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Title: theory...
Post by: susiecat on November 14, 2010, 05:49:01 AM
I think MJ and the kids were threatened, by who I am not exactly sure, but we can all assertain who may be involved.
I did read an article that a friend found online in regards to the mafia, and Tommy, and some others, I am not entirely sure it has to do with them, but at the same time not ruling them out.
I will start from the beginning, I believe that the set up for all of the fans and the world began the year before, all the media stories about MJ's health, going to die in 6 months, washed up, pediphile, broke and having to do this series of concerts to gain his financial status.
This was all the set up, a pre conceived notion allowed to be in the tabloids and main stream media without anyone questioning this, this is a theory developed by Dr Sigmond Freud, it is used in advertising as well, called subliminal messages, it is a part of it, but basically it is people are far more likely to believe something they have been informed of ahead of time, kind of like priming something up. So when the event happens, you have already been instilled that this is likely, so therefore our brains will be far more likely to believe it.
I think the FBI and secret service are both involved, Kai worked for Obama as a private chef, she had access to the right people to help him , also a secret service clearance, I dont think she knows about the hoax though, but her contacts are very interesting.
I think they ( The authorities) moved Mj into a protection program, and in this program, he is hid in the US, they usually take the kids and have them hiding with the parent, they also by law have to inform the other biological parent, in this case Deb.
We know some things about Debbie, she hates the reporters and paparrazzi, she has spit on them, shoved them and flipped them off.......... then all of a sudden she drops the custody case with Katherine ( I think at the insistence of the FBI) and she is all over the news posing for those reporters and papz in front of the tomb at forest lawn, does nobody else see how odd her behavior is??
Secondly, by law the kids go with the custodial parent, in this case MJ, I think Mj and Deb discussed this and for 2 reasons they decided they needed to make sure the kids did not have to live in hiding, 1) MJ missed his childhood, and would not want that for his kids, 2) Both parents would want the kids to be in as close to the way Mj was raising them as posible, the finer life, best school, and family.
So Mj and debbie decided to do something to tie the hands of the FBI and assure the kids did not have to go into hiding with MJ, they unveiled those kids, showing there faces, therebye insurring that the FBI could not hide all 4 of them safely, and leaving the kids to have a life would be the outcome of unveiling them. No way that someone in the U.S would not notice one of those kids, hard enough for the FBI to hide MJ, let alone kids that had there unveiling all over the news...
I think this is all about the industry and those who have committed illegal acts upon MJ, the embezzlement that sony /Tommy did to MJ, along with Branca's theft, also believe the lawyer who Mj fired in April 2009 who killed himself was being investigated along with others we see that have been put into positions of power now.
By placing those who did illegal things to MJ in the past into positions as they have, they have set them up to do what they did before, but this time catching them, arresting them, and MJ will be back to testify.
The best way to catch someone who stole before is to give them the room and authority to do it again.
Look at the top of the FBI files that were released, see the secret service stamp as well as the FBI's??
Now there is all this speculation as to who knows he is alive, well his mother as custodian would know, children 12 or over can be told according to law, and in this case the kids were going to go with Mj so they would have been told, the other parent, Debbie and the authorities that moved him.
I think the reason for the mistakes we have all seen is that they had to move him fast, someone was going to kill him, I do think there was a date to move him, but unfortunately they had to move it up.
Also note the new pics of LMP by the coffin at the burial at Forest Lawn, no open casket, so NOBODY saw the body...
Now as to Murray, the authorities need to ensure he does not sit any time or is convicted as Mj is alive, the preliminary hearing will be interesting, as they have released far too much to the media for a fair trial, along with no grand jury endictment tells one they dont really have enough evidence, so they will not try him. Murray has came up with a great deal of money for a man who had none, I think the government is paying him to be a part of this plan and keep MJ hidden, 2 reasons I beleive this, 1) CPR on a bed? well if you dont want to injure an alive person this would be best, 2) NO way MJ would have any one person in charge of his very life, he did not even walk across the street without tons of people with him
Title: Re: theory...
Post by: voiceforthesilent on November 14, 2010, 06:15:30 AM
Welcome, Susiecat. Your theory is one that I've bounced around from time to time too. Especially since we've been told that MJ increased his security before this happened. I wonder too if he kept is distance from his fans those last few days because he didn't want to put them in harms way? IDK...

 What doesn't fit with this theory in the sense of having little time to prepare are so many "coincidences" (dates, slipups, etc) What about the ambulance picture - would this make Ben and his group a part of this? Also, LMP and her start with the sunflowers? I'm just curious because I started with this theory but along the way so many other theories seemed possible too.

Interesting connection with Kai if she did have access to top government officials.

Blessings :)
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