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TIAI & TS Discussions / Re: July Bam?
« on: June 29, 2012, 03:52:18 PM »
7/20/2012 would be pleasant, coinciding with Batman Rising.

Neverland / Re: Some say michael is in.....
« on: June 29, 2012, 03:22:34 PM »
Stay away, or you'll get a $300 ticket from the Sheriff's Dept.!! No JOKE! They'll find any excuse, believe me - and wind up with your home address, so it isn't worth it. I got the 2nd degree from the gatekeeper, and just wasn't worth it. Tank of gas, plus that, really felt played with. Still have to finish  up the traffic school, before it's all too late.

General Hoax Talk / Re: Explanations, as you requested
« on: June 29, 2012, 03:08:52 PM »
Well, I was simply waiting for the thread to just simmer, because all I had really done with the disconjointed videos, had more to do with a simply psychological test between males & females. Nothing else meant by it, except for comic books. Just was trying to show that when I'd shown same items on male driven boards, dudes were saying, "Cool! Hey, did you see the Halo 4 trailer at the movies?"

I'm not angry with anyone here, as they've not hurt me, in reality. Just please - don't let your own emotions color what I go through, kk? Makes things simple, no? Also, as for Souza - I'd been thinking more of the Apollo missions, the Moonwalking, so I kinda had a face palm, slide, giggle with what you posted immediately. Michael's 4 years older than me, plus 25 days. If we'd met as children, you may not have been able to pick us out of a crowd at Disneyland!

See, there's 2 things that made me laugh on this thread (No insult meant, love you, Bec), Bec thinks Front is Michael. Front has gotten cutesy-wootsey with mods, and a few others. Sounds more like what a FEMALE MEMBER of the Jackson clan would do, IMHO. Right & Wrong are 2 ends of the same spectrum - there is math involved. So, some percentages could be one way, or the either. A Dude could NOT react, and make things more fluid.

Next - if Michael was in so much trouble, needed to hide - why would anyone call him out here, to begin with? BEC WOULD NOT! She'd have been asked to back off in PMs, so I'd guess she was not to.

Also - money can be used to buy anything - when you get to a BILLION. Ergo, either there wasn't anyone in danger, or balance has been restored.

Anger should go directly to the one who did severely injure me during a S. Assault in my own home. I managed to stop, de-escalate it - with words. The internet says, "0" on what I did. So, I'm going to explain what I did on another thread, for that is correct, in a way. I've been convalescing since the attack, 6-11-12. They did get him. What happens next, depends on the evidence, which includes bruised important female organs, which are still healing. I'm not mad at him...but want to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. If I'm his first attack, he has a chance with therapy. If I'm in a long line, he needs to be locked up.

Back to subject, while I'm feeling okay: I'll never explain everything that happened between Michael & I; it isn't for everyone, you know. But to know him, is not to ever want to hate him. It's unconditional love forever. It is what it is, and I'm cool with it.

I can only speak about seeing him, and the one he loves so much. It probably still won't make much sense to many of you, but yeah - my psychic friend had it pegged, "green/gold." Nobody's perfect, as real psychics see in flashes. Those were TWO different beings. Green: The incident I saw at the Neverland Gates, with the other. I think I shall call her ISIS. I don't know what else to call her, but from the mythology I looked up, Sycamore is her most sacred wood, and she was most definitely wearing green. She changed the thundering rain into whispering snow, while the lady in the red Toyota and I watched on, mesmerized with her control. The only gold, was part of her aura, so it didn't count to me; it was weak - well, it was only a halo!

Michael IS Gold/white in his aura, very strongly, especially as he sings. The gold pants mask this, and reflect it back up. Why he wore dark blue. The white undershirt would help him glow. If he wore all white, he'd like up completely, and scare the pants off of people! He'd learned to ascend, part of the process of meditating. There have been many Masters. In music, there was Janis Joplin, who'd light up Purple, and liked to feel the Earth with her feet; Jimi Hendrix, who enjoyed listening, making the Stratocaster do what he wanted, so others could get the same groove. He wore crazy colors, to mask his aura - I think he was blue/purple, IIRC. Both of them left slightly sooner than they expected, but at least left a good body of music for decades to come.

There's a saying - Ascendant Masters, when they get used to Ascending and Descending, can eventually take their whole body. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed it was said, were/are able to do this.

Going back to where I said the quip about manners? I'd meant to all of us - not to Michael. That we should be thankful, and show it. Unfortunately, when I'm having a strange time crunch like that, things get convoluted, and I really need to be asked, "Hey Tink, what do you mean by what you're saying? You're message can be taken like 2+ ways, did you know that? Can you define it better?" I think that sounds better.

I'm not into attacking people - that isn't in my heart, what this site's about. After what I've been through November + this year, I've grown tremendously, and just will walk away for a bit, rather foster negative emotions. I'm a Child of Light, though I may be old enough to be your mother. But I let the Childlikeness of me, the creativity of me run me. I'm fortunate I can do that.

So if you have an issue with me, I'll be happy to think on it for a short bit. I do have a life, even if I'm healing right now.

General Hoax Talk / Re: MJ AMONG US?
« on: June 29, 2012, 02:09:22 PM »
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I love math. Math is predictable and logical and always follows the same rules, ad infinitum. I wish the world worked more like math.

I wish the hoax relied MORE on [traditional] math. Would make things much easier.

I follow Einstein's Theories, and want to play with the Cern Haldron Collider, see Black holes, before it's taken offline for 2 years for upgrades!

General Hoax Talk / Re: MJ AMONG US?
« on: May 25, 2012, 07:30:08 PM »
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@Tink.... imagine Michael is your best friend... but he can't reveal himself to you on this forum because you could reveal him in front of us, IDK if you get what I am trying to tell you  :icon_rolleyes:

He can call me.

General Hoax Talk / Re: MJ AMONG US?
« on: May 25, 2012, 07:23:50 PM »
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FOR THE IDEA of how to fool the MEDIA.

Plus, Michael's a fan of mine - you'd think he'd say something to me. Nada, nothing.
Ergo - "Front" isn't Michael.

Sorry, and anyone should know who you are? Did I miss something? Most of the time I'm not even getting what you say.

I've posted my name on many of my photos - but Michael will know this: Larry Parkers & Bazooka Joe. Comic books. My artwork is in his private gallery. Of course, he could always call me - I left my info packet with the guard at the gate to Neverland.

General Hoax Talk / Re: MJ AMONG US?
« on: May 25, 2012, 07:14:36 PM »
FOR THE IDEA of how to fool the MEDIA.

Plus, Michael's a fan of mine - you'd think he'd say something to me. Nada, nothing.
Ergo - "Front" isn't Michael.

I have video of what happened - I think that's explanation enough. I didn't expect communication in public - but nothing, not even in PMs.

I find that too weird - I don't know how things are in your country - but out here in Sunny California, we thank people for such kindness. "Thank you" and "Please" are in our vocabulary.

Obviously, there's more to my story - but it's private.

General Hoax Talk / Re: MJ AMONG US?
« on: May 25, 2012, 06:57:51 PM »

THIS is the WEEKEND of the anniversary of the Famous Monsters convention, where I had 45 people on the stage act like they didn't know it was Michael Jackson in disguise as Nosferatu. It gets even better at about 1:56, when they interview Papa Munster (Al Lewis), who LIES to Current Affair, saying he doesn't know it's Michael Jackson.

Before we did our performances, with Al & Adam West, we were told it was Michael in disguise. I insisted we treat him like a normal Joe - under threat I'd castrate ALL the males, and similar to all the females, if they let him know that night! (30 piece orchestra who played for us, from High School). One is giddy, and stares at Michael a lot, but is silent. It was planned at least an hour ahead of time, before the Masquerade - BY ME. Because I'm also a prankster, and wanted to give him something only I had the power to give him.

You have to understand - Michael's a fan of my art - and that night, my voice when I sang Thriller to him, with the orchestra - looking him in the eyes (though the contacts were silly). Then, Monster Mash, with Bobby Picket. Add to that the silly radio play I did with Al Lewis & Adam West, along with a few others before I sang. I almost blew it, myself backstage, when I became dizzy while speaking with him. I made a miscalculation on how fast Al would do the masquerade - he was nervous.

So - if "Front" really had been Michael, he'd have thanked me for this plan, on how to fool the MEDIA. Because I'm the only one who's ever told a soul, which has only been this year. Yes - we fooled the media THAT LONG! Al took it quite literally to his grave, God Bless his soul.

People will see what they want to see - but as you can see, the above really did happen.

"Front" could possibly be a friend of Michael & his family - but that's it.

NOBODY but those of us present at the convention on stage, and Michael the next morning, ever knew about what I'd orchestrated for him. I don't even think he told his friends or family - as you all can see, nobody could ever comprehend all of us were in on it; BUT WE WERE. So, it's possible to have 45 + people in on something, to FOOL THE MEDIA.

Here's the proof, on Current Affair.

UNITED WE STAND - divided we fall. It's what we must do, to help each other.

I'm not surprised to find out that so many of us have had older relatives beaten on, murdered during WW2 - and I'm sure it goes back to WW1 (as in my family's case - my own grandmama). We had to pay to get her back, from the Bolshevics...if you all noticed, it all revolves around the have/have nots. My family paid, paid, paid - until we had nothing left - after we got as many people out, between two world wars. I regret nothing. At least in the 1990s, the TRUTH was restored!

Bayer is one of the main culprits, in WW2; what was being held over their heads? Hugo Boss?

Dr. Porsche was held under threat of his entire family being exterminated, if he didn't design tanks. There is a human element, when you look close enough.

The arrogance of the Nazi party, fortunately, was their downfall. They thought they were unsinkable - just like the titanic. Even when his generals were telling him otherwise, Hitler couldn't comprehend they were losing. He'd kill those who told him anything negative, from what I understand.

60,000,000 people, in total, sounds correct to me - those starved all over, not just in Germany and Poland. This was a Global Catastrophe.

In the end? WE BETTER LEARN from WW2, Korean war. The Vietnam War was a border war - so of course, it was doomed. Which is why it was foolhardy to invade Iraq, under any circumstances. If you can't close the borders, it just doesn't work.

You then have to look at WHO benefits from war: the suppliers of weaponry, etc.

Right now, Afghanistan is suffering a HUGE Polio outbreak, which is listed on the BBC - it's heartbreaking! Kids who'll never be able to walk right, without braces - all because daddies thought the vaccine would render kids infertile. My entire family is a bunch of "Fertile Myrtles," and everyone's had that one, along with all the other vaccines. Hasn't stopped the babies from coming.

As for the B&W video? That graphitti was ALL added, after the initial airing - to make the violence acceptable. I thoroughly enjoyed it the way it was aired - UNALTERED - here's a COMPARISON:

It's from here - You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

So, do the research first, when it comes to Michael. I love it when he messes with people's heads, and does things his way.

General Hoax Talk / Re: MJ AMONG US?
« on: May 24, 2012, 06:34:38 PM »
I'm pretty sure he reads the forums, could be posting on here - but quietly. You wouldn't recognize whom he is. I'm just 99.9% he isn't "Front." Most likely, a composite of 2 hoaxers pretending to be him.

Michael's never had issues with being direct about what he wants - and when he wants it. I see no reason for that to change - and people saying, oh, he's trying to hide who he is. Well, if that's so, calling "Front" Michael, when he's supposed to be in hiding? That also adds to my disbelief.

Little things add up.

As far as I know, the Nazis were a political power, that ran out of control under a power hungry MADMAN.

Germany had just come out of WW1, with an awfully heavy debt to pay, and Hitler offered a way "out" of it. Blaming all the Jews was a first step, in taking back control. Then, it was invading Poland - and setting up a bunch of Prison, then DEATH CAMPS there. I should know - my Great Aunt Alka survived Berkinau-Auschwitz; she wasn't Jewish, she was CATHOLIC! Anyone who didn't fall in line with the Nazi party line was dumped in all of the camps. Oh, riiiight - land!

Poland was earmarked for EXTERMINATION. My Great Aunts & Uncles for the most part, were murdered at their Palaces and castles - which the Nazis took over, and ran administrative tasks can imagine how I feel about that.

Only one wasn't...and he had to watch 5,000 Polish soldiers stand for 4 days, with their hands over their heads on his property. Anyone who dropped their hands, was SHOT. Anyone who tried to give them water or food, WAS SHOT. They extorted him for money - until he ran out ahead of the Russians.

The reason why Poland was so easily overrun? Thank Russia for that, because of Katyn Forest Massacre: Where they decapitated Poland, by taking ALL the top leaders, the thinkers, men from the colleges. Anyone who could've rallied AGAINST the Nazis, received a bullet in the back of their head, execution style, the number being about 22,000. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login Stalin contributed greatly to Hitler decimating Poland.

I really don't understand how anyone can get this "zionist" theme out of this; it was about destroying lives; invasion, taking over the world by Hitler and his personal minions!

Oh, and let us not forget Hugo Boss designing the SS Uniforms - that's why they looked so snappy (and I'll never forgive that design house).

The numbers tattooed on my Great Aunt's arm, sending any clothes we didn't need to Poland every year, it was so precious to them. I've only been able to speak with two of my younger relatives, and they're pretty cool, similar to me. But what really sticks in my memory, is when an 80 year old woman contacted me, who was quite ill - and just wanted to hear from another relative, before she died. I spent as long as she wanted on the phone - then her son thanked me...another Berkinau-Auschwitz survivor.

So please - it was about Total Global Domination. Nobody gave a damn about the Jews, the Gypsies, nor the Poles. They were just hamburger fed into the machine called WAR.

Anyone remember what it was like, when the Allies allowed Germany to be divided, Poland given to Russia on a silver platter, along with so many other countries, screaming for their freedom? That was a DARK DAY for freedom.

Yes; many of the school books for Elementary schools ARE wrong - because children can't handle the dark stuff. When you hit college, usually you get more of the truth. I remember my History teacher in college on the first day telling us, "Toss all you learned out the door; for history is written by the victors. Now, you learn the truth."

TMZ Articles / Re: PROPOFOL Now Used to Kill People ... On Purpose
« on: May 24, 2012, 05:35:27 PM »
I sure hope it's a joke...

TMZ Articles / Re: PROPOFOL Now Used to Kill People ... On Purpose
« on: May 24, 2012, 03:11:34 PM »
Killing in prison apparently is the last vestige of cruelty, so that just needs to go completely. The other drug was banned when the manufacturer discovered it was being used.

Basically, if the drug is discovered it's being used to kill on Death row, it's banned from being sold to a prison. Apparently disinformation has run it's course - You need to knock someone out first, then administer something else, like a barbiturate, so they die before they wake up. Three drugs, mostly so no one knows WHO administers the killing drug.

Next, they'll be ordering Vet. Supplies, grrr!

Let them serve life without parole; learn the value of life; teach them how precious life is. Oh, wait - we're speaking of USA prisons here, which don't teach anything, but how to be a better criminal! We need to overhaul those, so they actually teach something, rather than being sold off to the lowest bidder, who then makes money off of it.

Privateering doesn't necessarily do the better job. Bet following Disneyland's model would even work better (sans the visitors).

General Hoax Talk / Re: BAM!!
« on: May 24, 2012, 02:56:35 PM »
Meh, he lives behind the Orange Curtain, and buys lunchmeat at my local grocery store, looking like the nutty professor. What more do you need?  :thjajaja121:

Back/Front discussions / Re: Official back & Front thread
« on: May 20, 2012, 06:13:32 PM »
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OK...I gotta do it...the word "Hi" in gematria = 17
we all know it was number 17 on the tour bus
in Lisa's new video that Sim posted, there are things all over it that smack of hoaxness.
Namely, the numbers on the dancer's back: 7, 5, 1, 4 those add to 17

17 = FBI, fib, back, Hi 

So we have a picture posted by Front, with a word on the front (Hi)  that also is the same gematria as "back" ...... 17
Interesting assortment of words.....FBI as an anagram for fib (to tell a lie).....interesting. 

Here is the link to the post with Lisa's video ( thanks Sim....) :

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Just thinking out loud here...late and can't sleep, lol........

PS> Sim...that's a scary looking pig, MDR ( I think  :icon_lol:)

I do believe the scathing post was to the tabloids.

Here's what I think happened to Mr. Monkey - I just tried it. Anyone ever heard of trying to draw with your other hand?
Well - it doesn't work too well...and tends to look kinda like, well - that. I can only accomplish anything close to my drawing hand on a chalkboard - not a sheet of paper.

I'd also thought maybe a certain little cutie pie had drawn it - like I'd used to do, for my Papa.  ;) I was called a little monkey by some of my family. But you must admit, the eyes are cute.

What you all are seeing on the Peter Pan sketch, that you can't define? It's called "an under-sketch" or "Layout"which is done loosely. In comics & animation, we use non-photo blue - which is a little misleading; it does scan, but you can toss only that layer out in Photoshop. ALL artwork is done that way - or your eyes, nose, mouth, entire body & foreshortening just don't line up with the image itself. In acrylics, pastels, watercolors, an ordinary 2B, or 2HB pencil or mechanical pencil will do fine. You can actually erase THROUGH acrylics and watercolors. Pastels? Depends on whether you want to go in thick or not.

Pencils, Inks & Pastels are my forte'. It's fun to get messy.

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