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Title: The Hoax with the Most
Post by: paula-c on July 31, 2012, 09:33:12 AM
The Hoax with the Most

Posted on November 18, 2010

I’m looking at YouTube and see hundreds of videos devoted to various aspects of the hoax idea.  One of the biggest tendencies I notice is for them to focus on relatively minor issues and blow them up, so as to almost become hypnotic in their obsession to those details.  You know, “anyone can argue anything,” and it reminds me of an old Peanuts strip where Lucy is telling her little brother Linus various “facts” to educate him.   Charlie Brown, standing by, hears her tell him that “snow falls up!” and so he intervenes and tries to correct her.  She responds to the effect that, “the wind comes along and blows all the snow on the ground up into the air, making it seem as though all the little pieces are falling from the sky.  Snow falls UP, Charlie Brown!”  He walks away, shaking his head.

So logic, to any person, usually depends upon his point of view to begin with.  Lucy sees the snow on the ground and then later, snowflakes in the air, and thus her conclusion is born — and Charlie doesn’t have handy any textbooks to refute her.  When we’re presented with a “fact,” without other authoritative information available, it’s easier to say, hey, they might be on to something.

One of the more prolific hoax YouTubers is a person going by the moniker “MagicalXscapism.”  One video addresses “Frequently Asked Questions” about the hoax idea, at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJE1K3TX9EA  So, a few of these items might be worth taking a look at.

It starts off mentioning the supposed suicides that happened in the wake of Michael’s death.  This would normally be difficult to quantify, as victims’ families would not likely offer up this type of information to the press — so the video says there is no proof of this, and this may be correct (and of course, this being offered by someone who doesn’t think MJ is dead, either!).  That doesn’t matter.  An event of this nature could in all likelihood spur suicides, and at least one documented case exists of a Russian look-alike artist who slashed his wrists to attempt suicide.  The bigger issue is, I believe, the RISK, not what actually resulted.  Michael would have to factor this idea into his decision to fake his death, that some of his fans would be deeply despondent.

Then, the question is offered as to whether Michael could face prosecution for faking his death, and the video asserts that this is not illegal if it wasn’t done for financial benefit.  Well, it seems a sketchy area at best, but this is not a type of “proof” that he DID or didn’t fake his death.  It’s a theoretical question, is all it is.  Just because something might not be illegal — should not suggest it’s a good reason to go ahead and do it!  The problem comes from the suggestion.  Well, it’s not illegal, so, he could have!  How many other not-illegal things are there, that we could suggest he did as well?

Then it goes into whether he could face income tax evasion problems.  This is a silly question — where there’s income, there’s tax.  If it’s not personal income, it’s estate income.   It’d be much easier to just put fake information on your tax return — or just not file one — than to fake your death.  It’s irrelevant to whether or not he DID.  Including these types of questions only serves to help “strengthen” the conclusion being offered — well, he wouldn’t be prosecuted, he wouldn’t have tax problems, so — he must have done it!  Bad logic.

Then we have — well, what about all the money the city of Los Angeles gave up for that memorial?  The video makes its case that the resulting inflow of people created tourism income, from which the city receives taxes — so thus the event was GOOD for the city.  That officials would thus be motivated to help him pull off his faked death because it was good for the city’s economy.  Well, the event DID fill the Staples Center — but don’t most events there usually bring in a good crowd?  SOMETHING would have been there bringing income, regardless — certainly not motivation enough for nameless and countless officials to help pull off such a tremendous fraud; not when they could just have the circus there, or Christina Aguilera perform there, or what-have-you.  Besides, the memorial event disturbed far more business than it could have encouraged.  Many businesses exist in the Staples Center, who were NOT generating income while the venue was blocked to the public and the memorial was in progress.  Income was lost!  Most of those in attendance were likely FROM the L.A. area, too — while many out-of-state folks were awarded tickets in the few days prior, it’s quite likely they weren’t able to really come out on such short notice — and if they did, they’d rent a hotel room for a few days.  Hardly enough income generated to justify the conclusion offered here.  This person suggests it was a “Godsend” to the city!  Well, just like any of the other hundreds/thousands of venue-filling events each year, are Godsends, I suppose, at Staples and every other venue around town.   Los Angeles isn’t starving for tourism dollars enough to create this hokey plan to gain them!

Then: Why would Conrad Murray put himself through this?  The answer offered goes on to say he probably will get five or ten million dollars — and there’s a picture of him in a pool, sucking on a drink!  Wait a minute — how would this YouTuber have any idea about that?  He’s trying to answer questions people have, and he offers a supposition.  Well, okay, Dr. Murray could be getting a HUNDRED million dollars then!  Wouldn’t you risk your life and reputation for that?  Well, why not, if you’re making up your own reward!  But, no.  If Michael wanted to fake his death, he wouldn’t need a patsy to take the fall for it.  Suggesting that Dr. Murray, who from all appearances, was instrumental in causing the tragic death of Michael Jackson, is any kind of HERO helping Michael do this — is ludicrous, and disrespectful to the many people awaiting justice in this matter.

The video goes on to suggest that Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran, chief coroner, would likewise be offered a handsome reward to help this happen, also aided by the fact that Michael can be charming.  Well, he’d have to be charming enough, and willing to pay enough — to the dozens of people who were also involved with the autopsy (and so many other aspects of his after-death handling) — to convince them ALL to do it.  Not just Dr. Sathyavagiswaran.  They’d all have to be willing to be charmed, paid, and then risk prosecution for fraud and loss of their lifelong reputations — many of whom are duty-bound to uphold and assist the law enforcement process.  Y’know, even if it wouldn’t be illegal for Michael to fake his death — it SURE WOULD BE illegal for all of those people to falsely prepare those extensive reports for legal purposes!

It then goes on to say that Michael Jackson and Dr. Murray will be proving a major point about “the media and racism.”  Now where, in any palpable sense, is “racism” any factor in all of this?  THAT would be the message to follow this massively detailed and constructed plan?  Altering perceptions around the world?  Well, do you think ANY racist is going to somehow be moved to change his views because Michael Jackson faked his death?

This makes me wonder — really, WHAT message could be delivered that might make any global impact once Michael Jackson emerges from his little “vacation”?  The biggest one that comes to mind, to me, is that: Michael Jackson is one crazy dude.

The idea that he is lying in wait to emerge when the time is right to deliver ANY message — is ridiculous.  His true fans would listen to him without him having to do that.  His detractors would find nothing more than further evidence that they were right about him.  I don’t see many minds being influenced by ANY potential ”message,” and the more troublesome part of this whole thing is how some seem to see his “return” as the coming of a new Messiah.  Now, if that were the case, he’d just rise up from the dead — one moment, dead, the next moment, not — in order to be taken “seriously.”  If he made the whole thing up and lied to the world — his credibility is mostly shot right there.

The video makes a general assumption about the return of Michael Jackson being good for business.  Well, yes, it could be in its odd way — but as we’ve sadly seen, his death in itself has been “good for business.”  His return would maybe make some money from various ways — but the people who would be disgusted by the fraud would probably more likely never buy his records again.  How is THAT good for business?

Anything postulating that the world will be moved by his return and thus it is beneficial — is a screwball conclusion.  Ask anyone, if you like — if Michael Jackson suddenly returned after faking his death, what would your feelings be?  Many would be relieved and “happy” to know he didn’t really die — but quite likely, once that initial feeling fades away, most people will be rather pissed that he did that.

If your brother did that?  Yes, you’d be happy to see him again, for sure — but then you’d stop and realize that he caused you and the family and all the friends so much unnecessary pain from grieving.  You might be glad he’s alive, but you might also never want to trust him, or even talk to him, ever again.  Unless it was a really damned good reason.  Making a point about the media and racism — isn’t one.  Delivering a message of peace and goodwill around the globe — isn’t one.  Being hunted by mobsters though — maybe that would be a good one.

So is Michael in danger somehow, thus prompting the need for him to fake his death?  If ANYone came to you and told you they needed your help for that reason — you’d say, let’s get the police involved to protect you.  Let’s get bodyguards.  Let’s get you out of the country.  The first suggestion to cross your mind just wouldn’t be hey, I know, let’s fake your death!  We’ll get a doctor to lie, we’ll have a fake funeral and get many other people to help and lie — and no, I’m sure your secret will be safe with everyone, that none of them will ever say a word.   When the mobsters are all gone, then we’ll bring you back out!  (Now, how do we get rid of the mobsters so we can eventually do that?)

How legal it theoretically is or isn’t, how much money someone could theoretically be paid to help, how much it might theoretically help commerce, it’s all theoretical.  When your answer is theoretical and based on nothing but your own assumptions or presumptions — you have no kind of convincing “case.”  But that’s the thing — these videos are being made to CONVINCE people.  So — what in this video do you think is really convincing?  That this or that COULD or MIGHT happen, as reasons to support a conclusion that defies so much heavily documented actual evidence with tremendous anecdotal eyewitness support?

What would you stake your own reputation upon?

Title: Re: The Hoax with the Most
Post by: son on August 02, 2012, 07:12:04 AM
 :th_bravo: :th_bravo: :th_bravo: :th_bravo: :th_bravo: :th_bravo:

Awesome post! I couldn't have said it any better myself. Unfortunately a triumphant return isn't going to improve his image (if anything his life may be in more danger). A small fringe of the hoax death community thinks MJ faked his death so he could molest more children  :WTF:

That fridge would probably gain more mainstream support if he did return.
Title: Re: The Hoax with the Most
Post by: sweetsunsetwithMJ on August 02, 2012, 09:21:09 AM
A small fringe of the hoax death community thinks MJ faked his death so he could molest more children 

Really son I've got shocked when I read what you wrote, are you sure of it? That would be really sick to think that way, how could the hoax death community think it, that would mean Michael is a monster and there is nothing farther than that.
Title: Re: The Hoax with the Most
Post by: son on August 02, 2012, 09:27:31 AM
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A small fringe of the hoax death community thinks MJ faked his death so he could molest more children 

Really son I've got shocked when I read what you wrote, are you sure of it? That would be really sick to think that way, how could the hoax death community think it, that would mean Michael is a monster and there is nothing farther than that.

I doubt that fringe were fans in the first place, but they do exist (albeit not as organized and thorough as us who do respect MJ).
Title: Re: The Hoax with the Most
Post by: paula-c on August 02, 2012, 03:10:33 PM
A small fringe of the hoax death community thinks MJ faked his death so he could molest more children
:-[ :WTF:
Title: Re: The Hoax with the Most
Post by: Grace on August 02, 2012, 04:43:36 PM
There are people who are riding the track of

"clever, he managed to get out of his obligations to
1) make more money
2) not have to do the concerts
3) get out of Hollyweird
4) have more time for whatever

The first hoax ideas were out as soon as the news broke on June 25.
Not all of them creators were friends of Michael.
In fact, the nasty voices were the loudest to cry "hoax" in the first days while fans were still caught in disbelief and sorrow.

Just one example site of comments.
http://weeklyworldnews.com/headlines/9352/michael-jackson-faked-his-own-death/comment-page-1/#comments (http://weeklyworldnews.com/headlines/9352/michael-jackson-faked-his-own-death/comment-page-1/#comments)

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