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Title: Documentary from Murray's Website
Post by: iamhere4mj on September 04, 2014, 07:18:16 PM
Hi Everyone! I'm kind of new here, been a member for awhile but haven't posted much.

Murray created a website and posted a 3 hour video back in June, I'm not seeing that on this forum so I thought I would share. The website is no longer active but our good friend Murray posted the documentary on youtube (I just ran across it).

I think the documentary is pretty interesting! I'll post links to the videos in case I didn't get the actual video posted correctly on here.

Conrad Murray Talks - Full Version Part 1 
Dr. Conrad Murray   
Published on Aug 4, 2014

June 25, 2014 - Dr. Conrad Murray talks about the case involving the death of Michael Jackson publically for the first time and presents the inconsistencies brought forth by the prosecution through the court proceedings. Dr. Murray uses actual trial footage to make his case that he was wrongfully charged. Part 1 of the full version of the presentation.


Dr. Conrad Murray Talks - Full Version Part 2 
Dr. Conrad Murray


This is what I got out of it:

1.   Klein. The Demerol shot that had been given 3 days prior to June 25th was talked about. Murray stated that Michael was suffering on June 25th because of withdrawals he was going through (48 – 72 hours prior to his passing). Murray said he didn’t know Michael was going through withdrawals because Murray was unaware that Michael was a drug addict.

Now this is where you go hmmmmm. Murray stated that he had been giving Michael an infusion drip of propofol up to 3 days before June 25th and then stopped. That would have been the same time when the last Demerol shot was given.
Michael, according to Kleins records that were shown in court received other Demerol shots but nobody said how he acted on those days, only the 3 days prior to the 25th.

Murray brought up the point the Judge refused Klein, his nurse and the office manager from testifying. Again, why? Medical records are readily shown but won’t call the people who actually wrote them. Were the records from another time? Were they from years ago? Were they not Kleins? Klein said he was out of the country during some of the shots.

2.   Robert S. Markman. Who? Some of you may remember this guy. He gave his daughter Propofol for 5 years because she was in pain. There is a topic on the forum about this.

Murray went on to say that Dr. Schaffer said that propofol was not to be used in a home setting and bashed Murray for it. But yet Dr. Schaffer said it was ok for Markman to give his daughter propofol for pain. Propofol is not used for pain. It is to knock you out for surgery. Murray made sure he gave us the court #: 2012030549.

3.   Autopsy. The video talked about what is in the autopsy (my ears perked up on this!). Murray went over what the numbers meant in the brain (pay close attention to this), heart, and femoral artery.

As you know the defense tried to say that Michael killed himself. Well, Murray went step by step and explained things in a way that I actually understood. My head was spinning during the trial with all of that info, but our dear friend Murray was there to shed some light on this.

First, apnea can cause cardiac arrest and that is what was first stated as cause of death; Michael had suffered a cardiac arrest.

Murray kept talking about the damn test for the brain tissue and I kept talking right back to the computer screen, the brain was removed and placed in a container! I don’t think Murray heard me.

Then Murray said this:

It is unthinkable that the brain propofol concentration was never provided in the case by the coroner whose primary job is to speak for the dead.

It was further stated by Murray the result of the portion of the eye that had been tested was 0.04. That concentration is too low to have caused apnea. There was not enough propofol. But yet the autopsy says he died of acute propofol intoxication.


4.   Phone calls. It was pointed out that Dr. Schaffer believed Murray gave Michael a drip when Murray kept saying that he didn’t. This means Murray should have been monitoring Michael at the time the cardiac arrest happened according to Schaffer.

Murray provided a chart showing what was testified to in court by Schaffer, Rogers, White and Cooper on what they thought the time would be where the propofol would have left the body and the patient wouldn’t be in any harm (based on the dosage Murray gave Michael). The average was 10 minutes up to 15 minutes. Now here comes the math.

Murray’s last phone call was at 10:43 am. 

Last injection was at 10:40 – 10:50 am.

Murray did not answer his phone at 11:00 am

Next call taken was at 11:18 am.

The above information supports Murray was not giving Michael a drip, but he was monitoring Michael during the 15 minutes that the drug would have lasted.

5.   Dr. Schaffer. Plenty of items were presented showing that Schaffer had it out for Murray. For instance, the tubing that Schaffer had purchased that was presented in court as what Murray had used. There was a difference of 2 ½ feet which would not have given the same results. The charts he had created but then amended which were not giving the same results (he had Murray giving Michael a propofol infusion starting at midnight – Michael was at rehearsal at that time).

6.   DA Walgren. Walgren had purposely ripped the hang tag off of the piece of evidence in open court. Did however state the piece of evidence was intact at the crime scene; a stipulation had to be created.

7.   The hanging bag with propofol bottle inside and Alberto Alvarez. Chernoff got Schaffer to admit that he had assumed that the bottle was inside the bag and then he said this: based your assumption that Alberto Alvarez was telling the truth.
Also stated that no fingerprints of Alvarez were found on the items he stated he had placed in the blue bag.

Over all review:

Murray stated how prosecutors get a guilty verdict on false evidence

Alvarez was motivated to tell a story – being paid by the tabloids (London Mail)

Murray will go into details at a later time

Talked about how the prosecution got away with a crime and that how both may become judges. Deception and how they would further their careers but no incarceration.

Murray stated he has no records, no public reprimands and no lawsuits.

And then this:

I will spend the rest of my life whatever it takes if I have to, to restore honor to myself, to my children.

My pursuit will be impeccable (?), unrelenting, a wrong has been committed and in my lifetime I hope I can have it made right.

During the video I saw this word: machination


— n   
1.  an intrigue, plot, or scheme 
2.  the act of devising plots or schemes

In addition, when the website was up there was this as the heading on the page:


The purpose for releasing this video to the world is to highlight the injustices, deception, tampering with evidence, and obstruction of justice that occurred in the trial that led to my unjust conviction and incarceration, and above all it is to demonstrate my innocence.

Love you Michael! 

Title: Re: Documentary from Murray's Website
Post by: michaelslady on September 04, 2014, 09:50:20 PM
/Sometimes I still question where Murray stands in all this. Was he truly hired to kill MJ? Did he tell Mike about the plan because they were friends? Did he help him escape? Or, did MJ find out what Murray was planning to do to him and he set Murray up for even attempting to kill him? Did Murray not have anything to do with it at all? Was he simply doing a friend a favor cause he couldn't sleep? Was Murray simply a scapegoat? Does Murray even really exist or is he just a character lol? I do recall Murray saying something on 6/25/2014 interview about MJ actually being the one who left the room while walking with the IV pole attached to himself. Why would MJ leave the room? Did the "swap" or getaway take place then? So many questions.  :Pulling_hair:
Title: Re: Documentary from Murray's Website
Post by: voiceforthesilent on September 04, 2014, 11:32:30 PM
Thank you for sharing this information. I've long felt that Murray symbolizes Michael and the injustices of being accused without full evidence. What Murray says is so similar to what  Michael would say and I believe Michael is willing to fight the rest of his life to vindicate his good name, for his children, his family, and his legacy.

I wonder what else Murray has to share with us. Blessings!
Title: Re: Documentary from Murray's Website
Post by: curls on September 05, 2014, 03:07:53 AM
Ah ... Murray ... my favourite hoax subject!  Thanks for posting your thoughts, iamhere4mj.

Here are a couple of links to threads you might be interested in, where we already talked about this:



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