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Title: Recent Article in the Inquisitr
Post by: Echo on January 02, 2015, 01:13:55 PM
On December 31, 2014 Inquistitr ran an article titled, "MICHAEL JACKSON STILL ALIVE? MJ TRUTHERS CLAIM RECENT SIGHTINGS".

Inquisitr is an internationally recognized news website with a strong presence in the United States. Inquisitr publishes the latest news stories under an extensive range of categories with the power and resources of more than 60 writers. Currently Inquisitr is one of the top 2500 global websites and one of the top 1000 websites in the United States.   

More than 10,0000 million people visit and read Inquisitr each month. With more than 1,200,000 followers on Facebook and 38,000 followers on Twitter, Inquisitr articles are a part of everyday social circles. I read it everyday. It was founded in 2007, Brooklyn N.Y.  http://www.inquisitr.com/

What I find most intriguing about the article is the journalist who penned it. His name is John Thomas Didymus. John is a world class journalist based out of Lagos Nigeria. His area of expertise is Religion, Small Business, Global and Foreign Economics, Global and Foreign Politics, Global and Foreign Human Interest stories. I breifly looked over 800 of John's articles and determined that he primarily is a serious minded journalist. He does not write a lot of "fluff".  If you go to this link at ALL VOICES  http://www.allvoices.com/users/JTHOMASDIDYMUS you will find 872 of his articles. You will not find anything remotely like, "MICHAEL JACKSON STILL ALIVE? MJ TRUTHERS CLAIM RECENT SIGHTINGS".

To me this is wee odd. I am curious as to what compelled John to write an article of this nature. I am even more curious as to why Inquisitr released it on the eve of 2015.

There may be nothing to this and then maybe there is. The only connection I have now is that Grace Rwaramba like John, is from Nigeria. Perhaps John and Grace are linked?

In addition, John has written a book titled, "Confessions of God - The Gospel According to John Thomas Didymus." In the opening pages of the book there are two scriptures from the Bible. They read as follows:

"I am John, your brother. I share your suffering, ruling, and endurance because of Jesus. I was [exiled] on the island of Patmos because of God's word and the testimony about Jesus." - Revelation 1:9

"The elder unto the elect lady and her children, whom I love in truth; and not I only, but also all they that know the truth" - 2 John 1:1

Not sure what to make of this however, I plan to download the book this weekend. It is all a very minor hunch. But for me worth looking into.

Oh yeah, the article...Judge for yourselves... http://www.inquisitr.com/1717752/michael-jackson-still-alive-mj-truthers-claim-recent-sightings/


Title: Re: Recent Article in the Inquisitr
Post by: iamhere4mj on January 02, 2015, 03:52:12 PM
It does seem that this person is not one to write 'fluff' as you pointed out echo so why now? Why after 5 years?

I read the article and he must have done some searching because he gives quotes from sources. I did notice one quote stated Michael was admitted to UCLA as Soule S. Dimitrie, I thought he was admitted as Soule Shawn (or Shaun)?

Could this mean that we will see more and more of the media looking into all of the oddities of the past 5 years and start to question things?

Will 2015 be the year we have been waiting for?

Love you Michael?
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