child would willingly put themselves in the way of an abuser. That child would pretend to be ill, make up an excuse not to go, there would be something that people could look back on and say they remembered the differences in the child.

There seems to be nothing here. Nothing. I do not believe their stories at all. I have even evaluated their claims by thinking outside the box and thinking not as a fan of MJ. Because its only right to take the time to listen to anyone that makes a claim of abuse. I am never quick to say that someone is lying. But under these circumstances, $$$$ is the main goal from what I can see. I have questioned whether I thought Mike was guilty or not. At one point, I wasn't sure. But after reading things over and over, looking at Robsons body language, his possible anger at not being hired as the choreographer by the estate and on and on; his testimony that MJ never harmed him,etc.  :judge-smiley:

My conclusion is that if it looks like fish and smells like fish; then it probably is fish. I don't believe it for one second. Not because MJ is supposedly the abuser, but because theres no evidence and the stories don't seem to make since. The stories are kinda "off the wall" tbh  :WTF:

So no I don't believe them at all. Why not come out and say these things in the height of MJ career?  :michael_jackson-1135:

From a lot of things that I have seen and read over the years, I really believe that there was a constant conspiracy against MJ. He did things that no man, white or black, had ever done. And Lord knows the world wasn't ready for a black man who was breaking boundaries and uniting races in the way that he was. To some, he was the enemy. I just don't buy it and I really believe that the truth will prevail. And no, I don't believe much of what comes out of Latoya or Jermaines mouth. The relatives that you have expected to talk have. And the ones that you have expected to stay quiet have.  :confused:

Latoya and Jermaine need money because of their lackluster careers and will say anything to get paid. Jermaine wrote "Word to the Badd" about his brother. His brother ::) Theres no way I could ever write such lyrics about my worst enemy; much less my brother. That family doesn't know the meaning of loyalty. So no, I take nothing at face value with Latoya and her claims about MJ or even Jack Gordon. In her book, "Starting Over", she makes soooo many claims and tells stories that I wouldn't believe if I were paid to believe it.  :argue:

From her wild claims about her taking MJ out of his coffin and sitting his corpse up in a seated position to her claims of showering with her Bible; the woman is absurd and cannot be taken seriously on 80% of things that she says. The one thing that I might be inclined to believe was when she said she was lying about Mike because Gordon threatened MJ life and Janets.  :'(

Michael's Reasons to hoax his death / Re: Lets find him
« on: February 26, 2015, 10:37:54 PM »
Sometimes I wonder if he was sick and left ahead of time. But he was already a recluse most of the time anyway. so why plan to tell the world early that you're dead? . My heart hurts either way.  :-\

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