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Title: The Man who killed Michael Jackson Documentary and a few interesting points
Post by: Shanny on April 22, 2022, 02:39:37 AM
Just thought I'd put my thoughts out about the Documentary The Man who killed Michael Jackson, which Souza has on her YouTube Channel uploaded in four parts. I have to say it was an incredibly weird experience watching it. Having gone back over the alleged events of June 25th 2009, and looking into Conrad Murray  the past two weeks it's very clear that something very strange occurred that day and the official story does not add up or make sense. Too many contradicting stories, weird testimonies, strange pictures, Jermaine saying the CCTV footage from that day was somehow erased etc. Im amazed so many of Michaels fans don't see something is very wrong here. Whether you believe he's alive or not, you cannot seriously believe the official story. That a fully trained Doctor accidently gives his patient enough medication to accidently kill him, doesn't know how to perform CPR correctly despite being a cardiologist, waits half an hour before calling 911, and then serves just two years in prison for manslaughter (his whole Trial seemed weird and unprofessional) only ever seems to be Photographed by that Mysterious National Photo Group, and despite killing his patient and probably being a Murderer (if we are to believe Michael died) he gets to do TV interviews and write a book like some celebrity. Alarm bells should be going off here guys.

The reason I'd recommend watching the Man who killed Michael Jackson though is because nothing Doctor Murray Says makes any sense he dodges questions, doesn't seem to think he did anything wrong, comes across as batsh*t crazy, but also at times sympathetic to Michael. The other people involved in the case who appear in the Documentary are odd too. To me the Documentary and official story feels staged from watching this show. The part where Murray arrives at Court in part one felt like that scene was meant to be deliberately similar to Michaels Trial. In part three they show a random Photo of the Moonwalker colouring book in Michaels bedroom, and through out the show we see the way the bedroom looked at the time of the alleged death/crime.  The drugs in the room and the way the doll was placed on the bed, along with the photos of Children around the room, and the post it notes all around, to me looked as though the scene had been deliberately set up like that, and for a reason. My personal take on it is that Murray was in on it and the official story was created to cover up something else, but clues where left behind for those with inquiring minds to figure it out. I personally think Michael staged the death scene like that himself as a code to indicate what was really going, that sinister people where after him because he knew what they were doing to Children, and he staged an accidental death, to get away. I came away more inclined to believe than ever that Michael didn't die on June 25th and that something more sinister was at play here. Would love to hear what others think in regards to my theory that Michael staged the death scene like this himself. All I can say having done more research and then watching the Documentary I'm convinced there's a much bigger story here.
Title: Re: The Man who killed Michael Jackson Documentary and a few interesting points
Post by: boAgienessy on April 26, 2022, 07:49:28 PM
Hi Shanny, thank you for the perfect overview of the documentary! I always advice my followers on Instagram to watch it, because it is SOOO staged  :D I personally think that MJ created it and I think he chose this format on purpose: to look like a reality show. This way the people can hopefully realize how absurd it is. I mean, usually a reality show is for fun and not for the truth, right. And if the same actors participate both in this absurd reality AND in the court trial case, logically the credibility of the latter also goes down.
What I`m trying to say is that whoever has watched the whole trial has (hopefully) seen that it`s only a circus show (inconsistencies, plenty of animals, etc.). But for those who haven`t, if they watch the reality show documentary, they can get to the same conclusion about the trial. The documentary is just a summarized way to show what`s going on and has to be watched by everybody who doesn`t have the time to watch all the ~24 days of trial.
Title: Re: The Man who killed Michael Jackson Documentary and a few interesting points
Post by: Shanny on April 27, 2022, 07:01:22 AM
totally agree. Whats your Instagram handle? I will give you a follow
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