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Title: Law of Vibrational Energy - L.O.V.E.
Post by: peacock7 on June 09, 2011, 10:21:31 AM
I love the below L.O.V.E. article!  It is great.  The Universe is a Cosmic Symphony, for sure.  

MJ exclaimed in 1992 Ebony interview that he hears Music in everything.  We know - MJ.  Lol  We have always known that there was just something "Special" about Y. O. U. and Your Vocal Chords, Body, Mind & Soul. We Pray that God continues His Protection of You for Your having Given and Shared so much of Your Gifts Bestowed unto You from God w/the World.  People Love You - All Around the World.

Vibrations - The Language of the Universe

The language of the universe is vibration.  We are simultaneously receiving, processing and transmitting vibrations that shape our “reality” in a co-creative jam session with the universe.  

            Vibrations are the language of the universe.  Everything has vibration - from our thoughts, emotions and feelings, to the sounds we hear (and don’t hear) and the electromagnetic spectrum which contains the light and colors we see (and don’t see).

            All energy has frequency and vibration.  Some of these vibrations are measurable by the devices we have created.  For example our brain waves and neural responses can be measured by electroencephalogram (EEG), our heartbeats by electrocardiogram (ECG), and our muscle action by electromyograph (EMG).  Spectrophotometry is used to measure the vibrational frequencies of light and materials.

            Moreover, the “String Theory” utilized in the field of quantum physics, posits that electrons and quarks within an atom are not 0-dimensional objects, but rather 1-dimensional oscillating lines ("strings") and that these strings are really 1-dimensional slices of a 2-dimensional membrane vibrating in 11-dimensional space.  These vibrations create the world that we experience.  

            Whether the vibrations are of light, by which we see, vibrations of sound, by which we hear, or the vibrations of our thoughts and feelings, we are constantly receiving, processing and transmitting vibrations in a co-creative jam session with universe.  

            However, rather than accepting the vibrational, non-linear, infinite and chaordic nature of the universe, we attempt to force the infinite miracles of the universe into an illusory model of linear predictability that comfortably fits within the narrow confines of our limited “physical reality.”   In this physical reality, we do not relate to the subtle forms of vibrations and energy.

            Moreover, in a society where the ego is highly developed and mind chatter loud, it is often difficult to “see,” “hear” and/or “feel” the song of the universe.  When we are able to quiet our minds and question our programs and beliefs, we start hearing the vibrational song of the universe.  

            In order to provide the tools to discern mind chatter and programming from the language of the vibrational song of the universe, it is important to understand how we receive, transmit and communicate with the universe using vibratory feedback loops and spirals.  This understanding allows us to consciously “jam” in co-creation, harmony and synchronicity with The Unified Divine (the combination of infinite potential, consciousness and creation).  

            Much like great jazz musicians jamming together, instantaneously hearing, playing and co-creating with each other in the moment, whatever we transmit to the universe (e.g., think, perceive, emote, feel, and express) has a vibration.  The Unified Divine instantaneously receives our vibrational frequency transmission and returns complementary vibrations back to us.  We then receive the vibratory transmission of The Unified Divine and immediately transmit back to The Unified Divine our vibration.   This vibratory feedback loop is perpetual.  

            The Unified Divine is always playing the tune for our highest vibration, but is virtuosic and happy to jam with us on whatever vibrations we are transmitting.

            Understanding this feedback loop provides us the ability to “hear the tune” of The Unified Divine and play with The Unified Divine in a co-creative jam session of the highest vibration.  Like attracts like, but with intention, we can turn the feedback loop into a spiral thereby changing the frequency of our vibration.  For example, we can shift the frequency of anger into passion, inspiration and love.

            The jam session with The Unified Divine is played on the 7 instruments of our Sensations, Perceptions, Thoughts, Emotions, Feelings, Instincts and Intuition (“Vibratory Receptors & Transmitters” or “VRT’s”).  Each VRT carries a unique vibration that is received by, and transmitted from, the corresponding three “Vibratory Consciousness Centers” or “VCC’s”, of Soul, Mind and Body, as follows:

Vibratory Consciousness Centers (“VCC’s”)

 Corresponding VCC
            Body, Mind & Soul are the three distinct forms of Vibratory Consciousness Centers (“VCC’s”) that play the VRT instruments in our jam session with The Unified Divine.  The VCC’s interpret the inputs and transmissions from our VRT’s and express these transmissions into the form of unique energy, consciousness and expression while simultaneously transmitting the resulting vibrations back to the VRT’s and the universe, thus creating the feedback loop of our divine jam session.

            1.            Body.  The body experiences Somatic Consciousness through the instruments of sensations, perceptions, feelings and somatic emotions.  The body is an amazing genius that is capable of handling trillions of cellular and other transactions per second. Our Somatic Consciousness is in the present moment of now and processes information in a non-linear parallel manner.  Thus, by feeling into our Somatic Consciousness we can become aware of present truth and the plethora of data inputs from the universe without the interference form the past-future linear rationalization of mind.

            2.            Mind.  The mind experiences Cognitive Consciousness and plays the instruments of thought, imagination, cognitive emotion and perception.  The mind provides us with identity, individuation, space/time consciousness, logic, planning, cognitive emotion, the perceived perpetuation and navigation of the space/time dualistic human experience.  At higher levels of consciousness, the mind provides the capacity to self-realize, the ability to imagine and the potential to transcend linear thought and programmed limitations.  

            3.            Soul.  The soul experiences Divine Consciousness and plays the instruments of instinct and intuition.  Our souls provide our life force and direct connection to divine zero point/infinity consciousness and potential beyond, where space and time have little meaning.  As well, it is our souls that indelibly record and retain the imprints of our consciousness, including all experiences of our VTR’s and VCC’s and the potential of our infinite permutations.  Our soul illuminates and energizes our consciousness like a projector shining light through the film strip of our life’s experience onto the screen of our physical world.

Vibratory Receptors and Transmitters (“VRT’s”)

It is through our Vibratory Receptors and Transmitters (“VRT’s”) that we transmit and receive vibrations to and from the universe and our VCC’s.

The instruments played by the VCC’s are the 7 following VRT’s of 1) Sensation, 2) Perception, 3) Thought, 4) Emotion, 5) Feelings, 6) Instinct and 7) Intuition.  Each VRT possesses unique characteristics, vibrations and patterns.  

Much like the difference between playing violin and drums, each VRT possesses unique characteristics that resonate with the VCC’s that have the tools and ability to “play” the matching VRT’s.  Like mastering a musical instrument, the VRT’s and VCC can also be honed through attention and practice as tools to express and manifest one’s desired results.   Thus, with conscious attention and practice, we can utilize our VRT’s and VCC’s for the highest expression of our consciousness.  

The following provides a summary of the VRT’s:

1.            Sensation is the first stage in the biochemical and neurologic events that begins with a stimulus impinging upon the receptor cells of a sensory organ, such as light upon the eyes, sound in the ears, taste on our tongue, smell in our nose, air on our skin.  With the exception of the 6th sense (intuition), the five phenomenal senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, limit and filter the massive wave of data we receive each moment, and thus constrain and limit the experience of “phenomenal reality.”  Our senses receive raw data from our environment and create information which is transmitted throughout somatic pathways in the form of sensation prior to reaching the mind for processing.

            2.            Perception is the process of attaining awareness of sensory information.  When sensory data reaches our mind, it is generally filtered into a perception that fits our contextual world view.   For example, when our eyes sample and filter the light wave data of a tree, we filter, connect and contextualize these shapes in a story that fits our worldview and we then perceive a tree.  We have not yet added thought or emotion to our perception of the tree, (e.g., “the tree is beautiful,” or “I feel peaceful when I look at the tree”).  

3.            Thought is a mental form and process that allows our minds to model, navigate, order, filter, individuate and understand the human a space-time experience.  Thought also provides us the ability to be self-conscious and have past and future experiences in the realm of mind.  In its ego, space-time, linear form, thought can many times create a worldview and “reality” that is limited and “closed-minded.”  At the higher level of functioning, thought ascends into the super-consciousness of imagination.  Imagination provides us the ability to form mental images, sensations and concepts, without the need for sensory involvement, although our senses do influence our imagination

             4.            Emotion is a mental and physiological state associated with a wide variety of stimuli, including feelings, thoughts, beliefs, events, sensations, perceptions and even other emotions.  Just about anything can trigger an emotion.  Because emotions are so subjective and able to be triggered from so many stimuli, they can involve significant complexity and are often misunderstood.

Emotion in its basic form is an energetic charge carrying a vibrational frequency that seeks expression.  Expression is the release of the emotional charge, where as behavior is the outward manifestation of the expressive release, as brought into the world and viewed by others.  Such behavior can include reactive expressions such as crying, laughing, fighting and fleeing, or conscious expression such as painting, playing music, taking a run, accomplishing a goal, making love with greater presence or generosity.

Emotions can be “Basic” or “Complex.”  An example of a basic emotion is the fear of falling from a great height.  Fear of falling from a great height is singular, simple and there to save your life.  Love, on the other hand, is complex as it contains many different emotions and vibrations combined together for no direct or specific reason.

Emotions can also be “Instinctual” or “Cognitive.”  Instinctual Emotions are generally associated with survival (e.g., fight, flight, food, mating) and are generated from a combination somatic consciousness, sympathetic nervous system and the amygdala.  Because Instinctual Emotions are highly somatic, and the body is always in the state of present awareness, these emotions tend to be felt in the “moment of now” rather than forecasting a future, or remembering a past, event.  Cognitive Emotions tend to be triggered by thought and involve the prefrontal cortex.  This brain region has been implicated in planning complex cognitive behaviors, personality expression, decision making and moderating correct social behavior. Thus, Cognitive Emotions tend to arise from dualistic, polarized, future/past thinking and a plethora of programmed emotional triggers.  

Cognitive Emotions often arise as a result of a programmed belief interacting with a circumstance.  For example, if I believe making money is good and losing money is bad, when I make money I may experience the emotion of happiness and when I lose money, I may experience the emotion of anger.  Understanding our belief systems is valuable for consciously utilizing the charge of emotion to manifest our desired outcomes.  

When you notice emotions or behavior that are not in alignment with that you desire to create, ask yourself what thought or belief triggered the emotion and whether that thought or emotion is yours.  Often you will see that you are reacting to a thought or belief that is programmed or implanted and that you are not consciously utilizing emotional energy to intentionally create your desired outcome.

5.              Feelings are a present time experience of somatic consciousness coupled with cognitive awareness.  Since our body consciousness is always in the moment of now, our feelings, which are experienced somatically, are generally much more present and less subject to rationalization, manipulation and fiction.   The body does not care about whether you get a promotion or get married to your lover or make money.  The body is conscious of its present state (e.g., I feel hungry, I feel amorous, I feel tired, I feel comfortable).

Feelings and emotions are often used interchangeably without much thought to their differences.  For example, I feel angry is not an accurate statement.  The body does not feel angry.  The mind experiences anger as a result of a belief intersecting with a circumstance and the body creates vibrational feelings to match that state of mind.

Examples of feelings include states of being relaxed, tense, agitated, excited, vital, strong, edgy, open, full, attracted, repulsed, closed, passionate, charged, tingly, bubbly, harmonious, healthy, calm, comfortable, hot, warm, cold, vibrant, expansive, light, full, tight and free.

When, however, the mind interprets feelings in the body, the pure and present feelings of the body become distorted and mixed with story, thought and emotion.  This is why people often confuse feelings with emotion.

6.            Instinct is primarily a somatic impulse based upon ancient memory and universal connection that moves behavior without cognitive interference.  Instinct is defined as (1) a natural or inherent aptitude, impulse, or capacity, (2) a largely inheritable and unalterable tendency of an organism to make a complex and specific response to environmental stimuli without involving reason, or (3) behavior that is mediated by reactions below the conscious level.

Much of the inherited patterning and cellular memory of our past evolution instinctually drives our behavior.  Although modern humans (homo sapiens sapiens) have “evolved” in thought, culture and society over some 200,000 years, our somatic awareness and instinct are products of genetic and societal survival instincts that dominate our beliefs and behaviors and date back 4.5 billion years to the beginning o planetary evolution.  

7.            Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason.  Intuition provides us with guidance that we cannot necessarily justify rationally.  Intuition is generally a cognitive connection between the universe and our soul-mind consciousness or super-consciousness.  Intuition generally appears as flashes of insight that are beyond logical reasoning.  For Rudolf Steiner, intuition is the third of three stages of higher knowledge, coming after imagination and inspiration, and is characterized by a state of immediate and complete experience of, or even union with, the object of knowledge without loss of the subject's individual ego.

Intuition arises when thought ascends the boundaries and constraints of limited, linear thought processes and expands into the realm of non-linear/non-rational super-consciousness.

Our intuition is, in essence, like an intelligent radio tuner that is capable of playing multiple channels, but automatically tunes into the strongest station that will provide us with the experience most aligned with our higher self.  However, sometimes our intuition gives us choices and may shift between “realities” and possibilities.   This is because our intuition is already tuned into parallel possibilities and their outcomes.  Our intuition allows us to feel and be magnetized toward decisions that will realize our highest purpose and yield the maximum fulfillment of our co-creative vision.  

Jamming with The Unified Divine – (Conscious Co-Creation in Alignment with Universal Vibration)

            Our ability to powerfully and divinely co-create our world is directly related to the vibrational state we transmit to, and receive from, the universe.  When we consciously focus our VRT’s and VCC’s, we can intentionally increase the vibration of our VRT’s and VCC’s, to realize the highest expression of our selves in alignment with divine consciousness.  

            Thus, if we want to realize abundance in our life, we must bring our VRT’s and VCC’s into vibrational alignment with the state of being abundant.  This will send a vibration of abundance to the universe. The universe, in turn, sends us vibrations that match the state of our abundance.  Because we are in abundance consciousness, we are open to receiving these vibrations.  This creates a feedback loop of abundance vibrations. As the internal and universal vibrations of abundance increase, it leads to the energetic expression of abundance which, when outwardly manifested, becomes abundant behavior, thus manifesting abundance in our life.

            The VRT’s that are most in alignment with listening and feeling the language of divine wisdom are intuition and instinct.  Intuition comes forth to guide us, when we are feeling and listening to the music the universe is playing.  Intuition and instinct directly connect to, and are experienced by, our soul, providing us with a direct connection to divine wisdom, uncluttered by space/time perception, reason and duality.  When we are guided by our intuition and instinct, we align to the tune being played by The Unified Divine.

            We jam with The Unified Divine when we consciously align our VRT’S and VCC’s ourselves to hear, feel and play the song of The Unified Divine.  In our jam session, we become co-creators with the The Unified Divine, adding our unique influence and contribution to the tune.  When the tune is harmonious, synchronous and inspiring, we know we are really cooking with The Unified Divine.  In this state of play, using a quote from my friend, Dreaming Bear, “we give God goosebumps.”  When we feel the vibration of goosebumps, The Unified Divine feels them too.

            Here is a to a jam session filled with divine goosebumps!

http://blog.aweinstitute.org/2011/02/03/vibrations.aspx (http://blog.aweinstitute.org/2011/02/03/vibrations.aspx)

Interesting too.  Not that I believe everything that comes out of author's mouth.

http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davi ... diadisinfo (http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/947-mediadisinfo)
Title: Re: Law of Vibrational Energy - L.O.V.E.
Post by: angelshadow on June 09, 2011, 10:31:49 AM
REMINDER ... read it later.
Thanks for sharing  :)
Title: Re: Law of Vibrational Energy - L.O.V.E.
Post by: MysticLove on June 09, 2011, 12:11:47 PM
Great article Peacock. Thanks for posting this.

 I have come across this theory of vibration and sound energy before. It connects with what the Bible says about the Universe being created by the “Word”.

It is true that we do not really “hear” the ethereal music that is ever present because of mind chatter and external noise. It's been said that the musical greats simply tapped into this Universal Soundstream, much like what Michael Jackson has talked about. It is there for all to tap into.   moonwalk_/
Title: Re: Law of Vibrational Energy - L.O.V.E.
Post by: MissG on June 10, 2011, 06:10:20 AM
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