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General Hoax Talk / Re: Soldier Boy - new song
« on: May 22, 2011, 04:02:38 PM »
I think this is the most depressing thing I've seen in 2 years, ngl.

General Hoax Talk / Re: Soldier Boy - new song
« on: May 21, 2011, 08:51:11 AM »
Quote from: "Metamorphman"
Quote from: "jessicakthx"
I'm totally baffled that people actually think this is Michael.  :?  suspicious//
Would have to agree... this is very sad. :(

*phew* I thought I was alone there for a minute! =( This is the least Michael-esque Cascio track I have heard so far.


It's just how a flag looks if it's not intentionally spread out. I think I'm missing the plot here.

General Hoax Talk / Re: Soldier Boy - new song
« on: May 21, 2011, 08:30:46 AM »
I'm totally baffled that people actually think this is Michael.  :?  suspicious//

Quote from: "TheMoonIsDancing"
Didn't michael say that he didn't know they were even there, and that they had gone through rooms they had no search warant for? He has such a beautiful home, the imagination of a child and artist combined. Its so beautiful. I really do hope Mike gets these bastards good!

Yeah, he was in Las Vegas at the time and indeed there were issues with the warrants. Also the property manager testified that he knowingly let them search areas that weren't included on the warrants.

 crash/  <-- pretend that computer is Sneddon's head

Argh I saw more German ones I missed. I should really pay attention before I post lol. I used a translator so I know they don't make total sense and a couple were really hard to read so I was off a little, but I figured it was better than nothing just in case no Germans wanted to help translate. :P

= +5 christian group loyal to the government to control drekt any. this is not loyal to the government for nations.

the control groups Magician gross = +2 to any attempt by any magic. +10 to the direct control of any magical group.

frankfurt = makes all other criminal groups within their own power structure increases by 1

fubbalprofis = corporate puppets of the media fubballprofis receive additional attribute.

= loan sharks, it is mittowch. Bieber where the mouse? to make the loan sharks increases for any other criminal group within its power structure by 1

Anddd last but not least, there has been speculation that the card that looks like Big Ben is actually a scene from the Japanese earthquake because of the shape of the clocktower.

Ooops I didn't see the other 2 German ones. They are...

Breweries = effect due to their tremendous advertising budgets this group +4 to directly control any attacks against media groups. The action of this group can always be used to an opponent to pull on it to prevent a card. it may per round only to pull a card as this can be counteracted. (corporate)

Federal Constitutional Court = The owner group can use their action to make the action of another pro-government group reversed. (groups loyal to the government, are not from Germany to mean, of course, too.) (loyal to the government peacefully)

Quote from: "Kristina4LOVE"
Thank you  jessicakthx, how could i forget about the mind control dudes  afraid/. Could you please give me a link of where you got this info? Do they explain any other INWO Cards?

Oh hey also the German one you were curious about: "Fraternities - The action of this group can always be used to draw a card from their own group stack. The fraternities are charged as two conservative groups for the fulfillment of victory conditions."

The site I got the sniper thing from is You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login and yes they do have details about other cards, plus provide links to like news stories and stuff to illustrate what they're talking about. =)

There's also this one too - You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Quote from: "suspicious mind"
anyone ever seen anything that documents what they found in those things there at the last? would be interesting to know what they would be looking for with those items.

Yes. A lot of what they found was used as evidence for the 2005 trial. I found this site that is AWESOME! and very comprehensively goes through everything.

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Quote from: "Kristina4LOVE"
Quote from: "jessicakthx"
The Enough is Enough one that you said you wanted to see the bottom of... The bottom says "At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you. Have a nice day."

Thank you so much! So it means that if someone is tired/against Illuminati their snipers will kill them?  suspicious//

I'm not entirely sure :? but I'll post the rest of what I read about it --

    You can remember only too well the Beltway Sniper attacks in October, 2002, carried out by snipers -- or sniper fall guys -- that clearly were under Illuminati Mind Control [Read NEWS1725, "We Have Caught The Sniper Like A Duck On A Noose"]. For a 22-day period -- October 2-24 -- in 2002, snipers terrorized people in the Beltway area, killing them just as this card says: they dropped victims "at any time, at any place"! For these 22 days, the snipers shot 13 times, killing 10 people. Throughout this sorry episode, we constantly pointed out the various Satanic symbols the pattern of the sniping was placing on the ground. Let us review these articles.

    * "Original Maryland Shootings Shown To Be: 1) Not geographically random; 2) Occurring on a Satanic Holiday devoted to the destruction of the Old Order; 30 Shooting Pattern forms a Broken Cross. Satanic "calling card" left at the scene of one of the shootings. Shooter left a "Death Tarot Card" at the scene inscribed with "I am God" message." [NEWS1710]

    * "Shot #11 On October 11 Is On A Line That Forms A Satanic Pentagram On The Ground." [NEWS1714]

    * "Surprising -- And Unexpected -- Occult Symbolism Uncovered By Studying The Beltway Sniper Shooting Pattern" [NEWS1718]

    * "Update On The Beltway Sniper And The Occult Shooting Pattern" [NEWS1719]

    * "New Age Holistic Adviser Saw Broken Cross In Shooting Pattern Just 2 Days After First Shots Were Fired. Says Satanic Ritual Is Planned!" [NEWS1724]

    * "We Have Caught The Sniper Like A Duck In A Noose" -- Analysis of this typical Illuminist Mind Control Trigger [NEWS1725]

Now, take a good look at this sniper card. This picture, taken in its entirety, is screaming Illuminati Mind Control. First, note the face of the sniper. He is screaming, as if in terror, and his eyes are not only protruding, they exude evil. The face seems to be falling apart, to the point where the straight background line separating the two black triangles serving as the backdrop to the face seems to pass behind the face. This is the perfect picture to accompany the description of how a Mind Control slave is activated by his handler. Listen:

    "To create a trained assassin, the altars [Mind Control slaves, commonly called 'Deltas'] were desensitized towards pain and death ... Hypnosis was also used. The potential victims were devalued ... Satanic rituals were also involved in the creation of the Deltas. Deltas will be trained in hand to hand combat, and know the very vulnerable places to instantly kill people ... Training included a great deal of expert weapon's training." ["The Illuminati Formula To Create An Indestructible Mind Control Slave", Wheeler, p. 201-1]

At this point, we are told exactly what we should expect from the training of an Illuminati assassin. He is desensitized, put through brutal Satanic rituals, taught hand-to-hand combat, and given a " great deal of expert weapon's training." But, now focus on the "falling apart face"; is it falling apart or "melting" in this depiction? Listen to Wheeler explain:

    "When the programmer wants to use these Delta alters, he will call them up from their 'genii bottle' or wherever the signal is hidden deep within the mind. The Delta will be commanded to 'melt'. When they have melted into the nothing state, then the programmer gives an exact script of everything the Delta altar is to do, just like you would program a computer step-by-step." [Ibid.]

This depiction on this card is of a Mind Control victim as he is being activated to be an assassin. Notice the rich brocade of pattern behind the face; this type of pattern is speaks of the rich "tapestry" of detailed information a handler puts into the mind of the assassin, giving him all the details of his many multiple personalities. Also, note the 12 colored triangles, grouped into colored pairs facing each other. Color coding is extremely important to the handler as he mentally "programs" the assassin.

Once again, we are shocked to not only see a sniper's card in this Illuminati New World Order card deck, but to see that the creator of this game correctly understands that the Illuminist sniper will be mind controlled is shocking, indeed. Now you should also know who is behind the latest sniper shooting spree in West Virginia!


The Enough is Enough one that you said you wanted to see the bottom of... The bottom says "At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you. Have a nice day."

While I agree that it's not new, what does it matter if it's a hoax video or not? We do discuss other things around here, and it's in the correct subforum...

Other Odd Things / Re: discosean21 is a believer ????
« on: May 17, 2011, 03:25:31 AM »
I think this dude is effing creepy.  afraid/

Quote from: "underthemoon"
I notice since 2 years that all the reports, the documents and letters are all on the same paper. It's similar if it comes from the court, or from a lawyer or elsewhere. The papers have left on the side the numbers of the lines and all seam to be written on a typewriter, not with a pc.
They are written in textform, not in clearly facts. No seal or stamp. The adress can everybody write on the top.

Much sides of the autopsy report are looking the same like here. :o

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It looks weird for me ! I never have seen such official make at home on a old typewriter where sometimes the ribbon has to renew.

But i noticed it since 2009....strange or not ?


It's not strange to me... All of my legal papers are typed that way. I have a boatload of them. Also if you go back and look for transcripts from the Arvizo case they are typed the same as well.

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