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Title: Why now? (leaving neverland etc)
Post by: Tove on April 02, 2019, 02:05:24 AM
Why the allegations raised now? I don't think it is a coinsidence. Are they trying to keep Michael not to come back? Is he more valuable them this way?
There are not any new evidence, all same shit that earlier. I keep wondering if he was near to clear his reputation and this "document" was a bit despered way to them try to stop MJ to come back as an innocent man. Perhaps it all comes to money, when he is dead, he is valuable for many and they can make $$$$$ with his name. If he would have come back with blameless, he would have profit more himself.

Or is this his way to clear his reputation? Is he behind this all and this "document" is actually about make them lead them selfes to a trap with all the lies.

Yesterday I thought that everyday should be like april fools day: it's the only day in the year that people question what they read!
Title: Re: Why now? (leaving neverland etc)
Post by: Starchild on April 03, 2019, 08:11:58 PM
Tove, I too have wondered these questions. It seems like at least every other year in springtime something controversial pops up about MJ. The following video shares a thought-provoking theory--The Michael Jackson Agenda EXPOSED: https://youtu.be/dmmWoO2nd2Y

Title: Re: Why now? (leaving neverland etc)
Post by: iamhere4mj on August 29, 2019, 10:24:34 AM
Thanks for posting the video Starchild, one more example that shows what we have known all along - Michael is innocent, people are out to get him, and Wade and James have lied.

For those people who have tried to bring Michael down they will get their just dues when all is said and done. Michael will see to that.

Love you Michael!
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