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Title: HISTORY...."This is it"
Post by: jacilovesmichael on January 05, 2010, 11:43:22 AM
I'm having a hard time finding the lyrics to "HIStory" online, like the full lyrics that include all the speaking parts. But I was just listening to it in my car and found something that I never noticed before. Between a chorus and a verse, there is a man's voice..he seems to be either counting down or giving the date of something and then says "THIS IS IT".........!!!!!!  I don't know what that audio was taken from but I think it's a HUGE clue that he included it in the song. The entire song to me is a huge clue. During the verses he talks about himself, in an angry/determined toned, while the chorus is full of hope and joy. This part stands out to me:

"He say one day you will see
His place in world history
He dares to be recognized
The fires deep in his eyes"

...wouldn't faking his death and returning give him a HUGE place in world history?! Granted, he already has his place in history, but Michael Jackson is not only the King of Pop music, but the King of just about everything in my humble opinion. He was always surprising people with his ideas, and not just musically.

Anyway, getting off track. The main point of this was to point out the "This is it" dialogue in the song. Have any of you noticed that before? I've loved the song since I was little, but never really paid much attention to the parts that were sort of "in the background". But it's a huge clue, I do believe.

Also, I think it's significant that he includes audio of himself as a kid saying "I don't sing it if I don't mean it", telling us that his songs aren't "just songs" like some people will say. His songs have meaning. Very BIG MEANING!

God I love him  :P

What do you all think? Anything else in this song that I missed?


Title: Re: HISTORY...."This is it"
Post by: susie_23 on January 05, 2010, 07:35:07 PM
I always thought that in TDCAU is TII, that when he points up to the sky during MLK's speech, he's not flicking the world off, but rather saying "Listen! I need you to listen!"
Title: Re: HISTORY...."This is it"
Post by: flory24 on September 20, 2012, 02:53:06 PM
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