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Title: Hello I am Angel Wynton and Back Again
Post by: Angel Wynton on January 29, 2010, 06:01:38 PM
Hello everyone I read you where all so busy, but believe me Michael is
coming back this year with his tour at the O2, and when you all see
the Super Bowl concert, then you know that MJ is verry good in tricks
that blind the eye. He told already Cassandra, he had to do this for
manny reasons, and one of them was Tommy Motola a dangerous gangster.
Michael was so afraid of him, he control'd Michael and his money.
I'n sure of it that this website get the attention of the whole world
as soon as Michael come out..but his family knows about this.
And he arrange this all by him self years ago, but he beat the
alligations, like Jordy Chandler spoke the true, that those alligations
of Michael where fals, and all becaus Jordy's father want then money of Michael.
All we have to do is wait, its near februari, and when MJ says he do the shows
at 10 of june 2010, he will do that! He also admit he was a drug addict and he
quit with this drugs and he is getting better by the day, the straignt is alsmost
back. This site was right all the long, but remember: Michael had no choice.
So here is something else for you all" from me to you.

Title: Re: Hello I am Angel Wynton and Back Again
Post by: ni-co-le on January 30, 2010, 12:53:34 PM
:o  :shock:  hello to you, you seem to know a lot more than we do  :?:
i hope you are wright  ;)
Title: Re: Hello I am Angel Wynton and Back Again
Post by: Angel Wynton on January 31, 2010, 07:30:56 AM
Quote from: "ni-co-le"
:o  :shock:  hello to you, you seem to know a lot more than we do  :?:
i hope you are wright  ;)

I copy those Answers from Michael true Cassandra:

In the Q & A that follows Michael Jackson confidante Cassandra Gretchen-Sims answers the Top 10 Michael Jackson Questions that every fan wants answered – and she does it in a format that is easy to read and respond to.

Michael Jackson is alive and well, says close friend.

As visitors to this blog already know, when Ms. Gretchen-Sims originally offered to answer questions from MJ’s fans, she was flooded with thousands and thousands of letters, many asking the same questions repeatedly.

To help readers cut to the chase, here are 10 frequently-asked questions that we think are important to all fans based on our review of letters sent so far:

1. Is Michael REALLY alive? Cassandra says: “Yes.”

2. Why did Michael fake his death? Cassandra says: “Michael was under enormous pressure at every turn: from fans, from hangers-on, from business associates and also, sadly, from his many enemies and haters, both inside and outside the media. After 50 years, he was exhausted, weak and, as everyone knows, had turned to prescription drugs. He realized he couldn’t go on that way and needed time and space to rest and recover.

3.  Does MJ’s family know he faked his death? Cassandra says: “Michael does not want to discuss his family in public. But all fans know he is a wonderful son and a wonderful father – he would never do anything to hurt his family. If you think about that, the answer to this question will be clear to you.

4. Did Michael plan his death hoax for a long time? Cassandra: “Yes, Michael made his plans well in advance.

5. Will Michael return or stay in hiding? Cassandra says: “Michael’s intention is to come out of hiding in June 2010 and embark on a world tour that will  eventually will include every inhabited continent and many, many countries. The tour will last for years, unfolding at a pace that doesn’t exhaust Michael or threaten his health.

6. Are there 33 clues in his This Is It movie that explain why he faked his death and went into hiding? Cassandra says: “Michael says ‘yes’. Fans have already found many of the clues, and I’m just another fan. Michael won’t even give me hints! But he does say, ‘If you look you will find them.’”

7. Did Michael attend his own funeral? Cassandra says: “Not in person, but he watched it via closed circuit.”

8. Did Michael help with the production and edits of This Is It? Cassandra says: “Yes.”

9. Isn’t Michael concerned about how much sadness his death hoax has caused fans? Cassandra says: “Michael loves his fans and would never do anything to hurt them. He is aware of the sadness, but as he puts it, ‘There was no alternative. If I hadn’t done this, I really would be dead. This way, I”ll be back.’”

10.  Isn’t faking your death illegal? Isn’t Michael afraid he will get into trouble? Cassandra says: I’m not a lawyer, but I can say this – Michael is a powerful man, a wealthy man. He doesn’t behave rashly or without thinking and planning. He did what he felt he had to do. If there are consequences, legal consequences, he will deal with them with accordingly.
Title: Re: Hello I am Angel Wynton and Back Again
Post by: Angel Wynton on January 31, 2010, 07:48:58 AM
So this Deadhoax was and is right all the long.
I'll bet Michael follow this  :mrgreen:
I'll just ask him over there.. :mrgreen:  

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