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Title: Charting the Uncanny Valley
Post by: simalves on October 05, 2010, 02:09:47 PM
I was watching Science of the Movies today. It is a program on Discovery and basically shows the special effects used in various movies. Today they foccussed on Emily the latest in CGI and they showed her video and how she was created. Emily is the work of Uncanny Valley a company which focuses on Robotics and bridging the gap between our perception of Androids and Robots and making the Robots appear human. There is a topic on either this or the old forum about Murray's youtube video could have been made using this CGI.

I was wondering if parts of TII was Michael in CGI, especially the O2 dude. It would be quite like Michael but there would be a few differences. Michael being a perfectionist would not rely on another human to mimic him for a movie, but an animated version of him sure.

There was definitely a CGI type game being developed by Michael months before he passed, so they would have that kind of footage of him already. Maybe they are using it now in The Michael Jackson Experience and part of it will be used in Cirque de Soleil. http://www.1up.com/news/michael-jackson-game-reportedly-development

New Michael Jackson Game Reportedly Under Development
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is remembered as an iconic Sega Genesis game. Now it looks like the King of Pop is set to make a posthumous return to video games.
According to Market for Computer and Video Games, MJ Productions has been working on a new Michael Jackson title for "several months," and will feature a number of his "most iconic hits." The company doesn't think Jackson's unexpected death will affect development.

"I am sure it will still be released. Michael loved games," said an MJ Productions representative.

The news comes roughly two weeks after the iconic pop star's sudden death, which prompted a number of retrospectives on Jackson's influence on video games.

The as-yet unnamed title is reportedly slated for a "Christmas '09" release, and is due to arrive on '"home consoles," suggesting that it will appear on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

So I decided to search for any connections between Michael and Uncanny Valley and voila. Strangely there was a series of videos explaining the advancement in robotics and they used Michael Jackson as an example. You can watch the series here
http://www.youtube.com/user/androidscience. Below is a screenshot from the first video of a series of 7.

It is also interesting to know that Planet Michael too is a product of this innovation.

Please share your thoughts.
Title: Re: Charting the Uncanny Valley
Post by: simalves on October 06, 2010, 11:35:47 PM
Maybe the robot was on the stretcher. The robot would have the perfect skin and maybe appear in the pics on the CD, etc where it looks like Michael was airbrushed and 10 years younger. We always know that Michael is used to showcasing new technology and is always a pioneer in incorporating the latest scientific discoveries in his projects. Think of morphing, the video effects, the transformer in moonwalk, etc etc
Title: Re: Charting the Uncanny Valley
Post by: 2good2btrue on October 07, 2010, 12:03:45 AM
Interesting........some more things to ponder on...Thanks for your post..xxooxx
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