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Just to say I don't believe that the date entry for these stories is manual, I would imagine there would be an automatic computer set date - you know like the computer tells you the correct time and alters it when the hour changes- so that would mean that the 14th was in fact when the story was posted... :D  :D  :?:

Michael Jackson News / Re: How easy a rumour spreads - Stephanie Meyer dead
« on: December 10, 2009, 04:45:59 PM »
Quote from: "CantGetEnoughMJ"
Quote from: "dexember"
This was the work of an internet forum. It wasnt any big hoax that was set up. Just a bunch of people that get together and cause a stir on the internet. They also have done it to Kanye West, Robert Pattinson and a few others. They basically all just start posting RIP (name) on twitter etc and it catches on.

We should do this too and see if it catches on.  Quick, name someone we don't like.

Well I suggest Jermaine or the good doctor.... sorry I know that is very very evil but it might stir things up a bit????? :)

Marlon Jackson / Re: About Marlon's DEAD twin brother....
« on: December 10, 2009, 04:37:13 PM »
Quote from: "GirlInTheMirror"
Quote from: "lovemj4everandever"
Well, that's the other odd thing, the articles that appear only after July of 2009, say that he was "issued no death certificate or birth certificate" due to him being stillborn.  I think this does indeed have a great deal to do with why they always say "brother" passed and never say "Michael."   :D
That´s what I also said back in july (i guess) when Katherine did the interview and said "all I know is that my son is dead". Of course her son is dead. But not Michael.

I agree I thought that too, that Katherine had "covered" herself there.   :roll:

General Hoax Talk / Re: Jehovas witness think else?
« on: December 10, 2009, 04:25:20 PM »
Quote from: "larab"
I think Katherine is the only Jehova's Witness in the family..

But she's the big mama and she rules the roost and the purse strings...

I hope it bombs in a hideously embarassing way- sorry that is INCREDIBLY mean but well I had to say it  :evil:

General Hoax Talk / Re: Jehovas witness think else?
« on: December 10, 2009, 04:18:28 PM »
Katherine (from what I know) would give in on certain things, and certainly at least one birthday celebration was held for her - I am sure more- but her gifts had to be in brown wrappings.  For Christmas I don't know but Michael's first was the home video one with LT which looks in the 90s.  Now giving way on details is one thing, bending your beliefs. My grandmother was a member of a very very strict religeon - Plymouth Brethern and amongst other things you couldn't have a tv, she did but she hid it under a blanket....
IT IS COMPLETELY not a minor thing to allow your son's memorial and funeral to be staged by a production company, scripted, filmed and potentially to be used in a later reality show.  NOR is it a minor thing to allow statements to be made like "I'm alive and I'm here forever", "he is always with us", "he will never leave us" and on and on and on,  this is fundamentally opposed to Jehovah's Witness teachings and she is even taking the children to meetings.  So I'm sorry I just don't think you can bend things that much and I don't think she would.

I get really upset about this whole reality show thing, if it is just a disgusting cashing in marketing campaign for the Jackson 4 essentially a backing group then I break my heart.... I have avoided all interviews/ articles on it.  Perhaps not a truly sensible investigative attitude but I truly can't bear it.  The thing I keep thinking is that they must be OUT OF THEIR MINDS if they think they can suddenly take over from where Michael left off, suddenly that all his fans will transfer their love to the brothers. Can they possibly be that delusional????????????????? I just don't know, so is it a plan that actually does include Michael??? Obviously that is what I am rooting for but basically I just can't watch it so will keep in a cowardly way, looking for postings from others who are braver than I... :cry:

Michael Jackson News / Re: GERALDO
« on: December 09, 2009, 06:57:41 PM »
Quote from: "kdkennedy74"
There was MJ information on Geraldo's site until the "Balloon Boy" incident.  Geraldo made a statement about that being just another hoax and that was when it was noticed that everything relating to MJ had been removed.

SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone else confirm this????????????????? :o  :o

Michael Jackson News / Re: Judge says its now a murder investigation
« on: December 09, 2009, 06:55:09 PM »
PLEASE PLEASE DON'T WORRY.  These documents have been discussed at length on the old MJHD and on our forum, they were originally published by TMZ (of course), I can't find them on TMZ but you'll see them on this link to our forum-
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this has the link to TMZ, on the tmz docs the addresses are shown and amongst other inconsistencies/errors in the search warrants is that the address stated for Applied Pharmacy Services is 6370 W Flamingo, THERE IS NO SUCH BUSINESS AT THIS ADDRESS, there were searches done with google maps and all sorts of things (sorry can't find all the postings) Applied Pharmacy is at 2851 N Tenaya Way, Ste 202.  If there are any errors in a search warrant it is nullified and an address is EXTREMELY important, that's why they go into so much detail describing the building etc. so there is no doubt, other errors that spring to mind are the spelling of Grace Rwanda's name (Orwanda) (not sure of my spellings here!!) anyway I was VERY shocked by this at first but it has been looked at SO KEEP THE FAITH  :)

Michael Jackson News / GERALDO
« on: December 07, 2009, 04:32:42 AM »
Does anyone have anything concrete about the whole Geraldo thing and the punk'd.  He was an ardent supporter of Michael during the trial and beyond, got the first (only??) interview with Katherine and vowed to "hunt down the enablers" (or something like that) then nothing, nothing NADA.  He has nothing on his website to do with Michael even in the archive section - and surely the 2005 interview would qualify to go in there, but what I don't know is if he had anything on the site before, does anyone know?? (I mean did he remove stuff/articles or was there never anything there).  Has he spoken about Michael recently?? As far as I know he hasn't said a word since about August.  But does anyone have anything concrete to do with his current opinion/stance on Michael?? I tried to email him through his website but couldn't.. has anyone contacted him??? PLEASE HELP :roll:

Random MJ Talk / Re: I need help
« on: December 06, 2009, 08:56:39 PM »
Hi there,I'm sorry you're feeling so down.  I am 43 now and believe me I have been there, all I can really say is that it feels like the most terrible time in the world and that it will never pass, but truly truly it does and before you know it.  I expect this is what your mother has said to you, actually she is right... Spend time with your friends and family, watch old movies and try not to eat too much ice cream...all things will pass... :)

General Hoax Talk / Re: A Clue Or A Theory?
« on: December 05, 2009, 10:17:41 PM »
Well every post here makes me think he is alive!!, but for me it's mainly Ben Eversham and that day and the other d...(day), and "..everyone who was in on the agreement"... Also the ambulance videos which clearly show that the whole thing was a dress rehearsal then the "real thing",they had to time it right for the tour bus - verification-, they had to reverse to buy time and to allow everyone to see what was happening and to allow the ambulance to straighten up giving the photo op... :D  :D

Hoax Pictures / Re: OMG!You must see that!
« on: December 05, 2009, 10:10:09 PM »
But I think they are shielding someone else, it looks like they are shielding someone in front of the person with the white umbrella, someone crouching down maybe... :)

Well, many many things come to mind with that..
I wouldn't trust a word Halperin writes/says
That may not have been Michael singing throughout TII but it was him dancing and you can't do that if you can't breathe
The drug stories just don't add up versus the claims - Arnie, Phillips and what we saw with our own eyes in TII- that he was pretty much okay, you just can't appear okay at all if you are popping pills the whole time - look at Elvis, he was a mess a complete mess, couldn't remember the words, erratic, couldn't speak properly just plain crazy (no disrespect I love Elvis) - Michael appeared as none of this.
The last night of rehearsals were "great and Michael was really upbeat"
I completely and totally don't believe Michael was gay, maybe not interested in women/sex (although I hope not) but no way gay, there is nothing about him that says gay and I think you can usually tell..
I think that this is all part of the hype that adds to the illusion of Michael's death and covers the hoax....remember he was the one that six months earlier said Michael had six months to live (how convenient is that)
Michael often said he wore the masks to "bring on the razzle dazzle" he promoted the eccentricites
How can it be that Michael was so cursed with just about every illness - vitiligo, lupus, alpha one (or whatever lung thing), and he even suggests schizophreneia - I ask you HOW can that be, all the other brothers are fine, so Michael gets all this genetic load - this makes NO sense at all...
So these are just a few thoughts but basically I think its mostly complete BULLSH*T  :D  :D  :D

Medical Discussion / Re: Wait one second???
« on: December 03, 2009, 12:19:55 PM »
that's why they tested the brain tissue I think they can trace it only there.. :cry:

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