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Title: ! That horror !
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The Mexican army captures a 'child Hitman' that sticking their victims

The Mexican Army captured this Thursday night in the State of Morelos to a Hitman cartel Pacific South (CPS) 14 years, who confessed to have killed and decapitated a number of people of recruited at age 11.
This is Edgar Jimenez Lugo, alias 'El Ponchis', which was under orders from July Radilla, head of the CPS, currently fugitive from justice.
'Child Hitman', as identified it the 20th fourth zone military, was arrested in Cuernavaca, Mariano Matamoros airport 90 km to the South from city of Mexico.

The Sisters of Edgar Jimenez arrest occurred when intended to take a flight course to Tijuana, in the North of the country, then moved to the u.s. city of San Diego.

Along with 'El Ponchis' were arrested his two sisters, 17 and 23 years, known as 'Las Chavelas', which, according to the research were that driving vehicles with dismembered bodies to throw them México-Acapulco highway.
This morning, 'El Ponchis' and his sisters Elizabeth and olive were referred to the Attorney of the Republic delegation. There the young sicario confessed to killing four people.
"I have killed four people, degollaba them." Felt ugly when you do, I obliged. That if they did not I would kill. "I nothing more short them neck, but never went to hanging bridges, ever," said Jiménez, in statements to the press.
'The Ponchis', born in San Diego, said that you entered the CPS having suffered a levantón (kidnapping without end rescue) when he was 11 years. "I was told that I would kill," he said.
Living in the community of Tejalpa, in the municipality of Jiutepec, main center of the CPS, operation and was beheaded and sticking to the victims.
Jiménez managed to evade justice on two occasions. The first was the morning of October 29 when the military revisron a Tejalpa safe house and detained six of his fellow and later on November 11 when the Army captured the couple your boss in Cuernavaca.

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