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Neverland / Re: Some say michael is in.....
« on: November 18, 2012, 05:30:45 PM »
Visited NRL in September. Talked with the guard - House is "occupied" He even stays there sometimes. House is situated behind mountains and hills. No one can see beyond the gate. Guard said it was very well "maintained". He arrived to the ranch "three years ago". It is fully staffed. Several vehicles were inside the entrance - met limos coming from the property:) :michael-jackson: :michael-jackson:

Michael Jackson News / Re: Breaking News from NVL!
« on: November 12, 2012, 06:42:14 PM »
Picture looks like Blanket 2012! I was there in September, guard on duty said there were staff at the estate and sometimes he stays there overnight. Why would you need "staff" for an empty mansion? :michael-jackson:


Great comparisons, Jenn. I watched Whitney's funeral also and it WAS the real thing. I kept thinking about MJ's and there are SO many questions about his memorial. I've always said the Jacksons did not appear to be "grieving" like everyone else does. Katherine was at Target buying sleeping bags and Joe was laughing with Jesse Jackson the very next day - when someone very close to you has just died, that behavior does NOT happen. I'm glad the kids are doing "great", but my children lost their dad when they were young and they went through "hell" and still are. Then when TII came out I just knew that the film was NOT intended for MJ's personal library like they said. It was filmed to be a movie and what a great MOVIE it was. Since then I have looked for other hints. After watching Whitney's funeral today, maybe the non-believers will take notice when we point out certain things. I believe MJ is with his kids each day - that's the reason they are doing "great".   michael-jackson/

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